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When she awoke, the sun was shining through the windows, and the rays were bathing the room in a warm, inviting light. Letty stretched her arms above her head like a cat reaching for a robotic mouse cat toy.

Her eyes casted down at the man sleeping next to her, his fingers splayed across her covered stomach, and she smiled to herself. She was probably just fooling herself, but today felt like it was going to be an amazing day.

She looked down at her boyfriend-wait not boyfriend…her fiancé. Fiancé, word being so foreign to her ears, but yet so right. His chest rose slightly as he breathed in and out. He seemed so at peace, strange to say, since his past demons had been haunting him for decades one might say.

Letty watched with an almost strange captivation. Did she really get engaged last night? Last night's events came rushing in like waves of a typhoon. She nervously bit onto her lower lip as she thought to herself as the wife of Dominic Toretto. Memories suddenly rushed at her, and she didn't suppress them. She didn't have to, she didn't want to. It was light, not dark. Love, not lust. She agreed on marrying the man who had proven countless amounts of times of all the unconditional love he had for her.

Her eyes locked at the sight of his lips, the boyish curve of his lips, and she smiled to herself, remembering all the delicious sinful things those lips had, would, and will do to her.

Her eyes flutter shut as she scooted closer into his side, tossing an arm around his torso, she heard him murmured something low.

"What?" She asked, lowly, barely above a whisper.

"I love you." He murmured.

Letty looked up and met his warm gaze. "I love you."

Stifling a yawn Dom took Letty's hand and looked at the perfect, beautiful engagement ring slipped into her finger. "It looks beautiful on you." He murmured.

"Yeah, it does." Her voice soft, light, easy.

"You sure about being my wife?" His tone playful.

"Trouble is my middle name." She said, smiling teasingly.

Dom chuckled, he smiled at her, and his lips found hers. Both losing themselves in the moment. Letty was relishing the tug of his strong hands on her messy, tangled hair, and Dom was relishing the feeling of her lips engulfing his as she unashamedly pulled him closer to her.

As they pulled away, they looked at each other. "Ready to tell the family?" He asked.

"When? Today?"

"Whenever you want."

Letty shrugged noncommittally. "I don't know. I guess whenever it feels right."

"It's whenever you like." He offered.

Letty didn't respond to that, but instead only allowed beats of silence to invade the room. She drew imaginary circles with her dancing finger on his chest, doodling, caressing, silently, figuratively claiming Dominic Toretto for herself.

She finally spoke, hoarsely. "I want to get Frankie out."

Dom draped an arm over his forehead, and he sighed profoundly. Frankie, of course Frankie, had he almost forgotten about him? "Then, let's get him out." He offered. He gently untangled his limps apart from hers, and Letty extracted herself from the comforting hold of his arms.

Dom lifted himself off the bed and heard her luring voice call out to him, "Wait, before we go downstairs, can you help me change? I have physical therapy today, and Giselle is picking me up in an hour." Letty consciously had to make an effort not to cringe at the words physical therapy.

Dom cleared his throat. "Yeah of course. Want me to go too?" He asked.

"No, it's okay. You took me last time. I'm going with the girls this time."

"Mia's joining?"

"Yeah, she slept over at Brian's yesterday, but he'll be dropping her off any minute now."

Dom nodded his understanding, and planted a gentle kiss on his fiancés forehead. He promised Letty that while she was at her physically therapy session, he would free puppy Frankie from that god forsaken hole he was trapped in.

They both got dressed, brushed their teeth, and when they made it downstairs, at their surprise, they saw Vince and Leon prying off the wooden floor boards, with Jessie standing beside them holding a cardboard box.

Letty furrowed her eyebrows. "What the hell are you guys doing?" She asked, as she was carefully seated into her chair.

"We got your voicemails about Frankie" Jessie said.

"We figured how to get Frankie out!" Vince shouted as he stood in the large hole in the living room that he had created.

Leon had just pried the nails out of a floor plank and yanked it out of the floor, when Dom shouted authoritively, "You're tearing the whole floor out?!"

"No! No! We are just making the hole big enough to release a cat in there." Leon answered with enthusiasm.

"Come again?" Dom asked profoundly confused.

"We're going to let some cat that we borrowed from our neighbors loose inside the hole for Frankie to chase after" Leon clarified, in case their idea didn't already seem ridiculous as it was.

Letty's eyes bugged to their limit. "WHAT?!" She exclaimed.

Vince watched the bemused expression mark onto her face, so he decided to help and clarify the situation. "The plan is fool proof." He said "We let the cat go in, and when Frankie starts chasing after it, the cat will run and have to escape through the hole we made, and thus Frankie will follow."

Letty's eyebrows shot upwards. "You can't be serious. That's a plan they would use in a cartoon." She sneered. "The plan may be fool proof but there are THREE fools here. And secondly, cat's don't do shit. What if the freaking cat decides to live down there too?" She exasperated.

"Don't worry about it, we have a plan for the cat too. We borrowed a parakeet for the cat to chase after, for just in case." Jessie assured.

Dom and Letty exchanged glances, unsure if what they were hearing was really being said. The couple's facial features were distorted into an expression that could only be best described as complete bafflement.

