Friendship Chapter 10- Epilogue

Lying in our big, Egyptian cotton covered bed, I sigh in contempt. Rolling on to my side, I watch the beautiful man that I love get dressed for his new, fancy corporate job. It's hard to believe it has been 5 years since we moved here, three since the wedding, and 13 months since-

"WAAAAAAH!" A high-pitched squeal interrupts my thoughts. Yes, I think tiredly, 13 months since the bundle of joy that allows me no time to sleep, eat of even breathe. But I Do know it's worth it, I thank God everyday for my little family.

"'Lena, could you get him this time? I need to get my briefcase and make some coffee before I leave." Damon says softly, gazing at my reflection through the dressing table he currently fixes his tie in.

I stand and walk slowly over to him, smirking as I do so. Without failure, every time Damon wears a tie it is crooked, no matter what he does to attempt to stop it. 'I still remember the bow tie fiasco on our wedding day.' I muse to myself as I straighten the damn thing.

"Honey, I'm so proud of you, you know?" I say, looking up at him.

"Why?" Damon replies, his face etched with confusion.

"Because silly, it took guts and hard work to get this job, it's a miracle! Not many people get a job at a prestigious law firm, just as they go into their last year of law school!" I explain, noticing how his eyes shine with modest pride and a faint blush spreads across his freshly shaved jaw.

"I guess..."

"No." I state firmly, "No guessing, you will go in there, knock their socks off, and tonight I will have a surprise for you." I say teasingly, planting a soft kiss on his cheek.

"What kind of surprise?" He chuckles before grasping me by the waist and pressing quick little kisses across my face and neck.

"Damon!" I laugh, halfheartedly pushing him away from me.

"Maaaaamaaaa!" A tiny boy's voice calls from the next room, halting our actions with a groan.

"I'll get him." I say, turning towards the doorway.

"Wait, 'Lena! My surprise! I beg you!" Damon says, dropping to his knees comically with a grin plastered across his face.

"Leon calls I'm afraid, babe!" I say, giggling as I enter the nursery which holds my other precious boy.

"Leon sweetie, you want momma?" I say, cooing at the small child with brown eyes and curly black hair, watching as he struggles in the blankets in his crib.

"Mama! Maaaa!" He shouts when he sees me, his hands reach up and flail about, making a grabbing motion.

Answering his silent plea, I lift him into my arms and rock him slightly, before heading into the kitchen to grab a bottle from the refrigerator. Sitting at the table, I nurse little Leon and smile at Damon as he saunters over to the coffee maker.

"So, you got any plans today babe?" He asks as he sips his coffee.

"I'm not sure yet, I might go for lunch with Bonnie and Flora, but ill see how this little guy is feeling." I answer.

Damon nods, kisses me and Leon and leaves for work. As I rock my baby to sleep, I think about when I was pregnant and I met my midwife, Bonnie.

*Flashback- 18 months ago*

"Hi, Mrs. Salvatore?" A voice behind me asked. I turned and found myself face to face with a petite woman. She looked to be in her mid forties with her chocolate brown hair piled up into a messy bun and small round glasses sitting atop her button nose. She wore pale blue scrubs and white tennis shoes with blue flowers engraved onto their sides.

"Um.. yes that's me." I replied quietly. After a year and a half of marriage I still found myself surprised when I was referred to as Mrs. Salvatore.

"Right this way dearie." She smiled kindly, gesturing to a small examination room with a examination table/bed in the middle of it.

I quickly followed her into the small room, hopping up onto the bed and turning to face her expectantly.

"Alrighty then, my name is Bonnie. I will be your midwife from this moment onward. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask me. Today we are going to do a quick little scan to see the little one for the first time, see how many weeks you are and try to find a due date etc. But first I would like to ask: Is this baby number one sweetie?" Bonnie asked. Feeling overwhelmed with the information I just nodded mutely, my mouth agape.

"I could tell." She laughed, her voice light and airy. "Okay, I know it's all very emotional and a lot to take in, but you will be fine. I was like you when I was pregnant with my daughter, Flora." She smiled gently at me.

