Grey Area

Chapter 5 Revelations, Missions and Tora.

"Person talking"

'Person thinking'

"Demon talking"

'Demon thinking'

Jutsu, Important names

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*Hokage's Office

Here we find several of the village's Jounin waiting patiently for the Hokage to finish his council meeting so that they may discuss which of this year's Genin hopefuls actually made it through. While most of the Jounin there wear the one's assigned to be sensei's to the teams, there were more than a few who were their simply because they were allowed and were curious as to how well the latest batch of student came out. While the gathered nin talked amongst themselves, discussing either how well their kids did or how much they sucked, a certain raven haired beauty was slightly lost in thought.

Mikoto was thinking back to the conversation she and the others had in the mindscape and the revelations that had been brought to the fore.

*Flashback, Naruto's Mindscape

As she looked around her breath was stolen away from her. The sky was lit up in a magnificent display of orange, red and violet only a few clouds in the sky at just the perfect spot to enhance the beauty. Mountains with snowy peaks could be seen in the fair distance and the sun was seen descending on the horizon between them making the river that ran between them look like a stream of molten gold.

Turning around she noticed she was in a fenced off property in front of a very nice two story house that had an inviting 'at-home' kind of aura emanating from it. All in all, the whole scene looked like something that belonged on a painting made by a master artist.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when Guren spoke looking just as awed as her, "Naruto-kun, where are we? And how did we get her?" She looked honestly confused and who could blame her? One second they were sitting, quite comfortably she may add, in the training ground at noon, the next she is looking at a scene she wouldn't expect in her best dreams.

And come to think of it, when did they, or better yet why did they have to, stand up?

She was comfortable, dammit!

At her question Naruto turned form the house and faced the three women who were standing side by side. "Well Guren, in that order, first we are inside my mind and I had Kyuubi," he nearly cringed at having to call her by her title, "bring you in here."

The three women were surprise and it was Nanami who vocalized the thought they all had, "Holy crap, I've heard the term 'a beautiful mind' but this is ridiculous. Wait, is that why you suddenly held us back there?"

"Yeah, I needed to be in contact with you so this could happen." He answered simply. At this Mikoto decided to have a little fun and pouted while crossing her arms, doing wonderful things to her chest. "Awww, and here I thought Naruto-kun was making a move in us." She whined with a sultry tone.

Nanami cause on fast and played along shooting a seductive look at the blonde Jinchuuriki, leaning forward slightly to emphasize her own breasts. "Yeah, I though you just wanted to feel our beautiful, curvy, bodies press against your hard muscles. Isn't that why you did it Naru-kun~?" She said, all but purring the last part.

Guren could only stand there and look away with a blush on her features.

Why, oh why did her friends have to be so… liberal!

It got even worse when Naruto spoke up.

The blond host smirked, no way would they expect this. "While I will admit having three of the sexiest women in the Leaf flush against me is a wonderful feeling, that is not the real reason I did it. Like I said, it is time you all meet someone very important in all our lives." Now normally a comment like this wouldn't affect them much, but considering it was given by the object of their affection, who never teased them back mind you, it did cause the girls to develop pretty blushes.

Or in Guren's case, go cherry red.

It was Mikoto who caught the last thing he said. "By the way the conversation is going; I am going to assume that we finally get to meet Kyuubi face to face. Where is it anyway, I would have thought that the fox would be behind a cage or something?"

Pushing down the anger at his lover being referred to as an object he pointed to the house. "Inside, but you girls should know, I haven't exactly told you everything." He finished while looking away so as to not see the look on their faces.

"You mean you've been keeping secrets form us?" said Nanami, sounding more than a little hurt. She never kept anything from Naruto and now she is finding out he did for who knows how long.

"Yes, I promise everything will be explained soon. Just follow me inside the house." Said Naruto, wanting to get the ball rolling. The three nodded and quickly entered the house after him. Once inside they were quite surprised at what they found, not at the décor, which was quite stylish and had a feminine touch, but rather at the beautiful redhead, in a short white and red kimono, that was standing a little too close to Naruto for their liking.

Finally, the red haired beauty spoke, "It's nice to finally meet you all face to face. Or rather, as close as we can get anyway." She said with a smile, getting confused looks from the three. "I'm sorry but who are you, and how are you here?" asked Nanami having a weird feeling about this. The woman gave a playful pout and said "Ah Nanami I'm hurt, and after all that training I helped you do with Naru-kun."

As she said that she revealed the ears which had been hidden in her hair and splayed her nine majestic tails for all to see. The girls' eyes widened to comic proportions as Mikoto pointed a shaky finger at her and managed to stutter out "K-K-Kyuubi?!"

"Surprised?" she responded with a mirthful chuckle. The three other women stood frozen before, seemingly as one single being, came to the same conclusion, pointed to the sky and shouted, "HA! TAKE THAT YOU SEXIST BASTARDS!" they would have continued had Naruto not interrupted.

"Before you go on your tangent of womanly pride, I should remind you that every person to either defeat or subdue her have been men." This cause all the other occupants in the room gave him a fierce glare while Kurami said "Oh, and just what is that suppose to mean, Naru-kun?" in a sugary sweet tone that was laced with the promise of horrendous pain if not answered correctly.

"Nothing Dear, just stating a fact." Although he had a calm face as he said this, on the inside he was sweating bullets while a chibi Naruto was screaming at him 'You're gonna get us killed, Baka!'

It was Guren you caught part of the interaction that the other two missed. "Wait, Naru-kun? Dear? Why are you two acting so affectionate?!" she said getting the other two worried. This girl was absolutely beautiful and if this was Kyuubi that meant she knew Naruto better than they ever would, and had literally always been there for him.

How were they supposed to compete with that?!

"Well isn't it normal to be affectionate with your lover?" said Kurami in a plain voice. Seeing the crushed looks on their faces she quickly realized her mistake and added. "Wait! Before you start to cry, there are thing you need to know and by the end of it we all will be happy, so just calm down, okay."

As they did just that, Naruto motioned them over to the living room and had them sit on the couch while materializing chairs for him and Kurami as they sat before them.