"Don't worry, Let, we got this all figured out." Leon assured. Letty blinked at him, her expression twisting into something resembling confusion. "The cat will chase the parakeet, and Frankie will chase after the cat, its simple math, Let." He elaborated.

Letty's eyes sparked in amusement. "Wow, congratulations fellas, you just reached a whole new level of stupidity today." She said sarcastically.

Dom ran a hand over his bald head and exhaled deeply, taking in the reality of the far fetch scene they stumbled onto. "Well instead of creating a freaking petting zoo underneath my living room, how bout we NOT do that and we get the dog out using a different method." He kindly 'suggested'

"Whose bright idea was this to begin with?" Letty asked, while messaging her left temple.

"Well if you must know, all three of us brainstormed this morning and came up with it. Give us a break Letty, we're doing this for you. We heard how upset you sounded over the phone, and we're just trying to help you. We are doing the best with what we got." Vince said.

Letty sighed in resignation. "Well okay, let me see this mangy cat you guys found." She said, rendering into giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Jessie opened the cardboard box up and reached in with both hands only to pull out a giant fat furry gray alley cat.

Dom immediately slapped his forehead with his palm in disbelief. "Fuck." He uttered lowly to himself. Letty rolled her eyes at their stupidity, and huffed in indignation, "NO! Just no. you found Catzilla! It's fucking huge! That thing is way bigger than Frankie! There's no way in hell Frankie is going to chase after that moose!"

Jessie struggled to lift the cat higher and turned the feline around so that the cat would face him. "This was the only cat we could find and besides it looks like he could be up for the challenge."

"What challenge? Murdering a puppy?" Letty mocked.

"Well you got any other ideas Let?" Vince barked. "Because I'm all ears."

"That cat is going to murder Frankie and if that happens I'm going to have to murder you!" She gritted though her teeth.

Jessie shrugged. "Yeah, I kinda knew all along it was a bad idea, Let" He admitted lowly. "I tried convincing Vince and Leon that this was a stupid idea, but they didn't want to listen."

Vince rolled his eyes and sighed. "Okay fine, maybe this wasn't the greatest plan, but we should definitely consider it as plan B. We just wanted to help you as quickly as we could, Let. We got your message last night and you sounded so distraught we couldn't just stand idle by. We care about you. Sadly this was the first idea that popped into our minds." He grunted.

With no words, Letty felt warmth and sincerity overwhelm her. Her brothers had good intentions, and that only brought a lazy smile to curl onto her lips, and their hilariously failing attempt to lure her puppy out, brought her to chuckle a bit. "I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me," She said "but can we just ditch the cat for right now? You know… before Mia see's it and decides to adopt it?"

Vince sighed. "Well alright if you say so." He handed the box over to Jessie and instructed him to take the cat back to its owners.

Couple of minutes later Brian, Mia, Roman, Tej and conveniently even Giselle arrived to the Toretto's household, and they were immediately filled in on the Frankie situation.

"A trapped puppy?!" Tej exclaimed. "And you dummies wanted to use a cat?" he questioned Vince and Leon.

"What's wrong with that idea? It's something I would have done." Roman interjected.

"My point exactly." Tej exasperated. "It's stupid."

Tej walked up to the hole and carefully examined it. He saw nothing but darkness, but then a mischievous smile crept onto his face as an epiphany struck him. "Well, I got an idea on how to get the dog out. You have any doggy treats? Or did Vince snack on them all?" He asked.

"We have a few, why?" Vince grumbled.

Tej rubbed his chin as he pondered for a few more seconds. "Hold on a sec. I'll be back in a jiffy" He said. He made his way to his car and within a few moments later he returned with an RC car and a mini remote with a screen attached.

With a curious face, Letty looked at the strange little machine he held in his hands. "What are you going to do with that?" She asked.

"I have a camera attached to this RC, we're going to lower this down, and find Frankie. We attach a treat to the hood to get him to chase after it" Tej explained.

Everyone gathered around Tej when he turned the screen on and began driving the RC car underneath the floor boards. Tej navigated the RC car through darkness and cobwebs but because of lack of lighting he kept veering into the floor joist and walls.

"Man you don't know how to drive, give me that thing." Roman tried snatching the remote controller from Tej's hands.

Tej pulled the controller away. "Don't touch my shit."

"You can't drive for shit."

Giselle knelt besides her worried friend Letty, and looked up at Tej and Roman. "Would you boys be quiet so we could hear the puppy." She said, tone illustrating how unamused she was at their banter.

"Pfft, boys." Roman muttered mockingly to himself, utterly offended he was referred to as a 'boy' by a woman.

Tej smirked. "Listen to the lady man, unless you want to be scolded by another woman." He teased, pushing Romans buttons.

Roman rolled his eyes. "She was talking to both of us, computer geek." He bit back defensively.

Tej scoffed. "Look at you, you have all that forehead and no brain. You have a five-head, man!"

"Well this five-head can smash your narrow head any day of the week!" Roman barked.

