Fiyero stepped out of their small cottage on the hidden countryside, expecting to feel the usual bite of the cold against his skin. Fae would always tell him that it was chilly in the morning. She would always be right. This day was an exception though, and of course it only seemed fitting. Fiyero smiled sadly.

His Fae was gone. She had died last night of a disease brought the cold that she had so often predicted. Elphaba had smiled at him, squeezing his hand gently. He could still feel his fingers entwined with hers, similar to the day they had saved the Lion cub. She told him to go check on their daughter, a young one year old that would never know her own mother. Fiyero foolishly had, promising he would come right back to look after her. At that time she had already been sick for over a month.

Fiyero had come back into the room, a large grin on his face, proud he had finally managed to get there daughter to fall asleep on his own. That smile quickly disappeared when Elphaba didn't respond to his greeting. Sure, it wouldn't be the first time she had fallen asleep on him, but this time was different. The candle beside her bed had dimmed, lighting half of her face as she lay on her side, eyes closed and face pale. Fiyero rushed to her side, lacing his fingers through hers, determined to feel her gentle warmth again as he did for so many nights.

"Fae… No, Fae, Elphaba…" He whimpered shaking his head, slowly lowering it into the crook of her arm. He choked back a sob, his cries muffled by the sheets of the bed.

After what seemed like an eternity, and eternity without his Fae, Fiyero lifted his head.

"E-every moment… as long as you're mine…" It was then his voice cracked, tears rising to his eyes. He didn't bother to wipe them away. "I'll wake up m-my body…." There would be no more waking up for Elphaba. "And make up for lost t-time…Say there's no future for us as… as a pair…" It was at those lines that Fiyero finally lost it, the memories of the night caught up to him and washed over him, threatening to suffocate him. He let the tears fall freely. She had sent him away on purpose, she knew. She knew she was about to die, yet she continued to smile and be strong.

For him.

He sighed at last night's memories, already seeming so long ago.

Gently, softly, almost in a nonexistent whisper it was as if Fiyero could hear her voice, so distant on the wind as if it were already drifting away from his memory.


And it was only then he felt the bite of the cold.