Well,I got bored while studying for my History test and I came up with a new story. I wrote this entirely in English because translating is really boring,so you may find some stupid mistakes...well,here's the story.I decided to come up with a way that was a little different from the way people got to Middle-Earth.I hope you like it!Constructive criticism is welcome!

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"Forget about it, Iris. I'm the one and only Just Dance queen!"A girl with sandy blond hair and green eyes, wearing denim shorts and a sleeveless green shirt shouted, while she was dancing with 3 other girls in front of a huge TV. They were dancing to the song "What Makes You Beautiful". After some arguing between them, they had finally decided what song to dance to.

"I still have hope on beating you, Hannah!"A girl with wavy brown hair and hazel eyes, wearing a simple white blouse and sweatpants, replied with her slight Spanish accent. The said girl was trying her best to get right all of the movements shown on the TV, so that she could finally beat her green-eyed friend, Hannah.

"Good luck with that."Another girl who had light blue eyes and wearing a blue dress with white flowers on it joined in. Her curly golden hair was messy. It was always messy, no matter what she tried to do.

"Bitch please, I'm the Queen. No messing with me, or you'll go to the dungeon!" The first girl, Hannah retorted. "See that? A NEW HIGHSCORE!"

"Damn you, Hannah" The black haired one complained as she removed a bit of hair off her forehead, revealing bright grey eyes. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and black shorts.

"Jealous much, Lea?" Hannah laughed at her dark haired friend. Guess what? Lea didn't give a damn for those stupid dancing games.

"Hell, I'm sweating." The blond one wiped out a bit of sweat off her face. "Can I take a shower, Iris?"

"Of course." The owner of the house replied. Indeed they needed a shower. Fast. Trying to beat Hannah in a game was not an easy task.

"Wait. I have a better idea. Who wants to swim?"The dark haired girl, Lea, suggested, while she turned off the TV.

"We didn't bring any swimsuits, you idiot" Hannah rolled her eyes dramatically as she always did.

"We're just ten minutes from my house, five from yours and two from Sam's" Lea pointed out."And I really don't care if we just jump in with our clothes on. I always do it."

"Seems cool to me, Lea." Hannah agreed, checking her phone. She had just received a message from her mother calling her back home. Nope, she wasn't going to go home tonight.

Meanwhile, Iris was in the kitchen getting some lemonade in fridge. All of them were sweating, and the hot weather didn't help decrease their temperature. She was followed by Samantha, preferably called Sam. The four girls were all old friends and always hung out together, hopping from one house another in a small town in New Jersey.

They were teammates in most of the fun stuff they did. But when video-games were involved, stuff usually got messy. There was never really much to do in their home town, so they usually invented things to do, wishing they could be somewhere else.

"Sweet and cold lemonade." Samantha breathed out while coming to help Iris with the cups. Sam was usually quiet, but never spared a chance of going off into weird places with Hannah, who was the 'hyper' one, but always seemed to annoy them at some point. Sam also enjoyed playing the violin, which she was pretty good at.

"Thanks for the help, Sam" Iris, pouring lemonade into the plastic cups Sam was holding. Unlike Sam, Iris was a bit more reckless, not 'Hannah reckless' but was willing to take much more risks than Sam for adventure's sake.

Iris usually buried herself in fantasy books so she could at least feel how going on an adventure with lots of perils and riches was.

As they came out of the kitchen holding four plastic cups, Lea and Hannah hushed over them and grabbed two of the cups and started drinking so fast that the lemonade kept pouring out of their mouths. Hannah usually did that stuff.

"You are welcome!"Iris complained. As much as she liked her friends, she hated to see Hannah dragging Lea to her bad ways. "Oh, and that's gross."

"They are too busy drinking, looks like they're competing to see who is the faster." Samantha pointed out, facepalming at them. Sam eyed them suspiciously as the drinks fell into Iris' mom's favorite carpet.

"I'M DONE!"Lea shouted, clearly having some difficulty to breathe. Lea was sweet most of the time, and she cared deeply for anyone who managed to get close enough to her. Despite sometimes doing things she usually didn't do while alone, when she was with her friends, she felt like nobody would give a damn about what she did.

"Hell no!...How did I… ever lose to …you, Lea?" Hannah replied, breathing heavily. She hated to lose to anyone, especially Lea, who was all girly and sweet and all the stuff Hannah wasn't. She was reckless, weird, crazy, BUT she was extremely good at video-games and fencing. She could leave anyone behind while playing a first person shooter like 'Black Ops.', a cute RPG such as 'To The Moon' (which she had to make Lea and Iris stop crying over the cut scenes), or even a fantasy adventure game like 'The Legend of Zelda'.

The green kid hero with a weird hat was the reason why the four of them became friends in the first place. Every time a new Zelda game was released, they competed to see who was completing it first. A healthy competition, as Lea usually said.