Reaching her quota of stupidity from every grown man of the day, Letty grunted and grabbed her nearby cane, poking Roman in the ribs, she scolded, "Shhh keep it down, man. Save it for after we save Frankie."

Roman messaged his ribs and complied with the irritated Latina's request by sitting on the floor besides Tej. He crossed his arms as he quietly observed the little TV monitor Tej held in his hands. Everyone finally stood in silence, in an attempt to hear any sort of movement from underneath the floor.

Vince and Leon took the opportunity to sit on opposite sides of the room, and quietly pressed their ears against the floor, trying to hear where Frankie might be.

And bingo!

Leon was able to hear Frankie's whimpers and directed Tej to drive the toy car around where he was sitting. Letty's eyes were glued to the screen of the RC camera video, her eyes were moving 100 miles per hour, scanning every little movement that popped onto the screen. Frankie's whimpering grew louder and closer. And after a short few minutes of navigating through the darkness, they finally found a pair of frightened puppy eyes staring directly into the camera.

"FRANKIE!" Letty exclaimed, pointing to the camera.

"There he is!" Giselle exclaimed with enthusiasm.

Tej drove the car closer; just close enough for Frankie to get a whiff of the doggie treat. Frankie tried to bite it, but Tej reversed and as he planned, he lured Frankie closer to the hole that the fellas had created.

Roman and Brian headed for the hole entrance and readied themselves to grab Frankie out.

"Get him! Get him!" Letty shouted, eyes still glues on to the screen.

"I'm almost there…" Tej said confidently, fully committed on succeeding his mission.

Letty grabbed Dom's forearm and shook it. "Dom, go get Frankie, we need him to be our ring bearer."

Dom laced his fingers through hers and gave her a gentle reassuring squeeze, bringing her hand to his lips, he kissed her knuckles. "Okay." He muffled against her skin.

"Um…ring bearer?" Mia asked inquisitively.

"Yeah." Letty confirmed, with a head nod as well.

"For whose wedding?" Jessie asked, startled.

Still holding onto Letty's hand, Dom answered. "For our wedding."

Leon furrowed his eyebrows "Your wedding?" He asked with a bewildered look on his face, looking straight at the couple for confirmation.

A sneaky smile crept across the Latina's face. "Oh, yeah forgot to mention, Dom and I got engaged." She said nonchalantly

Tej snapped his head back at the couple "WHAT?!" He exclaimed, evitable crashing the RC car into a floor joist. "Shit!" He exasperated, immediately re-focusing his attention back at the blurry screen.

A child-like smile grew on Brian's face. "When did this happen?"

"There he is!" Letty exclaimed, pointing at Frankie whom she was able to see by the surface. Frankie had caught up to the car and was seen chewing on the treat attached to the hood. Taking advantage of the distracted puppy, Dom was able to get in position and plunged both hands into the dark hole. And after a loud "yelp!" Dom managed to pull puppy Frankie out. Letty rolled over to Dom and immediately grabbed a frightened, whimpering Frankie from his hands. She carefully held him close to her chest.

"You guys are engaged?!" Mia exclaimed. She gave Dom a hard slap across his bicep. "Why didn't you say anything before?!"

Dom rubbed the spot that Mia had smacked on. "Relax, this just happened last night."

"Last night? That's great, man!" Brian exclaimed, giving Dom a congratulatory hug.

Vince grinned. "You finally did it!" He exclaimed in approval, patting Dom on the back and also exchanged a quick hug with him.

Mia went over to Letty and hugged her tight. "Yay! we are going to be official sisters' in-law!" She squealed. Giselle grinned. "Congratulations." She knelt besides Letty and joined in the embrace with both girls.

"Letty, the ring is beautiful, congratulations." Jessie chimed in and gave his sister a hug. They all took turns congratulating and exchanging hugs.

"Hey, let's see the ring, Let." Roman exclaimed with enthusiasm.

Letty flashed Roman her ring finger with the engagement band. Roman couldn't help but let out an approving long whistle. "Damn, Dom must have made an awful lot of mistakes to have gotten a ring that size!" He exclaimed, admiring the shinning rock. "You know what they say the bigger the rock the smaller-" he said while teasingly elbowing Dom in the ribs, but Dom shot him a glare that immediately shut him up. He raised his hands in a surrendering stance. "I'm only kidding, man. Chill."

Letty rolled her eyes. "Jeez Roman, you should talk, from what I hear you would need your own diamond mine" She quipped, with a teasing smile.

Everyone laughed at Letty's burn, but Roman shrugged it off and embraced Letty in a congratulatory hug, and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hey Dom, She's a keeper." He grinned.


Several weeks later …

Giselle knelt in front of Letty. "Now, don't blink." She instructed, and skillfully started applying mascara on her.

"Mia, can you hand me my phone please?" Letty asked, holding a hand up in the air, palm facing upwards. Her phone had been vibrating on the counter for the last five minutes.

Mia reached over for Letty's phone. "Yeah, here." She said, shooting her a smile and placing the phone in her hand.

Giselle had finished applying Letty's eye make-up and Letty gawked at her phone. "Fuck, the guys will be here in 10 minutes." She said.

