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3:23 AM


Mia's loud shriek woke Dom up from his sleep. His eyes snapped opened and he immediately bristled. "What Mia?! What?" He exasperated.

Mia jumped on his bed and got on all fours. "Dom, I think there is someone downstairs. I think someone just broke into the house." She whispered.

Dom's eyes immediately widened with alert. Without questioning it, he quickly jumped out of bed, reached for his shotgun hidden from underneath it and dashed out of his bedroom. And before he even knew it, his feet had quickly dragged him into Letty's bedroom. He felt the sudden need to protect her.

"Let, are you okay?" He asked, with stomach clenched tight and heart pounding harder than ever.

Letty's eyes opened. It took her a little while to adjust to the darkness when she finally was able to see his concern look. Dom sat on the edge of her bed, his eyes searching for hers. "Babe, you okay?" He gently cupped a hand on her cheek and softly messaged it with his thumb. Despite the softness of the gesture, she tensed for a split of a second when his large hand came in contact with her skin, but she instantly relaxed as soon as their eyes met. They both looked at each other, challenging the other who would be the first to break their stare. Dom smiled and pulled her into him for an embrace, and she willingly fell into his arms. Relief washed through Dom like a huge tidal wave. All he could imagine was keeping his death grip on Letty as he contemplated the possibilities on what might be downstairs.

She yawned and rubbed her heavy eyes with a hand. "Yeah I'm fine, what's going on Dom?" Her voice was hoarse.

She pulled away and looked at him with a quizzical expression. "Dom, what the hell is going on? Why do you have your shotgun?" Eyes barely taking notice of the weapon that sat on his lap.

Dom looked down at his weapon then back at her face, his lips parted, ready to speak, but he was inconveniently interrupted when Mia burst in through the door. "The hell Dom? You just left me!" She whispered angrily, while quietly closing the door behind her.

Letty looked at Mia then at Dom, and then at his shot gun. She slightly shook her head in bafflement. "What the fuck is going on?" She asked.

"Shhhhhh!" Mia placed a slim finger over her mouth. "There's a burglar downstairs." She whispered.

Letty furrowed her eyebrows. "A burglar?"

Dom cocked his shotgun, and stood in front of the door. "You girls stay in here. I'll go downstairs and check it out."

Letty swung her legs over the bed. "You must be shitting me. I ain't staying up here." She got up, skidded to her closet, and pulled out a bat. "I'm going with you."

"Wait, Let-" He instinctively reached for her wrist as she abruptly swung the door open, but they both shun their arguments as they surprisingly saw Jessie standing in the middle of the hallway, wearing only his robe and boxers. "Guys what's going on downstairs?" he asked lowly.

"We might have an intruder." Dom said, while gently releasing Letty's wrist free.

"An intruder?" Jessie nervously asked.

Mia stepped out of the room and stood slightly behind Letty. "Well something is down there and it can't be Vince nor Leon, they are staying over at Hectors tonight" She informed lowly.

"Guys what if it's a ghost?" Jessie whispered.

Mia nervously bit onto the tip of her thumbs fingernail. "Oh shit…a ghost?" She stammered.

Letty draped an arm around Mia's neck. "Relax girl." She turned her head to the side, squinting at Jessie's direction. "Don't be ridiculous Jessie, ghosts aren't real."

"They sure are." Jessie defended.

"No they're not." Letty muttered, irritation clinging to her voice

"They are."

Dom rolled his eyes and stood in between Jessie and Letty. "Jessie, knock it off. And Mia, just relax everything will be okay."

Dom knew, Letty never took any need to his offers of reinforcement, and to be honest with himself, he found it refreshing and relieving, but Mia was slightly different, she sometimes needed some encouraging false phrases of comfort, or hope.

From behind, Mia nervously wrapped an arm around her brother's bicep. "Shit, I don't want to sound like a spoiled little girl, but what if it is a ghost?" She violently tugged at his arm.

