"1..2..3! Push, Kori!"

Kori screamed as immense pain filled her body.

The day has come. Kori was in labor. Richard stood at her left while Rachael stood at her right. They both held Kori's hand tight as they saw Kori push. Kori has been in labor for 5 hours now and she wanted to get her baby out. Richard also wanted to see his own child. He also didn't want to see in his wife in anymore pain. "She did want a baby. Now, she's getting one." Richard thought as he felt pain surge in his hand. Rachael looked down at her friend who was sweating and breathing heavily. She smiled as she held her hand as tight as she could.

"Come on, Kori. You can do it." Rachael cheered.

"I did not know that the child birth was so painful!" Kori screamed as she felt another wave of pain.

The nurse chuckled. "Sweetie, this is nature. You're going to have to get use to it."

"Push Kori!" The doctor screamed.

Kori groaned and pushed. She screamed her lungs out in hopes of the pain waver off a little, but it didn't work.

"Kori, come one. Our baby is almost here." Richard said to his wife

Kori breathed heavily. She fought the urge to just lie in the hospital bed, but she wanted her baby. She carried it for nine months. She went through the pain and vomit for that long. She wanted to see her baby's face.

"Push!" The doctor screamed.

Kori squeezed Richard and Rachael's hand with all her strength as she pushed as hard as she could.

"Good job Kori! Keep it up!" The doctor said with a smile.

Kori screamed as she gave her final push.

A faint, cry was heard throughout the room. Everyone smiled at the bloody infant in the doctor's arms. "It's a girl!" He said happily as he gave the crying newborn to the nurse who wiped the blood from the baby's mouth and nose. She weighed and measured the baby girl. She soon wrapped the baby in warm blankets and brought it to the new parents. Kori took her child and smiled down at her. She was still sweaty from the labor, but it didn't matter to her as she saw her child in front of her. She stroked the little cheek on the baby with her finger. She looked up at Richard who simply smiled then looked down at his daughter. Rachael smiled at the beautiful scene in front of her.

"I'm going to get the others." Rachael said as she walked out of the hospital bedroom.


Gar, Victor, Bee, Mr. and Mrs. Logan with Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and Richard's adopted father sat in the waiting room. They were anxious to hear the update on their friend and daughter's progress. They saw Rachael walk into the waiting room with a big smile on her face. They smiled when they saw her smile. They knew that she baby was delivered.

"It's a girl. 7 pounds 5 ounces." Rachael said with a big smile.

Everyone gave a sigh of relief. They were happy to hear the good news.

"This is too cute. I remember that girl saying that she wanted a baby so bad," Bee said.

"I know right." Vic said.

"How did the labor turn out?" Gar asked with a smirk.

Rachael shook her head and laughed. "It was awful for Kori."

Everyone laughed. They were excited to see the new member of the Grayson family.

"So when can we see the little lady." Vic said with a smile.

A nurse walked in with a clipboard in her hand and a smile on her face. She walked up to them. "You all are able to come see the new baby."

Everyone didn't waste any time! They sprang from their seats as the nurse began to show them the hospital room. Rachael tayed behind and laughed at the group that followed the poor nurse. Gar wrapped his arm around Rachael with a big smile. Rachael wrapped her arms around Gar's waist and smiled up at him.

"You're going to be next." Gar said to her as he kissed her cheek.

Rachael simply smiled and walked down the hallway to the delivery room with her husband in her arms. "We'll see."


Rachael and Gar entered the hospital room to see the baby girl surrounded by adults in the glass basinet. Everyone smiled and cooed at the newborn who had her eyes open looking at the group of adults.

"Oh my gosh! Look at her cute little eyes!" Bee said as she stroked the baby's face.

"She looks like Richard." Vic said as he stared at the baby.

"No she doesn't. She looks like Kori." Mrs. Logan said to Victor.

They soon began a debate on who the little baby girl looked like who. Rachael shook her head at the foolishness.

"It doesn't matter who she looks like the most. She's beautiful." Mr. Grayson said with a smile to the group and the new parents.

Kori and Richard both smiled back.

"So what's her name?" Mr. Logan asked.

