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Chapter 1 Prologue

It was a normal night in the village of Konohagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Tree Leaves). Civilians were walking about, on their way back from work, out on a night of fun with friends or getting a quick bite to eat with friends. Shinobi, defenders and guardians of their home were also around, some relaxing from their duties, some looking to get drunk of their asses to celebrate a job well done, some even out on their way to their next mission. All and all the village had an atmosphere of satisfaction and peace. So wrapped up in their enjoyment were they that nobody noticed the shadow streaking from place to place in utter silence.

The figure darted over obstacles, across rooftops and even through crowds of people at some points, its presence completely ignored by the populace at large.

Or rather not so much ignored as unnoticed.

The shadow continued it journey, its destination known only by itself, its presence hidden to the point one would never realize anything had even been there. There was no sound made by its feet hitting the path, no disturbance made to its surrounding as it almost seem to phase around obstacles in its path. Not even the animals around, being naturally much more in tune with their surroundings with greater senses than most people could ever hope to have, could detect neither hide nor hair of the figure. It was a shadow, a specter.

A ghost.

As it reached and abandoned area of the village, noticeably in severe disrepair, the figure stopped and looked to the side, a half destroyed three-story building caught its view. As it entered it walked with purpose toward a specific corner and crouched. Running its fingers seemingly at nothing, they seem to find purchase in something in the floor. Lifting its hand revealed a hidden handle to a trap door that the figure soon dropped into, the door falling into place one again. At the end of its decent we find the figure inside al long tunnel that is in complete contrast to the place underneath which it was hidden. Whereas the ground above looked to be falling apart, the tunnel looked to be brand new, seeming to stretch for no small amount in both directions and lit with what seemed to be seals that lit up as they were passed.

It is here that we finally catch a view of our mysterious figure. The figure seemed to be a male, about 5'2", covered head to toe in black. A black long sleeve shirt, black ANBU style pants, a black weapons pouch on his right-side lower back, a black kunai pouch taped to his right thigh with black tape black shinobi sandals on feet covered up to the ankles in black armored bandages, along with a pair of black full gloves with a metal plate in the back and metal studs in the bottom segment of the fingers, the thumb missing on both gloves. The, now identified, boy was also wearing a full black mask that covered his whole head and had a visor where the eyes would be. All in all he looked like a living shadow.

As he walked down the tunnel taking a few turns here and there he finally came across a metal door that looked to have no handle but did have two seals in the center. The boy took out a kunai and pricked his thumb and ran it across on seal, the cut already healing by the time he had pulled it back, and then pressed his hand to the other seal. A specific series of chakra pulses later the door opened and closed after he steeped in.

Inside the boy removed his mask revealing his face showing spiky golden blond hair that was slightly long with a short spiky ponytail in the lower back of his head that reached until just slightly below his neck. Deep blue eyes that looked like two sapphires had been placed in his head, naturally sun tanned skin and a slightly angular face with only a little baby fat. Though perhaps the most defining feature was the set of six whisker-like marks on his face, three on each side, all somehow perfectly spaced.

This boy was 14 year old Uzumaki Naruto, citizen of Konoha, Jinchuuriki (Power of Human Sacrifice) of the Kyuubi no Yoko (Nine-tailed Demon Fox), village pariah and, most recently, new genin of Leaf. Naruto took a deep breath and exhaled peacefully. "Home sweet home" he said as he looked around said home, now, one would think what could only be an underground bunker would be cramped and not very inviting and normally they would be right but not in this case. The 'bunker' was actually akin to an underground two story house. It had 4 bedrooms, full bathroom with a rather large tub, a nice living room and a fully stocked kitchen. The electricity and water for it were acquired by tapping into the village network and taking it directly from there.

Naruto found this place about 6 years ago during one of the annual 'Fox Hunts' and had been living here since shortly afterward. Now you might be asking 'why the hell is a 14 year old boy, living apparently alone in an, admittedly nice, underground bunker?' The reason for that is simple, 14 years ago the aforementioned demon fox, Kyuubi, attacked the Leaf Village. The shinobi fought bravely but even so ninja after ninja, shinobi and kunoichi alike fell before the might of the greatest of all demons. Death hung in the air like an unwelcomed blanket, destruction and devastation ran rampant, cries and pleads for help and death rattles could be heard form ninja as civilian alike as the beast killed in discriminately. All seem lost when the Kyuubi charged and launched its greatest attack, the Bijuudama (Tailed Beast Ball), an attack capable of annihilating the village, until Konoha's greatest hero, the Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Fire Shadow) Namikaze Minato, appeared on the battlefield atop his famous summon, the Toad Boss, Gamabunta. It was here that Minato proved exactly why he became Hokage was he teleported the devastating attack away with is Jikuukan Kekkai (Time-Space Barrier) saving the village from destruction and then teleporting the mighty beast away by use of his famed Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique).

None in the village knew exactly what went on after that, except the ones who were informed beforehand but, all that is know is that when the Sandaime Hokage (Third Fire Shadow) Sarutobi Hiruzen arrived the for was gone and the event over. Now one would think it would be over and done right?


Oh so very wrong.

The reason is how exactly being the way the fox was stopped that being that the Yondaime use a Kinjite Fuinjutstu Ougi (Forbidden Sealing Secret Technique) called the Shiki Fuujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal) to summon the power of the Shinigami (Death God) and seal the Kyuubi into the body of a new born child. That child being none other than Naruto himself. Minato's last order before leaving to seal the fox was that the boy be seen as a hero, believing that he the village would see Naruto as what kept them safe.

