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"'A one-time thing', eh love?"

"Shut up," Emma breathed against his lips, panting into his mouth for a moment before pressing forward again, greedily, hands caught in his hair, heart racing. Henry was safe, they were home, everything was fine and she could finally have this, she'd made her choice and this was it and it was perfect, he was gasping into her, hook digging into the small of her back, hand fisted in her hair, god it had been so long and it felt so right.

"I'm - not complaining," Hook gasped between short, fierce kisses, unbothered by Emma's frustrated growl; he simply caught her lip between his teeth and bit down gently, pulling her in a little closer until she was whimpering and in danger of losing her balance. "It just seems to me that - you might want to warn a man about your - bloody hell Emma - false advertising -"

Emma put her hands flat against his shoulders and shoved him violently away. He slammed hard into the wall, and she could finally see what she'd done to him. His hair was rucked up wildly, his coat half-shoved off his shoulders and several buttons of his shirt undone. His lips were red, mouth open as he panted, chest heaving, his eyes burning the hottest blue.

"God, do you ever shut up?" Emma pleaded, even as she followed him, pressed him even harder against the wall and began shoving his coat down his arms, sucking a deep mark into his neck as she did so, nuzzling into him, climbing onto him, pressing kisses to his skin, touching him wherever she could, god-

Hook's laugh was one of utter, giddy joy, as his fingers inched up under the back of her shirt, hook sliding over her ass, she had to lean up and kiss him again, taking his head in both her hands, a long, loud, messy kiss to cut off his laughter, such an intense kiss that for a moment they both had to stop everything and just catch their breath afterwards, foreheads resting together.

"Ohhh, darling, you're welcome to try and make me," Hook breathed against her lips, and Emma opened her eyes to see him grinning at her, blue eyes alight with mischief and arousal and just complete joy that set her heart beating out of time, her head spinning dizzily, every inch of her body warming and aching for his touch.

"You won't even know what words are when I'm through with you," she promised, and dove back in.