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Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it'll be to fool you.

A younger man in his late twenties stood in the centre of a crowd. A woman of roughly the same age stood beside him as he entertained a spectator with a card trick.

"I'm going to flip through this deck," he said holding the deck up. The woman standing beside him smiled flipping a coin across her fingers. "And I want you to see one card. Not this one. That's too obvious." He continued pointing at the two of diamonds on the bottom of the deck. "Pay close attention." He flipped through the cards once and paused.

"That was too fast. I'll do it again. Are you ready?" he looked at the girl in front of him, waiting for her to nod. He flipped through again. 'Okay. Now did you see one?"

The pretty brunette nodded. "Yes"

"Do you have one in mind?" he asked.


"Now," the man fanned the cards out to show all of them. "Do you see your card here?"

"No" the girl tilted her head, confused.

"That's because you're looking too closely," He told her. "And what have I been telling you all night? The closer you look." he trailed off and let the crowd pick up.

"The less you see!"

The man nodded before turning to the woman beside him. "If you please?"

His companion shook her head, causing her dark hair to sway. "Not at all," she grabbed the deck before whipping it into the sky. Before they could get too far they all exploded into a shower of small fireworks bringing attention to the seven of diamonds that was illuminated on the side of the tower.

The spectators awed at the display and the two magicians gripped hands before calmly walking out of the area.

Back at an apartment the young man sat on a couch pulling his accomplice down into his lap. She giggled slightly before turning her body sideways across his lap and looped her arms around his neck.

"What are we going to do tomorrow?" the raven-haired girl asked.

"Don't know," he whispered nuzzling her neck.

"Danny!" she giggled, calling his name as he started to tickle her with his fingers.

"What?" the young man, Danny asked.

"You know what," she told him as he grinned cheekily. She shook her head before leaning forward to kiss him, only to pause when she sees something sticking out of Danny's shoe and her bag.

She got up walking over to her bag and picking up a tarot card. She reached for Danny's and tossed it to him while flipping hers over.

"45 East Evan St?" she mused, raising an eyebrow.

Danny nodded confused before glancing over at the clock.

"We should go to bed it's getting late."

The woman glanced at him baffled. "But what about the card?"

"Tomorrow is the 29th, Andy," he said locking the door before wrapping his arms around her waist. "We can figure it out them, alright?" She nodded before smirking. Andy set the card down then coyly began tugging Danny into the bedroom.

The next morning they were taking a taxi to the address on the card when they saw a familiar face crossing the street. Jumping out Danny got the persons attention.


The red head turned around, noticing the two people getting out of the cab.

"Danny? Andrea? Hey!" she called in shock. Henley looked down slightly when Danny gripped Andy's hand. The action caused the red head to see the glint of a ring on Andy's finger.

"You guys are still married?" Henley asked. Andy smiled while nodding. "That's great!"

Danny cleared his throat thinking back to why they were there.

"Did, uh, you get a card?" he asked.

Henley nodded, holding up her hand that held a cup of coffee, the card clenched in her fingers.

"That great! Congratulations."

He pulled Andy with him and walked up to the door leading into the apartment building.

"All right, so here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go inside," he began. "I'm gonna scope the place out. You two wait out here. I will come back and get you, okay? Do not come in. " Andy and Henley shared a smile before walking ahead of him.

"I can take care of myself Danny," Andy called back before tugging Henley into the building. Andy asked Henley about her shows she was putting one.

"I saw last nights one with the piranha's. You did a wonderful job."

Henley nodded about to respond but they had come around the corner, noticing another guy standing in front of the door they were trying to get to.

They all paused, confused.

"Okay," they guy wearing a fedora started. "So apparently none of us was the only one chosen, Let me be the first one to kick my ego to the curb."

Danny nodded and continued to walk past him.

"Yeah. Excuse me."

"Door's locked." The man told him.

"Is it? I'll check." Danny told him, continuing to the door. The man rolled his eyes, looking back at Henley and Andy.

"You. Now, hold it, don't tell me, Helen?" he asked, looking at the red head. At her slight shake of the head he continued. "No, no. Henley."

Danny looked over his shoulder at the cup in Henley's hand.

"It's on your coffee cup."

The an in the fedora rolled his eyes again glancing back at Danny for a moment.

"Thanks for keeping me honest," he called back. "That wasn't mentalism, by the way. It was just an observation. Second observation, you are beautiful." E directed his last point towards Andy who smiled and shook her head.

"Thank you"

"That's good. That's very nice. Very well polished. Nice bit." Danny said, coming to stand by Andy. He held out his hand. "J. Daniel atlas. Nice to meet you."

The man went to shake his hand but flipped him off at the last moment.

"Very nice. I know who you are and I just want to say that I'm not interested in you doing your mentalism thing on us." He gestured to himself and Andy. "Especially when we don't know who brought us here or even if it's real."

The man began to shush him before putting his fingers to his temples.

"Hold on, I'm sensing. I'm sensing you are a control freak,"

From beside Danny, Andy laughed slightly.

"I'm sorry, have we met before?" Danny asked.

"It doesn't take a mentalist to figure that out. You are a control freak." Henley supplied with a smirk, noticing that Andy was trying to contain her laughter.

"Well, I take that as a compliment." Danny said, smirking at her.

