A/N: hi mina! This story was written because of the over flowing feels my friend and I have for the latest chapters of the manga.. All thanks to my friend SHEEN-CHAN.. Gomen for the spelling and grammatical errors. English is just our 2nd language..

WARNING: female kuroko, female mayuzumi.. Spoilers for those who doesn't read the manga..

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She walks slowly to the gates of her new school. There was a feeling of nostalgia as the breeze of air strikes her sallow cheeks. Her deadpan face expresses little boredom which may really what she felt at this instance. She reasoned again with her mind why she is here at this school. She then starts to observe every detail of the path she passed.

Teiko has a prestige for excellence yet the plainness of the surroundings is comforting and soothing. She is not the type to be sociable and she just likes to keep it low so the quiet and peaceful surrounding in Teiko makes her a little satisfied. She thought again of that someone. He would have felt the same at this kind of surroundings. She got excited to think she will see him again.

The silence soon did not last long upon hearing an incoming group of girls screaming. In their front a running blonde can be seen.

"Kyaah, kise-sama please you had to date us..." she heard their desperate shouts.

"Kurokocchi, help me -" he was calling for someone but it seems that someone is already gone.

She sighed upon the passing of the stupid crowd of girls. They did not even notice her. She is completely invisible for unperceptive eyes because of her very low presence.

"Well, at least this school is not so boring after all." she said in her thoughts.

Suddenly someone hit her. She did not fall down easily since she's strong enough being a sporty type of girl. When she looked down she saw a petite bluenette who is feeling hurt upon her fall.
The bluenette looked up to her with her expressionless powder blue eyes.

Sorry I did not see you. Both of them exclaimed with their expressionless and deadpan faces.
That moment they both knew that they have a lot of things in common.