"Okay, now that we're here I guess we should begin the explanation," said Naruto as he looked toward Kurami who picked up where he left of, "It all started with…."

*One very long explanation later

The girls were, in a word, stunned. They couldn't be blamed for it either. They had just found out that the object of their affection was in a relationship, and had been for over a year now, with the very being that was the target of the village's loathing, who just so happened to be a drop dead gorgeous woman. But what really stumped them was one little detail Naruto seemed to have hidden from them for so long.

It was Guren who asked the unspoken question, "Okay, given your apparent history together I can understand how you two would have hooked up, but I have to ask, how this will end with all of us being happy?" She really couldn't see how they could be together now since she did not know polygamy wasn't exactly uncommon.

Naruto was the one who answered, "Well Guren, the answer to that is simple and complicated at the same time. You see, because of several contributing factors, I am can't be with just one girl." At this Guren and Nanami looked confused and slightly offended thinking he was just playing with their emotions. Mikoto, however, was wide eyed.

She knew Naruto was not a player or some two-timer so there was only one thing she could think of that would warrant this. "You have a Kekkei Genkai, don't you Naruto?" she spoke in a shocked voice. In response the blonde simply nodded.

This caught to two younger girls off guard. Naruto had a Kekkei Genkai?! How?!

Nanami decided to voice her doubt, "What do you mean? We know about the Uzumaki clan from you Mikoto-chan but they didn't have what was considered a real Kekkei Genkai. Most of their fame came from their longevity and expertise in seals."

Kurami continued the conversation "You are right about that Guren-chan, but Naruto-kun is different. You see what you don't know about Jinchuuriki is that a lot of times they will develop special skills that they gain from the Bijuu they hold. An example I could give you is the Nibi (Two-tails) Jinchuuriki's ability to use hellfire and a tremendous affinity for regular Katon techniques."

That seemed to interest Mikoto. Being able to manipulate hellfire was definitely something that got her attention. She couldn't help herself.

Something most people didn't know was that all Uchiha suffered from pyromania. It was in deferring intensities, yes, but they really loved to watch things burn. Itachi had actually kept a stack of scrap paper and a lighter next to his bed for when he got the urge. Sasuke liked fireworks and watching campfires.

"As my host Naruto-kun, would have gained either, regeneration abilities or my skill in sensing negative emotions. Since you all know about his life thus far," they winced, remembering some of what they had been told and seen, "Then you know that he gained my regeneration, otherwise he wouldn't be alive, even with me healing him when I could. However, over the years I had managed to slightly alter his genetic code and imprint my emotional sense into him for all emotions."

Mikoto stood up in shock as one of the implications hit her full force "Then that means…"

Naruto cut her off.

"It means I am an empath, Mikoto. In other words I am a human lie detector. As you can probably guess, in a world were lies, deceit and spies are the norm, this ability would be both treasured where they had it and feared where they didn't, but that is not all it can do however."

"What else can it do?" asked Nanami, wide eyed at the ability to never be lied to.

"A few things actually, Naruto-kun can actually coat his body in chakra that has changed to have different effects on what it comes into contact with. For example, channeling anger will turn is chakra into a burning substance that will burn at what Naruto wants it to, while also having the added effect of increasing his physical strength. Of course it has to be trained diligently; otherwise you end up, burning your clothes or hurting yourself. But my favorite ability is the ability to influence people by sending the emotion directly into their minds. This is different that Genjutsu in that, it can't simply be dispelled and only those of great mental fortitude can resist its effects." Answered Kurami with her nose held high. She was incredibly proud of her creation and for good reason.

Guren, however, caught something, "Wait, if you can sense the emotions around you, as in all of the village's hatred of you?" she asked as she and the girls paled. If he could, then how the hell was he sane?!

Naruto answered calmly, knowing what they were thinking and trying to assure their fears. "If you are worried about my sanity, don't be. Kurami took this into consideration and it's why she drilled emotional control into me."

Kurami got the conversation back on why she brought them here in the first place, "Now that you know of his Kekkei Genkai, you can see where I am going with this, can't you Mikoto-chan?"

The raven haired beauty nodded, "The CRA."

"What's the CRA, Mikoto-chan?" asked Guren having never needed to know what it was.

"The CRA is the Clan Restoration Act, a law put in place for when a bloodline clan is nearing extinction. If the last member is a male, then they are required to have a minimum of 4 wives by a certain deadline. This is done in order to ensure that the line does not die out." Here the younger girls paled. They were both the only known holders of their bloodlines.

What would happen to them?!

Mikoto assuaged their worries, "If you are worried about becoming breeding stock, don't be. I don't know about the other villages, but here the CRA has several clauses and rules to stop that from ever happening, though you are required to donate eggs if you are not married by 18." This relaxed the girl's worries. At least they were safe.

"Now this brings us to why you are here, as Mikoto has just said Naru-kun is going to need a minimum of FOUR wives by a certain time. For obvious reasons, I don't count since I am bound to the seal. In a way you could say Naru-kun and I have been married since his birth as we will be together till death do we part," said Kurami, looking at her possible sisters.

Naruto took over, "I've already told you girls I'm an empath, so this should tell you that I am aware of your feelings for me," at this the girls blushed slightly, except for Guren who was completely red faced, "and truth be told its mutual. I brought you girls in here because I believed that if you truly wanted to pursue a relationship with me, you needed to know this," he stood and walked in front of them, "This is NOT optional, if you wanna be with me you need to be prepared to share me with at least 3 other women, 4 counting Kurami, and I need to know if you can do that."

As he stood in front of them, he let his stoic expression drop to show his true emotions, "Look I can't promise I will be perfect. The only romantic experience I've got is Kurami, but I know that every woman is unique so I'm pretty much gonna be winging it. But what I can promise however is that I will do my damnedest to be the best I can be. To try and make sure that you girls have a reason to smile every day. I know this is not the ideal relationship you may have imagined but I…"

Whatever he was going to say would go unspoken as Mikoto took this moment to stand up, grab his collar and plant a kiss straight on his lips. The suddenness of the act caught him off-guard for a second before he closed his eyes and returned it.