Mia had just finished pulling her hair up in a high pony tail when she saw Giselle through the mirror kneeling besides Letty and glancing over at her phone. "Fuck." The Israeli murmured as she read the text for confirmation. "We're nowhere near ready." She huffed and jumped over the bed and ran to the closet only in panties and in an over-the-shoulder purple t-shirt.

Mia shrugged. "We'll tell them to give us more time."

"We need to be there at a certain time, I am not going to be late for this" Letty said with hair pins in her mouth, She grabbed her crutch and hobbled her way over to the dresser.

Mia watched in admiration how Letty was able to make her own way across the room. "Wow, Letty, I'm so happy to see you back on your feet again." She grinned.

Letty smiled. "Well, you still can't see me doing jumping jacks, but at least I'm mobile. And I still can't wear heels, but that's okay," She shrugged. "I never did before anyways."

Few moments later, the guys entered the home loudly and excited. "You ladies ready to leave, we are supposed to meet Tej at his beach house in 10 minutes!" Vince shouted, standing by the front door.

"You can't rush perfection" Giselle shouted form upstairs.

The girls all came downstairs looking fresh and elegant. Their perfume pervaded the room from the second they left theirs.

"It's about time!" Vince exasperated.

Mia rolled her eyes. "Keep your panties on, Vince, we are ready."

Roman whistled with satisfaction "daaaamn and it was worth the wait! You girls are looking smoking hot!"

Letty held on to the rails as she determinedly made her way downstairs by herself. Dom's breath was taken away from the sight of his fiancé walking down the steps on her own, in an elegant satin dress. He wanted to go up the steps and help her, but he knew she wouldn't like that. Letty had progressed a lot these past few weeks. And the team couldn't be any more proud of her. So proud in fact, that they all mutually agreed on throwing Letty a celebration party for her advances in physical therapy.

"You see anything you like?" She smirked, noticing how Dom's eyes scanned every inch of her body. She was soon going to be his wife, their hearts were finally going to be joined together forever. This woman was resplendent and his forever.

"I see everything I love" He answered. Letty successfully made it down the steps and Dom wrapped an arm around her lower waist, kissing her forehead he muffled, "You look beautiful."


Tej's beach house was beautiful and spacious; it had a glow that overlooked a beautiful Cliffside, facing the ocean. Tej was a very hospitable host, he attended to everyone's needs and provided his family an enjoyable atmosphere. The team gathered together to celebrate Letty's 3 months of physical therapy progression. Through hard work and strong determination, Letty was more mobile and graduate from wheelchair to crutches. Even her doctors were impressed at how fast she was progressing. As Dom always put it, Letty was truly a miracle worker

Dom grabbed a Champaign glass from a passing waiter as his eyes scanned around the room. His eyes finally caught sight of his stunning fiancé. She wore an elegant black open-back cocktail dress. This was the first time Dom ever seen Letty dressed so sophisticated and stylish. She was more of a t-shirt, pair of jeans, and pair of boots kind-of-girl. Dom didn't even know she owned such an expensive dress, but boy, she looked good in it. And Dom didn't look too bad himself, the tuxedo he wore highlighted his handsome features, surely doing him justice.

Dom began making his way towards her, but stopped every so often by someone he knew, striking a short conversation with them. Eventually, ten minutes later he was by his future wife's side. They gathered around the crowd as Mia politely silenced everyone down for a toast.

Dom looked down at Letty, she looked tired and completely spaced out in Mia's speech about how much Dom and Letty have grown and matured together. Quite frankly, it had been a long day for her. She had physical therapy in the morning and then she was dragged by Mia to go bridal shopping. Mia had officially crowned herself as Letty's wedding planner.

Dom nudged Letty and she took it as an invitation to rest her head on his shoulder. Dom was also too tired to understand what Mia was babbling about, but the scent of Letty's fresh lavender shampoo infiltrated his nostrils the same way her smile infiltrated his heart. He placed a small kiss on his Fiancé left temple and smiled when he heard her sighed contently.

She looked up at him. "I love you." She whispered.

Dom reached over and grabbed her hand, slowly bringing it to his lips, brushing against her knuckles. "I love you."

They heard Mia's muffled speech come to conclusion when she softly banged her Champaign glass and raised it high. "To the most stubborn, but most passionate couple I have ever met in my life. To Dom and Letty. We love you, and wish you many happy years together."

"To Dom and Letty." Everyone shouted in unison, banging their glasses together and taking a sip from their drinks.

Later that evening, during the celebration, Brian mingled through different crowds, and caught sight of Dom standing alone by the bar. Trying to organize his thoughts, Brian walked up to him and cleared his throat.

"Hey, Dom can we have a minute, I got some news about the accident."

Dom looked at him and raised his eyebrows. "Sure. Let's go for a little walk." He said, and took a sip of the scotch he was nursing in his hand.

They both headed outside to take a walk down to the beach. As soon as they were away from prying eyes Brian broke the silence. "So we checked the cameras at the intersections of the crash site and we looked for those people you pointed out."

Dom sensed there was more Brian needed to say, so he stood in silence, urging him to say whatever he needed to say.

