Rachael Roth sighed as she looked at the drunken mess of her father. Her father has been out drinking again, and now laid on passed out on the floor. Ever since her mother passed away years ago, her father hasn't been his normal loving self. He began drinking, staying at the bars all night and hanging out with criminals. Rachael didn't want to stay here with her father anymore. He started to become worse over the years. Rachael stepped over her father and looked in the fridge for something to eat before she head off to school. She sighed again as she found nothing desirable. Her father barely bought food for the house anymore. She sometimes starved in her bedroom while her father hanged out with his friends. She found her book bag and slung it over her shoulder as she walked out the house to go to school.


Garfield Logan walked to school with his two close friends, Victor and Richard. Garfield had blonde hair and green eyes. He is usually pronounced the cool, laid back guy at school. His friend Victor was tall, muscular and dark-skinned. He was quarterback of the school football team and got the girls staring from here and there. Richard is the richest boy in school. His father owns a multi-millionaire business. Though the girls usually go after him, he sets his eye on one girl out of the huge school, and that was Kori Anderson. The three has been friends since they were in elementary. They just clicked together her as friends. The three friends walked down the long sidewalk to their school on a Monday morning. They joked and laughed as they mentioned the geeky kids from their class.

"Yo Gar! You comin' to my house after school? We gonna' play video games and eat! "Victor said excitedly as he began to think of the wonderful video game bliss.

Garfield turned to his muscular, friend " I'm not sure yet dude I gotta do a lot of homework today. You know I'm failing like all of my classes."

"Man, you never do your homework." Victor said confusingly as he turned to his blonde friend.

"Yeah, but my parents are really getting on my back." Gar said as he kept walking along the sidewalk.

"I don't blame them. I would get on my son's back if he was even failing PE." Richard replied smirking at Gar.

"Oh ha ha. You're so funny." Gar said dully as he looked toward his rich friend. "But do you want to tell me why you're failing Literature?"

Richard's face turned red. He was failing Literature, but not because he didn't know what was being taught. He didn't paid attention since the girl of his dreams, Kori sat next to him in that class. His friends began to laugh and nudge their now embarrassed friend.

"Shut up." Richard said to his two friends with anger.

The boys continued to laugh as they entered their school building. Over one hundred students flooded the school hallway. Loud talking and commotion filled the hallways as well. The three boys made their way through the large crowd. They made their way to their lockers. Kori suddenly ran to her three friends with a smile on her face. She had long, beautiful silky red hair. Her big green eyes made people's hearts melt.

"Hello my friends."

Gar and Victor greeted their female friend. Richard stood dumbfounded at the girl's beauty. Kori giggled at Richard.

"Richard, you look quite funny." Kori said with a big smile.

Richard shook his head. "Um, heh, hey Kori. How's it going?"

"I'm quite well."

Victor and Gar looked at each other and smirked. They grabbed their books and looked at the two friends as they talked. Gar soon walked to them, putting his hands on both Richard and Kori's shoulders.

"Well, isn't this lovely! Two friends talking. How beautiful. Well Vic and I are gonna head off to homeroom. We'll see you both there." Gar nudged Richard playfully as he began to walk away with Victor. Richard's face turned bright red as he was left with Kori alone.

Kori looked at Richard, confused. "Richard, your face is quite red. Are you feeling ok?"

Richard rubbed his head nervously. "Yeah, I'm fine. Um, Kori, I want to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Um…I…I… wanted to know…if you wanted to go to the….movies with…me" Richard asked very nervously as he rubbed his head once again out of nervousness.

Kori grew a big smile on her face. "Oh I would love to!"

Richard's eyes grew big as he realized what the girl said. A smile grew on his face as he became more confident. "Awesome! Ill, uh, I'll pick you at six."

"Joyous." Kori squealed with joy.


Rachael walked along the sidewalk to school. She usually came to class late. She tried to ignore the homeroom class that was filled with loud students. She didn't like the loudness of the teens. She also didn't want to encounter Adonis. Adonis was a football player. He was muscular, and good looking, but he was also cocky. Confusingly, he always came after her. She didn't like Adonis one bit. He crept her out. He thinks that she would fall head over heels for him just because he gets whatever he wants. Sometimes thinking of Adonis made her sick. She was confused on why he liked her so much. She told him plenty times to leave her alone, but he was stubborn. He kept coming after her. He wouldn't stop. Rachael slowly began to ignore the teen, but sometimes it was too much. Rachael sighed as she kept walking along the path to school. She heard a honk from a car horn. She turned her head and a saw Adonis in his car driving along. Her slowed his car down and pulled the window down. He smirked when he saw the dark girl.

