A/N: This is a crossover between Avengers and Ever After High. I thought about putting it in the crossover section, but I realized that a lot of people wouldn't be able to read it if it were there. So It'll just be here in the EEA space. I hope that's alright :)

"So…why did you call us here?" Tony asked. It had been months since the Chitari invasion, but the world was still on edge. Every now and then SHIELD would call in the old Avengers team just in case. These old meetings had been happening on and off for months…and the team was getting sick of it.

"We've found something. Something interesting this morning."

Natasha leaned forward. "Is it Loki? Or maybe one of his associates."

Fury shook his head. "It is a possibility, but we're not sure. We have the subject in a holding bay now. We want you all to take a look."

"Wait. What's the story on this one?" Tony asked. If he was going to be pulled any further into this, he was going to need more info to go on.

"Subject is female, seems to be in her teens, and here's the kicker. She fell from the sky." Fury's eye began to gleam. "Like I said, she's in custody and unconscious, but we still want you to take a look."

"What happened?" Raven awoke to a white room, with mirrors on all sides. She was surrounded. She looked around, there was not a speck of color in place. She graced her hands against her pockets…her MirrorPhone was gone. As was her pencils from school, and all the other small trinkets she had.

"Where am I?"

This room, with its closed doors and walls of mirrors, made her think of her mother. How the Evil Queen would trap her in her room for daring to be kind. It made her think of school, how Headmaster Grimm demanded she follow a destiny she did not want…Legacy Day.

That's right. She had gone to the hall to search for a way to not disappear…a spell she might have missed or a door way to where her fate could be changed.

"I must have fallen through some kind of…portal?" Her stomach felt queasy, it only did that when she traveled by mirror. Is that what happened? Had she fallen through a mirror?

"You're finally awake."

Raven Queen turned to see a dark man with an eye patch stare her down. He stood with all the authority of a king. He kind of reminded her of Headmaster Grimm.

"Uhm…hello." Raven said. What else could she have said?

"Who are you, and what are you doing in our world?"

Raven looked onward as more people poured into the room. A man with a chest that glowed, a man with arrows strapped to his back, a man who wore a shield like a cloak, and a woman who scowled like Baba Yaga. This room was becoming very crowded.

"Uh…I'm Raven. Hi." She wove her hand, "And…I have no idea where I am, or how I got here. Or, well, maybe I do…well I think I do. I think I fell through a mirror…perhaps I tripped? I'm such a fairy-fail I know. But I guess….that's what happened…right?

The lady looked to the man with the eye patch.

"She…doesn't sound Asgardian."

"Yeah, but it could be a trick."

The man with the glowing chest smirked. "You say your name is Raven right?"

Raven nodded.

"Did you come from Asgard? Or the other Nine Realms."

Raven shrugged her shoulders. "What's Asgard?"

The team looked at each other.

"This could just be a trick. For all we know she could be in league with Loki." Steve said as he rubbed his chin.

"Well what do we do? If she is a threat we can't just leave her in SHIELD headquarters. Look at what happened with Loki, he nearly took the place a part." Natasha said. She glanced over to Clint, "And if she does have some sort of mind control powers it'd be stupid to keep her here where people would be at risk to her."

"Uh…" Raven said, her hand pointing outward. She knew it was impolite to interrupt someone's conversation, but she didn't like it when people talked about her…especially while she was still there. It reminded her too much of Apple and the others. "I'm not dangerous…if that's what you're all concerned about."

At least, that's what she hoped. Destiny or no destiny, Raven was not evil.

Fury looked down to her. His one eye bouncing from side to side, trying to think of some kind of plan.

"Stark. She'll stay with you at the tower until we get this cleared up."

Natasha nodded. That was good, if she did have some kind of mind control power Tony would be immune to it, she would fail just as Loki had.

"The rest of you, I want there too to keep an eye on our little guest."

Tony moved forward, "Wait hold on. I can't have some little girl running around my tower. I-I have stuff that I-"

"Too bad. Those are my orders." Fury turned to leave. "You're all dismissed."

The man with the glowing chest turned and glared at Raven…he must have taken lessons from Baba Yaga because he was very good at it. In fact, all of them were now glaring at her, expecting her. Raven sighed, she knew those looks, the expectation of evil. The thought of a future that held unspeakable destruction. She knew those looks like the back of her cloak.

Just like at school, she thought, nothing ever changes. Not really.