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"Edward! You didn't."

He smiles that quirked smile of his, and nods his head.

"Come on my beautiful Bella let's go see Les Misérables."

Chapter 16:

My eyes widen.

I am so excited. I have always wanted to see this show.

We walk in and I go ahead and get a commemorative program.

Then Edward guides me up to a box. It was wonderful, it fit just the 6 of us.

We get up to the box and you can hear and see the orchestra getting settled, warming up and tuning their instruments.

I can't wait!

The lights dim, and then the music comes flowing out over the audience.

The opening scene of the chain gang singing and the voices blending together.

Chills raise on my skin with the power of the voices singing together.

Edward grabbed my hand and I sat there mesmerized as the voices of the cast sang together and their voices blended into the music.

I just sat there in awe for the whole show.

The performance ended and I leaped to my feet quickly. It was that good.

I turned to Edward, "Can we see more shows?" I ask. "That was so good."

He leans in close to my ear and whispers, "Yes."

I look up to him and grin.

The six of us decide it would be easier to just wait the crowds out and we discuss the performance as we wait to go.

The limo pulls up and we all pile in, and off we go.

We arrive at the condo and we all get out. I look at Edward questioningly.

"Why are they getting out?" I ask.

"We live here?" Emmett responds with a question.

"Bella we all live on the top floor." Edward responds.

"Oh." I reply.

Well... That explains who lives in the other doors on our floor.

We all take the elevator up together, and then separate once we get to our different doors.

I run back to Rose and Alice and give them both huge hugs.

"I'm so glad we are here." I whisper in their ears.

They squeeze back and grin.

I go back to Edward and we walk inside the house.

I watch as he goes over and puts his iphone onto the dock, and music comes pouring out.

He shrugs out of his tux jacket, and takes the tie off, unbuttons the first top buttons of his shirt, and rolls the cuffs up.

He doesn't turn on any of the lights, he just lets the lights of the city illuminate the room, and then he holds his hand out to mine.

"Dance with me Bella."

I hold my hand out to him to accept and we dance.

I feel like royalty.

"Thank you for making me feel so special tonight." I whisper in his ear as I do not want to break the magic spell that he has set around me.

"Bella you are my princess."

Edward leans down and captures my lips in his, and blows me away with a passionate kiss.

I return the kiss and reach my hands up to his thick wavy hair at the back of his neck and just thread my fingers through.

His hands that were wrapped around my waist move down and cup my ass and then he grips it.

Fuck! This man makes me so hot!

I get lost in his kiss, his tongue entwined with mine. Our breaths combining and quickening the hotter we get.

I feel Edward start to inch up my skirt, his large callused hands easily gripping the fabric as he pulls it up inch by fucking inch.

Oh God! I am so wet.. I really just want him to take me at this point, to push me up against the wall and just thrust his dick inside of my drenched pussy.

Of course Edward won't do that... He has to torture me, make me beg.

I feel his hands on my ass now, covering my panties.

Then one finger snakes in and slips in underneath my panties, sneaking in and caressing my slit.

I moan, and then whimper.

"Bella," Edward groans my name.

I can't keep my eyes open as the pleasure rushes through me.

I feel my panties being tugged down and I step out of them.

I feel Edward's arms reach around and lifts me up, I wrap my legs around him and groan as his hard cock nudges up against my hot core.

I feel his legs move and he starts to walk up to our bedroom.

As he walks he doesn't quit caressing my ass, his mouth is snaking down my neck, I feel a swipe of his tongue and then he blows a shot of air across the dampened skin and makes goose bumps raise, and makes my pussy clench with desire.

We go up the stairs, and into our bedroom.

Edward lays me gently on the bed, and pulls the rest of my dress off.

"You are so fucking beautiful." He tells me tenderly.

He pulls my bra off and latches onto my nipples with his hot, wet mouth.

Then he nips them and makes me moan some more.

His fingers of one hand drift down and I feel his fingers curl in and hit my g-spot.

With a few thrusts of his fingers, I come, drenching his fingers.

He reaches his hands up and insets the fingers I just drenched into his mouth. His eyes light up as he moans as he licks my juices off of his fingers.

"Please Edward, I need your cock," I beg. "Please."

I hear the click as his belt clinks open, and I here the shrug of fabric as he shoves his pants down.

He pulls his shirt off.

Then he is gloriously naked.

I see his hard cock, and I am just waiting for him to insert it into my waiting pussy.

I feel the tip nudge against the edge of my pussy.

I lift my hips up to encourage Edward to just thrust into me.