Sarutobi agreed and, once he was reinstated as Hokage, gathered the Konoha Council and informed them of what had transpired and what Naruto had become, believing that the people of Konoha would honor the last request of their leader.


Apparently they forgot that humans are by nature hateful and cowardly creatures, fearing what they did not understand and seeking to either control, or if they can't, destroy it just to make themselves feel better and justifying it with whatever rationalization they can think of, whether it makes sense or not. So while the Shinobi side of the council understood that Naruto was a prison, when you tell angry grieving civilians who have just lost family, friends homes and businesses that the cause of all their misery is sealed into an infant using an art they could never hope to understand, they came to the only 'logical' conclusion that their meager little minds could come to.

The Yondaime sealed the demon into a baby, sacrificing the child, so they could kill it and finish the job.

Fucking morons.

Not five seconds after coming to that conclusion, cries for the boy death were heard from all the civilians and one Uchiha Fugaku. Sarutobi, realizing there would be chaos if this got out, if the reaction from the people in the room was any indication, made the matter an S-rank secret and forbid it from being mentioned outside the room under pain of death.

Unfortunately, he didn't take into account that some people may have not cared if they died. One such person was council member Iikagen Moji(*), a former merchant who had lost his wife, son, home and business during Kyuubi's rampage with no hope of recovery. And so with nothing to live for anymore he decided he would die and get a little revenge on the 'demon.' After the council meeting was over Moji walked right into the center of the biggest crowd he could find in the loudest voice he could muster screamed out the secret for all to hear.

The effect was almost immediate, the people gathered in front of the Hokage tower and began screaming demands for Naruto's death, until Sarutobi flooded the crowd with Killing Intent (KI from now on) and effectively cowed them all. Seeing the damage done, he created a law forbidding everyone from speaking of it to any of the younger generation, both current and future or with any under the rank of chuunin. Moji was executed but the damage had been done.

Sarutobi managed to take care of him for the first 2 years of his life before having to give him up to the orphanage, due to them machinations of the civilian council, stating that it was a blatant show of favoritism (Bullshit!) and if he was to personally care for Naruto he had to do the same for the other orphans. And so began the hell called life for Naruto. After he was left to the orphanage Naruto was abused regularly. He had to sleep in what could only be called a broom closet on a 'bed' which was really a beat to hell mattress with some springs popping out. He was only fed once a day, if that, and it was usually less than it should be. He was kept away from other children and on adoption days was kept in an actual cage. When he asked why, the matron, an old woman in her fifties, merely kicked him in the face and screamed 'DEMONS DON'T GET TO BE AROUND NORMAL PEOPLE!' This kept up until his 6 birthday when he was kicked out on the street saying he was 'grown ' and they didn't have to stand him anymore. It wasn't so bad for the first few months, he ate out of garbage cans and ironically found more edible food then he ever got at the orphanage, slept in boxes behind alleys and mostly kept to himself. Till that fateful day


He never ventured into crowded places; he had learned that being in big groups only got him hurt. Then it happened, his birthday came around and with it the Kyuubi festival. Everything was going fine, he was hiding in that day's box, when some drunk civilians found and recognized him. That was the first fox hunt. Soon a crowd of about 12 people all civilians crowded and the beating and screams began.




Naruto could only stand there wailing in pain and agony, screaming through the tears, "Why are you doing this?! What did I do?!" A mad villager screamed, "You know what you did demon! You attacked us 6 years ago and killed our people and now it's time to pay!" as he finished screaming he broke a bottle in his hand on a wall and proceeded to stab Naruto in the right side of his chest.

Naruto could only lay there in a pool of his own blood, his sight fading fast thinking, "So this is how I die? Killed in an alley on my birthday by a bunch of drunks? Heh, I guess that makes sense, a pathetic end to a pathetic life." What Naruto didn't know was that this would be the moment his life would begin to turn around for the better. As his vision faded the last thing he heard before the darkness took was a cry of "RAIKIRI!"


Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in a dark tunnel-like structure filled up to is knees in water. His first thought was that was that the villagers had thrown him in the sewer but he quickly squashed that though when he noticed it didn't stink. Looking up the ceiling he saw a set of pipe that seem to have a slight glow, one pipe seemed to have a blue glow, the one next to it had a orange-ish red color and was much larger than the blue one.

"Follow it kit."

He was startled when he heard the voice, "W-Whose there?" he said in a small voice, scared there might be someone even here that wanted to hurt him.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you, I promise. I need you to follow those pipes and meet me. Its time you finally got some answers."

Naruto didn't know why he listened, maybe it was child like curiosity, maybe it was the possibility that these were answers to why his life was so bad, maybe he just didn't care what happened anymore but for whatever reason he listened to the voice and followed the pipes. A few minutes later and some quick directions from the voice Naruto found himself in a large chamber with many of the red pipes coming out of a giant cage with golden gates, a piece of paper with the kanji for 'seal' in the center.

"Good to see you here Naruto-kun" said a deep rumbling voice from within the cage. The voice seemed to carry a tone that the blond boy was unfamiliar with. I didn't seem like it wanted to hurt the blond, nor could he hear any hatred in it, so curious as to what it was he approached the cage.