"That's why I got this to protect us." He reassuringly gestured with his gun. Kinda stupid to say, but that was the only thing that crossed his mind at that moment.

Letty rolled her eyes and scoffed, "Seriously Dom? And what are you going to do? Shoot a ghost? Gonna kill it again?"

Dom sighed profoundly, feeling the muscles of his back tensed. "Let, remember those dumb paranormal horror movies you would drag me to see with you? If a ghost freaks out when you turn the light switch on then I'm sure blowing a few shot gun shells in the ceiling would do the trick too." He muttered, glimpse of sarcasm sounding in his voice.

"So you gonna blow holes in our roof?" She mocked.

Dom rolled his eyes, impatient at her unrelenting sarcasm. "Let, could you stop being so abrasive?" He gritted through his teeth, adjusting his grip on his gun.

Letty looked up at him, staring at him as if she was assaulted with the most offensive remark possible. "Well I don't think your shotgun is gonna help us re-kill a ghost, Might as well let me beat it to death with my bat." She spat, mixture of sarcasm and annoyance.

Dom sighed. "Babe, could we not do this? Why try to pick up a fight now?" He asked. Too tired and certainly not in the mood for a fight with the woman he had unconditional love for.

Letty looked up at him, pursing her lips together, pensive, and Dom looked down at her, studying her face for any possible signs of what she might have been thinking of, but as usual, she had that talent of keeping her thoughts only to herself and not showing it on her face. A talent that sometimes drove him insane.

"Babe?" He asked again, brushing that pensive look on her face away.

"I'm not." She quickly defended.

Dom sighed as he gently grabbed her wrist and softly pulled her to stand slightly behind him. He then gestured at Jessie to stand beside him and in front of Mia, so that Jessie would shield his sister while he shielded Letty. Though he knew Letty was emotionally strong enough and physical capable enough to take care of herself, he still felt the urgency to protect her from whatever the hell they were about to encounter downstairs.

As they all made their way downstairs they heard a loud clang coming from the kitchen. They all stopped in their tracks. They saw the kitchen lights on. There was another loud clang as if some silverware or a pot had fallen on the floor.

"It's definitely a ghost!" Jessie whispered out loud as he reached for a nearby vase and held it up in the air in a defensive stance.

Mia looked at Jessie and raised an eyebrow, mildly amused. "A vase? Really?"

Jessie shrugged. "It's better than nothing."

They all crept closer to the kitchen. Taking a few steps ahead from the rest, Dom slowly approached the door to the kitchen and tried his best to listen inside, pressing his ear against the door. He heard muffling sounds on the other side of the door and he felt his heart begin to race.

Dom signaled the others to hold back, he braced himself and took a deep breath before kicking the door open and entered the kitchen locked and loaded. A frighten woman holding a butter knife and jar of mayonnaise shrieked out in fear and dropped everything in her hands and raised them high in the air. Leon who had his face buried in the refrigerator jumped back from the loud shrieking, hitting his head during the process.

He planted a hand over his newly formed head bump, and looked only to see a very threatening Dom aiming his shotgun at them. Obviously in a tipsy state Leon ask, "Whoa big D! What's going on?"

Dom pursed his lips and lowered his firearm. "Damn it Leon, I thought you were an intruder!" He yelled.

"Well…. I'm not!"

"I thought you were staying at Hectors tonight!" Dom exclaimed, dropping the shotgun's barrel to point at the ground.

"Well I was going to but then I met Cynthia here," Leon answered as he draped an arm around a very tipsy woman. "Oh by the way, Dom, fellas, this is Cynthia! Cynthia this is my family!" He proudly proclaimed.

Cynthia let out a broad grin "Hi!" She slurred, waving at everyone.

Dom rolled his eyes and placed his gun down. Letty walked over to the sink and poured herself a glass of water. "Jesus Leon, you scared us half to death!"

"You scared us too! So consider it even" Leon offered.