"Only he would take it as a compliment." Henley continued looking at the man.

"Good. Another compliment." Danny said in reference to her comment.

"So that's why you're no longer a couple?" the guy asked.

Andy burst out laughing but covered her mouth not wanting to interrupt the conversation that was turning out to be entertaining.

"A couple? No, no!" Danny said, aghast.

"We were never a couple." The both said in unison.

"He used to saw me in half." Henley explained to the mentalist making gestures with her hands.

"She was a very good assistant." Danny said, trying not to acknowledge Andy's quite laughter.

"But I was too fat for Danny." Henley said, knowing Andy would probably smack him. She didn't disappoint. Danny winced when Andy's hand made contact with his head.

"No. I said that one time because of the trap door." He began trying to defend himself.

"No one could fit through there. No one." Henley told him.

"Rebecca fit through. Rebecca fit for years." He countered her statement only to receive another smack.

"Rebecca was anorexic." Andy told him rolling her eyes. Danny looked back at the two antagonist rolling his eyes.

"Hope you guys enjoy each others company." He told them, turning to go. He paused when he noticed another person coming up behind them.

"No way. J. Daniel Atlas?" the guy asked walking over. "Dude, I've seen everything that you have ever done. Your like...I idolize you. Seriously."

Danny smiled reaching a hand out to shake.

"From a true fan. It's so nice to meet you." Danny smiled shaking the guys hand.

"I'm Jack by the way." He said.

"Question. Did you get one of these?" They both turned to the man wearing the fedora.

"Yeah," Jack said, reaching into his bag to pull out his card. "Death."

"The High Priestess" Henley showed him.

"I'm the Lover" Danny said, holding up his card.

"Moon," Andy supplied. They turned to the other man.

"Hermit" he said, looking bummed out that he didn't have a cooler card.

"So, what are we...Are we waiting for someone? Why are we just..." Jack asked.

"The door's locked." All four of them said together.

"Oh, no, nothing's ever locked." Jack told them before stepping forward. Quickly he picked the lock and let the door slowly squeak open. Grabbing a flashlight, Andy followed Danny in.

"What is this place?" Henley asked looking around in disgust.

"Wow. I thought my apartment was nasty." The other man said after looking into a bathroom.

"Man it's freezing in here," Jack said as they walked into an open room were there was an engraving in the floor. Andy reached forward, picking up a folded piece of paper.

"What's it say?" Danny asked her.

"'Now You Don't'" Andy told them, confused. Henley reached down, grabbing the rose that was beside the paper.

"A rose by any other name..." Henley said smelling the flower.

"...Would smell as sweet." Andy continued the line smiling slightly. Henley walked over to a vase with water that was sitting on the floor and dropped the flower in. water began to leak out of the bottom, making it's way towards the engraving in the floor.

"Guys, what's happening?" Jack asked, watching the water confused as it filled to black mark completely. Suddenly the mark gave way and white smoke billowed out.

"It's Gas!" Jack yelled.

'Relax. Just dry ice," Andy told him, gripping Danny's hand.

"Wait," Danny asked. "What do you think this is all about?"

"Hang on. Hang on." The guy put his fingers to his head before exhaling. "I got nothin'."

"Okay. Thank you." Danny said snidely. "Thank you for the delay."

"I'm just trying to create the space for wisdom."

"Danny, be honest. Did you do this?" Henley asked looking at him.

"No," Danny shook his head turning to Jack. "Wait, did you?"

"I wish," Jack said.

"Why didn't any one ask me if I did it?" the other guy asked.

Everyone looked at him silently.

On a door, Andy noticed a camera. Walking over the switch she tried turning on the lights.

"Powers out?" Jack asked her. She nodded silently, still confused as to who would put a camera on a door.

"Lets check," the mentalist said before reaching up and turning a bulb in the light fixture.

Just as it lit up, cameras that were situated through out the room met at a centred point showing a holographic image.

"Blueprints," Henley said excited.

"They're incredible," Danny said.

"Who do you think did this?" Jack asked gazing at the diagrams.

"I don't know, but I really want to meet them." Henley said. After looking at it closer she gasped. "It's a show!"

Danny reached out and flicked a piece that was floating in the centre.

They all shared a look before shutting the cameras down and sticking them into Andy's bag.

"We need to talk," Henley said. "Privately."

Andy nodded before leading everyone out of the building and over to her and Danny's apartment.

As soon as they got there they all sat down quietly waiting for the other to start.

Fed up Henley drew the attention to herself.

"I think we should start with names. I'm Henley Reeves," she then gestured to the guy beside her.

"Merritt McKinney" he said tipping his fedora.

"Uh, Jack Wilder," Jack, told them.

"Well, I'm Daniel Atlas, which you all already know." Danny told them then gestured to Andy who was sitting beside him.

"And I'm Andrea Atlas." She told them with a smile.

In unison, Jack and Merritt looked down at the wedding band on each of their fingers.

"You two?" Merritt asked pointing between them. Andy nodded, daring him to say something else. "Umm, how long?"

"Well, we got married when we were 24, so almost 4 years." Danny told them.

Merritt sat back, honestly not expecting that they would be a couple.

"Well now that that out of the way," Henley started. "What are we going to do?"

Andy looked at all of them.

"I'm all for it, what about the rest of you?"