Hi everyone! Since the story I am currently working on is almost coming to an ending:( I have decided to start a new one, but I'm honestly not sure if this will only be a One-shot or to actually transform it to a multi-chapter long story, so please read and let me know what you think :)

It was past 11 pm in east LA. Leon, Dom, Jessie Vince and Letty have been working overtime in their garage; customizing car parts and refurbishing their vehicles. Vince Downs the last beer and lets out a loud burp. "Well that's the last of the beer it's time to call it a night." He grunted.

Jessie cleaned an exhaust valve in his hand with a work rag. "Already?! But we barely put the manifold in on the 78" He complained in an almost whining voice.

Vince shrugged. "Well we're all out of beer I don't see any other reason to stay."

Dom was leaning over the bonnet of his car. He stepped back and raised his eyebrows over at Vince. "Any reason to stay?" He baritone "we still have the GT? We need to work on the frame for the forerunner, and we need to remove the governors on all the cars."

Leon crossed his arms over his chest and casually leaned against the garage's wall. "I have to agree with Vince here." He turned his head to the side and faced Dom "oh by the way Dom that one small skinny mouse-like blonde chick called again."

Vince furrowed his eyebrows. "Again? Man she's always bugging; I think you have a stalker Dom."

Jessie slid underneath a car, with his legs and feet sticking out. "Yeah man she calls every day. She's so annoying!" His voice muffled.

"Yeah man didn't she get the message that you're a hit it and quit it kind of man?" Leon asked teasingly.

Letty had her back turned to the guys and was pretending to be focused on what she was working on, but in reality she couldn't help but to overhear the boys conversation.

Letty had her hair up in a messy ballerina bun and wore a sports bra with the upper half of her overalls wrapped around her thin waist. "Are you guys talking about Elena Neves?" She asked as she turned around to face her friends.

Leon grinned. "Is that her name? I've just been referring to her as mouse face." He said jokingly.

Letty softly bit onto her lower lip and shrugged. "Well I hear that girl was like the public toilet seat; everyone has placed their butt cheeks on her when they're desperate enough," Letty casually tossed a few tools inside a beat up toolbox. "plus I think you can find her number in most public restrooms anyways."

All the guys let out an evitable loud laughter and contagious smiles were spread across the room.

Vince covered his mouth with a fist, trying to hold back his laughter. "Oh I bet I know whose ass she wants pressed against her face. " He grinned and looked over at Dom. Dom rolled his eyes huffed irritated.

Jesse slid from underneath the car and looked up at Dom. "Geez Dom what do you do to these women?" he exclaimed.

Vince grinned. "Once you get a taste of Toretto you'll never forgetto."

Letty rolled her eyes. "Oh my god Vince that's so stupid."

Leon yawned. "Well we can leave everything for tomorrow. I'm beat, let's go home." He said suggestively. All the guys with the exception of Dom nodded in agreement and packed up their personal belongings. Letty stood firmly at her work station.

Leon raised an eyebrow at her. "You coming let?"

Letty slightly shook her head and smiled. "Nah I'm gonna stick around to work some more."

Leon shrugged and sighed. "Okay I'll see you when I see you."

The sound of the guys laughing and joking abounded faded as they all walked out through the sliding doors of the garage. Dom sighed in relieve at the sound of their car engines roaring and at the sight of their headlights shrink into the distance. All day long Dom had been waiting for this moment. He patiently waited for the guys to finally give him and Letty some alone time. He mentally thanked the heavens for their departure for he hardly ever got a chance to really be alone with Letty.

Around the time when Dom first met Letty he had only seen her as a close friend of the family. She was the neighborhood girl everyone knew by reputation of her love for cars. Letty was a close friend to his younger sister Mia. At the time Dom had only seen her as a little sister, but in recent years Letty had grown and matured into a very attractive woman. When Mia asked Dom for a personal favor and asked him to hire Letty to work at his garage he never would have thought that his feelings for her would grow and change. He was able to see a different side of his sister's friend. Dom had become very smitten with Letty and greatly looked forward to the few times they spend alone together. When Dom and Letty would first work late nights together they would talk about their common interest in cars, but as the months went on, their small talk escalated to more personal conversations. Spending some alone time together with her was the only opportunity he had to talk to her on a more personal level without the guys butting in. Even though Dom had a well-known reputation with the "ladies" he still had trouble making a move on Letty with having his friends as an audience. Maybe it was because he respected her too much.

Dom swallowed hard and was hesitant to approach Letty. He felt his heart skip a beat and his palms began to sweat. As long as Dom has lived he has never known his body could react in such way when approaching a girl, but this wasn't any girl. It was Letty!

Dom cleared his throat as he step closer into Letty. "You know that Elena girl; she didn't mean anything to me. I don't even remember that night at all, I was so hammered."

Letty had her back facing him but she felt shivers run down her spine at the sound of his baritone voice. Playing it cool, Letty turned around and an involuntary gasped emitted through her mouth at the realization of their proximity, hips almost pressed against the others hips. Letty was cornered in between her car and Dom. She motioned her eyes up and down his broad muscular figure and subconsciously licked her lips. She then looked up at him and saw an ignorant smirk on his face. Letty locked gaze with his, dark eyes with dark eyes. She cleared her throat and shrugged. "Hey man you don't have to explain anything to me I know how you guys get and you can do whatever you want with your life. I just hope you wrapped it up because Elena has skank city written all over her."

Dom's hands gravitated to rest on the hood of the car on either side of Letty's hips. "I just wanted to let you know" He said with a stern voice.

When Letty felt his breath on her face, she felt her body tremble. She hated how her body was reacting but no matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't take control of her body's reaction. Letty felt her breath hitch in her throat. "Why? What is it to me?"

