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As the army of orcs and goblins crested the last hill they were met with an awesome sight, dwarves, elves and men all ranged against them. Hearing a sudden clap of thunder behind, they turned only to see Smaug the last of the Great Dragons bearing down on them.

The battle was over almost before it began, the banded races making short work of the terrified hoard.

At first the three races had been more than slightly antagonistic with one another, and nearly started a war over old grudges.

But a joint glare from a wizard and a dragon- the constant bickering was upsetting the lone hobbit in town, after all.- helped everyone to make the right choice.

After the last vestiges of the dark army were scorched and the battle clearly won, a celebration was called; the likes of which Middle Earth had never seen.

Dwarves, Elves, Men, a Wizard, a Dragon and a Hobbit all around a large bonfire after a battle well won. It was a sight to behold.

Securing a large portion of the feast for his lover, Smaug laid it all at the small man's feet.

"What? I can't eat all that!"

"Doesn't matter. I'll help. Cooked food is different from fresh, and the technique used seems to have changed some in the centuries since I last had any. Who knows, I might even enjoy it."

"You don't like good food?"

"Food is only fuel. Tasting it is secondary to eating it. I will try anything though, if you're the one to give it to me."

"That's good. I like to cook."

"As does everyone in the Shire, and they all appreciate good food. So if you are intent on settling there, be sure not to insult the chef." Gandalf joined the mismatched pair at their solitary fire.

No one wanted to get too close to the man shaped lizard, especially once his protective nature over the small man at his side was found out; there were quite a few people with bruises and burns that had been less than kind to the small man, and were now regretting it sorely.

"Gandalf! Are you done playing peacemaker for the night?"

"Yes, it seems that Thorin is finally forgiving the elf king and vise versa. Though it may all break down once there is no longer a large, scaled presence to make them behave." He looked to the golden eyed man while lighting his pipe.

"I am not a peacekeeper. I am not even a peaceful type of personality. I simply will not allow a bunch of hot heads to upset Bilbo!"

"All I said was that it was a shame that old alliances could be forgotten so quickly, and that grudges held too long were a weight that should be left behind before they disrupted a peaceful future. I didn't mean for you to threaten everyone into peace!"

"Do you not like the outcome?"

"Well, yes. Peace is preferable to war, any day."

"Then I will not apologize."

"Indeed. If you were to apologize now they would probably be back at each others throats before dawn. Let things lie as they are, Master Hobbit, they are better this way."

"Fine, but why are you over here and not with Thorin and the others? I'm sure that they would greatly enjoy telling you everything that happened."

"Yes, I heard quite a bit about what happened. Why did you not tell me how they were treating you?"

"What did they say?" His voice barely above a whisper. He still didn't want to talk about any of it.

"Nothing. And that told me all I could ever want to know. If I had only known..."

"Yes? If you had known? Could you have stopped them? Would you have?!

"I saw you earlier. I left Bilbo in your care while I took out the rear and the stragglers. When I looked back he was no where in sight! If I had felt for a moment that he had been hurt, I would have razed the lot of you. What happened?!" The last was said with an intensity more bone chilling than a flaming roar.

"I wish I could tell you, but I believe we must look to your young hobbit for answers."

"Oh. Um. Huh?"

"Bilbo? What happened?" In sharp contrast to his earlier tone, this one was all care and love.

"Uh... well, you see... um."

Deciding a demonstration would be quicker than an explanation, the young hobbit pulled out his ring and slipped it on.

"BILBO!" The panic that flashed over Smaugs' face was mirrored by stunned realization on Gandalfs'.

Pulling the ring back off he held it up for his two friends to see.

"I found it in the goblin cave. It had belonged to a retched creƤture that seemed quite obsessed with it. He was rather angry when he realized he no longer carried it, and that I had found it." Taking a deep breath at the memory, he continued.

"As it chased me through the tunnels, I slipped, and the ring landed on my finger. I thought I was done for when it came up to me, until I realized that it couldn't see me. I follow it up to the surface and made my way back to the company. I've used it since to help out where I could."

"And today, love?" As he wrapped his arms around his hobbit, he would never let him be put in such danger again.

"Today... today I got scared. There was so much happening, and too many flailing blades. So I put on the ring and helped out as I could without anyone noticing me or coming after me."

He waited for any response, good or ill. He should have told them about the ring and its powers, but something had held him back; made him want to keep it a secret. When he felt lips in his hair he relaxed some.

"I'm not mad at you. And I apologize to you, Master Wizard, for my earlier shortness. Love, you should have told me before that you had a magic ring, I would not have worried as much." Gandalf nodded his agreement, though keeping a wary eye on the small piece of jewelery. He had a bad feeling about it.

"Sorry. I just... I just couldn't. I don't really know why."

"May I see it, love?" Smaug had a bad feeling about this ring, he needed to get it away from his hobbit.

"O-of-f coarse." Holding out his hand he showed it to the ancient dragon.