A few seconds later, the kiss was broken and Mikoto spoke, "I am from a clan, I was well aware that even without your Kekkei Genkai, you might have been put into the CRA as the last known male Uzumaki. As long as I always have a place in your heart, I am fine." She finished giving him one more peck before she stepped aside.

Nanami was the next, giving him a smile and surprising everyone when instead of a hard, sensual kiss like they were all expecting; she gently wrapped he arms around his neck and gave him a soft, loving kiss that she poured all of her emotion into.

Something Naruto caught with his empathic senses, and it felt just like Kurami's. As the kiss broke she spoke, "When my mother died, the last thing she told us was to do what makes us happy. And nothing in this world would make me happier than to have you at my side and to at yours. Besides, polygamy isn't exactly unheard of in Konoha, even without that weird law. We've been together for 6 years Naru-kun, we are practically married already, and this would just make it official."

As Nanami detached herself, that only left Guren. The crystal user looked at her feet, even as Naruto stopped directly in front of her. "Gu-" she interrupted him, "If I do this, will your promise to always make time for all of us?"


"And that you won't compare us and expect us to simply act like obedient little housewives?"


She had one more question, one which she needed and answer to. She looked at him with watery eyes as she spoke, "Do you actually love me, or am I just a convenient choice?"

Rather than speak or appear offended, Naruto just gave her a small smile as he cupped her face with his right hand and place his left at her side while he pulled her to him kissed her. All the while he was using his Jouton to give send the exact answer to that question directly into her.

Guren could not help but give a deep throaty moan at the wonderful sensation, and surprised everyone when she shoved her tongue into Naruto's mouth and hooked her hands around his neck and into his hair while her right leg hooked around him as well.

A clearing of the throat brought her back to ear as her eyes snapped open and she jumped away when she noticed her position. Unfortunately for the bluenette this put her directly into the sight of the three perversely grinning females in the room.

"It's always the quiet ones." muttered Kurami and Guren could only cover her face with her hands to hide her embarrassment. It was here that Nanami remembered something, "Wait you said 'at least' Naru-kun, what does that mean? Are you planning to get more than the minimum?"

It sounded weird to her. She knew Naruto wasn't a playboy, so why would he say 'at least'?

"Ah, that is actually my fault," said a sheepish looking Kurami as she gained everyone's attention. "See when I was altering his DNA, the amount of chakra I had to use had some side effects and I ended up giving Naru-kun demonic instincts.

The girls looked a little alarmed at this before Kurami continued. "Don't worry; it's not anything to bad, but long story short, Naru-kun has Alpha mentality and would have sought out multiple women regardless of the law. We just don't know how many women he could end with."

As she finished the three human females deadpanned before face palming at once.

'Only Naruto,' was the common thought among them.

Then Nanami got a sudden idea before a wicked grin made it way to her face. "Hey, I just thought of something," she said whilst grabbing Mikoto and Kurami and dragged them next to Guren.

"What is it?" asked Naruto, feeling more than a little wary. Nanami was basically pouring mischievousness at such levels one didn't even need his bloodline to feel it.

The widening smile wasn't helping manners any.

"Well, since we are all gonna be his girlfriends, then that would mean we are all dating each other right?" said the dark haired girl. Kurami caught on to the implication and smiled just like her.

"Why yes, it does Nanami-chan. And I think we should all get better….acquainted." Finished Kurami while Nanami and she then grabbed Guren and Mikoto respectively, and gave them, open-mouthedtongue kiss that caught them off guard. They, of course, tried to struggle, but in the end Nanami's forcefulness and Kurami's experience in the area won out reducing both girls to incoherent messes by the time the kiss ended.

They then turned to look at Naruto, standing there with a completely blank face.

Nanami actually had tick mark at this. What would it take to get a reaction, dammit?!

"Oh, come on! Seriously, no reaction!" she yelled and waited for his answer.


"Naruto-kun?" called Mikoto, finding the blonde's silence strange.


"Naruto-kun." Said Guren, snapping her fingers in front of his face.



Here is where Kurami puts her two cents in, as she walked toward her lover and pushed his nose slightly.

He just feel, back hitting the floor with a resounding 'THUD!' and his body was still ramrod still, his expression unchanged.

"I think we broke him," said the read haired demoness in an even voice. Five seconds later, all the women in the room shouted in triumph.


*Flashback end, Hokage's office.

Mikoto blushed at the memory.

Apparently, the Bijuu Queen had picked up many… interesting techniques across her long life.

Oh, how she hoped Naruto would learn those!

'Kukukuku, oh Naruto-kun~! You're such a naughty boy! Kukukuku!' thought the Uchiha matriarch while her smile got a little perverted and her blush intensified.

Something that did not go unnoticed by a certain snake mistress.

"I know that look! Whatever could you be thinking Mikoto-sama? Perhaps something involving a certain foxy man, hmm?" asked Mitarashi Anko.

Anko was a beauty by anyone's standards. Light brown, pupil-less eyes, and violet hair which is styled in a short, spiky, fanned-ponytail. She wears a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam, which has a pocket on both sides, and complete with a fitted mesh body suit that stretches from her neck down to her thighs. She wears a dark orange mini-skirt, as well as a forehead protector, a small pendant that looks like a snake fang on a thick cord rather than a chain to prevent it from being easily torn off in combat, and pale grey shin guards. She also wears a dark blue belt around her waist that connects to her skirt that has an appendage-like sash.

On her neck, hidden by her coat, was a tattoo-like marking of three closely spaced tomoe. This is the Ten no Juin (Curse Seal of Heaven). A final 'gift' from her now traitorous sensei, and Anko's greatest shame.

"Oh, nothing Anko-chan. I was just remembering the after party after the last Chuunin Exam that was held here. You remember that one, right?" said Mikoto with a deceptively sweet smile on her face.

Anko paled. That was something that she NEVER wanted to be known. "Nope, not at all! Sorry about that Mikoto-sama! Ehehehehe!" said Anko with a nervous laugh while she visibly sweated bullets. This actually got a few raised eyebrows from the gathered Jounin.

