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"You've got to be kidding me! Last week she was 'the most horrendously self-centered, snobbish, pain-in-the-ass whose soul purpose was to torment the downtrodden' — your exact words." Kagome laughed, dodging the pillow her best friend and roommate tossed her way.

"I didn't know her then, ok Kags? I was wrong. She's…," he paused and sighed, "perfect." A look of bliss and serenity easing onto Inuyasha's features.

"Let me guess, she's got a heart of gold, a mind full of wisdom, and a body for sin!" Kagome retorted, tossing the previously dodged pillow back at Inuyasha. Her aim was true and the pillow smacked his shoulder with a satisfying thwump.

He smiled a toothy grin at her. "Yeah, yeah she does."

It was Kagome's turn to sigh and she rolled her eyes. "Ok, ok. So you've found your dream woman. Now that that quest has been completed, how about we decide what movie to watch, hm? It is tradition after all!"

Inuyasha smiled a big toothy. "Deal!" He rummaged through their extensive movie collection before settling on a satisfyingly action-packed flick. Arranging the previously tossed pillow behind him, he stretched out — his feet on the coffee table. Following suit, Kagome curled up in her usual spot on the other side of the couch, her legs tucked beside her, one arm on the armrest supporting her head and the other reaching over to grab some popcorn from the bowl on the middle cushion.

Thursday night movies had been a tradition between the two since the day they met over three years before. They were both freshmen at the university then and, like all freshmen, they both desperately wanted to make friends. It was actually a Thursday when they met - the first film club meeting of the year.

. . .

Kagome had felt a spark the moment her eyes met his. He was different not just in the way he looked, light brown eyes with shockingly white hair, but also in his energy and the way he moved. He was like a firework — an enigma of shimmering light with explosive potential. She was instantly fascinated by him and a blush rose to her face as she realized she'd been staring.

Slowly, he made his way through the crowded room, his eyes darting around to take in every detail, all the while moving towards her. He stopped directly in front of her, placing a hand on the desk she was leaning against, closer than most people would stand to someone they had never met. She could almost feel his life pulsing off of him in waves. She'd always been more acutely aware of the energies people threw off than most and she had never met anyone who felt quite the way he did.

"Hey! Name's Inuyasha, yours?" He had smiled at her then, a big toothy grin. It was a smile that required a responding smile from whomever he flashed with it. Smiling back, she stuck her hand out. "Kagome." He took her outstretched hand, her eyebrow quirking as she felt the spark running through their touch. "It's nice to meet you, Inuyasha."

That was what started it all. They quickly became almost inseparable: they sat together in the classes they shared, ate their meals together, went to every Thursday film club meeting together, studied together, and they even slept over at one another's dorm rooms sometimes after a late night of studying. Any one looking and observing the two would have thought they were dating but, much to her dismay at the time, they weren't.

They had only ever shared one kiss. The friends went out on the town after they finished their last exam before the holiday break — drinking, dancing, and laughing all night until the bars shooed them home. They staggered back, arm-in-arm, each helping support the other. They were stumbling across field surrounded by the dorms when Inuyasha stopped them. He grabbed Kagome's arms and twirled her around to face him. Her head was rushing and his unkempt hair sparked like whips of silver under the moonlight. Pulling her closer to him he began, "Kags, I —" But she didn't let him finish. Tangling her fingers in his hair, she pulled his mouth to hers, her heart leaping that this would be her first kiss. She was drunk, sure. But this kiss wasn't a whim. She had wanted to kiss him for months that felt like years. The alcohol just gave her the courage. His fiery energy burning through her body at the sensation of his lips on hers.

Suddenly, he was pushing her away, causing her to stumble backwards and, as the ground rushed up to meet her, she heard him say, "Come on Kagome, not like that! That's weird, you're my best friend — practically like a sister. Gods!" And just as quickly as her heart had leapt, it came crashing down, tears blurring her vision of him walking away.

She stayed in that spot on the cold winter ground crying until a girl who lived on her hall saw her. The trip to her room was a blur, the other girl's words fading in and out: "Oh gods! Are you ok? What happened? Come on, let's get you off the ground. You just need a good night's rest, that's all — it'll all look better in the morning, you'll see!" Kagome only nodded her head, it was going to take a lot longer than one night to make everything better.

The next morning, Kagome woke to the sound of her phone's persistent buzzing. A splitting headache and a wave of nausea pulsed through her. Grabbing the phone, she peeked an eye at it: Inuyasha Cell. She groaned and let the call go to voicemail. There is no way I'm talking to him now. Not after last night… She mentally berated herself and as the phone went to voicemail she saw that she had not one, not two, but twelve missed calls from her "friend" and eight different voicemails. He must've been calling for hours. Hesitantly, she clicked on the first voicemail: "Kagome, look we need to talk. Call me back." Delete. Next: "Kagome, you there? We have a lot to talk so just call me soon." Delete. She continued in a similar fashion, listening to his voicemails as they ranged from frustration to concern and, as a new voicemail popped up, pleading. "Hey Kags? It's me, though you know that already. Ok, I'm really sorry about last night and … and well I was a jerk to you. And if you never want to talk to me again after today, I understand that but, please, just at least give me today to talk to you. Please call me back."