"Leah." Kori said with a smile.

"That's beautiful." Mrs. Anderson said as she smiled back at her daughter.

"So who wants some steaks!?" Victor asked loudly.

Everyone quickly turned to them with their finger to their mouth telling him to bequiet. He quickly covered his mouth with his large hand as he looked at the sleeping newborn. He laughed nervously and rubbed his bald head. "Sorry!"

Everyone laughed at the big man's apology.

"Some steaks does sound nice." Mrs. Anderson said with a smile.

"Great! We're going to have a feast at my house once little Leah and Kori get released from the hospital….plus my wife has to clean the house."

Bee looked at him with a glare. Victor simply scooted himself close to his friend, away from his angry wife.


Baby Leah slept peacefully in her pink, flowered car seat. She had a small pink dress with a gray bow on the front with small, black, shiny shoes. Her red hair was tucked away in her white hat. She sat next to her mother who monitored her frequently.

"Kori, she's not going to walk away." Rachael said with a smile as she looked at her friend on the other side of the table.

Kori snapped her head up from the sound of her name. She smiled and relaxed. "Oh I know friend. I just want to make sure she is comfortable."

The entire gang and their parents sat in the Stone's dining room. They all sat at the table with freshly prepared food on the table, ready for them to eat. Gar stood with a glass of wine in his hand. He smiled as he looked at everyone.

"Toast to an amazing life with my friends, family, wife, and another toast to the new addition to the Grayson family, Baby Leah."

Everyone cheered and toasted their own drinks into the air.


3 months later…

Rachael sat anxiously on the toilet. Se looked dreadfully at the white stick that laid on the sink. She sighed and stopped moving her nervous leg that kept shaking. She looked out the window of the bathroom and saw the sunlight seep into the bedroom.

She knew that she was probably pregnant from the vomiting and the stomach turns. She was just nervous to see if she actually was pregnant. Rachael put her head in her hands. She never thought that five minutes could take so long.

It wasn't as if she didn't want a baby. Sh was just nervous to be a mother. She didn't want her child growing up to be out of control and crazy due to her lack of discipline, but she also didn't want to be too strict to where her child wont open up to her. She brought her head from her hands and looked at her watch. "Just one more minute." And that one minute was probably the longest minute of her life!

Rachael heard a beep. She quickly got up form the toilet and received the stick in her hands. She looked at the stick with big eyes. She covered her mouth with her hand as tears ran down her eyes, but they weren't tears of sadness. They were tears of happiness.


Gar walked into his home with a sigh. It was getting dark, and he was happy to be finally home. He hung his coat and put his bag on the floor. He didn't see Rachael downstairs so assumed that she was upstairs. He walked up the stairs and saw the bedroom door opened. He walked in and saw Rachael sleeping. She was still wearing her clothes from this morning. He smiled and sat on the bed next to her. He gently shook her. Her eyes slowly opened. She saw her husband and smiled.

"Hey." Gar said with a warm smile.

"Hi." She said sleepily.

"How was your day today?"

"It was great." Rachael said with a big smile.

"You hang out with the girls?" Gar said as he got up from the bed and began to take his hsoes and shirt off.

Rachael giggled. "No. Something else made it great."

Gar turned to her, confused. "What happened today that made you all on cloud 9?"

"Come here." She said as she patted the space next to her on the bed.

"Gar quickly walked over the bed and wrapped his arms around her. "Alright, what is it?"

Rachael looked at him with tears in her eyes. She kissed her husband and whispered. "I'm pregnant."

Gar's eyes became big. A bug smile appeared on his face. "What!? This awesome."

Rachael laughed as her husband wrapped his arms around her tighter. "Yeah. We're going to be parents."

"This is awesome. This is too great. We have to call everyone and tell." Gar said as he got up from the bed.

"We'l;l tell them later. Right now, let's just go to sleep."

Gar smiled and climbed into the bed next to his wife once again. He genty laid his hand on his wife's flat stomach and kissed her. "Say goodbye to that flat stomach."

Rachael laughed. "Shut up, and go to bed."

Gar klaughed and turned the light off. The two laid in each other's arms, neither one not caring that they were still in their clothes from this morning.


