Mulan and I were cozied up in my sleeping chambers on the bed. My head laid on Mulan's lap as we laid about waiting for Phillip to come talk with us again. "I'm sorry for Phillip's behavior..." I spoke out into the silent room. Mulan look toward me with understanding as her fingers gently stroked my forehead, "It is not your fault." she replied, smiling at me. Her eyes glanced down toward my hands, she took my hands within hers, her soft fingers intertwined with mine. I giggled out as our fingers played together. I raised our hands above my head and looked up toward her, "My knight in shining armor."
"Warrior." Mulan and I grinned at her comment. I burst into laughter as I played with our hands more. I looked at my finger with the ring Phillip had given me when he proposed, it looked so awkward upon my hand now. I began taking it off until Mulan stopped me, "Are you sure you want to take it off?" she asked worried. I nodded taking it completely off setting it on the table next to us. "I don't want to wear something of his when my heart is with you." I replied quietly turning over so I could properly face her. I saw her blush, for the first time. Her eyes glanced elsewhere as her cheeks became rosy, and her lips curled a bit as she looked away. I smiled bringing her hands close to my lips, the soft skin brushing against my lips as I whispered, "Only you," giving a gentle kiss upon her hands.

It felt like hours until Phillip decided we could all talk again. We stood in front of where we cuddled before. We didn't want to give Phillip a hard time, and frankly it would have been awkward. Mulan seemed more courageous now than before because as the door began creaking open, her hand squeezed mine with anticipation. She was ready to take on anything. As for myself, I was terrified. I had never known this side of Phillip, and it haunted me to think I was going to spend my life with this man. What if I had never went to Mulan and found about Phillip later? Would it have been too late...? but before I could think any more of that aspect, Phillip came into the room Mulan and I were staying in, for now, to further converse with this whole situation. Phillip came through the door silent only looking downward as he shut the door behind him. He took a few steps before stopping in his place and looked up at the both of us. He didn't say anything just observed the both of us. He glanced down at where Mulan held my hand and looked up toward me with sadness. "How can you easily forget me, Aurora?" He pleaded out like a child losing his favorite toy. I looked down at the hardwood floor for a moment before I spoke, "I haven't forgotten you Phillip, this is why I came back. It is not fair to you if I were to stay..." I spoke out softly trying to keep the situation calm. Phillip shook his head a bit and mumbled, "Why now?" I bit my lip from his question. Quite frankly I didn't even know the answer I shook my head and shrugged a bit, "Then when?" I replied. It was simple, but made a huge impact on the whole conversation. It was true. When was the best time to talk of all this? I began to give him empathy, nothing was easy here, but it was a start, "Love works in mysterious ways Phillip."
"But I love you." Phillip pleaded out, he was beginning to sound more in despair each time he spoke out.

I watched as Aurora explained herself and her feelings. It was odd to think of Red in this whole situation. But it seemed more and more familiar. Red was the same way when I had left her, how I tried to tell her to forget me. We weren't meant for each other, and maybe that was why Red had such a hard time. She thought I was her True Love, but my heart changed. I finally spoke out between the two, who seemed to haven't resolved a thing. "Phillip, I understand what you're feeling." Phillip and Aurora looked toward me in surprise, because the whole time I had just stood and listened. "How?" he asked skeptical eyeing me. "I once thought I was meant for someone else, but it changed. My feelings had changed and I left. This is the same situation." I spoke out trying to keep it quiet and calm. Phillip stood listening, for once. "I couldn't tell you what had changed my feelings or why they did, but they did," I glanced toward Aurora, who was smiling at me with love and admiration as I told them of my experience. "and now I find myself with Aurora. Maybe you weren't meant to be in the end of things." I finished my speech standing still watching Phillip's reaction, but all he did was stand and stare in disbelief still. "But True Love's kiss broke the curse..." Phillip was doing anything and everything he could do or say to keep Aurora, and frankly I was tired of his efforts. "Maybe then, but this is now Phillip." I stated quite harshly, I was becoming impatient with his cat game. Phillip's eyes sadly looked over to Aurora, "Is this what you want?" Aurora nodded giving him a solid, 'yes.' Phillip sighed finally nodding at us, "Fine...then you may get what you want..." Aurora smiled brightly after his words. "Phillip! This means the world to me!" Aurora stepped away from my side to give him a friendly hug, but he lifted his hand to stop her in her place. "Just...go. Please." Phillip said not even looking at Aurora. Aurora blinked in confusion, but nodded at his wishes. "Thank you, Phillip. I will never what you have done for me. I'll never forget you." Aurora smiled in good will and lead me out of the room. I glanced back at Phillip before leaving and I saw him walking toward the table where Aurora left her ring. As we ventured down the hall, away from the room, I watched as Phillip picked the ring up and cried as he held the very ring Aurora was given the time they married. I knew in time he would find another, like Red. Everyone was meant to be with their True Love.

We walked out of the castle and stopped at the middle of the bridge. I looked at Mulan with new eyes. I was a free woman, a free woman in love all over again, and this time this was it. Everything felt right, and I loved the feeling. I took Mulan's hand within mine telling her, "I'm glad I met you." Mulan's lips curled into a shy smile as she stared deeply in my eyes. I saw her eyes drop toward my lips and back up. I grinned as my teeth began to show. I was happier than I have ever been. Mulan leaned into me for the first time, her lips came near mine. I felt her hot breaths from her nose as she came closer. I closed my eyes and felt her supple lips touch mine gently. It was magical to finally kiss Mulan. The woman I loved. I felt her arms wrap around my back and pull me in as she deepened the kiss. As we slowed our kiss, I couldn't help but smile of the thought of being with Mulan for the rest of my days. She was truly mine.