Different Language

It has been a couple of days since the library. The Titans were now setting up there new place at the tower. Shimmer hit a few switches bringing the tower back online after years of no use. Since Shimmer (aka Cary Falls) was the last member of Titans East she did not stay in the tower but instead an apartment in the heart of the city. "Well guys. What do you think?"

Taking in his surroundings Sid was the first to speak "This place is definitely big."

"Kid Sid that's an understatement this place is huge. Dude they even has a pool in the common room!" Mat was in pure excitement over his new home running back and forth checking out every detail.

"Little Mat calm down and compose yourself." Sid said placing a hand on Mat's shoulder

"Fine Sid. You know I only let you call me that because we're brothers right."

Shimmer walks up to the duo snickering at Mat's nick name, the two were standing by the indoor pool.

"This pool used to belong to Aqualad. There is actually a trap door that can let water in from the ocean." Cary started rubbing Ebony's, who was perched on Cary's shoulder, head then looked around curiously "Where's Xavier?"

"I'm right here" someone whispered in her ear. Cary let out small shriek then suddenly transformed into a pyrothon, a giant blue python with a main of white fire just behind the head, quickly rapping around Black Hand. It all happened so quickly that Xavier burly had time to register that he was about to be crushed.

"Uncle, uncle I give up. Let me go!" quickly letting him go and changing back to her normal form.

"Never under any circumstances do that again." Carry hissed with such authority that all Xavier could do was nod. Carry walked across the common room to pick Ebony up. Ebony ran clear across the room as soon as Xavier uttered 'I'm'.

Looking over to Sid and Mat who were letting out snorts and snickers at Xavier's expense "Stop laughing and help me put my arm back in its socket." Black Hand said. A loud audible pop sound filled the room, making all its occupants cringe.

"As lovely as that sound was, I'm heading out." Mat said as he made his way to the door.

Sid couldn't help but feel curious. "Where are you going?"

Mat stopped just in front of the door. "I'm heading to a store to pick up some paint and other stuff; since we live here we should decorate it the way we want, right?"

Shimmer walked up beside Mat with Ebony placed back on her shoulder. "I'll come with. There are a couple of things I need to get myself. Sid, you're in charge."

Giving a slight bow Sid responded "Thank you." Xavier had an upset look on his features.

"Why can't I be in charge?"

"Because Sid is, Bye guys see ya later." Shimmer grabbed the shortest Titan and pulled him through the doors.

Turning to Sid, Xavier asked "What are we gonna do now Sid?"

Sid just looked at Xavier with a blank face "Wanna drain the pool?"

Xavier smiled "Sure, Why not?" then he and Sid ran off to do just that.

Later at the store

Shimmer and Mat were walking out the store Mat had several paint cans and bags floating on one of his metal disks; While Shimmer carried a bag of sketch books and several art supplies.

"Well I think that's everything. Do you need anything else Cary?"

"Yeah, I just need to head over to the library, there's a certain book I was looking forward to getting."

Walking in the direction of the library Mat asked "What kind of book is it?"

"It's a book about all kinds of mythical animals from all over the world."

"Cool." Mat said in a less than enthusiastic tone. "Sounds like lot of reading though."

"It is, but it will come in handy in the future."

Entering the library Shimmer and Mat could see a girl with hair as dark as a moonless night, skin the color of grown sugar over a green olive wearing dark wash blue jeans, an old t-shirt, a pair of knee high black boots, a blue butterfly pendant and golden hoop earrings, talking with the librarian. well the librarian doing the talking actually. "I'm sorry miss we don't have anything on Jason Nashigoto." The librarian was speaking slowly as if letting the girl read her mouth movements. The girl simply bowed her head and walked out the library.

At the name 'Jason Nashigoto' Mat's curiosity was peaked about the girl. Jason Nashigoto was a man he broadly met as he traveled across America to get to Steel City. He was nothing but a thug a yakuza boss in fact. He was ruthless; anybody that he thought should not even be in the same town as him wound up dead the next day, if not sooner. That's how several of Mats friends he had made where killed. 'Why would a girl that seems no older than sixteen want to know about a monster like him.' He quickly handed the things he was carrying to Cary and Ebony and ran after the girl.

