Special Chapter: Letter ~To the future~

3 years. It's hard to believe so much time had passed. It seemed like it was only yesterday I was going to and from Sainan high, hanging out with Mea and Nana. After graduation, everybody went their separate ways. Well, everybody but one. She's still with me, teasing me everyday as usual. I guess having her isn't all that bad. Thanks to her, I never felt alone. She would constantly interrupt me while studying, but I know she means well.

Yes, I'm studying law. And as if Japanese law wasn't hard enough, I had to study galactic law as well. The reason being someone needs to put Rito in his place when he becomes king someday. Mea, on the other hand, has been training with Yami-senpai. She says she wants to protect Rito with her big sister. It's good that she's finally hanging out with her sister, but her reasoning is a bit... flawed. Both my parents agreed to return home once I finished college. And they expect Mea and I to be engaged already.

Rito is studying Botany at a university in Tokyo. As usual, he's surrounded by Lala-senpai and her friends, including Yui-senpai. Mikan stayed in Sainan with uncle Saibai. Apparently, his manga ended with a bang and readers are now requesting a new series. It wasn't long before her mother also came home and stayed to work in Sainan as a designer for a small company. Mikan found it difficult to clean for her father, but I know she's glad that her parents are back.

Zastin was so touched by Uncle Saibai's work that he made his own manga. It's currently the third most read series in a certain shounen magazine. His lackeys followed soon after. Apparently, he has no intention of returning to Planet Deviluke until Rito finishes college.

Nemesis still acts like the Principal of Sainan high. Apparently, she finds it fun abusing students. It's a good thing I graduated from that school before anything crazy occurred. Tearju-sensei still teaches in the school, and Ryouko and Oshizu still work as the school physicians. They still tend to aliens, which is why they're always busy. Well, as long as Zastin doesn't make a move on her, everything will be fine.

Run is still a big idol, and Ren supports her from the front lines. He often tells me how much he misses Lala-senpai. I just tell him to move on.

...Speaking of moving on, Momo and Nana returned to Planet Deviluke to learn the how-to's of a queen from their mother. Momo's really dedicated to supporting Rito as much as possible. For Nana... well, she keeps denying it, but I know she's doing it for the same reason. Besides, they have Celine with them, so I'm sure they're fine.

Every year, we reunite during Christmas, and we act like we always do. Some things never change. But we have to keep moving forward. For the future.

- Yume Mikado

P.S. I plan on proposing To Mea next year. This is hoping it all goes well...

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