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Second Chances
Chapter One

Kagome chatted cheerfully with her friend, Keiko, pausing to hear what her friend had to say and then starting again.

"Are you going to go to the winter dance?" Keiko asked excitedly, eyes wide with anticipation.

"I don't know," Kagome answered hesitantly, "I don't have a date."

"That's okay!" her friend chirped, "We can go together and just hang out!"

The eighteen-year-old Kagome nodded and smiled. Dances were a big event, but she usually didn't attend them. This was another chance for her best friend Keiko to drag her out to a social event.

"You better be coming!" Keiko admonished, shifting the school bag on her shoulders. "Jeez, Kagome. It's like you live under a rock! You need to get out sometimes!"

"But I DO get out!" Kagome protested, half lying. It wasn't often that she left the safety of her room to just hang out with her friends.

"Only to visit the library, yeah!" Keiko shot back.

Kagome mumbled under her breath as they neared the intersection where they would part ways. School was over, and they were both walking home.

"Bye," Kagome said glumly, waving absently to her best friend.

"Don't sound so upset!" she responded, waving cheerily. "We'll have fun! See ya' tomorrow!!"

"Sure," Kagome muttered, drawing her coat closer to her as she turned the corner.

The girl sighed as the chill air of winter bit her skin. 'Why couldn't I get a car?' Both Kagome and Keiko were certified drivers; they just didn't have cars. Actually, Kagome was more of a motorcyle person; after all, her father had been a member of a ruthless gang. It was after he met her mother that he gave up the gang and settled down to a normal life. 'But Dad's gone now so it doesn't matter.' Frowning, she pushed back her memories of a loving father, showering his daughter and son with affection. Kagome looked skyward, seeking comfort from the uncaring gray clouds, ambling past her in a herd of fluffy mashed potatoes. 'I'm hungry.' Speeding up her pace, she hurried towards the shrine that was her home.

Upon arriving, she pulled off her boots, setting them neatly down near the door. The cold of the outside air left her, making room for the cozy warmth of the Higurashi home. Kagome slipped her coat off and threw it hastily over the balustrade of the stairs.

"I'm home!" she called happily, already smelling the hot cocoa being made.

"How was your day?" Ms. Higurashi called, her head appearing in the hallway for a moment before disappearing back into the bowels of the kitchen.

"Great!" Kagome replied instinctively, strolling into the kitchen.

Looking around, she found Sota, thirteen-year-old brother, sitting comfortably at the table, munching on a blueberry muffin. "Hey sis," he called absently, eyes focused into the TV.

"Hi," she replied, glancing around for signs of Gramps.

"What are you looking for, dear?" Ms. Higurashi asked, setting out the steaming cups of cocoa.

"Where's Gramps?" Kagome asked, taking one of the cups.

"He's...in the hospital," her mother answered, wringing her hands on the apron she adorned.

"Why?" Kagome inquired, a bit alarmed.

"He's just having a little trouble with the flu, that's all," Ms. Higurashi assured, a bit nervous.

"Oh," Kagome said, brushing it off, "Okay, then."

Ms. Higurashi smiled nervously. 'I can't tell her what's really going on...' She dismissed the subject totally, pushing the thoughts of her father to the back of her mind. Lightening, she joined her daughter and son at the table for a discussion of which show was better: Hana Yori Dango or Fruits Basket.

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