"H-Hello, whose th-there?" he asked still looking ready to get the hell outta dodge at any moment. "Well I guess it is only appropriate that I introduce myself" said the voice. A moment later, heavy footsteps could be heard approaching the gate and then Naruto saw something that was both the most bizarre and terrifying thing he had ever seen. Standing behind the gate was a gigantic creature with a fox like face, long rabbit-like ears, a human like torso hand-like front paws, and reddish-orange fur throughout its body, but what really caused him to freak out were the 9 giant fox like tails swaying gently from side to side behind the creature. He knew immediately what this behemoth was. "Y-You're the-, the…"

The creature seemed to smirk smugly, "Yes I am the mightiest being on earth, the most powerful creature alive, the greatest of the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) and Queen of the demons, I am the Kyuubi no Yoko!" said the now identified Kyuubi with a head held high and a tone that screamed pride and slight arrogance.

Now normally, someone in Naruto's position would be running around screaming their head off, but something at the end of the Bijuu's introduction gave him pause as he stared up at the cage incredulously and said in a voice filled in surprise "You're a girl?" The great Kyuubi then proceeded face plant hard against the ground, legs up in the air and tails twitching as SHE though "THAT WHAT HE PICKED UP ON?!"

"Yes I'm a girl! What, you think just because I am the most powerful being on earth I can't be a woman?!" asked Kyuubi in a pissed off tone with a tick mark over her eye. Now Naruto was shitting himself, I mean you don't piss off a Bijuu and not do that, "N-No i-it's just that y-your voice d-doesn't r-really sound l-like a l-lady's" he managed to stammer out in face of the angry demon. Now Kyuubi was calming down she realized he had a point but hey! You try being 8 stories tall and having a melodious voice!

"*sigh* I suppose you a have a point, alright hold on." said Kyuubi as she was enveloped in a bright red light and before Naruto's eyes, the mighty being began to shrink! The light gather together where Kyuubi's left hand….paw….whatever seemed to be and by the time it faded Naruto couldn't believe what he was seeing. There standing in place of a giant fox was the cutest girl he had ever seen. She looked to be about his age and had long wavy red hair that reached her ankles and a pair of actual fluffy fox-like ears on her head. She also had big ruby red slitted eyes and a cute button nose. She was wearing a red and white kimono style dress that when down to just above her thighs and looked to be made to be able to run in. she also had nine bushy fox tails swaying playfully. Noticing the dumbstruck look on her containers face she giggled and in a sweet voice said "Is this better Naruto-kun?"

Now Naruto, not ever having had much interaction with kids his own age didn't really know what to say so he just said the first thing that came to mind. "K-Kawaiiii (cute)," he then blushed apple red when he realized he said it aloud. She giggled with a pretty blush, "Glad you approve Naruto-kun." After getting his blush under control Naruto asked the questions that had been on his mind since the beginning. "Um excuse me but, how can you be the Kyuubi? The Fourth killed it six years ago, and for that matter where are we and if you are the Kyuubi then why do you look so young?" At this Kyuubi looked right at Naruto and said with a serious tone. "Well in reverse, the reason I look like this is because I can really take any form I want, I just thought you would be more comfortable talking to someone your own age, as to where we are, that actually answers the first question….."

Kyuubi went on to explain everything to him, how the Fourth seal her into him, why she attacked that night six years ago, how he was her third host, how she got the other two in the first place, why he was hated, his parents and who they were, why nobody told him anything. She told him everything he ever wanted to know and by the end of it Naruto was on his knees, crying silent tears.

Kyuubi, seeing his condition, began to weep as she did something that no-one who knew of her fearsome reputation would have ever seen coming, she got on her knees, bowed low and said "I know nothing I say c-can ever m-make up for the hell yo-you've gone through, but I'm so-sorry! I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to break that fucking genjutsu! I'm s-sorry that you get blamed in my place! I'm sorry th-that I , t-th-that I MURDERED YOU'RE PARENTS! (sob) Oh Kami-sama I so sorry Naruto-kun, Ku (sob) Kushina-chan was my best friend after Mito-chan died, (sob) Minato-kun was too and I killed them in my blood rage! I'm sorry you get hurt so badly by everyone thinking if they hurt you, they hurt me. It's all my fault, maybe if I had tried harder to break the genjutsu, I cou-" She was cut off from her rant by a pair of tiny arms wrapping around her in a hug.

"N-Naruto-kun?!" she said, shocked that he was actually in the cage with her. "It's not your fault, nothing is." he said in a soft but firm tone no six year old should have. "You said it yourself, you were not in control when any of that happened, all the blame for my parents deaths is on that Kamen-baka! (Stupid mask! (what? He's six!)) As for the villagers, that's not your fault either."

"But they hurt you because-" She tried to argue but he cut her off, "Because they chose to! Everything they do, they've done by their own decision! None of that is your fault! I am not going to judge you for something that wasn't your fault. So stop crying please, your face is too pretty for tears." he finished as he wiped her tears with his hand.

Kyuubi was dumbstruck, she couldn't believe what was happening. Here was a boy, a mere child that had every right to despise her, hugging her to bring her comfort. She was his parents' murderer, in control or not. She was the source of the village's hate towards him. He should be cursing her very existence, screaming words of hatred and damnation upon her, yet here he was, comforting her and drying her tears with a teary but still sincere smile, and at that moment she couldn't help but see the images of his parents behind him smiling at her too. 'Mina-kun, Kushi-chan…you would be so proud of your son.'

