New Adventure's In Kalos

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Chapter 1

Misty smiled in delight as she arrived before the small airspace just outside of Vermillion city, she was thrilled at the idea of being able to travel again. Her sister Daisy had returned to the gym a few day's ago and gave her a ticket as thanks for taking care of the gym for so long. Misty wanted to begin her travels again by going to the region known as Kalos. She'd heard a few interesting things about the region and really wanted to check it out.

The first thing she learned was the subject of mega evolution from a trainer that had come to her gym, a trainer who was actually from the region. She really wanted to learn more, but unfortunately the trainer didn't seem know that much about it as it was quite a new thing.

Soon it was time to board the plane that was to take her to Kalos. Misty walked towards the plane but was rudely shoved out-of-the-way by a guy in a red suit and he had red hair. "Hey, watch it kid!" He snarled with a clenched fist and forced himself onto the plane after flashing a ticket.

Misty growled "hmph, what nerve?" She shrugged the incident off and boarded the plane.

After a while the plane landed in the Kalos region and just outside the city of Lumioose. The city was huge, with the tower known as Prism tower being the city's symbol. It was one of the first things Misty saw as the plane started to land, she couldn't believe the size of the city.

"Whoa...Look at the size of this place," she said as awed at the sight.

Suddenly someone bumped into her and slipped off her backpack he chuckled evilly as he ran past her. Misty gasped in shock as she saw the same guy who had shoved past her before she got on the plane. "H-hey get back here!" Misty screamed, that guy had just took her Pokémon.

The red-head took off running after the guy in a panic, she ran and ran and chased the guy, who had led her all the way up Prism tower. Misty's heart sunk a little at seeing how high she was, the sound of a helicopter caught her attention and she noticed a women who was holding a camera and seemed to be filming her. This didn't seem to bother her much as she too focused on getting her Pokemon back.

The guy chuckled evilly "you know your pretty brave for following me all the way up here, even though you've got no Pokémon to battle me with!"

Misty growled "I'd do any for my Pokémon, and I won't let someone like you take them!"


Meanwhile back on the ground and in professor Sycamore's lab, a boy with a Pikachu had just entered through the doors, "well here we are Pikachu professor Sycamore's lab, I hope he's around."

"Pikaaa." Pikachu nodded.

The boy was named Ash Ketchum, he arrived in Kalos a few day's ago by plane and city even exploring the city since. Suddenly someone in a lab coat came rushing by Ash "huh?" Ash questioned.


Soon a man dressed in a lab coat came of a room while holding his head "do you really have to yell? Oh hello there who might you be?" He asked since he noticed Ash standing there.

"Uh, hi professor my names Ash Ketchum and this is my buddy Pikachu."

"Oh, so your the boy who professor Oak told me about huh?" Sycamore said as he pet Pikachu on the head, he noticed his assistant getting really impatient.

"Sir please you have to see this quick!"

"Alright, alright Sina I'm coming what is it that you have to show me, uh you better come along to Ash," Sycamore gestured for Ash to follow and they followed the assistant to the living room and she switched on the TV.

The TV was switched on and it appeared to be the news channel "we're here live at the very top of Prism tower were it seems that a member of Team Flare has stolen a trainers Pokémon, the trainer seems to be trying every thing she can to get her Pokémon back, but without her Pokémon to battle how can she get them back?! Officers of the city are on their way to help now!"

Ash suddenly froze as he recognised the trainer on the tower his mouth hung open "Pikachu isn't that...?"

Pikachu was also shocked, "Pikaaaa!"

"Misssttty!" Ash suddenly yelled and raced out of the lab which surprised the professor.

"What did he say?" Questioned Sina.

"I think he must know that girl on the tower," Sycamore said as he stared back at the screen.


Ash ran all the way to tower and then ran all the way up to see Misty attacking the guy to get her Pokémon "give me back my Pokémon!" She yelled.

"Sorry kid but their mine now!" He chuckled as he struggled out of Misty's grip.

Suddenly the guy pushed her off him and she almost fell off the tower, Ash gasped and ran straight for her "MISSTTYY!" He reached her hand before she went anything further.

Misty had her eyes shut tight but as soon as she felt someone holding her she slowly opened her eyes "mmm, A-Ash!" She breathed out in shock.

Ash grinned and pulled her up, "thank god your okay Misty!"

"A-Ash I can't believe it's you!" Misty hugged Ash as he pulled her up.

"Well, well what do we have here?!"

Both Ash and Misty turned to guy in the red suit, Ash growled and took a protective stance in front of Misty "who are you anyway?!" He yelled.

"None of your business kid!"

Ash frowned "Pikachu use iron tail!"

"Pika!" Pikachu nodded and headed straight for the guy, he knocked him back which caused him to let go of Misty's bag, she ran for it and jumped up to catch it and successfully caught it.

The team flare grunt growled "Argh you rotten kids, your Pokémon would have been better off we us, because we'll be creating a perfect world for us alone!" The grunt shrugged and brought a jet pack which he used to fly off.