As he was running he tried yelling after her.

"HEY! YOU, GIRL WITH MIDNIGHT HAIR! STOP!" but she kept walking as if she didn't hear him. Finally he caught up to the mystery girl, placing a hand on her shoulder Mat turned her around. The dark haired girl had a scared if not shocked look on her face looking the short Titan. She was only slightly taller than Mat, standing at 5'6

Mat proceeded to question the girl about what she knew about Jason Nashigoto. The hazel eyed girl simply looked Mat in his goggled covered eyes, then removed his hand from her shoulder and started doing something with her hands.

"I cannot understand you. You are speaking to fast and I cannot read your lips fast enough." The mystery girl when finished had a look that said 'What's the use?' until Mat done something that shocked her.

Mat recognized the action the mystery girl was doing was sign language and so he started doing it as well.

"I'm sorry I didn't know. My name is Mat and I'm Part of the Titans East." Mat said while he signed just like the girl.

"My name is Talia Elizabeth O'Malley. Why have you stopped me Mat?"

"I'd like to ask you a couple of questions about a man you were trying to do research on."

"You mean that monster Jason Nashigoto."

"Yes him. What do you know about him."

"I just know he is somehow tied in with the death of my mother."

Suddenly there was a loud boom that rang out through the entire city from a few blocks from where Mat and Talia were standing. Looking to where the sound originated Mat could see clouds of smoke billowing, looking back to Talia. "There's trosuble I must go. Thank you for your time." Running to the smoke Mat pulled out a green and red T-communicator and a bearing throwing the ball in front of him he made a disc and jumped on. "Mat to titans there's been a disturbance."

"Gladiator here (Sid), Black Hand and I are on the way what are your coordinates."

"Sending coordinates now." Mat pushed a button on the side of his communicator. Mat was floating across the street from the Steel City First Bank surrounded by police vehicles with every officer pointing their guns at the entrance. Suddenly A man walked out of bank wearing a maroon suit with a high collar. He was also wearing a white glove and white show on his left side and a black glove and black shoe on his right side with a red top-hat with a black strap, and a mask that is half black and half white, the black side was smiling, while the white side was frowning and waving around a cane.

"Ahh, A glorious audience I, your ring master Arcana, welcome you one and all to Circus De Fou. Allow me to introduce our first act of the evening. The Freakshow!" every officer was staring at this person as if he had just grown another head when suddenly a brown blur made its way from the bank doors to the bottom of the steps.

The new figure was standing at the base of the stair case wearing a large, brown, thick trench coat that ran all the way to the concrete with a hat and scarf. A scaly hand slithers out from one of the sleeves and grabs the coat slinging it off the owner's body. Everyone in attendance was frozen in shock and fear at what they saw, in place of where the coat was moments before stood a man if that's what you could call it with slippery, scaly skin. Physically hunched over, his spine more pronounced and the vertebrae were sticking out of his back slightly. He had dozens of sharp quills on his back and forearms. He also had a long, fur covered monkey's tail. His legs were oddly bent with opposable thumbs so they can act like hands as well.

"Freakshow you know what to do." Arcana said while tilting hat. The abomination known as Freakshow let a sickening grin run along his face exposing several sharp jagged yellow jagged teeth then sprinted forward with his hand cocked fingers extended. The monsters hand founds its way into an officers chest cavity, pulling the arm our Freakshow pulled out several organs the heart and both lungs.

"Holy shit, what the hell are we going against here?"

A moment later Mat heard three beings land on the building behind him. "Mat we're here what's going on." Asked Shimmer Mat just pointed at the slaughtering that was happening in front of him.

Shimmer "Common, we have to save them! Mat Gladiator you take whatever that thing is. Black Hand and I'll take the leader. Go!" Shimmer quickly changed into physic falcon, a large light blue glowing falcon with empathic and physic powers and glided down to confront Arcana with Black Hand on her back.

Leaping off the building Gladiator released a war cry and his sword over his head with Mat right behind him ready to engage in a battle to the death if need be.

Freakshow narrowly dodged Gladiators attack by flipping away. Facing his new prey, a short boy floating on a platform and a tall warrior in full body brown armorer with golden edges, Freakshow let his lizard like tongue roll across his pointed teeth then charged his new foes.