She finished drying her tears just as he did for his own and said "How is it that a mere six year old child, can be wiser than most grown men?" he answered, "Because I'm smart enough to know that getting consumed by anger and grief will only destroy me in the end, besides I'm dying anyway, what's the point in holding a grudge to the grave?" She blinked at his word "You're not dying Naruto-kun."

He sweatdropped and deadpanned "Ahh, I'm pretty sure I remember getting stabbed through the chest with a bottle, I may be no ninja but I'm pretty sure that's a kill shot, Kyuu-chan." Kyuubi blushed slightly at the pet name and flinched remembering that injury but answered with an embarrassed laugh "I guess I forgot to tell you I can heal you from in here, haven't you noticed that you heal very quickly. That's not just because of your Uzumaki blood, it's also because I am actively healing you, I've had a lot of practice, especially from your time in the orphanage" she finished in a low tone that was both sad and pissed at once.

"What do you mean?" he asked already dreading the answer. "You remember how sometimes you tummy would hurt after you ate? He nodded. "That is because your food had been poisoned, not to mention all the beatings. On the plus side you now have a natural immunity to those poisons, including some ninja ones and a resistance to a lot of others, though I can't do anything about the scars with the amount of chakra I can currently push into you unless it's life threatening, as for not being a ninja, well do you want to be?"

Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing and at the same time didn't find it hard to do so, he though his stomach hurt because he had to go so long without eating, turns out the matron was trying to kill him. Guess that why he puked in interesting colors. Then other thing she said caught up to him, "What do you mean 'do I want to be'?" Kyuubi responded "Naruto-kun, I was inside your mother for most of her life and watched her and your father train, I have a photographic memory and had nothing but time on my hands, and your parents personally trained me in fuuinjutsu when I asked, I am a master ninja thank you very much!" she finished in a haughty tone.

Naruto looked at her and asked, "So you could train me to be a ninja?" Kyuubi gave him a look that was meant to be serious but just made her look adorable instead "Yes, you would have to do everything I say without question in regards to training and not complain even once now matter what, can you do that?" Naruto thought about it, this was a change to be trained by someone that had centuries of battle experience and was trained in fuuinjutsu by his parents, he didn't know what that was but it sounded awesome for some reason. With that he made up his mind "Please teach me Kyuubi-chan." He told her with a determined expression.

Kyuubi smiled and said "Alright Naruto-kun your training will begin tomorrow, right now it looks like your waking up. I set up a link so we can talk while you are awake, just remember to think what you wanna say to me, not say it aloud. Got it?"

He nodded.

"Oh and by the way, Kyuubi is just a title, my name is Kurami." and with that he disappeared from the mindscape leaving Kyuubi, now Kurami to her thoughts "That went way better than I expected and now I have a new friend, and maybe something more in the future."

-Konoha Hospital

When Naruto awoke what greeted him was a blinding light and an array of strong smells, wincing form the unfamiliar stimuli he shut his eyes and slowly opened them again, he looked around to see where he was, he was in a bright white room with light brown borders on the top and bottom of the wall. He noticed that he was in a bed that was actually comfortable as opposed to the only other bed he had ever slept in at the orphanage. He looked to the side and became slightly scared of the unfamiliar face of the old man next to him, but was put slightly at ease be the smile he was giving him. He was a light-skinned man of below-average stature with grey hair. He had a small goatee and short spiked hair. He also had three lines running vertically under outer corners of each eye going inward, which stretched down into his face until they reached his cheeks. He had pronounced cheekbones, a prominent crease across his forehead, a few wrinkles, a wart near his left nostril, and a few liver-spots.

"Hello young one, glad to see you awake." the old man said in a tone he did not recognize.

Now, because of his life, Naruto was naturally wary of strangers, so he was careful as to how he approached his next words, "A-ano, h-hello sir, can I ask where I am and who you are?" he asked in the most polite tone he could muster. The old man chuckled but frowned internally at the reserved nature he saw in the boy, "what has happened to him while he's been out of my sight." thought the old man in worry, "Well little one, you are in the hospital, and I am Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage."

*End flashback

After the old man introduced himself he asked what he was doing out so late at night instead of in the orphanage, Naruto was still wary of the old man but Kurami's vouch for him convinced Naruto to speak to the wizened Hokage. When Sarutobi found out everything that happened to Naruto during his absence he was shocked, livid and horrified. Shocked because so much had happened while he was swamped in paperwork, livid that it had happened in the first place and Naruto had been homeless for months, while entertaining some very dark thought concerning certain people, and finally horrified when he asked Naruto to lift show him this chest and he saw them.


There were dozens of scars all over his chest, stomach, legs and back. They were all small scars but the sheer amount of them showed years of abuse that nearly brought Sarutobi to hysterical tears. After being released from the hospital, Sarutobi set Naruto up with an apartment, weekly allowance, and membership to the Academy after Naruto expressed a desire to attend. As for the matrons at the orphanage…

Well, let's just say they were never seen or heard from again.

It still it didn't help much. Sadly the only place that would let the boy stay was a rundown old building in the Red Light District. He was always over charged at least double for everything and usually for lower quality product and the teachers at the Academy tried to sabotage his education, genjutsu on his tests, trying to teach him the wrong stances, weighed weapons for throwing practice.

