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~Usagi Forever~


The brilliant glow of the Sun Crystal dimmed, then drained away completely. With it went the forms of the Silver Millennium figures, leaving behind the senshi, knights and Starlights in the clothes they'd worn before the attack. The Crystal itself moved backwards and settled itself on Aurora's chest, just above where her dress was. Aurora's arms fell limply to her sides, her eyes rolled up and she collapsed backwards into Draco's arms. Her dress glowed, then faded away leaving behind a white tank top and a gold skirt. Her hair remained the same gold-and-red fire.

Draco laid her on the ground in a way that he supported her upper body. "Ginny - Aurora - wake up!" he said anxiously, worry clear in his silver eyes. Because everyone's gaze was fixed on the princess, they failed to notice the two streaks of white that hit the ground some distance away - one was tinged slightly green, the other slightly pink.

Aurora's gold eyes fluttered open wearily, sensing Serenity's aura. She sat up with Draco's support, then stood shakily and leaning heavily on Draco's chest as his arms encircled her lovingly. Her gaze went to the two approaching figures, and a weary but joyous smile flitted across her features. Everyone turned around to see what she was staring at and many cries of happiness could be heard when they recognized Serenity, who wore a white tank top and a silver skirt, and Harold, who wore dark blue pants and a white shirt.

Then, very slowly and with a sweet smile on her face, Serenity held up a sword. Dominos' sword. For a moment, she was stared at, then all shocked looks switched to Harold who smiled and held up Voldemort's wand.

********* - 5 years later

Serenity stared at herself in the mirror. At the age of twenty, she had fully grown into what she would look like for the next thousand years. Her hair was still the same soft white, her eyes the same enchanting silvery white, but she was a few inches taller and she had filled out more in a few places she was happy about. There was another thing that had remained the same - she was still very much in love with Harold. In fact, today was their wedding. Serenity's smile grew as she recalled other things that had changed.

Hermione and Ron had gotten married soon after they'd finished school, as soon as Hermione had turned eighteen. They currently had a one-year-old son and Hermione was pregnant with twins. Aurora, who was nineteen, and Draco were marrying exactly one month from today, and Aurora had recently revealed she was pregnant.

Yaten had proposed to Minako and Taiki had proposed to Ami, the two couples were planning a double wedding. Rei and Makoto had reunited with Jediete and Nephlite and were now both couples were engaged to be married. Kunzite and Zoicite were off on their honeymoon. Haruka, who was twenty-three, and Michiru, who was also now twenty-three, had married the year following the final battle, and it had been a beautiful wedding by the sea. At Haruka and Michiru's reception, Seiya, now twenty-two, had proposed to Setsuna, now twenty-five, who had accepted but as far as Serenity knew, there was no set wedding date.

Princess Kakyuu had come to Earth after the final battle and to everyone's surprise, she and Alexia had fallen in love. Serenity had been even more surprised when Alexia had gone with Kakyuu back to Kinmokusei, but left Chibi Chibi on Earth with them. Alexia's explanation was that Chibi Chibi cried when taken away from Serenity. Chibi Chibi, who was now ten years old, had adopted Serenity and Harold as her parents. Chibi Chibi was frozen at the age of ten until Crystal Tokyo arrived.

Chibi-Usa was now seventeen and was engaged to Hotaru, who was eighteen. They had decided to put of their wedding until Crystal Tokyo came. Like Chibi Chibi, both of them were also frozen at the ages they were at until Crystal Tokyo began, but neither girl really minded because Crystal Tokyo was only two years, maybe less, in coming.

Another major change was, Harold's sister from the Silver Millennium had come to Tokyo to be in the wedding once more. Serenity recalled with a fond smile last summer, when Ginny had gotten her memories back, Celeste, or Kiara as was her Earth name, had been there as well. Unfortunately, the only reason Celeste hadn't gone to Hogwarts with them was her Earth family's mother was dying in America and Celeste had gone back to America to say good-bye. But now, Celeste was back in Tokyo where the wedding was being held and was actually going to be in the wedding. Serenity smiled at how things had worked out so wonderfully. Everyone who met something to her was in the wedding, or had been offered a part.

Behind Serenity, the door slammed open. "Serenity, come on," Minako said impatiently. "We're all waiting for you...." she trailed off and her eyes widened at the sight of her princess. "Oh, Serenity," she breathed. "You look.... absolutely stunning." Serenity smiled her thanks.

"I'll just be a moment, Minako-chan," she said. Minako nodded and turning, left. Serenity refaced the mirror and sighed softly. All their friends had something to do in the wedding. The Starlight's were playing their instruments, Michiru was playing the violin, Rei was singing, Aurora was playing her harp. Haruka was going to 'give her away'. Ron was Harry's best man, as were Sirius, James, Remus and Draco.

Dumbledore and Setsuna were performing the ceremony and Hermione, Minako, Ami, Lily Potter, Makoto and Celeste were going to be her bridesmaids in dresses of pale blue. Chibi Chibi was her flower girl, and Chibi-Usa and Hotaru were going to carry the rings on a pillow of green velvet. Alexia and Kakyuu had come to see the wedding, but had declined any part in it. Serenity was proud they'd managed to work everyone they had wanted to in, because everyone in the wedding met so much to her, more then words could express.