"And we found them; they were hit men who have been known to work for a local kingpin that goes by the name of Braga. You were right, this wasn't an accident, we saw them get into the cars that crashed into you, they were stolen vehicles, this all was planned."

"This happened because of me" Dom admitted, lowly, shamefully, adverting Brian's ocean blue colored eyes.

"Dom, I've known about the heist you and the others have been doing, and the gangs you've been ripping off. No one knows it's you guys but me. However it wouldn't take long before the rest of the department to follow the bread crumbs back to you, I can keep them off your trail for a little while longer but I can only do so much. I can't betray the department, but you guys are my family, and I can't betray you either."

"Brian, you're a good cop, and I don't want to corrupt you." Dom said, suddenly feeling very lost and insignificant.

"Let me help you. The best option is for you is to come with me to talk to my superiors, tell us everything you can about the gangs, about why they are after you, and I can guarantee pardons for you and everyone"

"You want me to be a snitch?" Dom questioned.

"Call it what you want, but it's the best option you have."

Dom sighed. "And what's the catch?"

"I can promise you, that you guys will be free from prosecution, but we can't guarantee your safety until we have Braga behind bars."

Dom nodded. "I know full well how much protection the cops can offer and what sacrifices I need to make for us all to have a clean slate. But what about the others?"

"As long as they cooperate they will be pardoned and protected too."


"To testify." Brian clarified.

"And what are our options if we don't cooperate? The guys aren't going to be exactly open to leaving everything behind."

"Well it's a matter of time before the deans find out it was you guys. It's better for you guys to come forward now, than be hunted down like animals later. I'm being up front with you Dom, the moment the rest of the bureau tracks and finds you guys, the pardons will be off the table and there will be nothing I can do to help you. Think about Letty, you two just got engaged. They will trace everything back to you and your garage. They at least know it was three men and one woman and I'm damn sure it wasn't Mia. Once they get wind of you, there won't be any amnesty, and they will hunt you down alongside with Braga. If things go sour the only option is to run until you're safe or spend the rest of your lives looking over your shoulder."

Dom knew there wasn't anything to debate. The offer Brain had was too good. Dom wanted nothing more than to make Braga pay himself by his own hands. To teach him who Dominic Toretto was and what happens when you mess with his family, but he knew that path would only destroy the world he so wanted for himself and Letty.

Dom sighed. "I just need to go talk to Letty about this. She needs to know this." He had to tell her, she deserved the truth. He owed her that.

"This could be a blessing in disguise Dom. Once Braga is locked up, you and Letty will be safe. You'll have a clean start. You'll be able to get married and start a family. Now isn't all that worth the risk? If you love her, you will do this." Brian said.

Dom stayed quiet for a second but nodded in agreement to Brian's offer. He cleared his throat. "I'll do it under one condition… keep Letty out of this, I don't want her to testify." Dom poked a hole into his chest with a finger. "Keep the cross hairs on me" His voice stern.

Brian nodded. "I'll see what I can do."

"No. Promise me, you'll keep her out of this."

Brian cleared his throat. "I promise. I'll keep her out of this. If you cooperate, I could make it so that she can never enter a court room. She only participated in two of the heist, so I think I can handle it, so that no charges will be made against her. I can't promise that to you and the others, but you have my word with Letty." His voice firm and determine.

Dom nodded and sighed in resignation. "Okay, I'm gonna have to talk to the guys and tell Letty everything."

"Do what you have to, and I'll set up everything as soon as possible." He placed a hand on Dom's shoulder. "I'm sorry about everything, man." He said, apologetically.

Dom saw the glint of guilt in his friends eyes, and shook his head. "You have nothing to apologize for. Everything that's happening is because of my mistakes." He tapped Brian's shoulder and strolled away.

He made it back to the beach house where the feast was still being held and caught Letty sitting on a high stool by the bar. They connected gaze, chocolate meeting chocolate. She smirked at him and he took it as an invitation to walk up to her. He made his way to the bar and ordered a glass of red wine. Wine? Since when was Dom a wine person? Letty marveled.

He took a seat besides Letty and she frowned at him, crossing one leg over the other, revealing black stocking stopping just at her thighs, and Dom was pretty sure he felt a twitch in his pants. He'd begin explaining the significance of his choice of alcohol as she raised an eyebrow, acting as though she didn't make him hotter by the second.

He strengthened his tie and cleared his throat. "It's wine-colored." He explained, faux-confidently, as though he was the one needing of convincing. "Like your ruby red lipstick." He elaborated "The only lipstick you own."

The brunette remained silent, but the ignorant smirk creeping onto her face said more than words. She pouted her lips, teasingly. "Cheeseball." She quipped and gave him a quick wink.

He smirked, watching how she would uncross then cross her legs again in the opposite direction, causing her dress to rise up to reveal the end of her tights and the beginning of her caramel-colored thighs.

She took a small sip from her martini. "You know Dom, there's a thin line between confidence and arrogance" She said nonchalantly, twirling her drink with a straw.

Dom smirked "And which am I?" He asked curiously, amusingly.