None of it deterred him however, since Kurami had just turned everything into training. The first thing she though him was stealth and emotional control, he didn't understand the latter one at the beginning and when asked she would just say it was a surprise she had for him in the future. Anyway her reason for stealth training was obvious and efficient, the villagers couldn't hurt him if they couldn't find him. Next came another must for every shinobi to learn, infiltration. This was done because the shops either overpriced him or just didn't sell to him, so Kurami told him the obvious option: steal. When he tried to argue it was wrong she just told him "You tried to get them legally and the either through you out or jacked up the prices so you couldn't pay, so if you can't get them the normal way get them this way."

This went on for about 2 years and during that time, thing had been better. He made sure to only steal thing that wouldn't be missed, learned to make his own clothes so he wouldn't risk getting caught wearing something he hadn't paid for. For food Kurami taught him how to hunt and forage in the forest and also used this as combat and endurance training.

The fox hunts kept happening, every year on his birthday and at other times, a mob would gather and try to find him and beat him. He had managed to avoid more than a few of them but only when he spotted them at a distance in the beginning. He had been caught more than once and it always resulted in him going to the hospital, and a few dead villagers. Most were smart enough to leave the area after a certain amount time into the beating so they didn't get caught by the ANBU. Sarutobi wanted to assign him permanent guards but the fact was they just didn't have the manpower to spare. Still, when he was caught, he never gave them the satisfaction of hearing him scream again. It didn't matter what they did, stabs, cuts, burns, he would just grit his teeth and bear it.

Which brings us to how he found his house. On his 8th birthday the usual fox hunt gathered. They had been unable to catch him the last three times and were especially eager today. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem but there was one now.

There were ninja in the crowd this year.

Now while Naruto may have been able to easily evade civilians now, ninja, even drunk ones were a whole different beast. They had found him in minutes and proceeded to chase him into a part of Konoha that was destroyed during the Kyuubi Attack and never rebuilt. Here he dove in and out of crumbling building until finally his stamina had run out in a three story building. Just as he was about to resign himself to his fate he notice the handle sticking up, he opened the door and dove in, not caring where it took him. Just in time too as two minutes later, the door opened and the shinobi busted in. Thankfully since none were trackers and all were drunk they didn't notice the disturbed dirt and left. Leading us to our current situation.

The place had been a godsend, it seemed to be an abandoned base of some sort since the entire bottom floor had been a training ground. Here is where his training really kicked off. With a safe place to train in private and she could begin to teach him his parents specialties, though mostly his mothers. This meant, training in Fuuinjutsu, which he was a natural at thanks to his Uzumaki lineage, his mother's kenjutsu style, Akashi-ryuu (Red death style), both is parents taijutsu the Uzuken (Whirlpool Fist) focusing on swaying and spinning around on opponent and dealing strong blows or grapples and throws, and Hayaiken (Quick fist) focusing on high-speed, precision strikes to the opponent before leaving and coming back using hit and run tactics.

Chakra control was another thing she drilled into him. He was a freaking Uzumaki Jinchuuriki. He needed all the chakra control he could get. So she had him do every chakra control exercise she knew, from leaf sticking to kunai balancing and even a few insane ones like that time she made him meditate while sitting on the tips of kunai. Which she would periodically lower in amount to make it more dangerous.

Thank Kami-sama for his healing factor!

Genjutsu training is where things got interesting. Naruto would never be able to cast regular illusions because no matter how much chakra control he had it would never be enough to cast something as delicate as a regular genjutsu. Here is where Kurami revealed something he didn't know, because his mother had been a Jinchuuriki when she was pregnant with him some of her chakra had bleed into him which is what gave him his whisker marks. It also left him with an affinity for Kitsune (fox) arts such as Kitsune no Sakkaku (Fox Illusions). The problem was the illusion, even with the affinity for them, were twice as hard to learn properly as a normal genjutsu. On the plus side they were also three times as hard to detect and took twice the chakra or pain to dispel.

Ninjutsu is where it got tricky. Despite being extremely powerful nin his parents didn't actually now a lot of them, and the ones that they did have most were either to powerful or dangerous to learn right now. He'd learned, with a piece of chakra paper he had actually managed to legally purchase at fair price, that he had a ninjutsu specialist's wet dream, he had affinities to every element in varying strengths. He had a primary wind along with a water affinity he got from his mother, with a secondary fire and lightning affinity from Kurami and his dad. He also had a weak earth affinity, though it was still noticeable but was not recommended he learn a lot of earth jutsu above Mid-B-rank.

During his 12th birthday, as a present Kurami had gifted him with 2 jutsu, one was the Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) and the other being her own Kitsune-bi (Fox Fire). When he learned the secret to kage bushin, he when into a tantrum about why she had waited until now to teach it to him. Her response:

"1) You didn't have the necessary reserves to use it for training anyway,

2) I didn't want you to fry your brain, which was still developing, with information overload."

Anyway, after learning those jutsu they needed to find a way to get more ninjutsu, which they found courtesy of the stupidity of some Konoha-nin. Apparently they think it's a good idea to throw old scrolls in the trash instead of destroying them, even a few clan scrolls like some beginner Juuken (Gentle fist), which contained more advanced chakra control exercises and some Inuzuka taijutsu but oh well their stupidity is his gain.