"Your Daughter? How old is she?" I asked, surprised that this calm woman could have once been as scared as me.

"Flora is 16, just going into 11th grade mind you. She is a beautiful girl, petite like you," Bonnie smiled fondly, " Always covered in some form of paint, she is a wonderful artist; very talented."

"She sounds wonderful." I replied, smiling at the obviously doting mother before me. I hoped to be able to talk about my children like that one day.

"Oh she is dear! But back to you, when did you find out you were pregnant sweetie?" Bonnie asked, sitting down behind the tiny desk in front of me.

"Well, about two days ago. I have been quite ill and so was worried, but a friend from college suggested I take a pregnancy test, as I had stopped taking contraceptives when I got married last year." I smiled fondly at the memory of my beautiful wedding day. This led me to think about Damon, and how he was away on a trip with his friends at another college down south. He still didn't know.

"Well, everything you are saying suggests you are a few weeks along to have developed morning sickness symptoms. If you don't mind me asking, where is your husband? Have you not told him yet?" Her face was etched with worry, probably confused as to why I was at a scan by myself.

"Well he is away on a trip, it's for a project he is working on in university." I smile gently, "I'm hoping to surprise him with the scan picture tomorrow. We were worried why I hadn't become pregnant yet, with me not taking the pill for almost a year and a half. But we decided to let nature run its course. He will be so thrilled!" By now I'm full out grinning like a maniac.

"Well, I'm extremely happy for you both. A child is a wonderful gift, especially when it is obviously already so loved and cherished." Bonnie beamed at me, before standing and getting out various pieces of equipment from a cabinet.

She turned and placed them on a tray next to me, and said, "I think we are going to become very good friends while we wait for the little one to come!"

I smiled wholeheartedly and replied, "Yes, I think so too."

*End of Flashback*

I am pulled from my daydream by a soft ringing sound coming from the bedroom. Realizing it's my phone, I quickly put a now snoring Leon back in his crib and grab the phone from my bedside table. I sigh in amusement as the screen shows the very same petite Indian woman waving at the screen.

"Hi Bon." I say, answering the small mobile.

"Hello sleepyhead, do you and the little cutie want to come meet me and Flora in the cafe in town?" Bonnie replies.

I quickly agree and make arrangements to meet in half an hour. Running over to the closet, I dress as quickly as possible before going into the nursery to get a bag ready for Leon's diapers and bottles.

15 minutes later, I'm outside our apartment wrestling a 13 month old child into a pram, while trying to book a reservation for tonight at a little sushi bar down the road. I want to celebrate Damon's success, and also have a night with just the two of us, as we haven't really been 'adults' for a while.

I also remember, as baby puke covers my arm, that I hadn't found a babysitter for tonight. 'Dammit!' I think to myself while wiping my now ruined blouse with a baby wipe, 'Looks like tonight isn't happening.'

Dejected, I push the now compliant child through the bustling, city streets; before finally arriving at the little bistro that I frequently go to meet whatever friends I can when I have the chance.

"There he is!" A sweet young brunette says, bustling over to see the gurgling infant in front of me.

"Hey Flora, how are you?" I ask, giggling as she barely notices me, preferring to play with the now cackling Leon.

"Oh, hey Elena! I'm good thank you. I got an A for my last art project, you know, the one of the city skyline?" She replies, always as bubbly as ever.

"That's great! Hey, you can push him over to the table if you want, I don't mind." I say, noticing how she stares longingly at the pushchair.


With Leon now happily being cared for by Flora, I take a seat at the half booth/ half table Bonnie currently sits at.

"Hey Bon, how are things?"

"Oh, all good dear. I am currently looking over a woman who in two months will deliver triplets, how amazing is that?"

I gasp in alarm, "Boy, I have a tough enough job with this guy here. I can't imagine having three kids all at once!"

Bonnie giggles, clearly amused by my shocked expression.

"Well dear, I had five children, Flora here is my youngest as you know. It seems like a lot, but when you have the beautiful terrors, it's all worth it, don't you agree?"