"Hey baby, want a ride to school?" He said as he smirked at her.

"No. Leave me alone." Rachael said angrily.

"Baby, don't be like that."

"Leave me alone!"

Adonis became aggravated. "Fine." He pulled the window up and sped forward down the street.

Rachael put her head in her hands. A headache was beginning to come form in her head. "What a great thing to start the sucky day." Rachael thought bitterly as she kept along her walking.


Gar made his way into his first class of the day, Biology. He sighed as he sat in his usual spot in the chair. He hated Biology. It was boring to him. The only part that intrigued him was the animal section of the book. He got his notebook from his book bag. He usually few in class. Though it wasn't anything professional or good looking. It was just doodles that he did when he became bored in the class. He looked around the classroom. He saw his classmates. He also saw Adonis who sat in the corner of the classroom. He sat around the girls that cooed and obsessed over him. Gar turned his head in disgust. Gar never liked Adonis. Adonis would pick on him when he was younger because he was small. He still picked on Gar. Gar wasn't as big and muscular as Adonis. He was skinny and somewhat muscular, though Gar planned to do weights to enhance his muscles.

The classroom door opened and Rachael walked in. People looked at her and simply ignored her. Adonis looked at the girl with a smirk. He eyed her as she sat in her usual spot. Gar looked at Rachael. He never really noticed the dark girl before He doesn't remember seeing her in this class or at school. He looked at her closely. He saw her pale skin, and her dark short hair. He saw her face as she leaned over to grab her book bag. He looked harder until he and Rachael had eye contact. Gar quickly turned his head and blushed. He never noticed the girl. He never noticed how pretty she was as well. He slowly averted his eyes toward the dark girl again. He noticed her small, skinny body. His thoughts ran wild with pictures of her face. "I have to talk to her." Gar thought as he turned to his notebook and began to sketch out the dark, beautiful eyes that he just witnessed.


A loud ringing noise was heard throughout the school building. Students ran out of their classrooms. They raced to the lunchroom to get their lunch. Gar got up from his seat. He saw Rachael close her books and put them in her book bag. He walked out of the classrooms and made his way to the hallway where his friends stood chatting.

"Yo Gar, you look like you've seen an angel. What's up with you?" Victor asked his goofy friend.

Gar shook his head from the thoughts of Rachael. "Oh it's nothing."

Richard smirked. "Looks like someone likes a special girl.''

Gar blushed and rolled his eyes. He shrugged and looked at the floor. "So what if I like someone."

Victor burst into laughter. "Oh this is priceless! Who's the special someone?"

Gar shrugged again. "You'll find out later."

Victor and Richard smirked to each other. "Alright then."


Richard drove his expensive car in front of Kori's home. He was nervous and excited. He's had a huge crush on Kori for quite some time now. He's had a plan to ask Kori out and now the day has come. The day he would finally take Kori out on a date. He opened the door and walked to the door. He knocked loudly. The door opened to reveal Kori's father. He was a big, burly man. He looked very serious. He usually scared both he and his friends. He looked down to Richard who stood nervously in front of him.

"Well, my boy. It is wonderful to see you." He said with a smile. "Come in!" He said as he pushed Richard inside the big house.

Richard smiled as he saw Kori walk down the large stairs in a beautiful short, but elegant dress. Her was curled and laid nicely on her shoulders. Richard's blush appeared on his face as he saw the beautiful girl.

"Kori…You look beautiful!" Richard said with a smile as Kori approached him.

Mr. Anderson put his big, rough hand on Richards shoulder. "Aye my boy. She does look beautiful. My little girl is getting older." He smiled as Kori walked down and hugged her big father.

"Thankyou father." Kori said with a big smile.

Mr. Anderson turned to Richard. "The care of her my boy, and get her back on time."

Richard gulped as he saw the seriousness in her father's tone. "Yes, sir. I will."

Mr. Anders smiled as he led the both of them to the door. Richard opened the car door for the beautiful girl.

"Have fun my daughter!" Mr. Anderson said as he waved to his daughter who waved back as Richard drove out of the drive way.


Gar laid in his bedroom. He listened to the music that blasted through his headphones. His thoughts ran to Rachael. He was amazed at how pretty she was. What shocked him was how he never really noticed the girl. He smiled as he thought up a plan to talk to the quiet, anonymous girl.


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