What could be so bad that it would make Anko, of all people, sweat?

It was soon forgotten as the Hokage entered the room.

"Sorry for the wait, those blasted civilians are at it again. Bunch of money-grubbing worms, the lot of them," said Hiruzen while grumbling the last part under his breath, though all of them heard him and could only agree.

How the hell had those idiots gotten their position again?

"Now that we're all here, wait where's Kakashi?" asked the old Hokage.

This was odd. Ever since his 'epiphany' of sorts a few years ago, Kakashi had stopped being late. Oh sure, he was late sometimes when he went back to the memorial stone once in a while, but he was always on time for team evaluation.

Just then, the door opened to reveal the cycloptic Jounin, who seemed to have a few bandages on his left side and his right arm in a light cast. "Sorry I'm late everyone, had to stop by the hospital. What did I miss?"

"Nothing, you're right on time actually. So they got you too, huh?" said Asuma, sounding a little stuffed up and favoring his right side. He also had a cut across his vest that showed a few bandages.

Kurenai also had a few bandages here and there but mostly seemed to be tired.

"Very well, now that we're all here we can begin. But, before that I have a question," spoke Sarutobi while the surrounding ninja gave him their full attention.

The veteran Hokage smiled lightly as he asked, "How many of your teams called bullshit when you explained the bell test?" Immediately, the sensei of teams 6 through 11 all raised their hand. The Hokage chuckled, "Anyway, let's proceed. Step forward in ascending order and state your team number and evaluation."

"Team One, fail. A complete waste of time"

"Team Two, fail. They have the skills but not the teamwork, I suggest another semester at the academy before trying again."

"Team Three, fail. They are a complete mess."

"Team Four, pass but barely. I am gonna need several months to get those brats in shape."

"Team Five, fail catastrophically. Drop those idiots from the program before the kill themselves."

"Team Six, pass. Hokage-sama, whoever makes the Academy curriculum should be fired and replaced with Uzumaki," said Shiranui Genma.

He was rather tall man brown hair that reached his shoulders that he kept covered with his bandana style Hitai-ate (Forehead Protector). He wore regular Jounin garb and had a senbon in his mouth.

"Oh? Why do you say that Genma?" asked Sarutobi. "Hokage-sama, this is the third time I have tested Genin and I will tell you right now, those girls ain't Genin. They are all at least low Chuunin level, and will only get better with time and experience. When I commented on how the Academy must have been stepping up their training, they openly admitted to barely learning jack-squat there, and that their strength was owed to 'Naruto-sensei.'"

This intrigued Sarutobi, he knew the Academy standards had dropped since the Kyuubi Attack, but he didn't think it would be so bad. Now that he thought about it, the only people that looked like they would pass were the Kongo da-su (Diamond Dozen) and Naruto's students. Clearly something was going on and Sarutobi would have to look into it.

"I will take that into consideration. Now Kakashi your next, and for that matter, what the heck happened to you three?"

Kakashi stepped forward, "Team Seven, pass with flying colors. They figured out the meaning of the test seemingly instantly, if the faces they made were any indication. As for what happened to me, well like Genma said, they are not Genin, and Ami's tonfa should never be blocked," he said raising his right arm. Seriously, he'd needed to block a blow to his head and the hit cracked his forearm. Yeah, the hospital had fixed it but it was still tender, and bruise had been rather nasty.

Next came Kurenai, "Team Eight, pass. Who the hell trained those kids in Genjutsu detection? Anything lower than a B-rank, may as well have not been there." That was surprising. Genjutsu detection was only lightly covered in the Academy. It was expected that the Jounin-sensei would go more in depth when they felt it needed.

"I was probably their families. Your kids do all come from ninja clans," spoke Genma before their attention was drawn to a giggling Mikoto. "I think I know who it was, but I'll keep that a secret for now." Said they onyx-eyed matriarch.

Then came Asuma, "Team Ten, pass. I gotta say, those kids are no joke. I was expecting some nice teamwork with the family ties they had and maybe one clan technique. Instead those brats worked like a damn clock, and are using shit I never expected, Shikamaru is especially dangerous with that kodachi of his if that technique he was making is finished." Said Asuma while he absent mindedly rubbing his chest, something that didn't go unnoticed.

Finally Mikoto stepped up, "Team Eleven, pass! They…" she was cut off by Kurenai.

"Hey, wait a minute! This is weird, you got arguably the strongest of the bunch but your only injury is a cut on your cheek bone. Kakashi is just slightly under you in strength so gives?" It was true; the only noticeable injury on Mikoto was a cut on her face where Naruto managed to punch her. Those studs on his gloves were not just for show.

Mikoto chuckled slightly, "The reason I am not as roughed up as the rest of you is because I am guessing that even with all the hype, you guys just treated them as slightly stronger than average Genin in the beginning," the all had the decency to look sheepish, "where as I have known my team for a number of years and had a good idea about their levels. Even then, they managed to surprise me several times and actually managed to beat my clone together before I split them up. And even like that they still held their ground enough that the clones I sent after the girls needed to use their Sharingan to end the fight and not end get dispelled, while I used a…rather dirty tactic against Naruto."

That really surprised them. She had to use her Sharingan?! Just how strong were these kids?!

"Anyway, now with that out of the way I have a few things to say," spoke the elder Sarutobi as the Jounin listened intently, "Given the sheer talent and potential we can all see in this year's graduates, I believe it goes without saying that I cannot be wasted. I want those of you who passed your teams to work them as hard as you can without it being detrimental. This has the potential to be the best generation of ninja since your own."

The gathered ninja nodded, but Asuma however knew his father well enough to know there was something else going on. "There is something you are not telling us, isn't there Pops?" asked the chain smoking Jounin.

Sarutobi sighed as he stood, "You know me too well sometimes, my son," he said as he turned to look out the window, hands clasped behind his back, "I have been Hokage of this village, for nearly 40 years, I have been in innumerable fights to the death and both faced and averted disasters both in war and out. It is this experience that has given me a sort of sixth sense," he said as he turned to face his gathered nin.

