-{-[]-}-Kung Fu Panda-{-[]-}-

-The Mirror-


Shifu couldn't believe his ears. From the mouth of this metal monstrosity came the voice of his own student Tigress. He almost spoke her name before he caught himself, realizing he would be captured if he did. The merchants were waiting to be granted access into the city, staring fearfully at Tigress' helmed face. "Make sure their papers are in order chief, and let them in." With a sigh, the merchants gratefully made their way past the gates before Tigress put a massive hand on one's shoulder. "The Master sends his thanks to you, but tread carefully. He is not always as patient with everyone..." Turning to the other guards, she bellowed "BACK TO YOUR POSTS!" The other armored soldiers immediately scurried out of her sight, not wanting to incur more of her wrath.

A sign stood just inside the gate that read: 'Bastion City'. What has happened to the valley?, Shifu thought. It was as if it never existed. Buildings made of iron stood amongst the old stonework. Smokestacks as tall as trees dominated the landscape. The stone paths - usually weathered but clean - were stained black from the smoke. Even the skies were an ominous bloody-red, giving Shifu the impression of standing inside an angry volcano. Suddenly, the ground shook as a loud 'BANG!' rang out, knocking Shifu from his feet. Fire shot up into the sky, igniting the air. "TAKE COVER! CLEAR THE AREA NOW!" a voice shouted from behind him. More suits came charging down the path, clearing the streets of people. The lead suit was different - its arms were longer, and its legs shorter. Like a monkey...

Shifu guessed that if Tigress and Monkey were wearing armor, then all of the Five were. He was mid-thought when one of the nearby buildings began to collapse. In its path was a family of rabbits, seeking refuge from the chaos below. Perched just above their heads was a chunk of stone about to crush them. "NO!" Like a bolt of lightning, Shifu shot toward the family, his hand extended. In a flash, the chunk shattered into dust. "Are you alright?" At that moment, everyone stopped. The family stared at him in shock. "Are you alright?" he asked again. They said nothing, scurrying away in fear. He at least expected a response, but it's as if they were afraid of something. Or someone. That's when he heard those massive feet coming his way.

"HALT! YOU ARE BREAKING MARTIAL LAW CITIZEN", Monkey' s voice boomed. His hand tried to grab Shifu, but he slipped out of his reach. He sprinted up the street, passing shocked and frightened villagers. But Monkey was right behind him, leaping across the rooftops like a maniac. He had all the advantages - this village was completely alien, Shifu may as well have been running blind. Corner after corner, Monkey's screeching met him where ever he turned. "Where can I go?" he said, breathing heavily. "Nowhere" he heard from above. Terrified he looked up, and saw a massive metal bird gazing at him with burning eyes. "Crane" "You''re coming with us Shifu", Monkey growled. "The Master won't want to miss seeing you again...", Crane laughed as he grabbed Shifu by his neck. "Because the last time I checked, you were dead..." "What!?" he gasped before something hit his head. He could hear Crane and Monkey's crazed laughter before he blacked out.

Author's Note: Hi to all who are reading the story. I hope you like it. This chapter is short, but it serves as a bridge to the next chapter, where we will see the mastermind behind the nightmare...