Loving in her body's reaction, an ignorant smirk crept onto Dom's face. "I just didn't want you to think I'm into that."

Letty slightly tilted her head up and squinted her eyes. "Then what are you into?" She asked him inquisitively.

Dom chuckled and smiled at the opening Letty had just given him.

Letty smirked and gently pushed Dom away. She made her way over to work bench. "What does the great Dominic Torreto look for in a woman other than big fake breast and a low I.Q?" She casually toed off her overalls and was left wearing in a black sports bra and in barely there black booty shorts.

Dom groaned lowly out of frustration and lust for her. He subconsciously licked his lips at her toned and slim body. "No I'm serious that's not me at all," He walked up to her and sternly towered in front of her petite form "you want to know what I look for in a woman?" He baritone. Letty swallowed hard and slightly nodded her head. She grabbed her white wife beater from the bench and quickly slipped into it. Dom smiled and continued. "I want someone down to earth, someone with a great sense of humor, someone who isn't afraid to get a little dirt underneath her fingernails, someone who fits into my family, and I want a woman who is not afraid to call out the bullshit in someone."

Letty twisted her lips and crossed her arms over her chest. "That's funny because as long as I've known you, I've never see you with that type of girl it's always been one skank after another." She said as she chuckled.

Dom shrugged. "Well that's why they never stick around."

"You think a girl with those characteristic would be into you." She smirked.

Dom smirked back and placed both large and calloused hands onto either side of Letty's hips. "I think she will." He said with confidence sounding in his voice. Letty pursed her lips and looked up at him. Both sensing the sexual tension and their heaving chest rising. It was pretty incredible how both of their bodies were reacting the same way, both craving and asking for the same thing. They both stared hard into each other's eyes.

Dom took the bold movement of crashing his lips onto hers. Letty moaned as his soft warm tongue glided with hers. Oh God, how they loved each other's taste! Dom pushed Letty against the wall and a small gasp of pain was emitted through her mouth when he roughly pressed her back against it. His tongue invaded the inside of Letty mouth as his hands trailed onto her back, pushing her to press firmly against him. Letty groaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening their kiss. Dom was extremely surprise on how good of a kisser Letty was.

Unlike the boys, Letty never talked about her sex life, but nonetheless Dom knew Letty wasn't a virgin and her great kissing skills proved that point. He really didn't want to think about whom she learned to kiss so well with, because the idea of her being with another man only brought a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Dom's hands trialed down onto her ass and Letty whimpered into his mouth at his tight grip. He cupped them and lifted her up, bringing Letty to instinctively wrap her legs around his waist. Dom pinned her roughly against the wall as their tongues continued to bruise each other's lips feverishly. Dom ducked his head downwards and began to lick and suck onto her neck. Letty arched her back, bringing her chest closer to his and let out an evitable moan. More aroused by her non-timid moan Dom pressed her deeper against the wall and inched a hand slowly up her bare thigh. His large fingers gently and teasingly messaged her inner thighs. They worked their way up and closer to her no doubt heated center.

"Wait…Dom" Letty pleaded in an airy moan. Letty felt her panties getting more and more soaked as his hand inched closer into her entrance. Dom covered her mouth by crashing his lips onto hers. It took very strong will power for Letty to snap back into reality and unhook her legs from around his waist and pushed Dom back.

With bruised and swollen lips Letty snapped at him. "Dom what the hell?"

Dom gave Letty a bewildered look. "What's wrong?"

Letty slightly shook her head. "I don't want to do this."

"It kinda seemed like you did."

"Dom you can't just come parading in here, kissing me and expect me to fall for you."

"But I thought you liked it. You kissed me back." Dom exasperated.

"I did! But I don't want to be another one of your skanks" Letty growled.

"But you're not!"

"Dom I know what kind of man you are. Every single weekend I have seen a different woman walk out of your bedroom. I don't want to be one of those."

Dom sighed. "Letty I will never disrespect you."

Letty stepped back, unsure if she would be able to trust her body from not throwing herself onto him. Letty had always crushed on Dom but he never saw her as anything either than his sister's skinny little friend. Did Dom honestly think that Letty was going to be available for him when he wanted her to be? She had to give herself respect and dignity for not sleeping with him and for not becoming his girlfriend like how a desperate and horny teenager would the moment he made a move on her. Letty didn't want to be easy and she certainly didn't want to get hurt by him.

Dom smiled sympathetically at her. He knew Letty was afraid; she was afraid that he would hurt her, she was afraid he would treat her like one of the skanks, and in all honestly he didn't blame her for thinking that way. Dom had built himself a reputation with the racer chasers from all the drunken one night stands he has had.

"I like you and I want a chance." he said.

Letty forced a half smile. "I like you too but it's not that simple."

"How could it be complicated? I like you, you like me, we're both single. If we want each other I don't see why it shouldn't be that simple."

Letty crossed her arms over her chest. "What you're single this week?" She retorted sarcastically

Dom sighed "Letty…"

"What do you want from me Dom?" Letty asked in a demand.

"I want you."

"But do you want an easy fuck? Or do you really want me?"

"I want you Letty and I know you want me too." Dom step closer into Letty and placed his hands on either side of her hips, gently resting his forehead onto hers. "Don't be afraid, you could trust me." His gravelly voiced promised.

"But I'm afraid too." She answered him honestly and lowly, almost inaudible. She licked her dried lips "I have to see you make changes, for me to consider being with you. Please make me trust in you." She said with her voice sounding a mixture of plead and hope.

Dom sighed and nodded. He knew Letty was no one to be played with and she was certainly wasn't easy. He knew he would have to work hard on getting her, and he respected her for it. Dom did always like a little challenge though. "Okay Letty, I know nothing good ever comes easily, so I will work for you."

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