A mischievous smile spread across Letty's facial features, she leaned forward, cupped his shoulders in her hands and whispered into his ear, "A confident person smiles and an arrogant person smirks." She pulled away and smirked. "So you tell me." She said, tone low and husky.

Dom chuckled lightly, and shrugged noncommittally. "Then it seems like we're both arrogant." He smirked, standing up from his seat and positioning himself in between her legs. "Let's get out of here." He whispered into her ear, moving her dark waves off her shoulders, opening his mouth over her skin, licking, biting and sucking on the new exposed area. Letty allowed her head to fall backwards, groaning his name. "Dom, hold on-" She started to say but was cut off by his mouth, and she quickly surrendered, meeting the fervent and intensity of the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck to deepen their kiss as he wrapped his arms around her lower back. Her attempt at a conversation melted under the heat of their pressed torsos.

But he slowly pulled away and Letty read his troubled gaze. "What's wrong?" She asked. She sensed something was bothering him, she knew too much of him, knew too much of his particles to not know something was bothering him.

Dom cleared his throat. Was this the appropriate time to tell her?

"What wrong?" Her voice demanded. Not giving him a choice but to tell her the truth right there, right now.

Dom sighed. "I just had a talk with Brian. He knows about the heist we were doing, and that his department is on our trail."

"Fuck." Letty muttered, looking down at her half-empty glass. "Is he gonna turn us in?" She asked.

Dom shook his head. "No, he's actually helping us." He said. He started caressing her upper forearms "There's something else I need to tell you too."

Letty looked deep into his eyes. "What is it?"

"You were right about those heists having repercussions. That crash we were in wasn't an accident, it was a hit on us."

"No shit, Dom. I could have told you that myself." Dom heard the anger rising in her again. "So what's gonna happen now?" She asked, defiantly.

"Well, Brian gave me an offer, we could lead him and his department to the gang, and we could get off with pardons. The boys and I just need to testify against Braga."

"What about me?"

Dom gravitated his hands down to her waist. "Brian promised me you won't have any involvement in this." He assured.

"What does that mean for you? Are you going to work undercover for them?"

"Yeah, I have to direct them to all the gangs' hideouts."

"Is it safe?"

Dom heard the concern in her voice. He touched her lips with his finger apologetically, hating to bring pain into those strong eyes. "No. But I have to do it."

She squinted her eyes at him. "Do you?" She challenged.

A small sad smile curled on his lips and he pulled Letty into his arms. His lips gliding across her hair, he said lowly, "In order for all of us to get pardons and start fresh. In order for me to give you the life you deserve, I have to do this."

Letty closed her eyes and caved into his strong, loving embrace. She loved Dom, she loved her family, and she loved the idea of them getting married and not having to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. She trusted Dom and she trusted Brian. She knew Brian only had good intentions and would do anything in his will power to help the team out. She only hoped for things to turn out according to plan.


A thunderstorm had formed outside the city L.A. After every thunderous roar and lightning strike, Frankie would jump and run to find shelter. Letty frantically tried to catch the terrified puppy. After another thunder clap, Letty grabbed Frankie by the ribs and lifted him up to comfort him the best she could. She carried her puppy in her arms, shushing him to calm. Dom had returned home and quietly stood at the doorway and watched his beautiful fiancé caress and mother her dog as if it were their own child. After Frankie was soothed into slumber, Letty took him to his doggie bed and gently placed him inside and covered her puppy with a blanket.

Letty didn't know Dom was behind her, and when she turned around and found Dom standing there a frightened whimper escaped from her throat as she stared at her fiancé bemused expression.

"I have to go." He spoke softly, and dropped his suitcases down on the ground.

Letty gulped "Where?" there was a tinge of fear in her voice.

Dom shrugged noncommittally. "Panama, maybe." He looked down, avoiding eye-contact.

"Why?" She asked through clenched teeth.

His body shifted in discomfort and his face seemed to crack in half. Letty sighed deeply, her eyes mashed shut and her lips pulled with worry. She knew why.

"They are on to you, aren't they?" It was more of a statement rather than a question.

Dom bowed his head in defeat, to ashamed to look at her in the eyes. After everything that he had put her through, it would be selfish to ask her to go with him. How could he ask her to go on exile with him? Throw her life away for him? No, he couldn't possibly. When you love someone you care more about their happiness than your own. He wiped away his tears from his eyes. He had to be strong for them. If a man truly loved his woman than he would want what is best for her, whether that included him in her life.

"Things didn't go according to plans, did they?" She asked ruefully. She stood there, arms crossed over her chest, defiantly, watching, waiting for the obvious answer.

Dom shook his head. "Braga and his men escaped. Braga had a decoy in his place during the sting operation; the cops went after the wrong person and the real Braga escaped."

"Don't you get witness protection from the cops?" Her voice was cold, stern, and almost too harsh.

"That's the problem; Brian and his supervisor now believe that Braga had someone working for him in their department, and that's how he got tipped off about the sting. We can't trust them anymore. Brian said he can offer us protection but it's not safe. We'd be better off if I left the country. Braga won't come after the family if he knows I'm out of the country."

Letty knew the recounting of the story wasn't entirely pleasant for him, she heard it in his voice, saw it in this face. He was obviously embarrassed, ashamed and regretful for failing and it ached so much to see him like that.

