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Leo Valdez sat at his desk. Well, desk was an over-glorified name of the mess Leo managed to blend into. There were live wires, he was often on fire, and about a thousand little screws and bolts could be found if you thrust your hand in any direction.

He was working on Percy's pen, Riptide. He'd stolen it from him yesterday, and it was Percy's birthday the next day- no, a couple of hours. The clock showed it was ten o'clock, and Leo really wanted to tinker this baby up.

Calypso had been poking her head in and out for the past two hours, adding her opinion. Well, poking her head in and out meant walking from her side of the shared workspace, or walking in from her garden -no, their garden- with dirt on her face and her white t-shirt, or actually poking her head around the corner from their living room when she was watching Harry Potter before.

Ever since she had come back from Ogygia she had loved movies, and she watched one every night. Leo usually watched them all with her. She laughed when a character was funny, got distraught when it was sad, and was borderline terrified when it was scary. Leo loved it when she slightly leant towards him because she was scared and didn't want to admit it. Sometimes she forgot that the movies were a work of fiction, and would sit in the kitchen with hot chocolate looking sad, until Leo came in to laugh at her for it. She would argue back, and so would he, and they both knew there was no real harm in their little disputes.

This time he couldn't watch a movie with her, which threw both of them off balance. When Calypso came into the room and dragged her chair next to Leo, with a mug of hot chocolate and a frown, Leo knew what had happened. "That Umbridge woman was awful." She muttered.

"Yeah. Good thing she wasn't real." Leo said back, his hands working fast on the pen. It was difficult, Leo knew he had to be careful with the pen. It didn't work exactly on machinery, and it was Percy's. Not to mention it was ancient, with a 'long line of tales and stories'.

"You know," Calypso gently took Riptide out of Leo's hands, "You should paint some waves around it. He's the son of Poseidon, right?"

Leo shook his head at first, then got an idea "Or, you! I'm no good at painting, or art. And I know you are! I mean, weaving? Have you seen the great stuff you've done? This is gonna be the best present to Percy!" Leo was over-excited again, and rambling, but he didn't care. He was onto an idea, so how could he back down?

Calypso smiled at the hyper Leo, and rolled her eyes. "I don't have any paint, Leo."

Leo stood up, taking out a spare part from behind his ear, tossed it back at the mess, and grabbed Calypso's hand, "Let's go get some then!" He said, pulling Calypso up to abandon her hot chocolate.

"Leo! It's ten o'clock! Where are we going to get paint?" Calypso struggled to slow Leo down, grabbing both of his upper arms, which weren't as scrawny as she had always thought- but not that that mattered. It didn't. They weren't biceps, they were upper arms.


Leo made a sound of disgruntled annoyance, then closed his eyes to think. "I've got it! Camp Half-Blood!" He said, as if that should make sense. He raced down the hallway to Festus' garage. Leo had rebuilt Festus after the war with Gaea, and given him a room as well, it had a roller wall so Festus could fly out if and was fire proof. Leo would know, he tested it out.

Smiling at herself, Calypso ran to catch up to Leo. Leo was sitting onboard Festus, the wall open, patting a spot behind him on the big metal dragon. "You serious? NOW? You want to run to your camp NOW?" Calypso asked on repeat as she took Leo's hand to climb up behind him.

Leo turned around and gave her his Team Leo smile, "I don't see the problem" He laughed, and kickstarted Festus into the dark sky. Like the few other times Calypso had been for a ride with Leo on Festus, she got a little startled, and involuntarily put her hands on Leo to steady herself. Calypso couldn't see Leo, but if she did she would see a grin slowly spreading on his face.

He liked the feel of her hands on his waist, even if she didn't want to put her arms around him. That was too weak for her. And Calyspo wasn't weak. Leo knew that that was why she didn't curl up to him in their movies, or directly come to him afterwards. But hey, he wasn't gonna just go, make some rash decision and mess up his already slim chances with a pretty girl. Especially not Calypso.

The wind was in their hair as they rode, Festus occasionally talking to Leo, and Leo occasionally talking to Calypso. Her answers became shorter and shorter, her laughs smaller and smaller, until Leo felt the warmth of her head on the back of his shoulder. Colour rose to his cheeks, but he didn't dare turn around. Calypso could fall off.

