Hello beloved and faithful readers. This is a story that has been stored away in the vault for some time. I got the idea when I was watching some old Russian animation videos on Youtube. One in particular: "The Frog Princess" really caught my eye. This is not to be confused with "The Swan Princess". The story will have the same context and characters but with the original characters. I hope this will entertain you as my other ones. Enjoy and read.

A SasuNaru fanfiction

The Fox Princess

Characters mentioned:

Naruto as Vassilissa the wise

Sasuke as Prince Ivan

Orochimaru as Karchee the Deathless

Fugaku as King

Itachi as Oldest brother

Sai as older brother

Tsunade as Baba Yaga

Jiraya as the old traveler

Karin as Itachi's wife

Ino as Sai's wife

Kakashi as confidant #1

Iruka as confidant #2

Other characters will be mentioned in later chapters

Our story begins now…


Unknown female's P.O.V.

Three years… "sigh"…more like three centuries. If only I had not cajoled that beast like I did, I would not be confined to this fate. Each and every night since then I was cursed to resume my vulpine form throughout the daytime. Only at night can I become human. He did say that I can break my curse if in three years I can find someone to love me as I am.

I overlook the vast pond with despair in my heart. The descending moon is almost ready to give way to day. Tears stream down my eyes as I ponder over my impending fate. An eternity bonded in unholy matrimony to that…creature. How long has it been since I saw the familiar presence of another human being? Will I ever? Does my own family even miss me or remember me in the slightest? I trotted my black furred paws along the edge of the pond heavily with my head hung. I travel some ways until I reach a hill that overlooks the forest. I walk up it until I reach the end.

I lift up my head to the moon. While I know no one would answer, it wouldn't hurt to say a little prayer.

"If there be a kindred soul nearby, hear my cry

Free me from my wretched fate, and love me as I am.

If you be a prince, take me as yours truly

And I shall grant you riches behold

Love me as I am

And I shall be yours eternally


In a bedroom somewhere, a young man shot up on his bed sweating and panting. After calming down his breathing, he rubbed a hand over his pale features. If not for the darkness the room, one could clearly see his features; alabaster skin, short dark hair that stuck in the back like a cockatoos, black eyes, chiseled frame, and a slightly muscular build.

"What was that?" he gasped out. His mind replayed the dream over and over again in his head. He knew that for some reason, it was meant for him. He couldn't decipher what it meant exactly, but the tone of it sounded sad. Like someone was desperately calling out for help. It was enough to bring tears to his eyes, almost.

"Just what is it supposed to mean exactly?" he asked himself. He laughed a bit at himself. He scoffed at how he could ponder over something like that and in the middle of the night. He had training in the morning and he did not wish to explain to his father of why he had dark circles under his eye or the fact he was not in top shape due to a lack of sleep. He was so not going to let his brothers have the satisfaction of seeing him drop from exhaustion. He lied himself back down on his pillow. That dream meant nothing. He felt ridiculous for even pondering about it to begin with.

His closed eyes scrunched together. He could not help but feel the person inside the dream was connected to his fate. In time he would learn just how right he was.


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