"Then why are you here Dom?" Her voice nearly cracked in half.

"To say goodbye." His voice nearly sent her spiraling into grief. Dom gently cupped her face in his hands. "But I will come back for you." He promised softly.

Letty felt the earth molding into mud, mud that her tears had created. Silent, daring tears running down her cheeks. She blew out a long stall of breath and angrily wiped the tears away from her eyes. No more crying, no more fears, no more words, she jerked away from his hold, grabbed her purse and hobbled angrily to the front door.

Dom reached for her wrist. "Where are you going?" He asked.

"I'm done."

"You're done?" He scowled in confusion and worry

Letty sighed. "Just because we love each other doesn't necessary mean we're meant to be together." Exhaustion evident in her tone, hurt evident in her eyes.

Dom gently cupped her upper forearms. "So that's it, huh?"

"I'm leaving."

"Just like that? You're not even gonna fight for us? Just gonna give up?"

Letty's eyes bugged to their limit. "Are you serious?" She looked up him, glaring at him with rage. Amused at his hypocrisy. "Are you fucking serious, right now?" She asked, anger boiling into her tone as she jerked away from his gentle hold. "You're the one who said you wanted to leave to Panama and leave me behind!" She exclaimed, her index finger drilling holes into his chest.

"I'm just leaving for a little while. That doesn't mean I'm ending anything between us!" He exclaimed, defending himself against her claims.

"And for how long, Dom?! You can't just run off, and expect me to wait for you! Either I go with you, or we end us once and for all!" She exclaimed. Her words cold, her voice emotionless.

"Let, don't make things harder than what they already are."

Letty sighed wearily. "Dom…I'm tired of this. I tired of this dysfunctional relationship. I'm tired of things always going downhill, I'm tired of us. I….I-just…I'm done with us."

"You're not being serious, are you?" He asked lowly, looking at her with an unreadable expression marked onto his face, but his tone certainty heartbroken. He inched closer to her, placing his hands on either side of her hips, he placed his forehead against hers, and baritone, "I still want to marry you…we're still getting married, aren't we?"

Letty swallowed hard and shut her eyes. "I don't know." She whispered. She slowly opened her eyes and winced at the pain she saw in his eyes.

Dom sighed in resignation and extracted himself from her limbs. "Let, then know this, that the only person here giving up on our relationship is you!" He growled.

Letty pointed a finger to herself and exclaimed, "No, I'm just trying to do what's best for us!" She was fuming now, her brown pair of eyes like lasers, burning right through his dark orbits. "But you're the one running away like a fucking coward!"

"Dammit Let, you're so blinded by your own damn stubbornness that you can't even see that everything I do is for you! You're the center of my life! I did this to grant all of us pardons! To hunt down the man who almost got you crippled, to correct my foolish mistakes! If I wouldn't have taken Brian's offer, you, Leon, Vince, Jessie and I would have been behind bars right now!" He growled, reaching forward, once again cupping her face. "Don't you get it? I fucking love you too much! But I'm only a danger to your life!"

Letty closed her eyes momentarily, absorbing his words. She knew he loved her, but then why was their relationship so fucked up? He was so fucked up, she was so fucked up, they were so fucked up. They loved as hard as they fought.

She jerked away from his touch. "We can't keep doing this to each other." She grabbed her purse, determine on walking out the door. "We can't keep hurting each other like this." She sighed.

"Wait, Let-"

"I'm leaving!" She said, leaving no room for argument.

Ironic how the coin the flipped. Wasn't he the one leaving first?

He sighed. "Letty."

"I'm leaving."

"Then leave!" He exploded, impatient at her unrelenting stubborn will.

She glared at him and turned to the door. Mechanically he went right after her, pinning her against the door. He couldn't possibly watch her leave, his words were foul, his remarks were only said out of anger and hurt. He couldn't let her go, not when she ruled his beating heart.

His face was pressed against her dark waves, his chest on her back, his pelvis angled right in the right place, his nose breathing in her hair, her scent, breathing in life. "Stay." He murmured. He snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her close to his warm body. "Please stay." He breathed. His mind telling him that letting her go was for her best, but his heart was screaming at him to be selfish and to take her with him.

Letty gasped, closing her eyes. This is what she wanted, this is what she needed, she needed him to want her. To beg her. His large hands ran up her sides until they cupped her breasts. He squeezed them, earning her moan.

"Don't fucking leave." A harsh whisper muffled against her tanned skin. He sucked on her neck, and she allowed it, she allowed him to continue his advances, her eyelids feeling heavy and her knees buckling. She snaked an arm around his neck, grasping his head, pulling him down for an open mouth kiss, their tongues tangling together, both groaning at the ferocious impact.

She couldn't go, she wouldn't go, not even if she tried, and it wasn't because she was physically pinned by him, or because of his soul-robbing stare, no, it was because of all the memories she shared with him and because he took too much space in her heart.

