Tenten smiled at the thought of Naruto coming over to her home later. She did have her plans, lots of plans actually, but that didn't mean she'd outright jump him. She had to bide her time...earn his trust slowly. Erode all the shackles that were holding him back. At the very least, she did have a way to learn about him and have some "fun" too...

A series of knocks at the door caught the two ladies' attention and they grinned. Their guest was here! As Kin altered her features to be the same as they were at the ramen stand earlier via a quick hengen, Tenten opened the door and beamed at the blond-topped lump of orange standing on the other side of her doorway.

Naruto looked around. To say he felt nervous was an understatement. He'd never been invited over to anyone's home before, much less a girl's, and had no idea how to act.

Personally, Tenten actually found it adorable. Grabbing his hand, she laughed a bit as she lead him into her home and shut the door behind them. Leading the haplessly innocent and somewhat socially awkward blond to the kitchen table, she sat him down and stood behind him and started to rub his shoulders as Kin brought in the food and set the table, shooting a murderous look at her mistress for not getting to do that to the blond boy first, Tenten smirked smugly at Kin in response and kept kneading the orange ninja's shoulders. kami...steel beams weren't this tense!

"Naruto and Kinsumi aren't going to eat you." Tenten said 'That's what everyone ELSE in the village is for.' she added in thought. That made her think of a technique she knew and started flipping through signs before placing her hands on his shoulders again.

"Jujin: San koi Saru Sogai Kai" Tenten whispered, grinning. The "Curse seal: three wise monkey inhibition release" was always so much fun.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no least until this jutsu set it free!

To Tenten, it was the best way to genuinely get to know Naruto as a person rather than deal with that huge, cheesy, fake smile of his.

Naruto's body relaxed and eyes glazed over before focusing again as if they hadn't been clouded over at all.

Walking over and joining Kin across from him, Tenten started to break the ice with small talk to see how effective the jutsu was on him...she had just the subject for that , too.

"So're things with your team?" Tenten asked.

Naruto, newly freed from being unwilling to speak his mind, scowled at the question. "What team? Look Tenten, I'll put my feelings for them in a way you'll get: I wish I could swap teams with YOU!"

Tenten winced openly, Naruto would have gladly swapped teams with her? No...that couldn't be. Who would WILLINGLY want be exposed to Gai and Lee on a daily basis? Was team 7 truly THAT bad?

"Ok...why is THAT?!" Tenten asked. Feeling the need for an explanation.

"You really wanna know? And in what order do you wanna hear it in?" the blond asked.

Tenten and Kin both nodded "We do. Go by rank if its easiest." Kin told the male.

Naruto laughed humorlessly and nodded before explaining about what he had against Kakashi.

As Naruto spoke, Tenten felt the urge to dry-heave. The man's lackadaisical sub-standards making her physically ill.

From what Naruto told her with his inhibitions dulled, while Kakashi was one of the top Jonin in the village and more or less it's resident jutsu master and that he had the Sharingan from his former teammate, Uchiha Obito. But other than that, Tenten was deeply unimpressed. She had heard Kakashi was a porn addict who was constantly late to everything (barring the new releases of Icha Icha anyway), but she had never known how damaged the man was. She could see the results plain as day, because he was a sub-par teacher at best. The man had passed them on the barest hint of teamwork. Kakashi had absolutely no idea how to train newly minted genin. All he did was get on their nerves by telling them to work as a team, and yet he never told team seven how, seeing as the academy didn't exactly teach teamwork like they should, even though it was one of the biggest requirements to becoming a genin in the first place, yet he seemed to think that they did.

Kakashi's treatment of Naruto was wrong starting from the bell test. How on earth do you expect a boy who had been ostracized by his own village for simply being alive to just grasp the concept of teamwork at the drop of a hat like that? Naruto never had anyone really looking out for him, especially not his classmates. While the exercise would be understandable for Sasuke (if he weren't such a stuck up prick) as he has been pampered by his village, it made no sense for Kakashi to reasonably expect Naruto to rely on two people who have never been there for him, namely Sasuke and Sakura, to help him. Naruto, despite his outgoing personality, is a loner from the beginning. What kind of idiot was Kakashi not to be able to see that anyway?

Next was the training. Or lack thereof. Listing what Kakashi taught Naruto was easy: Climbing Trees...and that's it. Kakashi regarded Sasuke more highly than Naruto, that much was pitifully obvious; as he watched Neji fight Hinata, he thought that not even Sasuke could stand up to him, as if that emo-bastard set the bar for Genin standards; also when he told Naruto that he couldn't train him, he blatantly said he had more important things to take care of: training Sasuke. How Kakashi abandoned Naruto during the one month break of the Chunin exam is more than a little messed up. Granted that things worked out for the best (with Naruto finding a stronger teacher more willing to train him) Kakashi didn't know that would happen. What exactly was better chakra control going to do to help Naruto defeat a Hyuuga prodigy who had no problem with attempting to murder members of his own family!? He probably planned on Naruto losing, the bastard.