"Yeah we thought you were ghost." Jessie added, placing the vase on the dining room table.

Leon laughed. "Ghost? Nah we were just hungry. We were making a couple of sandwiches before you guys came storming in."

Mia, Jessie, Dom and Letty all exchanged looks, mildly struck in disbelief by the drunken duo. "Grow up, Leon." Mia spat in annoyance and left the kitchen. Jessie only offered a half smile at the "couple" and then retreated from the kitchen.

Dom interlocked fingers with Letty, and spat to Leon, "Don't forget to clean all this shit up." He gestured at the mess on the floor. He then Led Letty upstairs and walked her to her room.


As they stood in front of her bedroom door, Dom gently caressed her forearms. "That could have been a lot worse" He offered.

"Right? We almost had to explain to the cops why you almost blew a drunken sluts head off."

Dom chuckled lightly at her joke. Despite at any given situation, Letty always managed to deliver her witty jokes, and always managed to curl a smile across Dom's face at the most unexpected moments.

Not exactly catching onto his train of thoughts, Letty merely huffed in indignation, "It was pretty stupid of you, you know?"

His smile turned into a frown and his eyebrows furrowed. "Of what?" He asked.

"On pretending to play the hero." She crossed her arms over her chest, "What? Did you think you impress me when you put your life on danger? Were you expecting a kiss from me after playing the dumb little hero?"

Dom sighed and rolled his eyes. If a hero was ever born and needed a girl to kiss, it would definitely have to be Letty, but Dom knew her well enough to know that she wasn't up for those stupid clichés any more than he was. "I wasn't trying to impress anyone. I was only trying to protect all of us. Somebody had too. For crying out loud, Jessie only had a flower vase as a weapon." He defended.

Letty chuckled at the last part of his statement. "Well… I had my bat." She suggested with a half shrug.

Dom smiled and placed his hands on either side of her hips. "Then you would have definitely been my partner in crime and helped me protect Jessie and Mia."

"I would have liked that."

Dom smiled and ducked his head downwards, gently pressing his lips against hers. He smiled against her lips when he heard her gently moan into their kiss. It was a ritual goodnight kiss that they have shared for the past seven days, ever since Letty changed rooms, and ever since Dom had developed the custom of walking her to her old bedroom.

They softly broke away, and Dom asked, "Want to sleep over in my room tonight?" He already knew what her answer would be, but she was so spontaneous at times that he needed to ask again just to double check.

Letty twisted her lips as she pondered for a bit. "Not tonight." She said.

Dom awkwardly shifted his body, taking a step back. "It's been a week Let, since you last slept in my room."

"I told you already, I need my space."

Dom sighed defeated, but nodded his understanding. He would do anything for her to return back to his bedroom. He'll do anything to have her safe in his arms. He'll do anything to not push her away.

"Good night." She said, rising onto her tippy toes and pecking his lips.

Dom sighed. "Good night."

After a long day of shopping, having dinner, and hitting up a few drinks at a bar, Giselle, Letty and Mia spent the whole day completely men free. And later within many hours and within many cocktails, the trio finally decided to call it a night. Mia called for a taxi as the ladies headed out to the entrance of the parking lot. As they waited for their cab, a formal dressed drunken cretonne was walking by down the street. He saw three lovely girls waiting for a cab by the curb, and he quickly swerved close and as he passed by, in a quick motion he swung his hand towards Letty's ass and gave her a very tight squeeze.