They reached Camp Half-Blood in an hour. It was dark and everyone was asleep. Leo landed in the forest, near where he had found Festus. Festus seemed to be remembering it too. Leo didn't slide off the dragon immediately, he was enjoying Calypso's presence on his shoulder too much. Gently, he decided to reach around and prod her side, brushing past her fingers on his waist. Involuntarily, a smile tug on the corners of his mouth, as he still continued to prod Calypso awake.

She did, slowly, and seemed to regret being awake and went back to sleep, for a split second. She became aware of her position and jolted upright. "Sorry." She blushed, still frozen in her spot. She looked down at her fingers and removed them from Leo's waist, looking back up at him.

"No problem" He said, sliding off Festus. To Leo, it was the opposite of a problem. To Calypso, she wondered whether it would've caused any problems. Hesitantly, she refused Leo's hand and slid off herself, patting Festus, and looked at Leo expectantly.

"Where do we go?"

"This way" Pointing in a seemingly random direction to Calypso, They started to walk together in the quiet forest. Their footsteps fell in time, if a slightly weird one. Calypso took 2 steps for every step Leo took, perfectly in sync.

It was dark, and cold. Calypso wished she had brought something warmer, she was in a loose t shirt and pyjama bottoms. She involuntarily shivered, which Leo unfortunately noticed. Leo saw her. Leo couldn't get cold, one of the many benefits of being Leo Valdez. He wondered whether he should give his jacket to her. That was too cliche though, Leo thought.

But Calypso didn't know about cliches. He was wearing the jacket Calypso had made for him in Ogygia, since he had been working. Leo wore it on all his working days, and a lot of his free ones.

Making his decision, Leo took off his jacket, holding it out for Calypso to take it.

"Here." He said. Leo didn't wrap the jacket around her shoulders, nor did he make a smooth comment to Calypso like maybe he should have. But he didn't, and knew it was a good move.

She hesitated, but took the jacket anyway. "Thanks, Leo" She added his name in as an afterthought, and slipped the arms of his jackets on. It was warm, and smelled nice. The jacket smelled of Ogygia, of Festus, and of her. But that was just a coincidence. She had made the jacket herself, after all. "But what about you?"

Leo smirked, "I'm touched that you care so much about me, Cally-"

"I never said that!"

"but since I'm so-"

"And DON'T call me CALLY!" They were both yelling now, ending it in laughter. It rang out in the silent trees, which weren't as silent as they had thought.

"Whose there?" A voice called out. Calypso and Leo stopped in their tracks. Calypso looked around, seeing what she could use to defend herself with. Nothing. Leo looked around, his ADHD kicking in. He brought out his palms, ready to burn some butts if he needed to.

Then Leo remembered where he was. Camp Half-Blood, Idiot! He relaxed instantly, answering back:

"Leo Valdez. Sorta saved the wor-"

"Leo!" Percy stepped into the light, an unknown sword in his hands.

"Percy?" Leo walked over to him, did the man-hug-thing and stepped back. Percy looked next to him, Calypso. Oh shit, they had history, Leo groaned to himself.

"Calypso?" He blinked. Calypso blinked back.

"Percy?" She looked to Leo, "You know each other."

Calypso felt very uncertain. Leo had mentioned Percy on Ogygia, but seeing Percy again was a bit weird.

"Yeah. We defeated Gaia together." Percy responded. He knew about Leo and Calypso, heck, he was ring-leading the circle of bets on the two. But seeing her was something else. He felt bad, but at the same time not at all. She was fine, and had Leo.

"Well, what Percy really means to say is that he watched me defeat Gaia" Leo joked, lightening the tension brewing between the three of them.

"So why are you here?"Percy asked, after punching Leo. Then he saw it. Calypso was wearing Leo's jacket. Percy smirked, this was going to swirl the betting up. "And why are you wearing Leo's jacket?"

Calypso just stated "It's cold and Leo offered me it" while Leo blushed, fidgeting nervously. Calypso didn't get what was so important about the jacket she was wearing, but both Leo and Percy did. They shared a look when Calypso wasn't watching, and Leo spoke again to break the silence. So what, she was wearing his jacket, right?