First and foremost, Tenten felt that if you can't train more than one student at once, don't take a three man squad. Secondly, Kakashi knew the Kage Bunshin. Why couldn't he have at least taken two seconds to cross his fingers and made one to instruct Naruto, just crossing his fingers, how hard was THAT for a Jonin of Kakashi's renowned and caliber? Thirdly, and this was the kicker, knowing Kakashi, he'd more than likely have the gall to reprimand Jiraiya for teaching Naruto the Rasengan after he had taught Sasuke the Chidori! Prior to Naruto's arrival, Tenten had ordered her ROOT spy dig through the records on each of the ninja of the village and, through that, had found out that while Kakashi knew the technique all along, he had no plans of teaching the Rasengan to Naruto because he didn't think he could handle it appropriately. What the FUCK did the porn-obsessed scarecrow think Sunshine boy was going to do with the Chidori; use it as a magnetic force to attract an ice cream truck for the Konohamaru corps to have a snack!? Hell no! He actually believed that Sasuke would use it to protect his fellow shinobi of Konoha. Didn't he spend a lot of alone time with Sasuke? You'd think he was a little more observant of the fact that everything Sasuke did was toward killing Itachi...especially since the prick had said that!

Kakashi was and excellent ninja. One of the top jonin in Konohagakure. And a former ANBU captain. But Tenten would be damned if he wasn't a shitty sensei.

Tenten winced when Naruto was finished. All that was actually understandable as to why he'd want to swap teams with her. Even as sanity-challenged as he was, Gai-sensei was nothing like that and treated his students equally. Heck, she'd even overheard Gai's "genius of hard work" pep talk to Lee back when they were first made a team. Kakashi was everything Gai wasn't as far as being an instructor...with Gai being the better one. She made a note to kill Kakashi at some point...or tell Gai his "rival" was that bad a teacher, heck knew the youth-manic of a man would LOVE getting one up on him by hearing he was the better mentor. In the meantime, she had to figure out the best way to slaughter 'Mr. Monkey-see-Monkey-do" for all that.

The idea of Naruto's development being pissed all over even by the one who was supposed to help Naruto learn to stand tall on his own two feet rather than making it so he was forced into riding on the fox's coattails (no pun intended there) if he wanted to be worth something as a had Tenten seeing red.

Kin was reacting even worse seeing as she and her "team" had been used as guinea pigs to see the prick's proficiency with the Ten no Juin Orochimaru had placed on him back in the Chunin Exams: The only one anybody even capable pretended to give three hairs off a dead rat's left ass-cheek worth of a damn about was Uchiha Sasuke!

The pair of jiang-Shi shared a glance and made a note to "visit" Kakashi during tonight's feeding...not for a meal, but to remove some useless dead weight.

Tenten sighed and took Naruto's hand, noting the calluses that were from wielding ninja tools like kunai knives, and looking into his eyes, feeling truly sorry for him due to the village's obsession with fucking him over sideways. And the Yondaime thought the people of this place were worth saving and dying for? YEAH RIGHT!

"Naruto...I'm sorry to hear that. Kakashi's horrible as a mentor to you." the brunette said.

Naruto rolled his eyes,"Save it...I don't need or want your pity. It won't do me a damn thing. That's not to say I don't appreciate it, but I've found that you can either piss and moan feeling sorry for yourself OR you can get up and actually do things to improve the situation. That's why I don't accept pity. bad as he is, Kakashi's the most torrarable of my team." the blond said, not knowing he was saying what he honestly thought about his team with his inhibitions removed.

The two females cringed at that. recalling when Tenten had used the "body is a temple" metaphor to describe why Sakura wasn't worth feeding off of...trash indeed.

"Ok...I for one think that's enough of that topic." Kin said. If Kakashi was that bad, she didn't want to know what made Sasuke and Sakura worse.

Naruto and Tenten nodded before what sounded like a temple bell sounded loudly enough to be heard by the whole village.

"Oh man! It's time already?! Damn curfew!" Tenten said, knowing the village was still on lock-down. Of course, keeping Naruto occupied until the curfew was intentional so he couldn't leave. But he didn't need to know about that. She shot Naruto a convincingly apologetic look,"sorry Naruto...didn't mean to keep you here for so long."