Shimmer and Black Hand had already engaged Arcana in combat. Shimmer was now a 20 foot red Chinese tiger swinging furiously at the modern joker but was futile as he expertly dodged every swing. Black Hand would confront Arcana in close combat, Arcane using his cane as a fencing saber while Black Hand used two large daggers. Arcana seeming to have acrobatic training was able to match if not out do Black hands agility.

"This has been fun young hero but there's only room for acrobat in my circus." Slamming the butt of his can on the ground a loud bang rang through the air. Black Hand felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder. Lifting his hand to the wound and moving it in front of his Black Hand noticed blood.

"What the hell was that you psycho."

"Oh I'm sorry my boy. It seems that missed fired, that was meant to hit your heart." Arcana said while dodging more swipes from Shimmer in her tiger form. Abandoning the Chinese tiger form Shimmer morphed into the pyrothon then quickly rapped herself around the psychotic ring master.

Back with Gladiator and Mat, the two were having just as hard a time dealing with their homicidal foe somewhere in the battle Gladiator had lost his sword and eventually started trading blows with Freakshow while Mat got every officer and civilian away from the two power houses. Gladiator was shocked as to how this thing was able to face off with him on even ground especially with how Freakshow fought, his swings were that of an amateur street fighter but held such power and precision that to the untrained I you wouldn't notice. Thanks to Freakshow's animal enhanced senses he was able to read most of Gladiators moves.

"Mat I could use some help over here. Now!" exclaimed Gladiator after he was sent flying into a wall.

"On my way bro." Mat was no longer floating on his platform but instead on the ground getting the last of the civilians out of harm's way, when he was done he immediately made a dash for the one he saw as his brother. Half-way there Mat felt his body slow down and stopped all together. "What the hell's going on why can't I move!?" Mat asked frantically

Suddenly a figure descended from a random building the figure had an hour glass figure, curly ginger brown hair that went down to her shoulder blades, over her eyes was a decretive golden mask, A knee-length dress with a slit up the right side to her hip that covered her extravagant figure, and black silk elbow length gloves. She strolled over to the non-moving titan and in a sensual voice.

"It looks like I found another puppet for my collection." She said as she stroked Mat's face with her right arm. At the sensation of the touch on his face Mat could feel something strange about her hand 'What is that texture under the glove? I know I felt it somewhere before' pushing these thoughts to one side Mat had to focus on the situation at hand.

"Hey lady, I don't care how hot you are I am no bodies puppet."

Since she was only an inch taller than Mat she put head next to his ear. "The names Puppeteer and whatever I say you are that is what your and whatever I want you to do that's what you will do for example, Bow down" Flicking a couple of her fingers Mat's body began to move

"I bow down to no- what am I doing." Mat was now kneeling before Puppeteer.

Removing a narrow dagger seemingly out of nowhere Puppeteer brought it to Mat's shoulder. "Now let's play a game my little puppet. It's called Scream." She said in her most sensual voice.

Looking at the weapon on his shoulder Mat stated. "I know I'm gonna regret asking this. How do you play?"

Puppeteer let a sadistic small run along her stunning features. "Like this." She suddenly thrusted the dagger to the hilt in Mat's shoulder which in turn he released a grueling yell. After Mat stopped screaming he looked up to the women and could see a tinge of red under her mask and that she was breathing heavily. 'I've been around the world enough times to spot sadist when I see one.' Mat thought timidly.

"Now rise my slave." Commanded Puppeteer. Mat put up a struggle to comply with the command but was futile in the end. Removing the dagger from Mat's shoulder, who let out a hiss of pain, and started drag it south of the boarder.

Eyes bulging Mat could only utter one phrase "Get that the hell away from there!" okay so he yelled it.

Before the Puppeteer could take pleasure in his screams or do what every man's worst nightmare is she was suddenly blasted by "A lavender beam?" Mat said quirking an eye brow. Feeling his body relax from whatever Puppeteer had done to him, his head turned in the direction the beam originated and what he saw had his eyes the size of saucers. The person standing there with her hands still glowing of lavender was Talia.

