I couldn't say the words. I couldn't tell her I love you. They were too much to bare. I couldn't tell her after the news she had given me. A baby... I should have known the love was only my own. She could never return that love now. Her arms wrapped around me as she told me a soft, "Goodbye." I turned away trying my best not to cry, but a single tear escaped my already swollen eyes, my head falling a bit with defeat. I tried to raise my head to show her I was still fine, strong even, but my heart had shattered into pieces already. There was no use but to cry now.

It was dark already as I sat around the fire with the other men, beginning to remember back to what Neal had told me. How he wouldn't wish a fate upon anyone if they failed to tell the one person they loved that they loved them. I truly, deeply wanted to tell Aurora, but the thought of rejection had clouded my mind, But I couldn't go back. I wasn't going to burden Aurora with the news of True Love after the news of a baby. I didn't want to imagine a life I could have had with Aurora. Maybe I could have watched Phillip and Aurora have a family and I would always be beside them, but never with Aurora alone. My mind was made up. I was to stay here with Robin Hood and his men. Not as this was new to me...

"Are you alright, Mulan?" A voice called out, what seemed in the distance, but I noticed all the men had hushed and noticed my silent demeanor. I managed a smile and nodded like nothing was wrong, "Sorry, I'm fine." I looked around only to see the curious eyes of men just watching me, until Robin Hood cleared his throat and began to speak to us. "As you know, we are on our way to the Highland Village because they are in need of our assistance. The Werewolves have managed to terrorize the villagers once more. These Werewolves have forgotten their place and we must, again, show them where they stand." All the men clapped and hollered out at Hood's speech. He was very inspirational and seemed to have everything in focus. I nodded to myself understanding the journey we were taking, but more importantly what was at stake.

Werewolves were dangerous creatures, both Human and Wolf is a volatile combination. Sometimes, the senses of the Wolf will overflow and the Human inside would lose control. But, the Human in the Wolf wasn't all that bad. I had known but one Werewolf and she wasn't a monster as everyone assumed, just misunderstood. She was just as scared of her wolf, as the villagers. I wanted to tell Hood of my experience with these creatures, but as soon as I stood to speak with him, he had left. I looked around the men to see if he had escaped into the shadows with one or two of them to talk to, but he had disappeared completely. I was about to give up, until Little John came my way. "Looking for Robin?" He asked with a friendly voice and smile. I nodded returning the mutual feeling. "He went to Rumpelstiltskin's home to rest. He sleeps with son in the Castle and then he joins us out here at dawn." I nodded with understanding as I turned to away from him, but then he called for me. "Mulan?" I looked over my shoulder waiting for Little John to speak. "Glad you're here to help our cause." I gave a nod and headed to a secluded area near the camp.

It wasn't like me to stray away from the camp, but I felt I needed my own space. I felt overwhelmed with joining Hood's band, but mostly from all that had happened earlier in the day. I was wondering if Neal had gotten to Emma yet and if Henry were safe, but I thought more of Aurora. I wanted to be beside her, to protect her and guide her, but I had left that life when I decided to be here. I placed my armor down next to where I was to sleep laying down on the harsh bedroll I had gotten from camp and closed my eyes. But only being able to see Aurora say her goodbye. I thought of nothing else that night.