"Something is coming to this village. I do not know what it is, but I can feel it in my very being that we will soon have our Will of Fire tested, and when it happens we must be ready. That order for training is not just for your Genin but yourselves as well. There are clouds on the horizon and we must prepare. Am I understood?"

The gathered ninja straightened. This was not the kindly grandfather the saw regularly. Instead before them stood the Shinobi no Kami (God of Shinobi), the man who face impossible odds, lead Konoha through two world wars and came out on top. If he believed something was going to happen, then they had only one answer.

"Hai, Hokage-sama!"


*Time skip: 3 months later.

It had been three months since the team formations, and some things happened in that time. For the first few days, they simple did conditioning training to keep up their physical prowess, practiced jutsu they already knew to better their mastery and learned a few minor ones from Mikoto to help in things like hunting and cleaning water from rivers. They also did D-ranks during this period.

D-rank missions were basically just chores commissioned by civilians and a few shinobi every once in a while. The purpose of them was to get teams to better their teamwork and build better bonds between them. They could also be used as training, like using a mission that required them to clear rocks from a field as physical training.

Now while this year's graduating class had no need for better teamwork, they still needed to take them. Unlike Chuunin and above, to be able to go on a C-rank Genin needed to perform a minimum of 10 D-ranks per C-rank, plus they needed their Jounin-sensei's recommendation. This was done to give the Jounin ample time to get their teams ready for them. The fact that teams were only allowed to take 3 missions a day combined with the fact nobody really wanted to do D-ranks is the reason why the Jounin had so much time.

Since they had been delayed by the rules for better missions, Naruto had taken this time to spend with the women in his life. He had used this time to take each of them out on multiple dates. Nothing to extravagant, just simple stuff like watching a movie, dinner at a nice restaurant, something which would sometimes involve a Genjutsu when people would try to kick Naruto out, a picnic here and there, or just sitting on the Hokage Monument and watching the sunset.

Dates were meant to get to know each other and make a good impression, and since they already knew pretty much everything about each other, they didn't really need it.

They just wanted some one-on-one time.

The team had managed to do enough missions to go on 2 C-ranks. The first was a simple delivery mission to Kusa no Kuni (Land of Grass) to pick up a shipment of their special sake (rice wine) for a high end bar. The sake itself was actually rather expensive so it was actually a prime target for bandits looking for a quick ryo. That one had gone off without a hitch.

Their second C-rank a month later, however, had not gone as well. The mission was actually supposed to be easy, just a basic escort mission of a merchant from the Konoha to Hayashi no Kuni (Land of Woods). What they didn't know was that the merchant had actually screwed over some rather seedy people.

Those people had actually hired some Chunnin Nuke-nin (Missing-nin or Run-away ninja) to bring them the man's head on a platter. The fight wasn't too difficult and the ninja had been dispatched quickly, but it had resulted in the girls making their first kill. Thankfully, Mikoto and the rest of the Jounin had thought to prepare their teams for these occasions by having them raise rabbits for a week and then kill them. They were still a little shaken by actually having taken a human life but didn't require more than sleeping in Naruto's tent along with Mikoto that night for comfort.

Upon return they were put on paid leave and had their record modified to show a B-rank mission for the appearance of the Nuke-nin, along with the bounties on their heads, after Konoha took their cut of course, and given paid leave for the week to deal with the fact they had needed to kill.

Right now they were on their coming back to the Hokage tower, after finishing their last D-rank needed for their next C-rank. This was actually one that would be remembered for a long time since it was the fabled, Tora the Demon Cat mission. It was the 5th time that the Genin would be assigned this mission and they never took more than 2 hours, a record for the hated mission, to finish it but this time it would have a different end. Upon entering the Hokage's office, the find said man in the company of Madam Shijimi, the Fire Daimyo's wife and a rather….portly woman.

"Oh my, quick as usual aren't you kids, now where is my darling Tora-chan? Tora~, come to Mama Snookums!" said the large lady. He Naruto walked forward, "Milady, I am afraid I must inform you of a great tragedy," said the Jinchuuriki, immediately setting off the woman's worries.

"What happened, where is my Tora?!" she spoke looking around frantically for her precious.

"*sigh* I am sorry, Milady. But it seems we were to late this time," said the seemingly solemn blonde, as he unsealed a bag and gave it to the lady who promptly dropped it and started wailing, "NOOOOOOO!"

"We found her, near what appeared to be a snake den. It seems she wandered a little to close and was attacked. Before you ask the snake as already gone, it appears it was only there to shed its skin," said Naruto as he went back to his team.

"Toraaaaaa! Whyyyyyyy?!" was the cries of the fat lady as she was lead out of the office by the Chuunin, while carrying the corpse of the now very much dead 'demon.'

Naruto then turned to the Hokage, "I don't know what to say since we found the damn thing dead, what's your call Jiji-sama?" spoke the blonde to his grandfather in everything but blood. Sarutobi gazed upon the bo… no, young man in front of him. He had grown so much from that scared little boy in the hospital to the confident, strong shinobi in before him. Although he felt great pride in him, he also felt ashamed.

Not of Naruto, never.

He felt ashamed of himself and that he couldn't live up to Minato's expectations of him.

He knew Naruto didn't give two shits about the village in general and only stayed because there were people he loved here and if he knew one thing it was that if you could get into Naruto's heart, he would do damn near anything for you. But if you betrayed him… there was no safe place to hide. He only hoped that the blonde would find it in his heart to forgive him for all the secrets he had kept from him.

If only he knew. (*)

"Well Naruto-kun, the mission technically was simply to return Tora to her owner, it never specified what condition she had to be in so, I would call the mission a success. Now since this would make another ten successful D-ranks, I assume you want another C-rank for your team?" spoke the old Hokage to one of his best Genin teams in years.

Mikoto spoke for her team, "Yes Hokage-sama, we would. We've already recovered from that last mission. Thankfully, we had prepared them for that situation beforehand so the backlash was limited." The younger girls looked down remembering that day but didn't let it get to them. They were shinobi that was just the world they lived in.