"We need some paints." Leo answered Percy's question from before. Percy raised his eyebrows at them both.

"Now? At what, eleven?"

"I tried to tell him." Calypso shrugged, throwing Leo an I-told-you-so look.

"What for?" Percy asked.


"You wouldn't understand."

"Nothing really." They fired answers at him, and Percy was way too tired to be curious now. He'd ask Leo later. When he had something to barter with.

"Okay, well, I don't really know where the paints are kept. I don't even know."

"Well," Calypso said, "Who does?"

"Annabeth." Percy sighed.

"What's wrong with that?" Leo asked. It made sense that Annabeth would know everything about the camp, she knew everything. So what was wrong?

"I'm not really... allowed in her cabin. Someone wasn't really happy when I was in her cabin last time... So now I'm not allowed. It's like Coach Hedge all over again" He joked with Leo, who laughed. He remembered when Annabeth and Percy had snuck out to sleep in the stables aboard the Argo ll, the ship Festus was now detached from. Leo was in a huge project to restore the Argo II to it's previous level of system.

"I'll go in," Calypso piped up. Leo and Percy turned to look at her.

"What?" Leo asked.

"Yeah. I'll just go in, wake her up, be careful, and we'll be fine. I'm a girl, so no one will think badly, right?" Her logic was flawless, and with that it mind, they continued on to the cabins of Half-Blood Camp.

A thought occurred to Leo, "Hey Perce, What are you doing out so late?"


Leo didn't push it, he would ask him later, when he had something to barter information with. An eye for an eye.

They arrived at the cabin area of Camp Half-Blood, with all the cabins standing in their glory or disarray. Leo and percy made their way to a grey stone building. Calypso followed, this was obviously Annabeth's cabin.

Percy turned to Calypso, close enough that she could just feel his breath on her nose. "Calypso, you're going to have to be really quiet. There are a few other people in there, and you could trip on stuff, and-"

"Yeah, yeah. I've got it."

She went in, leaving Leo and Percy outside with bated breath. They looked at each other, Percy sending a we-should-talk-later smirk to Leo, and Leo returning it.

Two girls stepped out of the cabin, Calypso and Annabeth. The latter looked confused and annoyed, wrapping a thin cardigan around her. Percy took her hand, and the four of them stepped away from the cabin. Annabeth leant towards Percy.

"Why am I up?" She asked, frowning at Percy.

"To help Leo. He needs paint."


"How am I supposed to know. Anyway, we don't know where to find paint."

"Ugh," Annabeth groaned, and started walking in a different direction, mumbling an order to follow her.

Five minutes and they were outside what looked like a studio. It was small and seemed to blend into the hill behind it, with grass growing on the roof as well. Leo stepped inside, cautiously looking around.

"All clear" He whispered, a bit dramatically. The four of them all entered the studio, and Leo brought up a small ball of fire in his hand to light up the room. The room was bigger than all of them imagined. It didn't just blend into the hill, it went into the hill. Art seemed to cover every surface, even the floor. They were standing on a giant mosaic, which was incomplete in one corner.

"Okay, let's get this over with," Annabeth mumbled, starting to search around the room. The others followed, and Calypso accidentally bumped into Annabeth.

"Sorry!" Annabeth whispered, remembering that Calypso didn't like her.

"It's okay" Calypso said, she didn't completely like the girl, but she didn't really care at the same time anymore. Lowering her voice, she told Annabeth why Leo and her were here. "We need the paints for our present for Percy."


"What!" Calypso looked at Annabeth in surprise. No one was supposed to know!

"Well it makes sense. Leo stole it, didn't he?" Calypso made a vague noise, and continued searching.

"Hey! Found it!" She said, holding up some blues and greens. Leo ran over, taking them from her.

"Yes! These are perfect! Okay, let's go back, it's late. See you!" Leo dragged Calypso out before any questions could be asked. Unfortunately for them, there was a lot.

"Leo!" Percy yelled out, then thought better of it. "Or not..."

Leo and Calypso were currently onboard Festus, with a couple of paint tubes in Leo's hands. Calypso yawned, "Gee, it's been a big day." She mumbled.

Leo turned around, a hidden blush forming inside of him, "If you're really tired, you can sleep on my shoulder again." He said slowly.