Serenity stood up and studied her reflection. She wore a long white dress that matched her hair. A ring of silver Moon Blossoms surrounded her waist, as well as the blossoms were situtated here and there on her hair, which hung freely but was curled so it didn't touch the ground. A crown of pink roses with a white rose in the middle sat upon her head, with the veil attached. A white Crescent Moon with a pink trim remained emblazened upon her forehead.

The door opened again and Serenity turned her head to see Lily Potter enter. The woman was smiling at her lovingly, her vibrant green eyes so reminescent of Harry's sparkling and her deep, wine red curls pinned into a bun. The woman was pregnant with, Serenity thought with a secret thrill, Harry's first little sister or brother. She sighed; so many things were changing....

"What is the matter, Serenity?" Lily asked her. "I thought you would be happy. This is what you have wanted for over a thousand years, to marry Harry.... is it not?"

Serenity looked up, startled. "Of course! I love Harold so much, it's just...." she hesitated, not knowing how to speak her feelings even to the woman who had been like a mother to her.

"You're worried about the future." Lily finished for her, smiling when Serenity nodded. "Serenity, listen to me. I am not surprised you are worried, perhaps even a little frightened of what is to come. Many things are changing, but this time all of them are good. You and Harold will make a wonderful match, and strong rulers of Crystal Tokyo. I don't believe you have much to worry over; you have several people behind you who believe in you both and will be there to catch you, should you ever falter."

"I know," Serenity's cheeks flushed slightly at the thought of her strong and loyal friends who had died for her.

"And what's more..." Lily crossed the room to Serenity and gently lifted the girl's chin to stare into her eyes. "Your mother would be proud of you."

"Really?" Serenity looked up into Lily's eyes. Lily nodded, smiling. She picked up Serenity's bouquet of pink roses, baby's breath and silver Moon blossoms and handed it to her. Serenity hesitated only slightly before taking them. "Then I guess I am ready."


Serenity watch as Chibi Chibi walked up the aisle beaming and scattering pink and green flower petals. Behind her came Hotaru and Chibi-Usa, their hands entertwined beneath the pillow the rings were resting on. Then came Ami, Hermione, Minako, Makoto and Lily, all looking beautiful. Serenity watched them go and took a deep breath. After Celeste would walk down, it would be her turn.

"Nervous?" a soft voice said in her ear. Serenity jumped and turned, startled, to see Celeste smiling at her. The girl looked fantastic, her emerald eyes shimmering softly, her blueish-white hair fell to her waist, and she wore a green dress that matched her eyes.

"Very," Serenity admitted, taking another deep breath. "I feel excited, but also like I could pass out."

Celeste giggled. "Don't worry, Sere. I know my brother - he loves you more then anything. I can see it in his eyes. You'll do perfect." Serenity's eyes softened and she turned fully towards one of her dearest friends. Reaching up slightly, she wrapped her arms around Celeste's neck in a gesture of comfort.

"Thanks so much, Celeste. Not just for the wedding, but for keeping the promise you made so long ago," Serenity said softly.

Celeste laughed again. "Oh, Sere-chan, how could I break a promise to you? Besides," she winked, "I've missed my partner something awful." Serenity laughed softly at the mention of Hotaru. It was a long-standing joke between the senshi that they were partners in a sense. Then, the music chimed a certain note and Celeste winced.

"That's my cue; good luck," and with that, Celeste walked slowly down the red carpet. Serenity found herself again, for about the thousandth time, thanking every god/goddess she could think of that Harold's sister had been able to come from America. Haruka appeared suddenly beside her at that moment, and finally, with Rei's voice egging her on, Serenity walked down the aisle, her arm resting on Haruka's.

It seemed like only a second before she was standing beside Harold and Haruka was releasing her arm. "If you hurt her, I'll kill you," Haruka said as Harold took her arm. Serenity laughed silently as Harold paled, but nodded. Then, they faced Professor Dumbledore.

As Setsuna began the cermeony, smiling, for she too had heard Haruka's remark, Serenity glanced inconscpiously at the attendants. There were all the professors of Hogwarts, even Snape and McGonagall, as well as all the fifth-year students; the old Gryffindor Quidditch Team, Wood included; several reporters and other people who had been lucky enough to encounter and befriend either Serenity or Harry, such as the real Mad-Eye Moody or Arabella Figg.

"Do you, Harold James Potter, take this woman to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richness or for poor, till death do you part?" Dumbledore asked him. Harold looked deep into Serenity's sparkling eyes as he answered.

"I do." and gently slid a silver ring with his symbol on top on her finger.

"And do you, Serenity Usagi Selene Tsukino, take this man to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richness or for poor, in attacks or peace, till death do you part?" Setsuna asked Serenity.

She swallowed, heart racing but suddenly, inexplicably, happy. "I do." Chibi-Usa slipped the ring into her hand, and she placed the gold ring with her symbol on top on Harold's ring finger.

Setsuna smiled brightly. "Then I hearby pronounce you man and wife. Harold, you may kiss the bride."

Harold blushed but reached out and moved Serenity's veil up so he had a clear view of her face. Serenity smiled at him, blushing as well, before she moved closer. Harold placed his arms upon her waist and slowly, gently, placed a kiss upon her delicate lips admist great cheers from all those present. Serenity smiled into the kiss, one thought crossing her mind.

It really is time for a new beginning.

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