He shrugged "So? there's a killer running loose still, remember? It was probably for the best that you did."

The girls smiled, though not for the reason Naruto thought that they did. Of course the two kunoichi were aware the killer...or rather, killers...was still at large.

"You're ok with stay the night with a pair of girls, huh?" Tenten said coyly. Naruto blushed and turned away. Kin and Tenten laughed.

"Come on...I'll show you to a spare bedroom. Can't go against martial law." Tenten smiled.

Naruto stood up and followed the weapon-user as she lead him through her house and Tenten smiled as she opened one of the bedroom doors "This one is for you." she said with a bright smile.

Nodding his thanks, Naruto entered the room and sat on the bed before he looked at a book that was set on the nightstand and noticed it had an odd title:


Curious, Naruto picked up the book and started to skim it a bit. Reading wasn't really his thing, but this could be interesting.

"The Chinese have long spoken of horrific, once-human creatures that come out of their graves at night to feed on the qi or lifeforce of their victims. These undead beings are a curious blend of the vampire and the zombie, in that it possesses traits belonging to both creatures, and yet it is neither one. It is known as the Jiangshi, the "Hopping Corpse" of Asia.

The Jian gshi appears all over China (but is also known throughout Asia), and is thus known by many names. These include: Chiang-Shih, Kiang-Shi, Kuangshi, Chinese Vampire, Hsi-Hsue-Kuei ("Suck-Blood Demon"), Kyonshi (Japan), Ch'ing Shih, Ch'iang-shih, Giang Shi, Kiang-Kouei, Kuang-shi, Kouei, Pinyin, Xianh-shi, Xi Xie Gui, and "the Hopping Vampire of Asia". The word jiang shi (pronounced "jong-shee") itself comes from the Mandarin Chinese language, meaning "stiff corpse."

The Jiang shi hails from China, where it haunts graveyards, ancient tombs, and places of death. It is often said to live underground, where it may slumber during the day and avoid the sunlight until it rises at dusk to feed.

The Jiang shi is a Vampire through and through (although more recently, some folklorists have begun to classify the Jiang shi as a type of zombie or ghoul), and takes great relish in ripping its prey limb from limb before feeding on the gushing blood. According to legends from before the westernization of China, however, the Jiang shi feeds not on blood, but on the victim's qi (the energies that flow through the human body). Some accounts tell of the Jiang shi feeding on human flesh as well.

Opinions differ on what the Jiang shi actually looks like. However, most folklorists seem to agree that, most of the time, the creature looks quite human, even from a distance. The revenant uses this advantage to draw its prey close enough for an attack. However, according to Chinese folklore, there are rarer, more powerful species of the Jiang shi. One is described as a ball of flickering light. The other, however, is a tall, gaunt walking corpse with pale green-white skin or is covered in wild white or green hair. This creature has razor-sharp serrated teeth, long talons, flaring red eyes, and breath so foul that it can kill just by exhaling in an unfortunate victim's face. Other stories describe the creature as having bulging eyes and long tongues that hang loosely from the monster's mouth. On a more bizarre note, the Jiang shi is always found to be clad in Qing Dynasty burial garments. However, there is a very unique aspect to this vampire. Due to the fact that the Jiang shi is a decaying cadaver, it has an extremely difficult time walking due to the pain and stiffness of rigor mortis, so the creature is forced to hop along instead. This may both look and sound hilarious to one that is unfamiliar with the vampire, but this revenant is no laughing matter.

The Jiang shi is an insanely violent creature, driven solely by its hunger for blood and heedless of the consequences that its attacks may lead to. The reason for its madness is that the Jiang shi epitomizes the irrational aspects of the human soul. This makes the vampire vicious and sadistic, and the Jiang shi thoroughly enjoys tearing its prey apart before feeding on the spurting blood.

The Jiang shi has been known to sexually assault women, favoring virgins or nuns, as the resulting despair of being raped by this aberrant undead monstrosity is pure ecstasy to the Jiang shi. Usually, the creature will kill the women afterwards. The revenant attacks using its long claws and teeth, biting the victim on the neck and draining them of blood in a matter of minutes. Other times, the creature will strangle their prey. The Jiang shi's thirst for human blood is unending, no matter how many victims the creature has claimed that night.

Unusually, the bloodsucking aspect of the Jiang shi is not a part of the original Chinese folklore. In the original folktales, the Jiang shi is portrayed as hungering for the lifeforce of its victims (the victim's qior Spiritus Vitae, or "Breath of Life"). But regardless, the creature must still tear the body of its victims apart in order to consume the ebbing life from the corpse.

