Falling Up, Down, & Into Place

Chapter 1 – Tick, Tick, Boom

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(September Senior Year)

So there I stood, wondering why two of the most important people in my life stood before me, jaws clenched and fists in tight balls.

"What the fuck is going on here?!" I shrieked. They didn't even flinch; they just remained glaring at each other as if I wasn't even there.

Damn…if looks could kill.

I had known Jake most of my life, due to the fact that his dad worked on the force with mine until he was injured on the job, leaving the lower half of his body useless. It didn't slow him down any though, and he was still friends with my dad.

I met Edward only a few years back, four to be more specific. I moved back to Forks and became pretty close with his then girlfriend, Tanya. Needless to say, that friendship didn't last long. Edward broke up with her claiming he "had feelings" for someone else. That someone else happened to be me. I was fifteen and thought he was crazy. I wasn't interested in having a relationship…I just wanted to have fun!

After that, Edward and I remained friends. It was awkward at first, but it worked. The relationship between us was now the closest had ever been…even if I didn't know a damn thing about his personal life or past because he always shut me out.

Jake though, I knew that boy. I knew his middle name was Ephraim, that he loved dogs, and I know the rarely discussed story of his mother's tragic death.

Today, at that moment, I felt as if I didn't know these boys at all. They were acting like assholes.

"Answer me!" I was beyond frustrated now.

"It's nothing" Edward snapped, still not releasing his death stare from Jake.

"Doesn't seem like nothing to me" I replied, my voice almost a whisper.

Jake's mouth opened as if he wanted to say something, but Edward quickly put a stop to that when he said the words "bad idea" through clenched teeth.

I shot them both a look of disappointment and turned to leave. "Whatever. I'm done. Don't even bother" I said over my shoulder before storming away angrily.

I heard Jake call my name, but I waved my hand, brushing him off without even looking back.

Fuck that noise

As I drove toward home, my head spun with questions…what were they hiding? When did being friends with boys become harder than being friends with girls?!

Things were always so easy with my friends; we'd hang at the beach and do whatever exciting things we could think up. The four of us were like our own little mob. Now, I was finding Alice gone more often with her new boyfriend Jasper and things were getting weird with the boys. Edward had been so moody lately and Jake seemed like he was toeing around some secret. Great, Grumpy and The Time bomb.

Ugh, I miss Alice.

If I didn't find out what these two were hiding, I was going to die lonely leaving behind 50 cats. Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit.

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