I am hoping he doesn't torture me any longer.

My wait is over as he slowly pushes into me.

We both groan as the pleasure washes over us.

Fuck! It feels so good.

Edward starts to thrust into me. He lifts my legs up so where my ankles rest on his shoulder.

His dick was hitting me right at my g-spot.

That wasn't enough for Edward though.

He folds my legs in and to where I am lying on my back with my feet flat footed against each other, my knees butterflied out. Edward reached in and put his arms through the triangles my legs made and grabbed my hips as he thrust hardened.

I started whimpering as the pleasure built back up, Edward thrust quicker.

"Bella, I'm coming." As he shouted, and gave a last hard thrust I came hard.

It was all I could do to stay coherent.

Damn, what the fuck does this man do to me?

I feel him pull out and whimper as I feel my inner thighs quiver from the stretch that Edward put on them.

Edward collapses next to me, and pulls me to him as he grabs the covers and pulls them over us.

"Hang on." I whisper.

I hop up and go and wash my face, and brush my teeth, and wipe up.

Then I go and run into the bedroom and cuddle up, we both fall quickly asleep after the long day.

I felt so cherished today.


I wake up slowly on this Saturday.

I love the warmth that I am surrounded in.

I roll to the side, Edward cuddles up behind me and I feel his morning wood nuzzled up between my butt.

I look at the time to see that we have slept in and it is almost noon.

Man... I must have been tired.

I hear Edward sigh in his sleep.

I wiggle my butt against his hard cock.

I smile as I hear him moan.

I do it again.

Then his strong arms tighten around me like bands of steel.

"Isabella, what do you think you are doing?" Edward asked, his voice thick and full of sleep.

"Nothing!" I answer quickly with a grin on my face.

"Yeah.. .Sure." He responds with a grin.

He smack my ass.

"Come on lets get up, take a shower and get some food. Then we have to set some rules."

"Rules?" I ask. "What rules?" I ask.

"The rules of our Dominant/submissive relationship." Edward replies. "Did you really think that this would be it?"

I pause as I am getting out of bed. Did I want this to be it? I mean I fought him hard to get here. This man makes me hot with just a look. I want to do this, I want to become a better submissive for my dominant. At the same time, I want to be my own person, snarky and strong.

"No sir, I want to learn." I respond.

"Good girl." He smiles that wickedly handsome smile.

"Come on let's take a shower and I will let you wash my body, then we will eat lunch, and then talk."

We get up and Edward goes and turns the shower, and I quickly make the bed, and then hop in the shower.

I notice there is a gel mat on the floor.

I stand there and wait for direction from Edward.

He hands me a wash cloth and I grab the soap and start to make a lather.

I take his arm first and run the wash cloth up his arm, back down again and into his armpit.

Hmm... To tickle him or not to tickle him...

He just said we are going to discuss things, do I really want to get in trouble before we discuss our relationship? That would be a no, I do not want to get in trouble.

I continue to wash him, clean his chest, wash down his abdomen, follow his happy trail down,

Then bypass his dick, and wash down his legs, and back up, I quickly gasp his dick and wash it carefully cupping his balls. Then I twirl my fingers around to show him that I want him to turn around. I wash his back, down to his butt and then the back of his legs.

I then grab the shampoo and lather his hair up.

I push him gently under the spray and run my fingers in his scalp washing the shampoo out of his hair.

I wait for him to wash off.

Then Edward throws me a wicked smile and grins.

He grabs the washcloth and bends down. He starts at my feet and works his way up, then runs the washcloth back and forth between my pussy lips, just enough that I start to moan. Then stops and works his way up and teases my nipples again, just enough to make me moan, and then stops again.

He finishes washing me and then reaches for the shampoo.

He looks at me, "I will let you do your own hair."

I quickly wash my hair and condition it, and we get out of the shower.

I towel dry my hair and put it up.

I grab some clothes while pondering what to do for lunch.

Edward comes up behind me.

"Can we just do some scrambled egg sandwiches?" I ask.

"Sure, sounds good." Edward replies.

We go downstairs and I quickly make the sandwiches.

We sit down to eat.

We finish eating and as I clear the table Edward goes upstairs to grab something from the office.

As I finish, he comes back and sits at the table.

"Isabella..." Damn.. the dark dominant voice is back. "Sit down."

I walk over to the table and sit.

There are a set of papers, two notebooks, and two pencils.

"Alright, our goals for today are to set rules, we also have to figure out how we are going to play while you are at school. There will be set rules while you are there, and we will be getting together every weekend while you are at school." Edward states.