Calypso widened her eyes, then reluctantly found herself saying the words "Thanks." She wanted to say I don't need it though, but they got caught in her throat, and she found herself resting her head against Leo's shoulder as he, Festus and her flew back home.

Leo still liked it. Her head fell on his shoulders and her arms fell around him. He had given up trying to tell himself he didn't like her. It didn't work. Calypso was Calypso and Leo liked that. They had both pretended like The Kiss hadn't happened, and if it did, it was a thing of the past maybe. He wasn't complaining though, he liked living with Calypso and spending little moments like this with her.

Percy and Annabeth had decided to stay in Camp Half-Blood for a few more years, mainly mentoring other campers or beating each other up.

Jason and Piper were joining them, after spending time with Frank and Hazel in New Rome. Leo would've stayed at Camp Half-Blood, but he preferred Leo and Calypso's Garage: Auto Repairs and Mechanical Monsters.

When he landed in Festus' garage, he carefully slid off as to not wake Calypso up. She almost fell off, but Leo caught her in time. He debated whether to wake her up or carry her to bed.

a: was he strong enough?

b: what if she woke up?

and those were the only two problems, so Leo picked Calypso up with whatever strength he could muster and kicked open the door with his foot.

He made it to her room, and it wasn't as hard as he had imagined. She was slight, and against everyone's better judgement he had grown less scrawny. Fun fact.

Her room was dark and he wasn't about to go looking around, so he laid her down in her bed and pulled some covers over her. He wasn't gonna take his jacket off her, it's a bit embarrassing to be undressing a girl if she woke up.

So he left and shut the door quietly, making his way towards their workspace. He sat down with the paint in his hand. Shit. Calypso was supposed to do this with him, but he could hardly wake her up. Or could he? Calypso did suggest it, and she was totally fine with flying round to Camp Half-Blood...

Now he stood outside Calypso's door. He considered knocking. Then decided against it. Leo turned the door handle, then stopped. Shit, what if she wasn't decent? Leo closed his eyes, opening the door little by little.

No sound. All good? Leo took the risk of opening his eyes, and saw just darkness in front of him. Leo took a tentative step in, then made his way towards the general area of Calypso's bed. They'd set up her room together, the door that led into the garden was there. So were the various rugs she'd made on Ogygia that she kept. They'd even managed to save her bed. Which he had just banged his knee against.

"Ah!" Leo struggled to be as quiet as possible. Limping over to the head of the bed, he sat down next to the sleeping Calypso. Gently starting to prod her side, he looked at her. There was no harm in that, and she looked great. Her hair fell everywhere, but not in a mess. Her eyes were shut and her face looked peaceful. She groaned, turning away from Leo.

Leo moved over on the bed, continuing to prod her waist. She tossed again, this time in Leo's direction. She was curled up next to Leo, who was perfectly okay with staying there, but unfortunately he just had to get Percy's present done.

Prodding her didn't do anything, and then poking didn't. Of course, he wasn't prodding or poking her hard, and he didn't really want to. Which meant Leo needed a plan B. Or C.

Yelling? Dragging? Splashing? Drenching? Punching? Kissing?

Wait... slow down. Was he just thinking... oh god. Leo rolled his eyes at himself. Then he realised that he had subconsciously moved his fingers from her waist to her hair, tucking it behind her ear.

Bingo! He leant over her and blew into her ear. "Agh!" Calypso jumped right up. Turning to Leo, whispering "You!" and hitting him, she went to tuck her hair behind her ear to find it was already there.

"Sorry" Leo smirked, "You wouldn't wake up." Calypso looked at the distance between them two: it was close. Her hip could feel the body warmth of Leo's, even though both of them were leaning away awkwardly.

"Why do I need to be up?" She groaned, only half as asleep as she sounded.

"Uhh..." Leo looked uncomfortable, getting off the bed, "I can't paint..." She got out of bed too. Calypso was kind of uncomfortable with him in her room, and so she decided to walk out. "So I was wondering if you could help me out?"

"Leo" Calypso rolled her eyes. "We could hardly have you paint it, could we?" She smiled up at Leo. He laughed, throwing her the paint tubes they had stolen. She was still wearing his jacket.

"No. I need you."