Letty's eyes snapped wide open and she quickly turned around to catch a look of the pervert strolling away so happily "Hey! HEY!" She shouted

The man shot her a quick smirk and then arrogantly turned his back on her and continued strolling down the sidewalk. His smugly grin only infuriated Letty more and her insides churn in disgust. Mia knew exactly what was coming next, and so did Giselle, but both their faces expressed complete opposite emotions. Mia was worried while Giselle looked mildly entertained. Letty stormed up to the guy and grabbed his shoulder, spun him around, and pushed him. His grin turned into grimace and he pushed Letty hard down on the sidewalk and she ended up skidding her shoulder on the curb with broken glass. He smugly turned back around, but before he could make it 3 feet away, Letty had already jumped back on her feet and she sprung her left arm and donkey punched the man hard in the back of his head. He was knocked down to his knees, immediately his vision was blurred and he felt his forehead throbbing. He obviously was not expecting such a strong punch from such a tiny girl, but before he could recollect where he was at Letty uppercut him once more in the jaw, completely knocking him out altogether. Letty shook her Knuckles and fingers from the pain of the impact, but she was relieved and content after seeing him drop down on the floor.

Mia quickly approached Letty and brushed a broken glass off her shoulder "Oh Letty why couldn't you just let it go?!"

"That asshole deserved it!"

Giselle saw a few of the drunks' buddies heading over to their direction. Her eyes widened and she grabbed the crook of Letty's forearm. "Let's go! Let's go! There's more coming!" She exasperated, and all three girls ran to their taxi before they had the chance to cause a bigger scene.


"Shit what are you going to tell Don?" Giselle exasperated while putting pressure on Letty's open wound with a cloth.

Mia furrowed her eyebrows. "Don?"

Letty whimpered as pressure was applied on her shoulders cut. At the moment she didn't have the time or the desire to fill Mia in, but luckily Giselle spoke up and informed Mia by what she meant.

"Don is Dom. It's a long story in which why I call him Don. I'm just teasing, I know your brother's name is Dom."

Letty took a sharp breath of air. "Mia, I'm gonna need you to take care of Dom and the others because I won't be in the mood to hear their rehearsed monologues."

Mia quickly nodded. "I got you, don't worry. You just go upstairs and clean yourself up."

At that moment the taxi arrived at the Toretto's home, Mia pulled out her purse and paid her half of the fare. "It was a pleasure meeting you Giselle. I had lots of fun, and thanks for convincing Letty to go shopping with us. This girl never listens to me" She chuckled.

Giselle nodded. "Yeah no problem, we should do this more often, minus the part of getting Letty into trouble."

Mia chuckled. "That's gonna be hard."

Letty rolled her eyes. She hugged her goodbye to Giselle and exited the vehicle. As the cab shrunk into the distance, Mia and Letty walked up the steps to the front door of their house. Mia kept her eyes glued on Letty's shoulder wound. "You're still bleeding Let"

"It doesn't hurt" Letty insisted.

When they made it inside they saw the guys huddled around the TV playing video games. Music was playing loud and Dom was in his usual seat, he was about to take a sip of his beer when he saw the girls enter. "You're back early. How was it?" He asked.

Letty gave Dom a quick glance "It was good, nothing special" She answered nonchalantly as she quickly hurried up the steps, and dashed straight to the bathroom.

However she didn't move quick enough, for an always observant Dom noticed a small trail of blood on her back cascading down her blouse. He immediately put his drink down and jumped up from his seat, but Mia quickly stepped in front of him, blocking him from going upstairs.

She placed her hands on his chest "Dom, relax and hear me out."

"What happened to Letty?!" Dom growled.

"Calm down." Mia said soothingly.


Mia sighed. "Some drunk guy slapped her ass."

Dom violently exhaled through his nostrils and looked like he was about to stomp his foot.

"How did she get hurt?!" He growled.

Mia shrugged. "Well Letty did what she always does and confronted him. And you all know Letty…..she 'educated' him."

Heavily invested where the conversation was going at, Vince paused his game and asked, "So then what happened?"

"He pushed her, and she lost her balance because she was a bit tipsy. She fell on her back and fell on some broken glass, but she then jumped back on her feet and completely knocked him down."

Dom's hands subconsciously balled into fists. "I'm gonna go kill that asshole" He gritted through his teeth as he grabbed his jacket, and got ready to sprint out the front door.