Then came his 13th birthday and time for Kurami's 'surprise' and boy what a surprise it was


"So what do you need Ku-chan?" said a now 13 year of Naruto wearing simple relaxation clothes, a dark blue sleeveless shirt and black shorts that went to just below his knees. The mindscape had changed during the years. Naruto found that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get rid of the cage without breaking the seal, which would kill him even if Kurami wasn't trying to escape. What he could do however was change the inside of the cage and the area around it into whatever he wanted, so he transformed the inside of the cage into a rather nice property with a rather large plot of land with a two story house, with a nice garden and a small forest in the back yard were various animals resided including several playful fox kits and even a few rabbits for when she feels the need to stretch her legs. Around the property was a white picket fence in place of the old bars the same sealing tag on the fence that held the bars closed

Inside the house, first floor had a large living room with a wide screen television that let Kurami see through his eyes, with large comfy looking couches surrounding a low table in the center. There was no kitchen as it was unnecessary seeing as if they wanted food Naruto could just think it up. There was also room in which Naruto and Kurami practiced sealing and studied jutsu theory. Finally there was also a hot spring that Naruto created by mimicking to feeling of the Konoha hot spring one time he managed to sneak in. Finally there was Kurami's bedroom which had scarlet red walls and ceiling, a king size bed with four posts, lined in light red curtains and was covered with a crimson red comforter over blood red silk sheets. Several blood red pillows finished the look along with a red nine tailed fox plushy. It also had a vanity mirror and several brushes and make up (which was mostly so she could kill time since she could look perfect with just a though.)

The second floor was completely different. It was divided into two different libraries. To the left was a library which held Naruto's theoretical knowledge, represented in the form of several books and scrolls he had read. This allowed him to review any information he needed at a moment notice. The other was a video library that were actually Naruto's memories. With these Naruto could review memory of his training or life and see what he'd done wrong and what he could improve.

Kurami had also changed as well over the years. While her clothes had remained the same, she had taken to aging her body as Naruto grew, and Naruto had to say she looked amazing (Not gonna describe, just picture Chizuru from Kanokon in her fox form but with red hair and eyes and a slightly smaller bust, around a low C cup) Currently we find the red and yellow duo inside Kurami's bedroom sitting on her bed while the Bijuu Queen thought 'I hope this goes like I want.'

"Well Naruto-kun, remember when you started training, you asked why we were training emotional control so early?" Of course he remembered, it had been hell to get it right but after years of training, Naruto's control of his emotions was almost absolute. In public Naruto could pull of a stoic face that would make a Hyuuga green with envy. He was not by any means an emotionless drone he just had a very good hold on them to the point that he could actually shut them off completely at will. He call it 'Battle Mode,' a state of pure, cold logic with nothing to restrain him or cause him to go overboard, just get the job done.

"Well the reason I had you do that is so you wouldn't be overwhelmed by my gift, you see Naruto-kun, over the past several years I have actually been modifying your DNA while you slept to give you what many shinobi covet. I have given you a Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit)." Naruto was stumped and shocked but didn't let himself lose control, "I have a bloodline, seriously? What is it?" he asked, wondering what had been done to him.

"Well you see Naruto-kun, as you know I have the ability to sense the negative emotions of others, a skill that is usually passed on to my host. But, because this seal, while being much more secure in its ability to hold me, also give me greater access to your body I was able to modify it so that ability is actually ingrained in your blood and is capable of so much more.

By using this ability you can form a cloak of chakra, much like you would get when you use my chakra, which will have different effects depending on what emotion you channel. It will also let you push a certain emotion into others, though you will have to train hard to be able to use that aspect. Finally, it will give you an ability that will make you an interrogator's dream and nightmare. It will turn you into an empath, meaning you will be able to sense the emotions of others around you.

This is why I trained you so harshly in emotional control, without it you likely would have been overwhelmed by the constant influx of foreign emotions and you lose yourself, especially with the amount of hate in the village towards you. With this ability you will always be able to know when someone is lying to you; no-one will be capable of fooling you or manipulate you ever again!" She finished with a tone that sounded as proud as she felt.

Naruto for his part, had he not had such a grasp on his emotions, would have had his jaw buried in the floor. The sheer potential of that bloodline was flabbergasting! But since he did, he just stood there wide eyed and said, "Holy shit Ku-chan, you are amazing! What's it called? How do I activate it?"

Kurami blushed prettily at the praise and said "I call it Jouton (Emotion Release) and as to how you activate it, I am actually about to finish it now, one I do it will always be activated. But be warned, you will have to train hard to master the different aspects of this ability, like your empathy, while you will be able to feel strong emotions instinctively if they are directed at you, you will have to concentrate at the beginning to feel them at will, but the more you use it the easier it will become. Now are you ready?" He nodded.

"Okay then, here we go." And with that she sent out her chakra to finish the changes, proceeding with the finally part of her plan, hoping it would worked out like she hoped. As she finished she said, "There it's done. Now try out the empathy ability, the best I could tell you for using it is to push your awareness outward!" She finish in a slightly hurried tone that had Naruto raise an eyebrow but shrug thinking she was just anxious to see if her hard work paid off. So doing as he was told he closed his eyes tried to expand his awareness. For a good minute, he didn't feel anything and he was beginning to think it hadn't worked, till he felt something tugging at the edge of his awareness so he went with it.

That's when it happened.

Like a tsunami, a huge feeling of something foreign yet at the same time so familiar hit him. He felt like he was drowning in it, like it was closing in on him at all sides but he couldn't escape it. Or rather, didn't want to escape it since it just felt so… so…

So fucking good!

The feeling he had was so warm, it was like being wrapped up the world's greatest blanket on a cold night. It made him feel safe, like he was the most precious thing in the world.

Like he mattered.