The evil spirit that inhabits the Jiang shi's body gives the vampire many unnatural powers. The Jiang shi has supernatural strength and speed. It tears its victims apart with relish, and the creature is impossible to escape from on foot. The Jiang shi's breath reeks of coagulated blood and decay, and the creature's breath itself is so rank that the mere scent of it is lethal. It is also a shapeshifter, able to take on the form of a wolf at will. Apparently, rigor mortis doesn't affect the creature in this form.

While the Jiang shi is blind, this does not seem to impede the creature very much. It has an unnatural sense of smell, and tracks its prey by the smell of their breath (so, the only way to evade a Jiang shi is hold one's breath for short time). Obviously, one cannot hold his breath for very long before the creature smells them.

As is the case with some folkloric Vampires, the longer the Jiang shi is in existence, the more powerful the revenant becomes. Eventually, the rigor mortis wears off, granting the creature far more freedom of movement. According to some legends, the creature's measure of intelligence and evil greatly increase as well. Most folktales and legends say that, when the Jiang shi's hair is long and entirely white, the Vampire is considered to be fully developed and at its most powerful The creature is able to leap great distances with an enormous amount of force. In some cases, the revenant even learns to levitate and fly. With this increase in power, the Jiang shi becomes far more dangerous to the living. In addition to these abilities, the Jiang shi is said to possess gale-force breath and very long eyebrows that can be used to capture and bind its victims. The Jiang shi also possesses incredibly long and sharp sword-like talons that are extremely deadly. Undoubtedly these claw-like nails are clotted with blood and dirt, and may be capable of infecting the victim with disease (that is, if it doesn't kill them). In some instances, the creature is said to be able to kill with a single touch. There are legends of the creature actually missing its victim and burying its talons so deeply into a tree trunk that it couldn't pull free, and was trapped. Upon the dawn, the creature reverted to an inanimate corpse.

Fortunately, the Jiang shi has several weaknesses and limitations to its abilities. The revenant fears sunlight (which can destroy it), has an intense aversion to garlic, is very afraid of eight-sided Taoist mirrors, cannot cross running water, and is said to fear fresh chicken blood as well. The creature has poor eyesight, and relies on its senses of smell and hearing while hunting. If a victim holds his breath, the Jiang shi cannot sense them and hops right past a potential meal. Sadly, there are few who can hold their breath long enough to elude this creature. As with many other vampires, the Jiang shi is compelled to stop and count tiny objects (known as arithmomania). Scattering long-grained rice, seeds, dried peas, or even tiny iron pellets will ensure that the revenant doesn't stray too far from its grave. If the Jiang shi is still occupied with this task at dawn, the morning rays of the sun will destroy it. A circle on the ground made of iron filings, red peas, or rice can trap the creature. In some legends, the Jiang shi is able to be literally swept away with a common household straw broom.

One method of controlling the Jiang shi, used by Taoist priests, is to prepare special charms. Powerful spells or death blessings are inscribed on small pieces of yellow paper (which may also be made of red and yellow paper), using chicken blood instead of ink. Then, the charm must be affixed to the revenant's forehead, which is far easier said than done. But if the priest is successful, the Jiang shi is instantly immobilized and completely helpless. Of course, every now and then, the slip of paper falls off, with catastrophic results. The paper charms, however, are said to only work on adolescent Jiang shi. A fully-developed adult must be dealt with in a different, much more dangerous way. The creature should be captured and buried in a grave in the burial grounds of the ancient ancestors, using Buddhist or Taoist magic to bind the Jiang shi to its new gravesite. Again, this is much easier to say than to actually do it.

While the Jiang shi is very much afraid of thunder, garlic, and loud noises, the only being that the creature truly fears is the White Emperor, to whose court the Vampire must pay homage.

Despite the creature's inherent savagery, there are a few ways to kill this revenant. As mentioned earlier, sunlight is lethal to the Jiangshi, and fire is able to ensure that the creature never arises again. Decapitating the revenant will work as well. According to legend, lightning is fatal to the Jiangshi, but is extremely difficult to arrange (obviously). Interestingly, it is said that upon its evolution to its stronger, green-haired form, the Jiangshi can only be killed by a bullet or lightning (or alternatively, the sound of a bullet being fired or a thunderclap). To avoid the possibility of the creature's resurrection, the body must be cremated immediately after it is slain.