8 months later…

"Friend Raven, what color should I use for the table cloths? Hot pink or the light pink?" Kori asked as she brought two different pink colored table clothes to her pregnant friend.

Rachael rolled her eyes and sighed. "Kori, does it really matter? They're both pink."

"Yes, but they must match the other decorations."

"Kori, the color scheme is pink and silver. It doesn't matter."

"I will go with the light pink."

Kori and Rachael were planning Leah's birthday party. Rachael was now 9 months pregnant and would be ready anytime. Rachael winced in pain as she struggled to rub her swollen feet. Leah sat on the floor with her mother's keys in her small hands. She had on her baby blue dress with a white bow in her short, red hair. She also had a pink pacifier in her mouth to prevent her from putting the keys in her mouth. She smiled and giggled as she saw her aunty Rachael struggle to move.

"Keep laughing. You're going to be in this position someday." Rachael sighed as she sat back up. She exhaled a deep breath when she felt a kick in her abdomen.

Gar walked down the stairs with a smile on his face as he saw the company. He tickled little Leah and kissed his wife. He greeted Kori as well.

"So what are you two doing?" Gar asked as he walked toward the kitchen.

"We are preparing for Leah's birthday party." Kori said with a smile as she began folding the paper clothes.

"That's cool." Gar said as he walked toward the couch. He sat down next to his wife, who winced in pain.

"Are you ok?" He asked his wife.

Rachael simply nodded her head, but her face told a completely different story.

"Rachael, I think you need to go to the hospital now." Gar said.

Rachael shook her head. "No. I'm fine."

"Friend, are you sure? You do not look the ok."

Rachael screamed in pain, causing Leah to cry.

Gar quickly took his keys and shoes. "Alright, you're going."

Rachael got up from the couch with the help of Kori. Gar took his wife to the car while Kori grabbed her daughter. They quickly entered the car and sped off to the hospital.


Rachael breathed in and out vigorously. Her hair was stuck to her forehead from the sweat that she received from the pain and heat. Rachael groaned in pain as she felt another labor. Gar stood next to his wife with love in his eyes. He held her hand tightly within his hand. Rachael has been in labor for the past 3 hours. Ms. Logan with Mr. Logan were in the hospital room with Rachael. Mrs. Logan held Rachael's other hand in her own. She gave Rachael encouraging words.

Rachael sighed as she laid back onto the hospital bed tiredly.

"This is awful." She graned.

"It's worth it, sweetie." Mrs. Logan said with a smile.

Kori soon walked into the room, carry Leah on her hip.

"Hello, friends. Rachael, how are you feeling?" Kori said with a smile.

"I feel like im dying." Rachael sighed as she ate te ice chips that were in a pink cup.


"Alright Rachael, you're getting close. Push on three. 1…2..3!"

Rachael pushed as hard as she could. Her face turned red from the pain. She gave a big sigh as she laid back on the bed.

"Come on Rach. You can do it." Gar said with a smile.

Rachael nodded her head and pushed one more time.

The room became silent when a cry was heard. Mrs. Logan squeeled in delight when she saw her grandchild "Oh Rachael, you did it!"

Rachael sighed in relief. "Finally." She whispered

Gar kissed his wife on the forehead. "Good job." He said with a smile.

The nurse carried the baby to the couple. "It's a boy." She said with a smile.

Rachael gently took her son into her arms. Tears ran down her face as she smiled at the infant. Gar too looked happily at the boy.

"Hey there, buddy." Gar said as he stroked the baby's cheek.

He had Gar's complextion, but Rachael's dark, black hair.

"He's beautiful." Mr. Logan said as he got up from the chair next to the bed.

"Oh, let me hold my grandson!" Mrs. Logan said happily as she took the infant from his mother's arms. She cooed the baby who simply looked up at her.

The door to the hospital room opened. Everyone walked in, anticipated to see the newborn.

"Alright,I have to see this baby." Victor said as he looked around the room for the infant.

"Wht? No congratulations?" Gar asked.

Victor ignored him and looked at the baby in Mrs. Logan's arms.