He started to think where it was coming from, as he couldn't help but feel that he had felt this himself on several occasions. Then he remembered, he was in his lair in the abandoned part of Konoha, there was nobody outside so it could only be coming from one place. Looking to his side, his gaze felt upon Kurami who sat there, a nervous yet at the same time hopeful look in her beautiful red eyes. "K-Ku-chan, what is this?" he asked slightly scared, all his emotional training meant nothing in the face of this tidal wave.

"Naruto-kun, throughout your life you have been through a lot, things that would normally have driven many to insanity. But through it all, you stayed strong and kept going. But this also resulted in you closing yourself off to many things. Naruto-kun, I didn't just create the Jouton for your shinobi life. Another reason was because the only way I could express how I feel about you was for you to feel it for yourself. What you're experiencing right now is the weight of my feelings for you. W-what I am trying to say is… is… I LOVE YOU NARUTO-KUN!" As she finished she squeezed her eyes shut as she awaited his response.

Naruto for his part could only sit their stunned. Was… was this actually happening?! Did Kurami just c-confess that she l-l-loved him?! As he sat there trying to come to terms with the fact this was happening, Kurami took his silence as a rejection and said something that knocked him out of his stupor. Holding her head down so as to hide the tears forming in the corners of her eyes, she spoke in a slightly cracking voice, "I understand i-if you d-don't feel the same. Y-you don't have to either. I just want you to know that even if you don't, I will always hel-" That is as far as she got before she felt it. A hard sensation on her lips and a sudden grip on her waist. I took her a second for her mind to reboot when she realized what was happening.

NARUTO WAS KISSING HER! It was rough and clumsy, evidence of his inexperience in the matter, but she still couldn't help but melt into the embrace of her beloved. As she was about to return it, Naruto pulled back and spoke, "I had always wondered what that feeling was, why my heart would race when you smiled at me, why it hurt when you got mad at me, why just the sight of you made my day better, no matter how shitty it was. I guess I can say this now," as he went to finish he looked into her eyes, cupped her beautiful heart-shaped face and said with no restraint on his emotions, "I love you, Kurami."

Kurami for her part could only smile and absolutely beatific smile as she lurched forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, tears of joy falling from her eyes. They did not know how long they were at it. I could have been hours, or seconds, but right then time didn't exist. There were no problems for them to deal with, no Konoha out for their heads, nothing at all except for each other and that moment they were sharing. As she finally pulled back, Kurami stared into Naruto's eyes and said, "I can't tell you how happy you just made me Naru-kun but there is something else you should know" Naruto raised an eyebrow at the semi-serious tone in which she spoke. "What is it Ku-chan?"

"Because of my meddling with your body using so much of my chakra, will develop some demonic instincts. The most important one right now actually has to do with your personally, being that of an alpha male. Because of this, and the fact that deep down you have always wanted a big family, something I can't give you, you will be unable to be loyal to ONLY one woman, as you will seek to lead a pack instead." Naruto could only sit their aghast at what he had just been told. "So no matter what I'm gonna be a two-timer?" He spoke in a shamed tone as he looked away from her. She pulled him back and kissed him again, and then giggled at him. "Silly boy, there is no reason to be ashamed. I knew about this going in, heck it was my fault anyway. Besides, even if we keep your bloodline a secret for as long as possible, at least till you graduate, you will eventually have to reveal it and be placed in the CRA.

That stopped Naruto dead. He had completely forgotten about that. The Clan Restoration Act was one of the founding laws of the village. Since in the beginning of Konoha the Clan Wars were still active, many clans found themselves extinct due to the fighting. This caused the loss of many valuable Kekkei Genkai and the Shodai Hokage (First Fire Shadow) Senju Hashirama saw this. To fix it he created a law that stated that if the last member of a clan was male, that person HAD TO take at least 4 wives. If the last member was under age they had until up to their 21st birthday or 4 years after making chuunin, which ever came first, to at least be engaged to 2, afterward they would be assigned one by the village. Said engagement could not last longer than a year and children were mandatory and the family needed to be at least expecting within 2 years of the marriage. If the person was a civilian then they could only have two wives as, while funds would be given, it was expected that they support themselves. If the last member was female then they were not ever eligible themselves but if they had a son then that boy would automatically be assigned for shinobi training and the mother would become the clan head, with her child as the heir. Men and women also had to donate sperm or eggs if not married by 16 and 18 respectively, just in case they died on a mission. As the law was one of the founding laws of Konoha, it could not be overruled or unjustly enforced either by the current Hokage or the village council.

"So you don't mind that you basically have to share me with 4 other women?" He said with a raised eyebrow, as he though most women would be against this. She giggled, "Naru-kun, I am a demon, the concept of polygamy is quite normal for me. It's also more common than you think in the world.

Remember Naru-kun, although kunoichi can be as strong as any shinobi, because of the way nature made them, they need to work twice as hard to get the same results or be very talented. Because of this most women become support fighters or, because of their naturally higher chakra control, medics. Therefore on missions gone bad it is usually the men who die while the women have a chance, although slim sometimes, to flee.

This also causes the male-female ratio to become skewed meaning there are times there are more women than men. Finally there is the fact that no matter how much you try to deny it humans are still animals and, although not ruled by it, are affected by instinct, one of them being the need to breed and make sure the children can be protected, which females usually do by mating with the strongest male.

The only difference between the CRA and this is that the former will be public knowledge and has certain deadlines and the latter is usually done between best friends or sisters and the children usually take either one or both parents surname."