"What do you mean play while I am at school?" I ask.

"Well, there is skype, and I will have set toys for you and I can direct you what to play with, also I want you to meditate for 15 minutes every day in your waiting pose. I want it to help center you. I will also expect you to write about your day, every day. It will help find what stresses you out, and what your triggers are for stress. Our goal is to make this semester as stress free as possible. When we are together there will be rules as well."

"Okay." I respond.

"We are going to write down two sets of rules, one for school and one for here. Let us start with the rules for here first." Edward states.

"Isabella, I want time when you are here to be boyfriend/girlfriend time. I want some play time. Maybe have the nights be play time and the days be regular time. What do you think?" He asks.

I think about what he has said. I love play time, but again I know I will need some downtime as well, as if I come up here every weekend I will need to get my school work done.

"Can we maybe have a more flexible schedule, maybe we talk Friday after I get out of school, if I need playtime that night we can have it, but if I am so exhausted that I can't think then we move it to Saturday night?" I am trying to think ahead at what I might need.

"How about we compromise," Edward asks. "If we are more flexible because you are worried about school, then I want you to meditate on a mat, naked in your waiting position for 20 minutes everyday. I do not care what time it is, but it has to be done everyday. When you meditate, there would be no music on, no t.v. and you should turn your phone off. Just text me before you do it so I know what is going on, I want no distractions. How does that sound?"

I think about it. "I will accept those terms."

"I would also like you to write in your journal every night about your day. What you ate, did you exercise, what you did, how was your day. We will also keep marks if needed for punishments. On with rules. Isabella, what do you think your rules should be?" Edward questions me.

Crap... I know he is trying to make me talk, I hate having to make decisions like this, but at least I will know what the rules are, hmmm...

"Rule One: Obey my master. Umm... Rule Two: No orgasms without my master's approval." I blush at this. I really can't think of any more. I look up to Edward.

He continues with my list.

"How about Rule three: You must exercise 5 times a week and you must take two classes of yoga." Edward states.

I make a sound of protest.

"This is non-negotiable Isabella, I need you to be in shape for playing." His eyes narrow at me.

I roll my eyes at him and sigh. "Alright."

"ISABELLA!" Shit! The dom is back in full force.

I look up at him.

"Isabella, this is your only warning. The next time you roll your eyes at me and sigh at me because you are mad or pissed, you will receive 10 spankings, if they continue we will change to a different punishment if needed. Rolling your eyes and sighing is disrespectful. Am I clear?" My master asks.

"Yes sir." I say and sigh.

My eyes widen in panic. Shit! Did he catch that? I look up at him. Fuck!

I see a beautiful pair of green eyes narrowed in anger.

"Isabella! I just informed you of the rules and you agreed, come present yourself over my lap, with your shorts and panties down."

Fuck! I really do not want to be punished, but I need to submit, I crave it at times, I also just agreed to be punished for sighing and rolling my eyes.

I get up out of my chair. I walk around the table to where Edward sits and pull down my shorts and panties. He pulls his chair out and I lean over his knees. Fuck! This is going to hurt.

I am waiting for him to start.

I hate waiting.

I am struggling to not fidget and wait patiently.

This sucks.

Then I feel his hand rub my ass.

SMACK! Fuck. That was hard

It seems that once the waiting is over he just decided to get it over with.

A little over halfway through I realize how childish I act when I roll my eyes and sigh.

I start to tear up.

Then Edward stops, and flips me back right side up.

He pulls me close being careful of my bottom which is now on fire.

"Isabella, I care for you a lot. I am doing this because I care for you and want you to be a better person, I do not want you to look like a disrespectful teenager."

He then gives me a hug and lets me sit there for a moment.

"Alright sweetheart, get up and pull your shorts up. We will put some arnica on it tonight but for now I want you to feel it to remember why your ass hurts." He then shoots me that wicked grin.

I get up and pull my shorts up.

"I apologize for sighing at you sir."

"Thank you for apologizing Isabella, you took your punishment beautifully. Now, let us finish hammering out our rules. So rule four is no sighing or rolling your eyes."

"I think the last rule for now is that we will skype every night, and that I will talk to you multiple times a day." Edward states.

I think about the rules. I really do not want to exercise, but it will help in the playroom. Also I think I can live with these rules for now.

"I accept these rules."

We look at each other and smile.

"Now how about we have a lazy night tonight and order some food and then watch movies. If we are going to go and see my mom and dad tomorrow, I'd like to leave around 8am so we can be there at a decent time. We will bring our swimsuits, and I think everyone is coming with us as well."

