Chapter Three: Things Set in Motion

After the Malfoy's had finished their breakfast Narcissa beckoned Draco to follow her to her study to prove to her son that she was actually going to write to her cousin about his mate leaving her husband to do whatever he pleased. "Now Draco could you make sure that Accalia is in the Owlery while I write the letter to Sirius." Narcissa asked. Draco looked at his mother for a few minutes before he nodded and took the passage that was on the west wall which led up to the Owlery as all of the studies in the Manor had passages that led up to the Owlery.

~~~~~~~~~~ Time Skip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ten minutes later Narcissa re-read what she had written to her cousin while she waited for Draco to return who was taking a long time but Narcissa wasn't worried much as she knew husband would have cornered Draco to 'try and talk some sense into him' when she wasn't around and she swore to herself that she would be having words with Lucius about his behaviour in regards to Harry sighing she turned back to the letter to make sure there wasn't anything that her hot-headed cousin could take offence to and stop Draco from seeing his little mate.

Dear Sirius,

How are you cousin? Now before you burn this letter please listen to what I have to say. I know we have not spoken since our teens but you have always been my favourite in our family aside from Andy. And I know you are now checking this letter for anything offensive but I can assure you cousin that there is in this letter that could harm you, your husband or Harry but I understand why you are checking as I would do the same.

Now the reason for me writing this letter is because my Draco has come into his veela inheritance and he has also realised that Harry is his mate. I was wondering if you, Remus and Harry could come over later to discuss things as Draco said that Harry was in pain last night and before you say anything Sirius I am not insinuating that you are hurting Harry as I know how much you care for him Draco and I are just concerned and I would like the chance to get to know my cousin again.

Don't take too long replying now Sirius I know how you can be.

Narcissa x

Narcissa nodded to herself as folded the parchment to place it in the envelope addressed to Sirius and waited for Draco to return. Not five minutes later Draco returned to the Study with a scowl on his face and Narcissa knew instantly that Lucius had tried to persuade Draco into finding a different mate than Harry even though he knew that Draco would never be happy with anyone but Harry something that seemed to anger Lucius.

"Don't worry about your father dragon he's being stubborn and exceedingly rude and I will speak with later on and I will not let him ruin anything for you or Harry I promise. Now is Accalia in the Owlery?" Narcissa asked. Draco nodded his head still too angry to speak at what his father had said to him about him finding someone better than Harry, someone worthy to take on the Malfoy name. Draco had lost control of his temper and his magic at that and had blasted his father against the wall he wasn't too badly injured more stunned and shocked more than anything but he would not have anyone talking about his precious little mate like that not even his own father.

"Good." Narcissa smiled at him before calling Accalia to them while she waited Narcissa casted a charm on the envelop so that only someone with Black blood could read the letter so it would stop Accalia being intercepted while on her way to Sirius's. A few minutes later they heard a screech as Accalia flew through the open window landing on her perch beside Narcissa's desk with her leg out stretched as she waited for Narcissa to attach the letter to her. Accalia was a beautiful Eagle owl with dark brown and honey brown feathers, long golden legs and soft brown legs.

"I want you to take this straight to Sirius alright do not go to anyone else and I want you to wait for his reply no matter how long he takes." Narcissa said firmly to her owl as she softly stroked her feathered head. Accalia hooted softly in assurance before flying out of the window. "Now we just have to wait dragon and I don't know how long it will take for him to reply as he can be stubborn as a dragon a trait all Black's have unfortunately but hopefully Remus will talk some sense into him." Narcissa said.


Lucius paced aggressively around his own Study as he thought about the fight he had just had with his own son he had never felt so humiliated in all of his life, his own son had blasted him against the wall using Wandless Magic and it was all Potter's fault. It's Potter's fault that the Malfoy name will be dragged through the mud if Draco goes through with this. The Dark Lord will punish him severely for allowing his only son to marry the enemy. He didn't care that by some twisted fate the Potter brat had ended up as Draco's mate he won't allow it, he is the head of this House and Draco and Narcissa will do what he said.

The Veela inside of him snarled angry at him that he was willingly going to treat his own mate and son like that and to stop his own son from having his mate but Lucius just ignored it Luke he had been doing so often lately since The Dark Lord had returned, listening to his veela side and let Draco marry the brat would cause them all to die and anyway he did not want Muggle blood and blood traitor blood contaminating his Pureblood lines he would not have half blood sons especially not from the likes of Potter. He didn't care what Narcissa said the brat will not be stepping one foot into this house nor will he allow his son to court the brat let alone marry him.

Lucius sighed as he looked around his destroyed Study calling for Trixie to clean up his Study and to replace everything that was in the room even if it wasn't broken, though he had to concede that more than half of the stuff was in fact broken, to be replaced with newer more in fashion furniture before he threw in some floo powder and left for Snape's he needed to get away from this madness for awhile hopefully he will come back and everything would be as it was though he wasn't holding onto much hope.