Mia quickly jumped in front of him and grabbed his bicep. "Wait Dom! Don't do that, Letty left him good as dead!" She pleaded

A rush of defiance ignited somewhere inside him. "Get out of my way Mia." He commanded.

"No Dom! Think about Letty! Do you think this is what she'll want?!" Mia tried reasoning. She could hear his impatient huffs, but she still kept her firm stand in front of him, not daring herself to move an inch out of his way.

Dom sighed, because he knew she was right. He placed a hand on his hip and ran his free hand over his bald head, huffing, "You're telling me the truth? She took care of him?"

Mia nodded. "Yes she did. Has Letty ever walked away from someone who disrespected her?"

He let his eyes dig deeper within her own, in search for the truth, and he noticed that her eyes weren't lying. Dom slowly nodded and took a step back. He didn't want to put up a façade of an ignorant macho, for he knew Letty hated it. Granted, he did desperately want to beat the guys face off, but he knew that would only aggravate Letty. It would only make her feel like she failed on herself, when she was perfectly capable enough to serve her own justice.

Vince stood up from his seat and walked up to Dom, placing a hand on his shoulder "Calm down man, I understand that you want to protect Letty from every kind of harm, but don't be dumb enough to be one of the sources."

"Dude, instead of wasting time looking for someone you can't find, go upstairs and check on your girl. She might be hurt." Leon said.

Everyone in the room finally saw the tension in Dom's shoulders melt and his furrowed eyebrows relax with relief. He took a deep breath and looked down at his sister. "I'm gonna check on Letty." He said sternly.

His eyes found her when he stepped into the bathroom. He caught her sitting on the bathrooms counter. Taking in her appearance, he noticed she looked exhausted and the look marked across her face seemed like she was stumbling over some troubling thoughts.

She winced as she gently blew air on her hurt shoulder, and the immediate desire to brush her pain away was visible through Dom's intensive stare.

He cleared his throat and spoke out every motion he had ever felt into a single word.


Letty looked over her shoulders and saw his broad figure blocking the bathroom's entrance. She caught his eyes drinking her. She sighed and refocused her attention back on her wound.

"Let me help you with that." He offered. He needed her to know that he was there for her. He had to reinforce it just in case she had forgotten.

Letty looked up at him, furrowed eyebrows, but quickly softened her facial feature as he stepped closer into her. She adjusted herself with his presence and sighed. "I'm okay, Dom."

Dom opened the bathrooms cupboard. "You're hurt." He said as he pulled out an antiseptic, gauze and a few cottons cloths. "We need to clean that." He gestured towards her shoulder. Letty noticed the medical supplies that he held in his hands and saw him scattered them over the counter.

"You need to take off your shirt."

"No" She stubbornly replied.

Dom sighed. "Babe please."

"No. I don't need any help."

Dom sighed heavily, mentally counting to ten to ease his frustration and practice his patience. His girl always seemed to have an interest in pushing his buttons. "Why not Let? I need to see your wound."

Letty rolled her eyes and reluctantly grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt. She pulled it up and over her head, tossing it to the side. She picked up her dark waves and tossed them over to the opposite side of the wound, exposing her bare shoulder. Dom found that action sexier than what it should have been. She exposed the long side of her delicate neck, and waited for his inevitable touch.

Going against Letty's thoughts, Dom carefully moved closer into her, finally achieving the physical closeness he craved. As he stood in between her slightly parted legs, Letty immediately felt his warm breath on her face and her body automatically gave into a small shiver, which luckily went unnoticed by him.

Dom carefully observed her wound, assessing the extent of the cut. He sighed in relief when he noticed it wasn't a deep cut and could easily be cleaned. He reached for the alcohol and a cotton cloth, mentally keeping a deep concentration for successfully disinfecting her wound without hurting her too much.

"So I suppose you know what happened." She spoke, breaking the silence.

"What gave it away?" Dom quietly examined her open wound.

"Your silence."

