"... In a single day and night of misfortune, the continent of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea."

- Plato, 360 B.C.

It started on a day that was perfect. The ocean was wide and deep. It was a wonderful shade of deep cyan. The sky above was palest blue, skimmed by light fluffy clouds. It almost looked like a work of art by Michelangelo. There was nothing to spoil the view, not even a bird...

...until the flash.

It was so bright it cast shadows on walls a hundred miles away. The clouds boiled and writhed and vanished. The massive BOOM echoed across the world. The cloud of light in the distance was terrifying. Suddenly, a fleet of dragons swept across the waters. There were Gronkles, Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares even one or two Night Furys. Behind them was a thin grey line... which grew. It was a massive wave, higher even than mount Everest.

'You fool!' one of the pilots shouted to another, 'You've destroyed us all!' Behind them, the wall of water was rising higher and higher. 'The wave is gaining,' someone shouted. 'We have to warn Atlantis!' another one said. The were screeches and screams behind them. Dragons were being caught up in the wave and destroyed. 'TOO LATE!' was the last thing that was heard before the roaring of the wave engulfed them all.

The surviving dragons made it back to the vast continent of Atlantis. They swept past the small settlements and towns on the outskirts towards the Capitol. Dark clouds swarmed overhead in the sky and the shadow of the wave began to creep over the city throwing it into darkness... except for a single glowing light high above the city.

The bells were being rung as cries of 'Everyone to the shelters!" echoed through the streets. People screamed and ran through the streets as dragons crashed to the ground and scarlet lights shone down into the streets.

'This way your highness!' one of the guards called to King North, Queen Toothiana and their son Jack Frost who was clutching his teddy bear. The guard lead them towards the shelter. North hurried after him. 'Jack, come on!' Toothiana said, pulling her son with her. Jack dropped his teddy and he reached out for it as he was tugged away by his mother.

Toothiana bent down to Jack's eye level and spoke sternly. 'Jack! Just leave it! There's no time!' Suddenly, one of the red lights illuminated Toothiana. She froze. As her head turned upwards, the light turned gold. Tooth's eyes turned silver. They seemed like tiny round mirrors, reflecting all they saw. Her face went blank. The tiny crystal around her neck glowed and pointed up to the glowing ball of light high above.

North turned when he realised his wife and son weren't behind him. He was thrown into horror when he saw the light shining on Toothiana. He tried to run back to his wife, but the flow of people in the opposite direction was too strong. All of the lights converged on her and then thinned down until they were as thin as her crystal necklace. Then there was a flash. Tooth's hair and robes flowed around her like she was underwater. Golden sand formed in mid-air around her as the light expanded again. Her eyes were closed.

Jack stared transfixed at the glowing light. Then he felt a slight tug. Looking up he saw his mother being lifted into the sky by the golden sand. As her hand slipped off his wrist, she accidentally took the small charm bracelet Jack had had since he was a baby with her. Jack didn't notice this though. 'Mother!' he screamed reaching up for Toothiana as she floated higher and higher towards the light which suddenly blossomed so brightly that you couldn't see the source. Jack tried to take a step forward to go after his mother, but he was still too young to walk steadily. Even if he could, it wouldn't do any good. He collapsed to his knees. He looked up. 'MOTHER!' he screamed, reaching out for her, tears streaming from his eyes.

Walls of golden sand were forming at the edge of the city, creating an impenetrable barrier. Many people and a few dragons made it through this barrier, but the shield closed and the remaining people were shut out. People pounded on the walls, trying desperately to gain entrance, but as the vast wall of water bore down upon them, the realised it would do no good. Some people began running to their families, searching for their wives, husbands, children and friends and embracing them tightly.

'Mother,' Jack wept helplessly, still reaching out for his mother even though he now knew he could never reach her. North ran over and embraced his child in his arms. He pressed Jack's head into his chest. 'Protect your eyes Jack!' he yelled above the rushing of the air. 'LOOK AWAY!' He stared up at the spinning ball of light, at his wife. The dreamsand walls closed around it.

The flash of light was incredible. The sand dome began to sink into the ground. The wall of water crashed around it... swallowing it whole. Within seconds, there was no sign that the city had ever been there.

And that was the end of the empire of Atlantis...

At least until someone was born who knew how to find it...

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Jackson Overland Frost and Kozmotis Pitchiner in... Atlantis: The Lost Empire