His large hands roamed down to her hips, he turned her around, his lips opened over hers, swallowing her whole. She gripped the shoulders of his jacket. As she deepened their kiss, she frantically tried removing his jacket, determined in eliminating the offensive piece of article. Dom unbuckled and unzipped her denim shorts as she slipped his jacket off, both making it clear that this was going to be hot, hard and damaging.

She loved it when he was like this, this hot for her, this wild with passion for her, because it only meant good things for her. Her core was on fire, and she was ready for him. She clawed at his shoulder blades as their tongues battled for dominance, encouraging the bulge in his pants to grow harder. He clenched a fist of her hair and tilted her head, slanting his lips over hers.

And before they knew it, they managed to strip themselves naked. Naked like the day they were born. He pressed his cheek against her cheek, so that she could feel his tear against her skin, so that she could know that he was real, that everything he felt for her was real, and that he was human after all, made out of flesh and bone.

Letty kissed his tear away. "It's okay." She whispered into his ear.

Hurtful words come and go, arguments are forgotten, but genuine fierce love can never be broken or forgotten.

She sucked on his earlobe, like she knew he liked it, and determined to feel his erection indulge inside her, she then devoured his mouth with a hungry kiss of her own. Dom scooped up her ass, allowing her to wrap her legs around his waist. He pinned her against the wall, burying his face in between the valley of her breasts, his lips slowly moving towards her hardened nipples, devouring one and then the other. Letty dropped her head back against the wall, moaning his name, clawing her fingernails deep into his bare skin.

Dom planted a wide, sloppy kiss on her mouth, stealing all the air from her lungs. Letty managed to sneak a hand between them, wrapping it around his throbbing cock. She began pumping him from base to tip. Dom groaned, dropping his head on the crook of her neck. It felt good, it felt great, it felt amazing. She was amazing.

Dom adjusted himself more comfortably by her opening. Letty led the tip towards her entrance and impaled into him slowly, groaning as she did so.

"Fuck" He groaned, sliding deeper inside her, immediately meeting her tightness.

Letty wrapped her arms around his neck, adjusting herself, adjusting to his size, and he gave her all the time she needed. After a few seconds she began to move her hips, swiveling and swirling over him. Dom's eyes closed, his mouth fell open and his face contorted with the pleasurable pain she was providing him. His hands gripped her thighs, encouraging the motion.

She was real, she was his, and he was thankful for it. He kissed her passionately, reminding her that no one could ever kiss her the way he did. She dug her fingernails deep into his skin, holding onto him as he pounded into her, reminding her, reminding himself how perfect their pelvis fit together.

Her whimpers turning into lustful whines encouraged him to pound harder into her "I love you." He murmured into her ear.

"Fuck again!" She panted, clawing at him, toes curling from pleasure.

"I love you" He groaned, feeling the muscles of his legs and buttocks tightening with each powerful thrust.

"Yes!" She screamed in pleasure as he hit her right in the G-spot.

Both almost reaching their highest peak, Dom feeling his cock wet and ready to explode while his fiancé walls fiercely clutch around his shaft. He groaned, shutting his eyes, bursting his warm seed inside her.

He opened his eyes and caught Letty in his arms as she collapsed over him, as sweaty and flushed as he was.

Their suit cases were forgotten and their hate was completely wiped out as both clanged on each other, before sprawling on the carpet.

He collapsed onto his back, covering his eyes with his forearm, and she collapse onto his chest soon after, as exhausted and as out of breath as he was. Dom removed his arm from his eyes and looked down at the small frame collapsed over him.

"I'm afraid you've fallen for the worst guy imaginable." He said, a lump forming in his throat. He loved her, wanted to be with her, but there was no way in hell he wanted to putt her life in further danger. But ultimately it was Letty's choice to be with him, she wanted to be with him. Letty was all about the outcomes, once she placed her mind on something, there was no turning back, she would destroyed anything that got in her way.

"Dom, I've done a lot of mistakes in my life, but loving you has never been one."

Dom peered into the eyes that mirrored his own.

He grinned. "You're coming with me?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"To Panama?" She asked.

"To Panama." He confirmed.

She smirked. "You bet your ass, papa."

Dom chuckled and kissed her tender lips. Dom would be lost without her, he'd still be that arrogant and ignorant asshole that everyone thought of him as, if it weren't for her. You see, the thing about Letty Ortiz is that once you fall in love with her, there's no way falling out of love with her.

He started caressing her hair and bit hard on the inside of his lip, for he could not rid himself of the memory of her broken voice, laced with sorrow and pain, a tone that detailed every trail she had endured because of him. But that was all going to change. She was safe now, safe in his arms, and he would make sure of that.

"They say that the scariest thing about distance is that you won't know if the people you loved and who stayed behind will either miss you or forget you." He said. They locked into an impenetrable gaze. "That's why I'm glad you're coming with me to Panama." He offered.

Letty smiled and snuggled into his chest. "And the others?" She asked.

"We're doing it for them too. Staying here would put them in danger. Besides I can't keep asking so much from them. It's time the guys got on by themselves. It's time for them to start following their own dreams instead of trailing behind mine."

"I'm gonna miss them." Letty muttered.

"We'll come back for them, and knowing those guys, everything will return back to normal again when we return. I promise."

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