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She slowly lifted her eyelids and found herself lying on a very soft, and very large bed. Bella let her eyes run across the room. Rows of shelves filled with books lined the walls. The walls were painted a deep wine color and the leather furniture was black. The room itself was dark and held the personality of its owner.

Bella ran her hand down the silver fur that covered her on the bed. She was so caught up in the action and her thoughts that she had not yet noticed that she was being watched.

A husky voice that held a trace of an accent said to her, his face hid in the shadowed portion of the room," Do you like what you see, mi amore?"

She felt shivers run down her body at that voice. She did not know who possessed it but at the moment she found herself not caring.

Her voice a scratchy murmur, Bella whispered," Who are you?"

She could hear the scrape of fabric over the rug- covered floor. Bella raised her body off of the bed, holding the silver fur to her body as though in protection. The shadow was approaching the bed with slow but steady steps. She tried to pretend that she was not afraid or worried, but she knew that they could hear her heart begin to beat a little faster as they approached closer and closer.

Her breathing seemed to have accelerated as well, her breath coming in small pants. She did not know how to deal with this situation. She really had not expected the Volturi to keep her alive and not kill her. She had expected them to have killed her by now.

The shadow was just before her now. Their voice nothing but a husky murmur, they said," I am Caius Volturi. One of the three kings."

Bella's breath seemed to stop.

A would a king want her?

Bella found herself asking," Why am I here with you?"

He breathed in sharply and said in a near whisper," Do you not want to be here with me?"

Her eyes drifted down to the silky furs," I do not know you."

"But you will."

The voice was soft but strong, spoken with declaration. It was not a question but a statement.

Why would a king want anything to do with her? She was a human and considered by most immortals to be less than the dirt on the bottom of their expensive shoes. She had gained most of her pride back after Edward left her in the forest, but right now in front of this Caius she felt like the shy little girl that fell for his every word.

"What could you possibly want with me?"

Her tone was disbelieving and seemed to upset Caius.

His voice was a low growl when he snarled out in anger," Do you not see yourself clearly, mi amore? You are beautiful, kind, brave, and very smart. You chose to become one of us without an ounce of fear."

Her breath seemed to stop and her heart froze in her chest. Why would he say such things about her? She raised her gaze from the fur and slowly ran them up. He had stepped into the lighter area of the room, allowing her to see him. He had shed the robes he had previously been wearing in the throne room. He was clothed in a black silk button up paired with black slacks and finely made Italian shoes. The shirt was snug against his skin, showcasing the lean and muscled body that was usually hid underneath the fine silk robes. The sleeves of the silk shirt had been rolled up to his elbows, showing her the lean muscle she wanted to place her hands on. Bella dragged her gaze up his body until she reached his face. She nearly gasped at the beauty of it. Pale white blonde hair haloed his handsome face. His face was like finely carved marble, pink lips curved in a small smile, a classically straight nose, his eyes were like crimson flames. Those eyes were now staring at her with an intensity that made her shiver in longing. No one had ever looked at her with such emotion in their eyes. She did not understand why she felt this way about him. She had never met him before today.

Bella watched in hesitation as he slowly came closer and closer to the bed. She dropped the covers away from her and moved away from the center of the bed. There was this tugging feeling in her chest, and the closer she got to him the better she felt. She placed her feet upon the ground and moved closer and closer to him until they were barely an inch apart.

She had to lift her head in order to look up at him. He was staring at her with an emotion in his eyes that she could not decipher. It could not possibly be love. It was much too soon for that emotion.

"Where am I?" Bella found herself asking the question before she even realized it.

He looked around the room as though he was just now seeing it and said as though it were obvious," My chambers."


He tilted his head to the side as he studied her before replying," I thought it would be the safest pace for you after you fell unconscious in my arms."

He had been the one to save her from Edward. This king had saved her, a pitiful human. He had saved her life.

She looked down at the Persian rug that was beneath her bare toes. Her voice was a whisper clouded with disbelief when she asked," Why would one such as you save me?"

Bella felt a warm hand cup her cheek and raise her gaze to his. Her eyes were searching for answers as they gazed into his. His eyes were a darker crimson than before and were now focused on her yet again. Bella held her breath as he leaned in closer to her, his sweet breath fanning over her face.

His lips just brushing hers, Caius murmured in a low husky voice," Because, Isabella Swan, you are mine."

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