IT'S A TWO SHOT 8-3 Yo, it's two shot 8-3, I got my gun go shoot som uniuniunicoooooorns.
Yea, take my pistol don't know why I call it pistol, cuz' it's reely TWO SHOT 8-333333 Why, these unicorns, stabbin' mai balls, no can't let them touch with my TWO SHOT 8-3333333 Grab my gun, grab my tele-porter, go to cameras, got to blablameras, jus' to make it rhyme WITH MAI TWO SHOT 8-333333 I fart, I part, I part till' I shoot you, I fart, I part, and I fart all ovah yooooooooo yea, yeah,... ummmm... yeah! yeah! Oh... I'm... EPIC (two shot a boss!No APP-REN-TICE!