He chuckled lightly. "Mia told us."

Letty slowly nodded and sighed, "So let me guess, after you're done cleaning me up, you're gonna burn every house down in the city until you find the guy and then knock his teeth out?"

Dom took a deep reassuring breath of air. Boy, she knew him far too well. "I won't do it as long as you tell me not too." He offered.

Stunned at first from his sudden change, Letty looked up and met his gaze, startled. "Are you serious? Not gonna go bat shit crazy and rip his head off?"

"Trust me, I definitely want too, but I won't do it, only if you guaranteed me you left him good as dead."

"I left him good as dead." She confirmed, confidence rattling in her voice.

Her snarky response brought a small smile to curl on his lips. "I have no doubt that you did."

Their eyes met again, instantly and mutually creating an intoxicating glimmer in them both. The longingly feeling quickly rushed to him. He wanted to hold her, kiss her, caress her, make love to her, but he felt that it would only break the trust he was beginning to win back. His eyes shimmering with love and hope, slowly fixated down to her lips. She softly bit onto her lower lip, an action in which he found extremely sexy. God, she was simply beautiful, he marveled as his eyes traveled upwards to meet hers, and he found himself getting lost inside them. Her eyes were full of emotions, and Dom felt his soul being struck with her powerful stare. The look she gave him was one with confidence, want, desire, and Dom contemplated into giving her a kiss, but he was caught off guard when Letty turned her head to the side and broke their stare.

Clearing her throat she said, "Can you please stitch me up so I could go get some rest?"

Her eyes fixated on a particular spot on the floor. Dom slowly nodded and tried his dearly best to hide the disappointment in his face. He grabbed the drained cotton cloth and warned her, "This is gonna hurt. Are you ready?"

Letty softly nodded, and gave him a gentle reassuring squeeze on his free hand. He nodded back and pressed the drenched cotton cloth over her open wound, emitting a whimper from his girlfriend. She contorted her face in pain and gripped so tightly onto his hand, causing her knuckles to turn white from the intensity. Dom heard her take in a sharp breath of air and winced in pain as he carefully continued dressing her wound.

"I'm sorry if I'm hurting you." He whispered comfort into her ear. "Relax baby, we're almost done here."

Letty had her eyes tightly shut and would only nod in responds. Quite frankly, it was odd for her to accept his comforts, since both of them were too prideful to believe in them. But regardless of anything, Dom admired her stubborn spirit and strong persona, especially in times like these.

Moments later, Dom released the pressure. He took in another skillful examination at her wound and when he was satisfied with the results, he taped the folded gauze over it, making sure it was tightly secured.

He gently placed a kiss on her shoulder around the wound. "Okay, we're done."

Letty opened her eyes at the sound of his voice. She looked over her shoulder and smiled her gratitude at him. "Wow, so you're not bad with your hands at all." Her voice all of a sudden cheeky and playful.

Dom chuckled. "You've never complained before."

Letty smiled and rolled her eyes as she grabbed her discarded shirt and slipped back into it. Dom started putting all the medical supplies back to their place. "Never can keep yourself out of trouble huh Let?" He smirked.

Letty's smile grew wider, a smile that hid something mischievous behind it. "Don't you like trouble?"

"Only when it comes to you."

Letty gave him a sexy devilish smile. "Oh yeah? Then tell me what else you like about me." She commanded, sensually biting onto her lower lip, knowing it drove him insane.

Dom cupped her cheek with a hand and Letty brought her hand to press over on top of his. He gently brushed his thumb over her lips, slightly parting them, and Letty felt herself breathing harder.

He looked deep into her eyes and then rested his hands on her thighs. "I love your laugh, your smile, your eyes, the way you curl up while you sleep, the cute little kisses you place all over me before going to bed. All those simple little things make you different from the rest, and you never let influences of the modern world affect your morals and your values… I fell in love with you simply because you're you."