When Smaug reached for the thing he couldn't help but notice his love flinch, 'So he has a connection to it and can't bear to part with it, even for me.' he thought, 'I know of only one ring powerful enough to make such a complete connection in so short a time, I can only hope I am wrong.'

With a look to the grey wizard Smaug set out to confirm his fears.

"Love, would you mind tossing it in the air, I want to test a theory."

"O-okay, sure." Flipping the ring like a coin, Bilbo drew further against his loves chest as the dragon blew flame at the spinning object until it fell to the ground.

"What- what have you done?" As Gandalf leaned forward with tongs and lifted the object.

"Just testing a theory. Take it, its quite cool."

Taking his ring back Bilbo looked it over.

"What was supposed to happen?"

"Just give it a moment. Tell me what you see."

"Nothing. Just a plain ring- wait. There's writing on it. Some type of elvish, I can't read it."

"It is the dark language of Mordor." Gandalf spoke up.

"It says: One ring to rule them; One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them."

"This is the one ring, love."


"You hold the power to destroy all of life on Middle Earth as we know it, dear Master Baggins, right in the palm of your hands."

"But I don't want that, Gandalf! Here Smaug, you take it!"

"NO!" Bilbo was taken aback by Smaug's response. The dragon had never yelled at him before.

"No, Bilbo, I can not take it from you. Nor can Gandalf. We are too powerful. No matter our intentions this- cursed- ring would do unspeakable damage through us.

"If I took it I would no longer be able to stay by your side, keep you safe. I would instead kill all who stood in my way and crush this world at my merest whim."

"You sound so certain of that."

"I know it because, if this ring had come to me a bare decade ago- No. At anytime before I met you. Then I would not hesitate to do just that, as that was once my dream."

"And now? What is your dream now?"

"You are. Only you." The kiss that followed made the old wizard blush.

He had seen passionate displays before, even participated in some, but rarely was such raw need and desire displayed for all to notice.

"Ahem... Ahem!"

"If you keep interrupting us, wizard, I may lose all my good feeling towards you."

"Be that as it may, we must discuss what is to be done with the ring."

"There isn't much to discuss. I shall take Bilbo to Mount Doom, and protect him from the Great Eye and its minions until he is able to destroy the horrible thing."

"The great eye?" Gandalf asked in all innocents.

"Wizards are not the only ones who can see far and away, Gandalf."

"Well I would like to know." Bilbo was really confused by the turn in the conversation.

"The great eye, my dear hobbit, is all that is left of Sauron, the master of that ring. He watches for it constantly."

"But do not worry. I will let nothing and no one harm you. Not even a giant disembodied eye!"

"You both talk as if the journey is already begun. Do I not get a say in this?"

"Of course you do Master Baggins. And sorry we are to put this decision on you.

"But we must ask you to take the one ring to Mount Doom and toss it in the fires from which it was forged. That is the only way to be rid of its and its master's vile evil."

"Please, love. It must be destroyed. Every moment you hold it it taints your mind and soul to its whims. I could not live if you where to be corrupted."

"That's pressuring and you know it."

"Yes. Well, this is important."

"So I just need to toss my- the ring into this Mount Doom and that's all it will take?"



"Okay. And then we go to the Shire?"

"Of course. As long as you do not pick up any more cursed rings along the way we will make great time, I promise."


"Would you mind if I accompanied you both?"

"As a matter of fact I would."


"I will be carrying my love and our supplies while I also watch for enemies, and fight them when I must. I will have no time to keep track of an earth bound wizard. Nor will I carry you. That right is reserved solely for Bilbo."

"I understand. A honeymoon flight does not need a third wheel." The blush this set on Bilbos' cheeks could have lit up the night.

"He didn't say anything about- about- uh..."

"It's alright, love. He got it right though."


"I plan on making our trip very... pleasant." If his blush grew any deeper his cheeks would set afire.

"Well, with that I shall leave you and wish you luck." Forcing himself to face the standing wizard, Bilbo tried to control his hot cheeks.

"Where will you go now?"

"Back to Rivendale. The leaders of Middle Earth must be made aware of recent... developments."

"The ring."

"That too, young hobbit.

"Master Smaug. Master Baggins. Good luck and good journey." He strode off on the pretense of packing for his own journey, but really to give the obviously in love duo some privacy.

"What did he mean? What else could he tell them about other than my- the ring?"

"Myself for one. The orc war for another. Perhaps even yourself."

"Me? But I haven't done much of anything, really."

"Hmm." Was his only reply.

Then the dragon swooped down to his ear.

"We have all night." The deep voice sent shivers down the young hobbits' spine.

"But our journey?" It was a token protest at best, he was already breathing heavy just from the insinuation.

"Can wait until morning. Come, we have a bed to find and I have work to start." His lewd smirk set Bilbo afire in a newer way than before.

With a happy huff the small man grabbed his partners hand, slipped his ring back into his pocket- he had been the only one unaware that he had been caressing it through the whole conversation- and took off towards their lodgings. It had already been a long night, and if he were lucky it wouldn't be over anytime soon.