Naruto had to admit he didn't know that. "So this is more common than I thought." He stated more than asked. "Yep, you know that squad of ANBU that actually bothered to protect you when they were assigned and that weasel masked one that said hi every once in a while, well Usagi (rabbit) and Tori (bird) are actually sharing Kuma (bear), trust me, I can smell it and Itachi (weasel) was actually a product of it. Hm, maybe I should enhance your senses as well?" That caught Naruto of guard but he was getting use to surprises. "So just to be clear you're okay sharing me?"

"Oh yes Naru-kun, for more than one reason, as long as I am head girl and you get my approval and I can already think of a few that fit the bill, and now I think it's time I give you your final present." She almost purred as she spoke those words and stated leaning in closer and emitting an emotion he hadn't felt before, but knew what it was if the tightening of his pants was any indication, still he couldn't help but ask as he backed away a little. "W-What do you mean by that and what is that emotion your emitting?" She gave a sultry tone as she spoke "What I mean my beloved Naru-kun is that as a centuries old being I am very open minded, and while you are my first real love, you are far from my first. As to what you're feeling, well that, my dear Naru-kun, is my pure, unrestrained LUST!"

And with that she pounced on him. (Sorry to those of you who were expecting a lemon. Maybe next time.)

*End flashback

That had been one hell of a night and it sure as hell hadn't been their last. The good thing about the mindscape was that the things he did in there with Kurami felt real when he left. He couldn't do something ridiculous like make thousands of clones to train in ninjutsu since his mind was exactly that, his mind. If he wanted a jutsu to work it would do so perfectly, but that didn't mean jack when applied to the real world. The most he could do in there was train muscle memory, like taijutsu katas and study theory, like if he made a seal in there, he still had to test it in the real world. On the plus side he could do that in real time by leaving a kage bushin on stand by while he slept an then sending a mental message so it could test it. Another thing that did transfer however was his 'finish' whenever he and Kurami had their fun. "What are you thinking of Naru-koi (love)." Of course she knew, but she was just making small talk. He heard the voice of his red-haired lover and answered. "Just thinking about how we got to where we are." She hummed and said, "Definitely been a helluva ride and the best part is just beginning."

That was true, tomorrow he would be finally be assigned his team. He was actually a year older than his class having entered a year early and failing twice. The first time he did on purpose so the spies that got his information would be mal informed. Hey! If Konoha could have spies in other villages than the same was true in reverse! The second time was actually sabotaged by his teacher at the time and he couldn't exactly call them out since it would blow his cover. Kurami had him pose as being much weaker than he actually was. He was not a deadlast dobe but he wasn't exactly rookie of the year, scored about average, despite a certain silver haired chuunin's best effort, or worst depending on your point of view. He had just gotten home from completing his first B-rank mission helping to capture and interrogate the now known traitor Mizuki. The slimeball had approached him 3 days ago after he had passed this year's graduation exams, despite said chunnin's attempt to fail him, talking some bullshit about being able to chose his team, if he could steal a scroll from the Hokage Tower and meet in a secluded location, after dark without telling anyone.

Cause that didn't just scream trap.


He had gone to the Hokage, or Jiji-sama as he calls him, seriously the man had literally done everything in his power to help him in any way he could including not looking for him when he noticed he was not living at the apartment he had gotten him, and immediately told him what had happened. The old Hokage, knowing he was stronger that he lead on, just not by how much, assigned him the mission to capture the traitor if successful he would be promoted to gennin, regardless of the real graduation exam, with a note for when the Chunnin Exams rolled around in his file. He also asked to be part of the interrogation in case it was necessary on the field. The old man was reluctant but agreed in the end.

It took two days to get everything out of Mizuki but in the end he got it. When it came time to execute him he also requested to do it himself, this worried the old Sarutobi so he asked why. "I would rather have my first kill be in a controlled environment than in the field where I could freeze and get myself killed." Again the old man had to admit he had a point and allowed it, though very reluctantly. Mizuki died cursing him and afterword he had thrown up his dinner but at least it was out of the way now.

As he stepped out of his shower in only his boxers, he went into his rather spartan room and laid under the covers of his bed. "Are you ok, Koi" ask Kurami, knowing the first kill is never easy. "I will be but I will need some loving tonight" he said actually needing to get his mind of it. "Well then you better lost those boxers before you ruin them." Answered the demoness in a seductive tone. He smiled as he stripped the last of his clothing and fell asleep knowing no matter what happened, come hell or high water, they would face it side by side. Together till the end.


Iikagen Moji literally means Random Character, I was just gonna kill him so I didn't bother much to name him.

Well that's it folks, the first chapter of my story. I will try to update when I can but don't expect anything soon as I have 4 tests within the next eight days, so I am basically fucked sideways. I will say this Naruto will NOT be on team seven, there will be original missions and probably some bashing. Also know now that Naruto will be mostly a grey character, he will not be all forgiving. Now that he is a gennin he falls under the jurisdiction of the Hokage and shinobi council, though I plan to get rid of the civilians later, in a very bloody way most likely. Anyways this means that if anyone tries to harm him or his loved ones now he will severely injure or cripple them without a thought. He will also not care for the village at large, he will fight for his friends and loved ones to his dying breath but he will be mostly apathetic to people in general unless he can feel something different about them; he is still a good judge of character. Lemons will happen eventually, I just don't know when or how. And with that I bid you farewell.