He gently pressed his lips against hers. Their kiss was soft and gentle at first, until Letty griped the collar of his t-shirt and fiercely yanked him closer into her, deepening their kiss. She moaned softly as their kiss intensified, and Dom gravitated his hands onto her waist. She clanged onto him and he clanged onto her, holding her as if it were their last time, savoring her touch and not letting her go, too afraid to imagine the possibility of losing her tomorrow at the heist.

His hands were all over the place, running them up and down along her back, pushing her firmly against his hard chest. Kissing her passionately, but almost hesitant, afraid she would pull away, but at his lovely surprise she didn't. Instead she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened their kiss.

But soon the need for oxygen was demanded and Letty was quick to first pull away from their kiss. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away. She jumped off the counter and straightened out her clothes. "I can't do this." She said lowly, almost as a whisper, and Dom couldn't deny getting slightly disappointed, but only nodded his response. It took every shred of strong will power for Letty to push Dom away, but she had too. She had to get away from him or else she would jump in bed with him. To kiss him was fine, but at times, she couldn't trust her own body around him. It had barely been a week since she last had sex with him, and already her body wanted to give into it, but her mind and heart fought against it. She wanted him to work for her like he would in the beginning of their relationship. She needed him to fight for her and earn it through his actions. After all, what man respects a woman who doesn't even respect herself? After what happened last Saturday at their "sushi date" Dom had a lot of catching up to do to earn her full trust back.

Dom exhaled through his nostrils and stared at the floor, only having himself to blame for her drastic attitude change. He forced a half smile as looked back up at her and gently grabbed her hands, softly rubbing her wrist with his thumbs.

"Are you sure about tomorrow Let? We haven't even gotten to the heist yet and already you're getting hurt."

"Don't use this as an excuse to get rid of me. I'm going tomorrow." She stated as a matter-of-fact.

Dom sighed, profoundly. Why did he even bother asking her? Were words even relevant to a woman who had no problem acting out her emotions through her actions?

"But I do have one more thing to say." She added.


"The only reason I'm going to the heist is to see for myself how dangerous it is. If what you boys are doing isn't worth risking our lives, then we should put an immediate stop to it. I'm going to the heist with you to determine whether or not you boys should continue. But Dom, if doing these heist are too dangerous you need to promise me that we'll all put an end to it."

Dom sighed. "I'm already letting you now right now that it is going to be dangerous."

"Then why do you so desperately want to continue this?!" She exasperated, staring at him in disbelief by his never-ending stubbornness.


"Why!?" She exclaimed,

"Because I know we could do it."

Letty crossed her arms over her chest. "For how long?" She asked, tapping her foot impatiently against the floor.

"Give me four more heist to complete and then we'll finish this for good. We'll save the money we earned from our four heists, and after we're done with everything, we'll figure out a different way to handle our finances, together." He offered.

"Two more heist." She quickly interjected.


Letty rolled her eyes and reluctantly said, "Fine, but that's only if everything goes well tomorrow." Pointing an accusing finger at him.

Dom nodded "Fair enough."

Letty sighed as she cupped a hand over her forehead, and anxiously dragged her fingers through her hair. "I wish you have told me about the heist sooner." She said in a calm tone, but with an undeniable icy undercurrent that Dom couldn't miss.

Dom sighed, "I thought I was doing the right thing. I didn't want to tell you because I wanted to keep you safe." closing his eyes for only momentarily before looking at Letty face, expecting accusation from her for his lackadaisical behavior.

"A person who loves their partner never keeps things hidden from them. Keep that console implanted inside your head, Dom." She clarified for him before walking away.

Dom sighed. "Let, and about the guy. Do you want me to-"

Letty stopped her steps and turned around, taking in his muscular physique. "I took care of it….but thanks."

Dom stood stony and silent. He only nodded his responds as he watched her leave the room.