I nod my head enthusiastically, completely in agreement. Although I was constantly covered in sick or poop, or always tired and dishevelled, every single minute was precious and completely worth it. Leon was my whole world now, so much so that I refused to return to the publishing firm I worked at before having him. I love staying home and taking care of the house and my baby, it was everything I had dreamed about since I was a little girl.

"Yeah!" Flora agreed, "I can't wait to get me a handsome husband. I want the kids and the dog and the fence... the whole nine yards!" She bobbed her head, her eyes glazed over as she daydreamed.

Bonnie and I giggled quietly at the young girl, before ordering our lunch and cooing over the toddler that now rested on Flora's lap.

"So, Elena. Do you think you and Damon will have any more kids?" Bonnie asked while shaking a rattle in front of a awestruck Leon.

"I'm not sure. We both want a big family, but Leon is only a year old and Damon is still in Law school. I don't think its time to have more children just yet." I reply, thoughtfully gazing out of the café's small window.

"Well, you know where I am if you ever need a midwife!" Bonnie replies, laughing heartily.


After Flora offered generously to babysit Leon overnight, I ran home to get her the necessary items she would need for him, gave her 40 dollars, and told her she was the best.

Now, it was 6:45pm and Damon was due home any minute. I had cleaned the apartment, covered the place in candles, cooked his favorite meal (I couldn't get that damn table at the sushi bar), and most importantly, made myself look the best I had looked in a damn long time. I swear, Damon must be sick of the sight of sweatpants.

"Hon, you home?" I hear a velvety voice call from the hallway.

"I'm in the living room baby." I reply, before quickly turning on the stereo and allowing smooth jazz to softly fill the room.

"Woah." Damon gasps. I turn to find him in the doorway, a bouquet of flowers in one hand, his briefcase in another.

"Hey honey, welcome home. I wanted to surprise you with a romantic night to celebrate your job. I know things have been hard this year, with me quitting my job and with the baby. But I want you to know how much I appreciate you, and how proud I am." I say, walking over to him and slowly rubbing his shoulders.

I lean up and kiss his agape mouth, effectively ending his stunned silence. He drops the now forgotten items in his hands, kicking them to the side as he pulls me to his chest.

"Baby, thank you so much." He whispers in between kisses.

"You're welcome." I say as I pull him backwards onto the couch behind us.

We drop onto the couch, with Damon turning and placing me on his lap. I abruptly stop our heated kissing and move my body so I'm effectively straddling his waist in my short, navy dress.

As soon as I am in position, Damon roughly pulls me to him, crashing his lips against mine.

Panting heavily, he whispers, "Those flowers were for you by the way."

While I inwardly squeal at the gesture, my body ravenously attacks his, uncaring at the now ruined roses by the door.

"Well," I gasp, "Do you want me to stop and put them in a vase?"

"Fuck no!" He shouts, his hands gripping my waist forcefully.

We continue to make out for a little while, before the smell of smoke and a wailing sound interrupts us.

"Crap!" I yell, scrambling off of Damon's lap and running over to the small oven across the open plan room.

Laughing loudly, Damon clutches his torso and throws himself across the length of the couch, unable to witness my failed attempt at dinner.

"Well," I pant, once I have stopped the fire alarm. "Dinner's ruined."

"I don't care, I only want dessert anyway." Damon says, sauntering across the room to pin my against the fridge, his hands either side of my head.

"Well, what would that be?" I ask teasingly, batting my long lashes up at him.

He growls menacingly, "That sweet little ass of yours." He retorts, before lifting me fireman-style and running into our bedroom, laughing as I squeal.

"Damon! Put me down!" I gasp.

"Okay." He says, and abruptly drops me onto our huge bed.

Watching with glee as I wriggle about on the mattress, trying to sit upright. Damon gulps when I kneel and pull my dress over my head, leaving me in only black lacy underwear and black stilettos.

"Damn baby. You look amazing." Damon chokes out, pulling on his now seemingly too tight tie.

"Dessert is served babe." I say with a grin, watching as his eyes darken with lust.

Damon quickly steps out of his shoes and practically rips off his tie before climbing onto the bed in front of me. Being too far away, I quickly bring us closer by crawling to him on my hands and knees.

