Welcome to the alternate ending.

In this ending, the gore is a little more intense and the character death is for a character that I'm sure nobody wants to see dead.

Warning: Contains intense gore and major character death.

"You can run, but you can't hide..." Lord Hater said with a hint of insanity in his voice. He thrust his hand out before him, and both me and Wander glowed green. Lord Hater swiped his hand forcefully on one side, and I flew against a tree trunk. I felt dazed and lightheaded as I watched the Diamond Blade hover before Lord Hater, glowing the same green as both his hand and Wander's body. I could see tears of fear and sadness falling down Wander's cheeks.

"Don't do this..." he whispered shakily. "...please..."

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to..." Lord Hater grinned with malice. "I told you time and time again, not to mess with me... If you'd just gotten that through your thick skull, you wouldn't be in this mess now would you? It's too bad. I thought I was actually starting to enjoy your company... You messing up my plans for world domination, and me chasing after you, trying to obliterate you..." He chuckled cruelly. "Oh, good times. But I'm afraid this is the end. The end for you."

The green glow on the sword seemed to get bigger and brighter with each passing second. I knitted my eyebrows in complete anger at Lord Hater and balled my fists together. I growled loudly and, knowing the possible consequences that Wander could face from Lord Hater because of my actions, tried to hold my emotions back. I watched as Wander closed his eyes and bit his lip, willingly accepting his possible fate. Lord Hater flashed a smile of satisfaction as he prepared to shoot the blade towards Wander.

"Say good bye forever, Wander..." he said victoriously. I could no longer stand by and watch my best friend meet his untimely death, so I ran towards Lord Hater with my fist in punching position. Just as he shot the sword, I screamed in pure fury and, with all my strength, punched him in the jaw. While he fell to the ground in a daze, the force of his shot was so strong that the sword shot towards Wander even without Lord Hater's magic.


When Wander opened his eyes, it broke my heart to see the Diamond Blade impale him in his fragile chest and through the huge rock, killing him instantly. Blood trickled from the hole, and it dripped down from his mouth as well. I stared in overwhelming pain and sadness at the gut-wrenching scene and actually threw up on the ground. Tears welled up in my eyes as I reluctantly moved closer to his corpse. I stood in front of him and tried desperately to hold in my sad tears. But I no longer had the strength to hold on, and I knelt to the ground and wept silently. The tears flowed like waterfalls as I let out my unbearable emotions. I could hear Lord Hater's cruel laughing from behind and saw the blood covered blade slide out of Wander's body and towards Lord Hater.

"Finally! After all this time, I've finally gotten my revenge on him!" he shouted triumphantly. "No more WANDER! Now I can rule the universe!" The last thing I heard was his loud cackle before a green light signaled that he was gone.

I looked at Wander's crumpled dead body laying before me. The pain stung even worse as I picked him up in my arms. His slimy intestines and organs spilled out on the ground, covered in blood. I finally broke down and sobbed until my face was soaking wet.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screeched into the air as I hugged his body to mine and sobbed more than I ever had in my entire life.

When I imagined this version it was a lot sadder in my head...but remember, I warned you.

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