After Dom walked Letty to her bedroom he slumped his way over to his room. He stripped into his boxers and slipped into bed. With Letty missing from his side, Dom would only sleep in hope of dreaming that everything would go back like how things between them were before. Sure she was just across the hallway but Dom still longed for that feeling of having an extra heartbeat in his room, he missed her sleeping blissfully next to him. Dom closed his eyes in attempt to fall asleep because he was only giving himself a headache from fearing he may have crumbled his efforts.

Moments later, his eyes snapped open when he heard light footsteps approaching his bedroom. He glanced over at his door and became a bit startled when he heard movements outside in the hallway. He watched the doorknob slowly twist and a small smile curled on his lips when he saw the one and only Letty creep inside.

"Sorry to wake you up." She whispered, jumping onto his bed.

"You didn't." He offered as he lifted his comforter and made space for her to lay beside him.

She slipped under the light bed sheets, "Remember back when I use to sneak into your room?" She whispered, both laying on their sides, facing each other.

Dom smiled and nodded. "Yeah, back when we were hiding our relationship from everyone." His voice so low and serene.

"Those were fun days weren't they? I use to love sneaking around with you." She whispered.

A weak smile, almost pitiful smile curled onto his lips. "Me too." He spoke lowly and honestly.

A light sweet chuckle emitted from the brunettes mouth. "Remember what a fucking mess your room used to be before I moved in?"

Dom chuckled "It wasn't that bad."

"It sure was." Her voice playful.

Dom felt a huge surge of happiness that he had caused that tone to arise, and they both soaked in the moment with laughter, but that happiness was short lived, for the room grew serious short after.

Letty scooted an inch closer, laying on her side, body curled into a fetus position. "What happened down the road that made us grow distant from each other?" She asked, eyes still piercing through his, seeking for an answer.

Dom felt the word "distant" had punched him in the stomach with a boxing glove. He felt so ashamed with himself at the simplicity of her question. What should he say? What could he say? He had no real answer for her. He would always ask himself the same exact question every night. "I don't know." His deep voice rose over the lump in his throat.

Again, her deflation was obvious and, heartbreaking, and Dom knew he had disappointed her once more. He had never in his life felt so much smaller. Why couldn't he make this woman feel whole again?! He would beat himself up every night as he replayed the same question over and over inside his head like a broken record.

Letty sighed. "Let me ask you something else Dom."

Dom swallowed in his hesitates, "Anything."

"Why were you so scared this early morning?" She subtly looked over at his digital alarm clock. It read 12:36 AM "Or should I now say, yesterday early morning?" She corrected herself, realizing today was a different day.

Dom sighed and took in the beauty of the moonlight casting a cream-like-colored shadow through his window. The night seeming more content that its usual self, now that he had Letty in his bedroom. He gently tucked a lock of wavy dark hair behind her ear, touching her to only reassure to himself that he wasn't imagining her in his bed.

"Does it have anything to do with those people you've been ripping off?" She asked lowly, brushing his thoughts away.

Dom slowly nodded and swallowed hard into admitting, "I was afraid of something bad happening to you." His voice low, but the sincerity of his tone noticeable.

She could hear hope in his tone, and caring, and Dom allowed her eyes to carefully study his body. After she was content with her examination, a small sad smile formed on her lips. "You're stubborn as hell, you know that?" She whispered. She then turned around, and laid on her opposite side, back facing him. She rested her head on a pillow and Dom draped an arm around her waist, his hand resting on her flat belly. He scooted closer into her and tightened his grip from around her, holding her closer to his body. He felt his muscles relaxed as he held her in his arms, breathing into her hair, relishing the moment.

"Thank you for coming back." He whispered into her ear.

"It's only for this night." She mumbled tiredly, half asleep.

He placed a gentle kiss on the side of her head. "I'll take it."

He closed his eyes and waited until he heard her light soft snoring, he listened to the pattern of her breathing, and within seconds he too fell asleep.

Due to popular demand, the next chapter will revolve around a Dom and Letty flashback! There's a lot more to come ;-)