She sighed as her finger hit "Call Back." He answered halfway through the first ring. "Hello? Hello, Kagome?" His voice was panicked and strained. She winced away from the phone — he was so loud inside her very hungover head — and let out a raspy "Yeah?" There was a pause and then his voice started up again. "Thank the gods you're ok. I was such an ass to you. I mean…I pushed you and then I just left you there, and I swear it's like it wasn't even me. But I know it was. Look, the thing is…well, the thing is I'm actually outside your door right now and I was wondering if you'd let me in so we could talk?"

This time, she paused. Her mouth was sickly sweet and her head felt like a herd of elephants was rolling around in it. Glancing to the side, she caught sight of herself in the mirror - her hair would rival Medusa's, her unwashed makeup was smudged, and her eyes were still red and puffy from the previous night's tears.

"I brought your favorite tea and breakfast," he offered, his voice coming through both the phone and the door.

"Fine," she grumbled back at him.

Her feet hit the ground and she shrugged a sweatshirt on. She barely unlocked the door before he rushed in, depositing his peace offerings on the coffee table in the center of the room. Before she could speak he was holding her, embracing her as if she would disappear if he let go. She felt him shudder and realized he was crying. Shouldn't I be the one crying? I'm the one who was mercilessly shoved away last night, remember? Her mind asked cynically. She didn't push him away, though. Instead, she stood there and held him, her hands lightly rubbing his back, her voice instinctively making little shushing sounds.

He mumbled into her hair, "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. Please, please don't kick me out of your life. Kags, please. I've never had a friend like you — you're the only person who has ever stuck by me through anything. I don't know what I would do if I lost you, please."

In that moment, she decided that she would never tell him how badly his rejection had hurt. She decided that she would do what she had never done before: she would lie to him.

"Hey, hey! What's with the tears?"

He pulled away from her, his face confused and startled. "What?"

"I said, what's with the tears? I'm telling you, I was so drunk last night that I hardly remember a thing!" A memory flashed: his silver hair flying across the night sky. "I remember leaving the last bar, and then you must have walked me home." Another memory: his strong hands grabbing her, whirling her around to face him, so close. "Because the next thing I knew, I was waking up here to a thousand calls and funky voicemails from you." She bit back the sting of tears as the last memory shook through her: her lips on his, being shoved away, the horrified look on his face as he turned and left her. "How long were you outside my room anyways?"

He stood there for a moment staring at her and she silently prayed that she was a convincing liar. Watching his face shift, she decided she was. His face changed, eyes registering that, as far as he knew, she didn't know what happened, didn't remember the kiss, didn't remember him leaving her there crying to the cold night's wind. She watched the gears work in his head and waited for his next words.

"Oh, well, I guess I must've had a dream terrible dream! Yeah…I left you at your dorm so you could sleep and then stumbled back to my place."

Even if Kagome hadn't remembered the previous night, his face would have given him away. He, unlike her, was a terrible liar. I guess we're even now. I lied to him and him to me. The next thing to do is move past last night, however long it takes. She smiled at him and clapped her hands together. "So are you going to just stand there or show me the delicious hangover food you got me, because I could definitely use it!"

. . .

Reaching over into the popcorn bowl, her fingers brushed his. No spark, no tremor of romantic connection or possibility, just his usual frantic vibes running over her skin that was closest to his. She placed the treat in her mouth thoughtfully, thinking about when she had last felt a flare between the two of them. Let's see, sophomore year we moved in to the same apartment — I definitely still felt it then. That was a tough year, especially with him walking around shirtless all the time. I guess it was some time last year that it started to fade, and now it's gone altogether. She thought about how Inuyasha had almost constantly urged her to go on dates, always claiming that one day he'd find a guy who was just right for her. She had introduced one guy to Inuyasha — but her roommate had definitely not approved. They almost had to call an ambulance for Kouga, the poor guy. "I was just protecting your honor from a fleabag like him." Was her friend's response when she inquired what the hell was wrong with him. Sometimes he still tried to take her out, but he always looked around to make sure Inuyasha wasn't there to beat him to a pulp again. It wasn't such a loss — she really didn't feel any sort of connection with Kouga and his eyes were always a little too wild for her.

The movie drew to a close with lots of explosions and a few cheesy lines. As the credits rolled, she turned to her roommate. "So, if you're so taken with Kikyou, when do I get to meet her? You got to meet the one guy I tried to date and almost hospitalized him. We're hardly friends if I can't provide the same service for you." She blinked her eyes innocently at him.

He tossed the battle-pillow he'd been resting on at her, making her giggle as it whizzed by her head. She knew if he ever actually wanted it to hit her, he could. He rolled his eyes at her. "Fine, fine. I'm going out with her this weekend, so how about some time next week?"

"Hmm, next week." She tapped her finger on her chin, pretending to remember if she was free or not — she was, she was always free. "Yup! Next week works for me!"

The friends smiled at each other. Inuyasha stretching before getting up from the couch. Kagome turned to watch him saunter through the kitchen and rummage around. Even though she didn't have romantic feelings for him anymore, it still stung just a bit that he had found someone else so supposedly perfect for him without her ever knowing about it.