Andy looked out in to the ocean, breathing in a deep breath. Danny wrapped his arms around her from behind as they sat in the sand on a French beach.

"They should be here soon," she murmured, playing with a coin on her fingers.

"They will be," Danny told her watching the sunset. "Give them time. It was Henley who suggested this."

Andy smiled, thinking back to when she told Henley an important secret. The redhead had insisted that everyone be together to hear the news.

Jack finally managed to ask Henley out only six months after the final show and they had been going strong ever since.

"I wonder what their reactions will be like?" Andy wondered as Danny ran one of his hands up and down her stomach, where a very tiny bump could be felt.

"Merritt will probably crack a joke about me having the balls to get you pregnant," Danny guessed. "And Jack might be speechless."

"Well you have the speechless part right," a voice said behind them. They turned noticing that the group was there, as well as Dylan and Alma.

"Though it's not Jack," Henley continued as Merritt stared open mouthed at them. "Though he might crack a joke later."

Jack laughed, coming to give Andy a hug as she stood up. Soon everyone was given a hug while Merritt still stood in shock.

Andy laughed walking up and hugging the mentalist, causing him to unfreeze with a small laugh.

"Didn't know you had it in ya, Daniel," Merritt told him.

'No joke?" Danny asked chuckling.

"Nah," Merritt said. "I don't think your pregnant wife would enjoy that."

They all laughed again before settling together on the beach, Merritt the only single one.

As the sun went down they laughed and enjoyed each others company much like a family, albeit a dysfunctional family full of magic, but a family nonetheless.