"You two are soooo polite…" Iris rolled her eyes, giving a sip on her lemonade. Hannah wasn't polite, but dragging Lea with her was something not really nice."Who's up for a swim?"

"I am." Sam replied, putting her cup on the wooden dining table of Iris' parent's house. Sam liked to be at Iris' house, mainly because Iris' mother was an awesome cook and made always the best Mexican food you can think off.

"Of course." Lea smiled. She had to be a little politer now after her little game with Hannah. She could make up for it by baking a cake. Who didn't love Lea's cakes? Nobody.

"Don't 'cha forget 'bout me, bro" said Hannah, with a 'gangsta' impersonation she was trying to improve (so that people would forget that she didn't know how to swim).

"Let's go, then" Iris gestured the door to the backyard of her house. Iris' garden was large, it was all covered in grass and there was a swimming pool with some chairs and tables around it. "Better go before my parents decide to show up." Iris' parents hated that anyone used their pool with clothes on, and Iris' siblings were annoying, to say the least. Not as annoying as Hannah at her worse, but pretty annoying.

As soon as they reached the garden, they noticed that the pool was a little bit darker than usual, but Lea didn't care about it and went running and screamed "CANNONBALL!" as she splashed into the pool.

"Aw, Iris! Did anyone clean this pool in our current century?" Hannah asked, taking her phone off her pocket so that it wouldn't get wet.

"Hahaha, if you don't want to swim you can shut up." Sam winked playfully at Hannah as she took off her slippers.

"Don't talk like that! It's like a million daggers are drilling into my heart!" Hannah brought her hand to her heart and dropped down simulating an over dramatic death scene.

Hannah is such a drama queen.

"I'll be happy to drill more daggers." Iris laughed at her friend who was still on the floor.

After a minute or so, Iris noticed that Lea hadn't come back to the surface, and she could not see her due to the water, that was a bit darker than usual.

"She didn't come out."Iris said, as she finished her lemonade.

"Hey, she's just joking with us, relax, Iris" Sam waved her hand at Iris while she was playing with her phone. "You know that Lea likes to joke with us."

"But she's not me!" Hannah jumped up from the floor. "I'm the one who jokes!"

"She jumped into the water about two minutes ago, she may be drowning!" Iris cried, worried about her friend. How come she didn't drown or wasn't able to be seen? This is getting quite strange…

"She's okay, hun." Hannah assured, not very sure about that, but she was much too lazy to care about anyway.

"Well, I'll not have Lea's name on my 'Iris let me die' list." She prepared to jump but quickly added. "Not that I have that list. In case you were wondering…"

Iris then splashed inside the pool, disappearing as well.

Some minutes had passed. Sam was getting quite suspicious about the stuff that was happening.

"Iris was right. There's something kinda supernatural on that pool. It has been a while since they got in. I think we should go see what happened." Sam suggested, finally drifting her attention from the phone to the pool. Flappy bird was much more interesting than Lea and Iris' little games. Of course they were okay, or were they?

"You're being a total idiot, Sam! What if they're dead? We should call the police before stuff gets messy."Hannah suggested, getting up from the floor and cleaning the remaining grass off her clothes.

"We should help them, in case they are drowning."Sam explained, mixed ideas passed through her mind. It was not possible that they had landed in an alternative universe, or was it? Nah, that kind of things didn't happen to real life people.

"As you wish, my master."Hannah replied. "In this case, may the force be with you."

"LOOK OUT!"Sam shouted while she jumped, completely ignoring Hannah's Star Wars addiction.

"Well, here's the end of Hannah Alicia Sanders, bye my dear world."Hannah said, as she jumped inside the pool right after Sam.

Yay, they were all gonna die. Wasn't that delightful? Hannah made a mental note to kill both Iris and Lea once they reached the afterlife.

Hannah dove inside the dark water. She didn't dare opening her eyes. How was she even inside the water as she didn't know how to swim? That was definitely not a good sign. Also, she could not keep holding her breath for long, so she decided to go back to the surface and end the little hide'n' seek game she didn't agree on playing. When she reached it, she was no longer in Iris' garden, she was in a river. There was a bridge, and some cute houses in hills….wait, Hannah swear she had seen them before.

"You've got to be joking…" She muttered. "I'm dead, sure of it."

"Hey! Hannah! Come here!"A familiar voice called. It was Lea's. Hannah turned her head to the direction of the voice and saw her friend standing on the shore, a 'towel' wrapped around her body. Beside her there were Iris and Samantha, as well as a sandy brown haired guy, who carried some stuff in his arms.

Hannah did her best to 'swim' to the shore, and the guy handed her a towel and she rapidly wrapped herself in it.

"We are dead, aren't we? We drowned, and this is Heaven. It does not look like Hell, so…I guess I was a good girl after all." Hannah observed, looking around the place in awe. Afterlife was worth it.