"Very well, let's see here," looking through the mission scrolls in his office, Sarutobi pull one out and read it, "Ah, here's one. There have been a string of disappearances in a village near the coast. Over the last month or so a dozen people have been listed as missing. The investigation by the local militia has wielded no results and no bodies have been found so we are assuming kidnapping. Your job is to investigate these disappearances and if you find the cause is kidnapping eliminate those responsible and return the hostages" he said while handing the scroll to Mikoto who read it quickly with her Sharingan before putting it away.

"Very well, Hokage-sama," she bowed slightly before turning to her team, "We leave in an hour on the east gate. Gather your stuff and prepare for a week long mission," said the Sharingan wielder before leaving in a standard smoke Shunshin (Body flicker).

"Well I need to go get some stuff from the ninja store, you coming Naru-kun," asked Nanami while looking at her shared boyfriend, not that anyone except Sasuke knew. Hell, he only knew because Mikoto told him everything. She was honestly surprised when they told him his mother was dating his best friends and he only said 'About damn time.'

"Nah, I got everything I need right here," said the whiskered Jinchuuriki while patting his bandoleer. "I think I'll go with Guren to pick up her stuff at her place. I'll meet you at the gate." She nodded and left but not before sneaking in a smack on his ass and suggestively saying "Have fun you too."

Naruto could only pinch the bridge of his nose in exasperation while Guren had a light blush on her face as she grumbled, "Honestly, it's like she's stuck in pervert mode."

Hearing a perverted giggle they turn to the Hokage to find him staring at Naruto with a proud look, which was also felt though his empathy, not that the old man knew that.

"So when are you finally gonna take one of these girls out, eh Naruto-kun?" said the old man looking at his blonde grandson in perverted glee.

Oh, the things Jiraiya could create with such material!

"Urusai, Ero-jiji-sama, (Shut up, Pervy Grandfather,)" was the only thing the blond said as he placed his hand on Guren's shoulder and use a leaf Shunshin, solely to get the office dirty. The Hokage grew a tick mark at this brow at this action.

"Dammit, Boy! I just had this office cleaned!"

*Time skip: Ten minutes later, Guren's Apartment.

They were in Guren's room as the put the finishing touches on her equipment. She as by the bed having just finished putting the last of it into the sealing scroll that Naruto had given her. It was so handy to have a boyfriend who could make them since it was much cheaper to by the blank scrolls and ink, than it was to buy a premade scroll.

Hell, Kibaku Fuda (Explosive Tags) cost less than they did!

Then again, those were one time use things.

"There we go, all done!" said Guren before she felt a pair of arms encircle her from behind. She smiled and reveled in the embrace of her blonde boyfriend. "Oh, what brought this on?"

He chucked next to her ear, and kissed the side of her neck, "Do I really need a reason to wanna hold my girl," he whispered into her ear causing a shiver to run down her spine. Naruto didn't really show a lot of affection in public settings, but in private he would often do things like this. Nothing to flashy, just small touches, hugs, unexpected kisses, basically enough so they never forgot that he did care.

A side effect of having to hide his true self from people who would exploit it.

She turned around in his arms and wrapped her own around his neck while she said, "Oh, 'your girl,' huh? Getting a little possessive, Naruto-kun?" she said softly while slightly rubbing herself on him. Honestly, she wasn't usually like this but he just had a way of bringing the flirtatious and, admittedly, lustful side out in her without even trying.

The blonde chuckled, "Maybe a little, so we've got a few minutes before we have to get going for the gate, any ideas on what to do?" he asked with his usual half lidded eyes but a smirk and raised eyebrow. His eyes very rarely dropped that look unless he was fighting or something surprised him.

Guren smirked with her own half lidded eyes before she lunged forward and knocked him to her bed while she attacked his lips. Naruto smirked into the kiss, although she was slightly shy in public, when in private she was much more aggressive in her affections. Guren's tongue licked his lower lip, asking for entrance, which he granted before their tongues clashed in his mouth. He won the 'fight' for dominance shortly before he shoved his own tongue in her mouth and attempted to explore every crevice of her mouth.

Guren moaned as he did this, especially when he gave her ass a light squeeze. They would have kept going but just then a voice was heard, "Guren! We're home!"

The bluenette gasped and jumped off of Naruto, "Nee-chan, is back!" she said quietly, before she straightened herself out and left to greet her sister. Meanwhile, Naruto was left lying on the bed, an eye twitching in aggravation.

The fact that Kurami was laughing about him getting 'totally cockblocked!' really wasn't helping things.

As he exited to room he was knocked slightly off balance by a pale green missile. "Nii-chan!"

Looking down he saw a little boy about 10 years old with medium length pale green hair, and magenta eyes that were look up at Naruto in happiness. He wears a green long sleeve shirt under black vest and ANBU style pants with green shinobi sandals, this was Uzuki Yuukimaru, Guren's adopted little brother.

Gazing down at the child, Naruto couldn't stop the small smile that showed on his face as he patted the boy and the head, "Good to see you too Yuukimaru. How's the Academy going?" asked the blonde host.

"It's going good Nii-chan, I'm in the top ten students in my class!" spoke the child with a hint of pride in his voice. "Nice job bud, keep it up. Now where is your eldest sister?" said the blond while gently detaching himself from the exited boy.

"Right here, Naruto-kun. Good to see you after so long," came a voice from his side. The person that spoke had straight, purple hair reaching down to her waist, with bangs coming down to just over her brown eyes, and a shade of red lipstick. She wore standard Jounin garb except the shirt was sleeveless. She had an ANBU tattoo on her right upper arm as well. This was Uzuki Yuugao.

"Good to see you too, Yuugao. As always you look radiant," said Naruto while he gave Yuugao a small hug, missing the slight blush on her face. Yuugao had to admit, the blonde was a catch. Responsible, level-headed, a good shinobi, not to mention quite the looker with a body that made men green with envy. If she didn't already have Hayate-kun, she had to say she might have gone after the blonde, she was only 20 after all. But she did so she didn't have to think about that.