Damon moans, before gripping my arms and attacking my lips in an aggressive, passionate kiss. I straddle his lap, grinding my sex against his cloth covered torso.

"You've got too many clothes on." I say, ripping his shirt from his chest. The buttons fly across the room but we couldn't care less, just like when I push him up against the headboard and we knock the lamp off the table beside us.

Gripping my thigh, Damon resumes kissing me as I fumble with his belt buckle, quickly removing it from his body.

He immediately removes his pants, unfortunately having to stand up to do so. I remove my bra and panties, but halt when he tells me,

"Leave those fucking awesome shoes on!"

Grinning, I let go of the strap on my right ankle. I lie back on the bed as Damon crawls on top of me, staring down at me hungrily.

"It's been forever since we did something like this." He says, gently palming one of my bare breasts.

I moan and nod, before kissing him slowly. My hands travel downwards, to grip his now erect member tightly.

"Damn baby! That feels so good!" He exclaims as I pump him up and down.

His hands also start to wander. He lightly cups my heated sex and sucks on my breast, moaning and eliciting wails of pleasure from my yearning body.

He yells as I begin to speed up my hand movements, all the while rocking up into his large hand. I cry out his name as his long digit enters me, making me feel absolute bliss.

Worked up by the fore play, he stops his actions and roughly grabs my hips before, ploughing into me in one fluid stroke. It is an immense shock to my body, after months of no sex. We yell out in unison, overcome with pleasure.

As he begins to rock slowly, he lowers his face to mine, kissing me passionately. I gasp at the atmosphere surrounding us. Gone is the need to fuck like animals, only pure love filters the room, our tingling bodies moving in a slow tandem, completely in sync.

As the warm feeling in my stomach grows, I also notice Damon begin to speed up slightly, his face now buried in the crook of my neck. His thrusts are now hard and sporadic, as I'm sure mine are too. We pant each others names as we rise higher and higher, before waves of bliss come over us, and we succumb to them.

"I love you, 'Lena!" Damon pants, his hands gripping the headboard behind us.

"I love you too baby!" I say, before my body virtually explodes.


*3 weeks later*

As I do everyday, I awake to the sound of my son shrieking for his breakfast. And as I have done for the past 3 days, I quickly stumble into the bathroom and literally puke up my guts.

"Baby, are you sure you're okay? You have been sick for days now." Damon says as he carries a now calm Leon into the room.

I stand and flush the toilet, before quickly rinsing out my mouth and turning to face my two favourite boys.

"I'm fine, it passes. Besides I have an appointment with the doctor for this afternoon anyway, it will just be the flu or something, it is November."

I walk into our bedroom and begin to strip the bed to do laundry, not paying attention to anything else until a pair of arms wrap around me from behind. I turn to find Damon gazing down at me worriedly, and Leon sitting on the rug behind us, playing with his farm animal toys.

"Babe, come with me if you want, but it really will be nothing." I say, hoping to calm him down.

"Okay, I will. But just let me tell you, you are the most stubborn person I know." He replies tiredly, before sauntering out of the room to cook breakfast, leaving me to my laundry.

*That Afternoon*

"Well, Mrs. Salvatore. I'm glad you came in to see me." Dr. Lockwood says politely, reclining back in his desk chair to study me and Damon.

I look worriedly at him, then to Damon as I squeeze his hand tightly. "What's wrong Doctor?"

He smiles, seeing how nervous me and my husband look. "Well, I looked at your urine sample, and I'm afraid you will have to go to the hospital, I am no help to you now."

I stare at him in shock, Oh my god, it's something serious. I'm going to die...'

The doctor chuckles as my husband stutters out a question of why.

"Well, it seems you two should get back in touch with your good friend Bonnie. I heard she is the best midwife around."

I look at Damon in shock, watching as his face slowly morphs into a grin. "So you mean?"

"Well," The doctor chuckles, "It means that Elena is three weeks pregnant. You guys are having another baby."

I gasp and feel myself being pulled into Damon's arms. As the news hits me I begin to laugh loudly. 'Another baby!' I think to myself.

And as we gaze into each other's eyes, we realize that a new chapter of our lives has just begun.

The End.

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