"I think you are not dead at all, if you allow me to say." The unknown dude replied, interrupting Hannah's moment of appreciation.

"Let me appreciate my death, please." Hannah retorted, still gazing over the place.

"Uh, sorry, Bilbo. Hannah just doesn't have manners. Hannah, this is Bilbo Baggins, he found us and was kind enough to lend us some towels." Lea explained in her sweet tone of voice that made anyone do whatever she wanted them to do. Lea's charm, as Sam called it.

"Hello." Bilbo greeted with a sincere smile. Much too sincere for his own wellbeing. He didn't know what he was getting into.

"Hannah Sanders, pleasure." Hannah introduced herself, still refusing to look at Bilbo.

"If we aren't dead, where are we?" Sam asked, still quite confused about the situation she found herself into. Not that this quiet little town was bad, but it was kind of strange. Even stranger than that was the fact that they were in Iris' pool some seconds ago and now they weren't. Congratulations, Captain Obvious.

"It's obvious! Don't you recognize? IT'S THE SHIRE!CAN'T YOU SEE THE ROLLING HILLS?!AND HERE'S BILBO!"Iris shouted, not able to contain her inner fangirl. Okay, she was a bit obsessed, but not THAT much.

"Yes, my lady, this is the Shire, and I am Bilbo." He replied, a bit confused. Not more than the girls, but a tad puzzled about how on earth did those four weird looking young women ended up in his front like that?

"Well, so if this is the Shire, where's Frodo?"Sam, who knew a little about Lord of the Rings, questioned. That was really strange. Maybe they landed in one of Iris' strange dreams.

"I'm really sorry, but I don't know who you are talking about." The hobbit replied.

"Okay then." Sam said, feeling a bit disappointed. If they were at the Lord of the Rings time, they could convince Frodo to take them to Mordor with him. Although it was quite suicidal, they were already dead anyway. Or could someone die again in the afterlife? Sam didn't know.

"Well, should the ladies present themselves and tell me where did you come from ,why are you wearing those strange clothes and why were you swimming here?"The hobbit questioned, eyeing the strange people suspiciously. He had never seen anyone like that. There were too many questions to ask, but Bilbo was trying to remain polite, unlike the green eyed girl.

"Where should we start?" Hannah wondered, finally getting out of her fascination state. She had now accepted her death and prepared herself for the worse.

"By our names, I guess. My name is Lea Roberts." Lea smiled. It was not very often that people with big and hairy feet were so kind.

"Samantha Miller" Sam replied, twisting her hair in order to dry it some more. She couldn't allow her hair frizz, it would be a disaster. She hoped that the Bilbo fellow had some shampoo in his house.

"Iris Martinez, at your service." said Iris, remembering that people in Middle-Earth often said that. She was now convinced that they had landed into one of her weird dreams. And since she was dreaming, they could go on an adventure.

"We don't even know how we got here." Lea replied. Words could not explain her amazement at the moment. She had finally met someone just like in the sweetness matter. "But we will be happy to explain everything we know." The man didn't seem harmful. Well, anyone who lived inside a hill couldn't be harmful.

"It's kind of complicated." Hannah started, touching her pocket to see if her phone was still there. Damn it! She had left it in the garden. "You should know where we're from, since you're the receptionist of Heaven, right?"

Bilbo opened his mouth to say something, but he quickly closed it because of how strange the situation was getting. Here he was, helping four random women who came out of a lake. He was going to have a great story to tell now.

"Can we come to Bag-End with you?" Iris asked, being quite impolite in Lea's standards, but she couldn't just let the opportunity pass. When would she ever visit Bag-End in a dream again? She wasn't. She was going to wake up anytime.

"How do you know that I live there?" Bilbo questioned, raising an eyebrow lightly. Those strange women were making him feel quite puzzled. How did they know that he lived in Bag-End? Could they be dangerous? Probably not. But he could try to learn something about them, for example, what on earth are they?

"Humm….there's a book…more than one in fact…" Iris started, but was suddenly cut off by Sam.

"We can explain everything once we're at your house, if that's fine with you."

Taking random young women to his house? Seems a bit stupid, but Bilbo was curious about them. Not to mention that they were kind of pretty.

After thinking about it for a second, Bilbo finally decided that it seemed to be a good idea to take strangers to his house. He knew their names, but he had never seen anyone called 'Iris Martinez' in this parts. Maybe they were elven… He did not know. They were intriguing, to say the least.

"Follow me closely and as soon as we get there, I'll prepare something for you to eat."

That sounded way better in his head. But they didn't seem offended in any way. In fact, the hazel eyed one was smiling sweetly at him. Iris was a nice name, he concluded. The other three girls were still looking around in wonder.

Did they really think that they were dead? Bilbo couldn't wait to find out more about them.