"You know, if you keep that up, Hayate-kun might think you're flirting with me." Her only response was a slight laugh from the blond.

"How is Hayate anyway, I haven't seen him since our last spar." Ever since graduating, the blonde had taken to sparing in kenjutsu regularly with, Mikoto, Hayate, Yuugao and, when they weren't exhausted form training, Sasuke with his wakizashi, that he was using as training for a chokuto.

"He had to go to the hospital, he got rather hurt on our last A-rank. He wants to know when you two will spar again." Said the former ANBU.

"Tell him we'll have one when I come back, but right now Guren and I have a mission. Hey Guren, you got everything we need to get going?" said Naruto to the bluenette, who had snuck in the room when no-one was looking. Picking up the scrolls and placing them in the backpack she carried a few more thing in she said, "All set Naruto-kun let's get going." As she finished, she bent down to give Yuukimaru a hug, "Oh, I'll miss you! I love you, Yuuki-kun." She said to the smiling boy, who in response gave the same.

"I love you too. Bye, Nee-chan, bye Nii-chan, be careful." Next Yuugao gave them both a hug. "Careful, you two. You never know what's out there." Was all she said.

And with that they left for the gate.

*Time skip: Two days later, Noon.

It had taken them a little over a day to get to the village. When they got there, the immediately when to the mayor of the village, a short man with close cut black hair wearing a modest suit. The man had been incredibly relieved to have them there; apparently there had been yet another disappearance, this time a mother and her teen daughter. The man had also revealed something that hadn't been specified in the mission request, all the missing people were women.

That statement immediately set of alarm bell in the heads of Team 11. After a night's sleep, since they had gotten there at around 7 o' clock they left to gather information from the village trying to find similarities. Apparently all the women had been headed to the docks for some fish and other products. So here we find the team, staking the place out.

"You think we'll find anything Naruto-kun?" said Nanami, been paired up with the blonde for the day.

"I think we just did," answered the blonde while discretely signaling to a pair of thuggish looking men following a brown haired woman who looked to be in her mid 20's.

Taking to the rooftops, the followed to see what would happen. Once they reached the edge of the forest their predictions came true as the two thugs rushed the woman and took her into the woods. The Genin immediately followed.

"Man, look at this piece of ass. I wonder what we can get for her?" said one thug who was holding the woman and making sure she couldn't scream.

His comrade, responded, "A few thousand at least, but like you said, she is a nice piece of ass. What do you say we have some fun first?" he said sending a disgusting lustful leer that the captured woman as he violently groped her breast, getting the woman to whimper in pain and fear.

"Didn't the boss say, not to soil the merchandise?" said the first thug, looking like he was weighing his options.

"He'll never know as long as we pull out in time," was the second thug's response as he began to hike up the woman's skirt, getting her to struggle against her captors.

"Hehe, I guess you're right. Oh, she's a fighter, hehe. I love it whe…" that is as far as he got before a kunai found purchase in the back of his head. (**)

"What the he…AHHHHHH!" screamed the living thug as two kunai lodged themselves in his legs and he fell to the ground.

Here Naruto and Nanami dropped to the ground, "Nanami you go and tend to the lady, I'll handle the trash," said Naruto as he knocked out the screaming bandit and dragged him deeper into the wood while Nanami went to comfort the woman who was sobbing loudly in fear and relief.

Having tied up the bandit to a fallen tree, Naruto proceeded to wake him up with a punch to the face, "Wake up, you sack of shit!"

"Ugh, dammit!" were the first words of the now awake bandit. As his gaze fell on Naruto he said, "You gotta be shitting me, I got caught by a fucking brat?!"

Naruto didn't really care about the insult and just asked, "Are you part of the group that's been kidnapping people from the village?"

"So what if I am?" sneered the thug.

"Where are you keeping them?" returned the whiskered boy.

"And why the fuck would I te…AHHHH!" he tried to say before Naruto drove his kunai straight into his right knee cap.

"Here's what's gonna happen. No matter what, I am gonna get that location and you are gonna give it to me. Every time you resist…well, I am going to either stab you again or twist the knife. And if you think you can just bleed out," he said, in a tone that could freeze fire, before he used the chakra flow technique to run Katon chakra through the kunai and cauterize the wound, ripping another scream from the thug.

"I'LL TALK, I'LL TALK!" he screamed, already crying from the pain.

"Location. Now," replied Naruto.

"It's a boat, hidden in a sea cave about one and half miles from here!"

"How many men?" asked Naruto, spitting out the last word like it disgusted him to call him that.

"Only about 30, and before you ask I don't know where they're going go, we never saw the ship, just told where to deliver them. We were just an extra set of hands." Said the whimpering fool.

"Did you have a deadline for these people?" was Naruto's next question.

"They said they were leaving tomorrow so today was the last day. Please, that's all I know, is swear!" yelled the captive while he cried in pain and fear.

"Very well, I'll be right back," said the whiskered host before he left. He returned shortly, carrying the body of the other thug in his arms, which he promptly dropped to the ground.

"H-Hey, what are you doing?!" he got no response as Naruto just went through a few hand signs, 'Doton: Jikoku Abunai no Jutsu (Earth Release: Instant Grave Technique)' thought the blonde before a 5x5x5 hole appeared in the ground, which he promptly dropped the dead body into before going toward his captive.

"N-No! What are you doing?!" screamed the piece of trash, before he was dropped into the hole as well with his hands still tied.

"Wait! I told you what you wanted to know!" he yelled in fear as Naruto looked at him with cold, uncaring eyes.

"Yes, you did," he said before he finished a set of hand signs, "But I never said I would let you live afterwards. Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu, (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique.)" finished Naruto before he walked away, leaving a screaming thug behind as they burned to death.

"They deserved worse." Said Kurami in a cold, hateful tone.

"I know, but there's no time for that." He answered as he left to find Nanami.

They had a mission to complete.

*Time skip: Midnight, Near the cave.

After they had dropped off the poor woman back at the village, they meet up with the team. As expected Mikoto had been livid at her fears being confirmed and they immediately went to find the cave.