Shimmer and Black Hand had just managed to put Arcana on the defensive until they heard the air splitting scream coming from Mat. Neither one could go help their friend because in their slight pause of action Arcana took advantage. Quickly he set a spinning heel kick collide with Black Hand's jaw rendering him unconscious, while in mid spin his cane smacked right into shimmer who was now a small arctic phoenix. The resulting impact launched her next to the battle of Gladiator and Freakshow.

Tipping his hat and taking a bow. "This has been fun my young performers but there more people to entertain with our show. Puppeteer we must be going now go get the car if you don't mind."

"Right away ring master Arcana." Puppeteer ran off to retrieve a silver Porsche convertible. Huh, who said villains can't have nice things? Nearly turning shimmer into road kill until Gladiator broke his slug fest with Freakshow to save her.

Arcana "Freakshow gather up your meals and let's go." Freakshow let out a grunt as he nodded to the commands and gathered several of the dead bodies through them in the trunk. Tires screeching as the villains made their leave.

Gladiator being more concerned about his comrades and brother stayed and to make sure there was no life threatening injuries.

"Black Hand, are you alright? Wake up." Gladiator said lightly slapping his face Black Hands response was just to mumble something incoherent.

Mat along with Talia walked up beside Gladiator and Shimmer now in human form. Placing a hand on his Sid's shoulder Mat said.

"Let me try bro."

Crouching down next Xavier, Mat lifted the side of his black mask to expose his ear taking a single finger. We all know where this going.

Jolting up "Eww! Spit is in my ear! Spit is in my ear!" Xavier screamed while rubbing his ear against the ground while Mat laughed his ass off.

Sid now powered down "Okay now that that's over with can anyone tell me who those three lunatics were?"

Mat after getting over his laughter said "Yeah, the Arcana dude said something about Circus De Fou or something like that. Oh and hey check this out This girl just saved me from the psycho chick that wanted to make sure I never reproduce." he said while pointing at Talia. "We should make her part of the team."

"If Mat's okay it so am I" said Sid backing his surrogate brother.

Mat turned to Talia "How would you like to be on a superhero team?"

"Dude what was that hand thing you were just doing?" asked Xavier getting over his wet willy.

"Oh, that, well Talia's deaf and I know sign language from my journey."

"We will discuss this more at the tower." Said Shimmer in a defeated tone.

Talia finally spoke up after Shimmer "I must be going. I need to go pick up my siblings."

Before she left Shimmer asked for her number to inform her of the debate with the other titans wither she's on the team or not.

Later at the tower.

"Okay, so we are all in agreement?" asked Cary standing in front of everyone in the common room. "Since there are no objections I'll make the call"

Thirty minutes later Talia showed up at the tower.

Cary was going through the rules that titans that still attended school must fallow to remain on the team.

"Okay Talia as member of the Titans East we are setting you with the same rules as Xavier a.k.a. Black Hand. You have to keep on top of your school work, and maintain a minimum of a B average we have to show the youth the importance of school. You also have to attend all functions that require a Titan to be present. Be sure to tell us when your too busy to break classes. Do we have a deal?" Cary stuck her hand out to finish the deal.

Hesitant as if weighing her options Talia took Cary's hand. "Deal."

Xavier walked over to his new teammate and asked "So what will your hero name be? Wait speaking of which," Xavier turned towards Mat and pointed an accusing figure. "You never gave us your hero name!"

Mat averted his eyes and rubbed his neck "Well I never gave much thought to it but if I need one how about Shrapnel?"

"Dude that sounds badass." Turning back towards Talia "Well what's it gonna be."

"I like the name Tiger Lilly but only news reporters have to call me that I much prefer my name even on missions."

"Umm, guys, who emptied the pool?" asked Cary now starring into an empty pool.

Sid "Oh that well, Xavier thought it be a good place to skateboard." Throwing his teammate under the bus.

Mat let a yawn escape his lips as he stretched "Whatever guys. Let's discuss that another time."

End Chapter

I know towards the end was terrible you try writing threw a writers block oh Circus De Fou was made by CajunKing000. Talia Elizabeth O'Malley was made by Emmeline C. Thornbrooke. Thank you for reading and I will only accept 1 Heroin. If you have an idea for a chapter PM me I'm just making this up as I go.