"Okay, can we change into some pjs?" I ask.

"That sounds great, but do not forget Isabella, you need to meditate at some point tonight." Edward reminds me.

Dammit! "Okay, do you mind if I go ahead and do it now?" I ask.

"That is fine Isabella, I will show you what you are expected to do. Come on, follow me." Edward starts up the stairs to our bedroom.

"Isabella, look." Edward pulls out a thick gel mat and a timer. "This will be in this closet here, and then there will also be a set going to Statesboro with you."

I stand there watching as he sets the timer on the floor.

Then he goes over and grabs something.

"Get undressed." He orders.

I slowly take off my clothes and stand in front of him naked.

"Isabella, I am going to give you a play collar to wear while you are meditating. You are not to wear it at any other time besides meditating. If I find out you have you will be punished. Is that clear?" Edward asks.

"Yes sir."

He hands me a blac,k inch wide leather collar with the words Edward's Peach written in rhinestones.

"I chose peach, because when your pretty pussy starts to drip that sweet juice it tastes just like a ripe peach."

I put it around my neck, and feel the click of the clasp. The sound echoed through the room with a quiet finality of the situation.

"It is a clasp that you can pinch open easily on your own. Get on your knees on the mat. I want your knees spread a little wider than a 90 degree angle. For now as you are still new to the situation I want you to grasp your wrists behind your back. Your breasts should be thrust out, back straight, neck straight. Your sweet ass should be resting on your heels."

I take a semi shaky breath, and let it out. The weight of the collar is centering me. It is making me realize how much I need this in my life, how much I have craved someone to take control and help me.

I get down on my knees and sit on feet. I start to spread my legs inching my knees wider. My pussy is exposed and I can feel myself start to get wet. I start to reach my hands behind me.

"Isabella, do not forget to set the timer, and when you have set it, place it behind your back." Edward calls out.

I reach down to the digital timer and wrinkle my nose. It will not make any noise, I set it for twenty minutes and press start. I set it behind me and then grab both wrists behind my back. I sit up straight, thrust my boobs out, and straighten my neck.

"Beautiful..." I hear, and then I hear steps walk away.

I am now sitting by myself. Facing the windows. Naked. Pussy exposed.

Everything I have read, all of the stories I gobble up reading. The yearning I have felt. Nothing prepared me for sitting here like this exposed waiting.

All I can do is sit and think.

Why am I doing this? Why am I subjecting myself to this?

My mind is racing. I take a deep breath to calm myself.

I am doing this for him. To serve him, to submit to him. I am still my own person. I am still a strong person. I am doing this for me, I am doing this of my free will. I want to please him.

I steady, my breathing slows.

I can feel the calm from sitting still with no distractions sweep over me like the sunshine warming me.

I let my thoughts calm, I just practice taking breaths. Counting.

In.. two.. three... four... five... six... seven... eight...

Out... two.. three... four... five... six... seven... eight...

I keep repeating this. I can feel my body waken as I calm.

My nipples harden to diamond peaks.

My breath starts to catch just a bit as I take my slow breaths.

I can feel my pussy clinch.

I am wet. I am so fucking wet.

I can feel the wetness leak out of my pussy, and start to wet my thighs.

I just keep taking my breaths, I can feel the wetness drip farther and farther down my thighs.

I am in my own world.


Twenty minutes is up? I open my eyes.

I see a pair of naked feet in front of me.

"You did wonderful my peach. Take your collar off and put everything away." Edward orders.

I reach back to take it off and go to stand up.

Edward grabs my hand to help me up.

He reaches down and swipes his fingers between my legs, and then sucks his fingers.

"Yum, peach juice." He gives me that sexy grin, and then reaches down to pat my ass.

"Go get dressed. I'll let you pick the first movie."

I yelp at the pat on my ass, and then get dressed.

I wonder if he has Hunt for Red October.

It is one of my favorites, Sean Connery is hot for an old man, and it is when Alec Baldwin was in shape and looking good himself.

I get some yoga pants on and a cami and walk downstairs.

Edward is waiting with a glass of wine.

"Chinese is ordered." He states.

I look at his movie selection.

"Yes!" I exclaim. He has it.

I hand out the movie to him and cuddle into the couch.

He settles down next to me and we watch the movie and eat Chinese.

The day passes and we switch to the Tomb raider movies.

The last thing I remember is falling asleep on Edward's shoulder, feeling warm and safe.

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