Once they did, Naruto sent a few clone to sneak in and gather info on the kidnappers and captives. For someone that could sneak past the ANBU unnoticed 9 times out of 10, it had been child's play.

The thug had been off, there were about 40 bandits total, including the head of the group that seemed to also be the ship's captain and never left the boat. The prisoners had all been gathered in the lower decks and were all tied to the walls. Like they thought they were all women.

After gathering all the info they could, they dispelled and transferred the knowledge to Naruto who promptly informed his team. They quickly put together a plan and now it was time to act.

"Alright guys, it's time. Everybody remembers their part?" asked Mikoto to which the team nodded.

The plan was rather simple. Since they were heading out tomorrow, the kidnappers thought it best to gather all their stuff and just sleep on the ship.

A bad move on their part, because now they were all stranded on the ship.

It seemed the thugs would be sleeping in the middle deck, with only a few lookouts still awake keeping guard of the ship and their captain's quarters. The plan was that while Guren would handle the top deck, Naruto and Mikoto would kill the sleeping bandits while Nanami secured the prisoners.

A simple tactic, but more than enough against bandits.

As they boarded the ship using one of Naruto's illusions to cloak them while they snuck aboard, Guren decided to get started by killing the two bandits guarding the door to the lower floors with well placed kunai. She caught the bodies before they could fall to the floor and quietly placed them inside and out of sight. She nodded to her team before activating a jutsu her sister's lover had taught her.

'Touton no Jutsu (Transparent Escape Technique)' she thought before seemingly becoming see though and beginning her task of eliminating the 10 bandits on the top deck.

*With Naruto and Mikoto

Inside the ship, Naruto and Mikoto quickly made their way to the sleeping quarters. As they expected, all the men, about 25, were asleep and judging by the smell, heavily drunk. This was good, it made their job easier. They set about ending the lives of the swine with simple slits at their throats, though they did need to restrain one or two that were sober enough to wake up at the sensation and tried to struggle. It wasn't the first time Naruto had watched the life drain out of someone's eyes and that combined with the knowledge of what these things (he refused to call them men) were doing only served to ease him more.

It still made him uncomfortable, but he could shrug it off.

*With Nanami

In the final deck the final 5 bandits were heading down to the room where they kept the kept the captives held.

"This was a great idea, Souji!" spoke one of the bandits in an exited tone.

The one she assumed was Souji answered his comrade. "I know Miyabi, it's genius. Just because we can't give them a proper fuck, since the boss will get pissed off, doesn't mean we can't do other stuff. I'm sure their mouths are just as good as their pussies, eh boys?"

The other three gave different sounds of cheerful agreement, not knowing it would be the last sound they ever made. Quicker than they could react, Nanami threw 2 kunai at the heads of the two of the three in the back before rushing forward and using Shigan (Finger Gun) on the third.

Before the two others could process what was going on, Nanami quickly hit the one she identified as Souji in the neck, crushing his windpipe and stopping his breathing before she gave a snap kick to Miyabi's stomach. The kick caused him to lurch forward enough that Nanami was able to grab his head and end him by snapping his neck.

All of this was done in less than 5 seconds.

As he watched the last of his friends die, Souji could only sit there in disbelief as this girl, who looked no older than fourteen, annihilated 5 full grown men like they were nothing. The last thing he saw before death took him were the cold, baleful eyes of the girl glaring into his.

Seeing the last of them dead, Nanami when to save the hostages but not before gathering the bodies in one spot and casting a Genjutsu to hide them, 'Magen: Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique). These women have been through enough. No need to traumatize them further,' she though before setting a pace to free the women.

As she arrived in the room, just like Naruto said, there were about 20 or so women in the room all of tied to the walls of the ship. When they heard the door open they fearfully turned to it and felt a flash of hope fill them at the sight of Nanami.

The hazel eyed girl spoke in a calming tone, "Don't worry. I'm a Konoha shinobi, here to get you back home." As she said this the women started to cry in relief, while Nanami went about removing the shackles.

'It's missions where we stop things like this from happening that make all the bullshit worthwhile,' thought Nanami with a smile as she continued to free the captive, more than a few of which gave her sobbing hugs for saving them.

*Time skip: Next day, Noon

It was the morning after the end of the successful mission. It had taken 3 hours to return to the village with the kidnapped women. The next morning, they were awoken from their much deserved rest by the cries of the crowd gathered outside their Inn.

Apparently, the women had told everyone about the people that had saved them from a fate worse than death and their families had come to thank them. This actually included the mayor, who was beside himself in relief. Turns out one of the kidnapped women had been his own daughter who had gone missing just the day before they had arrived. The man had added very nice reward to be split amongst the team as an extra thank you.

The documents on the boat hadn't named anyone in particular that the would-be slaves were going to, but the name on the boat was pretty damning.

Gatou Shipping Industries.

The team was now all packed and at the gates, to ready to return to Konoha. "Well team, that mission is done, the preliminary report was sent yesterday and now all that's left is to go home. Are you ready?" said Mikoto while smiling at her team. They nodded eager to get back home after the mission.

"Alright then, let head o…"


She was interrupted by the call of a hawk. Paying closer attention, she noticed something odd about it. 'That's one of the emergency messenger hawks. What's going on?" she wondered before holding her arm out for the bird of prey. The hawk promptly swooped down and landed on her arm for long enough for Mikoto to retrieve the scroll it was carrying before taking off again.

Reading the short message on the small scroll, her face became a mask of seriousness as she turned to face her team. "I hope you didn't lose too many tools on this mission guys, because you might need it soon."

The team looked at her perplexed until she went into more detail, "Team 7 ran into serious trouble and are in need of immediate back up. Get ready guys, we're going to Nami no Kuni (Land of waves).


(*) Mizuki did in fact try using the Kyuubi as a way to get in Naruto's head. Sarutobi still doesn't know that he already knew.

(**) I will never, I repeat, NEVER write a rape scene. I might use characters who have been raped, or I might infer the action occurred but I will not ever make it myself.

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