It is highly unlikely that silver, holy symbols, stakes, or blessed weapons will have any detrimental effects on the Jiang shi, as the creature was created in a Buddist or Taoist culture...However, folklore dictates that monks and heroes used the martial discipline known as kung-fu to fight the revenant. However, kung-fu is an extremely difficult discipline to master, taking years to gain proficiency and even longer to become an expert. Nonetheless, kung-fu seems to be a viable option against the Jiang shi. Legends have spoken of weapons that are able to inflict great harm upon the Jiangshi, and are used by monks to do so. One of these is the peachwood sword, a sword carved from the wood of the Peach Tree. It is used by Feng Shui masters to exorcise demons, dispel malevolent energies, drive away ghosts, and to inflict physical harm upon the Jiang shi. It is mentioned in the Jingchu Suishi Ji that "Peach is the essence of the Five Elements. It can subjugate evil auras and deter ghosts." Another such weapon is the coin sword. This is made by combining copper coins and red thread, with the thread being used to bind the coins into the shape of a sword. The Chinese people believed that, if the sword was made of one hundred and eight individual coins and prayed over by a Taoist priest, it can be used to drive away evil, as well as destroy ghosts and to inflict grievous wounds upon the Jiang shi.

Another unusual household item that was often employed against the Jiang shi is the straw broom. Apparently, this cleaning utensil could be used to literally sweep the creature back into its grave. One could also use the broom to sweep seeds or grain back towards the revenant's grave, and the Jiang shi will undoubtedly follow because of its compulsion to continue counting.

The Jiang shi is a curious creature that is the reanimated corpse of an individual whose soul could not ascend to Heaven for whatever reason, usually due to the manner in which the person died. Those who committed suicide and people who were executed as criminals were considered to be at very high risk of becoming a Jiang shi. When a cat jumps over the corpse or a person has been previously cursed during their lifetime to never rest after death, becoming a Hopping Vampire is the most likely result.

Recent studies show that some of the earliest vampire tales originated in the Far East, in China. The ancient Chinese spoke in hushed whispers of the Jiang shi, a vampiric form of the Undead whose legs were so stiff with rigor mortis that, instead of running after its victims, the creature hops after them instead, intent on draining every last drop of blood from the unfortunate victim's body. To children, this creature was nothing more than the local form of the bogeyman. However, their parents knew better.

Apparently, the Jiang shi's origins lie with the Chinese Taoist religion. The idea of this creature comes from an ancient Chinese story, "The Corpses Who Travel a Thousand Miles." In this tale, wizards use their sorcery to enchant corpses and enable them to hop, so that they can make the long journey home for a proper burial. It is this story from which arose the belief that, if a person died far away from home, the Taoist priests could reanimate the corpse. Then, the corpse could hop back to their village, where the corpse would "die" once again and would be able to receive a proper funeral and burial rites. However, every now and then, one of these reanimated corpses would become lost on its way home, and the concept of being unable to find eternal rest eventually drove the reanimated corpse insane, resulting in the creature known as the Jiang shi. It would then proceed to take its revenge by slaughtering any travelers it came upon, draining them of their blood and leaving the grisly, dismembered corpse to be found by another the next day.

It has been speculated that perhaps thieves invented the legend of the Jiang shi, in order to scare off curious locals and law enforcements so that they could continue their smuggling operations in relative peace. On the other hand, what if smugglers didn't fabricate this story? Even if such is the case, the thieves would have readily taken advantage of the tale. They would have even dressed the part, using hideous costumes to frighten away any people who got too close to their operations. But...what if the Jiang shi isn't a myth at all, but a frightening reality?

So, how does one become a hopping vampire? According to legend, one had to die violently. This could've happened through murder, hanging, suicide, drowning, or dying during the commission of a crime. According to Taoist metaphysical beliefs, the body houses two different souls. One was the hun, a rational and very powerful soul. The other, the p'ai or p'o, was thought to inhabit the body at birth and then again at death. Usually, both souls depart from the body following the individual's death, but occasionally the p'o doesn't want to leave the body, creating an aberrant undead monster, the Jiang shi. If a cat were to jump over the corpse, it might accidentally "shock" the yin residing within the body. It was also believed that the cat's hairs could become snagged on the soul, effectively stealing the soul of the deceased. This Vampire is insanely violent, driven only by its own instinctive hunger for human blood, ignoring any consequences that may result.

But why is the Jiang shi such a strange creature? It is because it possesses traits of both the Vampire and the modern-day Zombie, and yet it is neither. But it has more in common with the Zombie or the Ghoul than anything else. Once initial reanimation has taken occurred, the creature seems to retain little or none of its human intelligence. Although the Jiang shi does become more powerful and smarter the longer it lives, it otherwise seems to possess only a degree of animalistic cunning. Even so, all that this creature feels is the unending need to feed on the lifeforce of living humans."

Naruto re-read the book a few times after his initial skimming that he'd just read, going through the whole thing. He could see why Tenten would have a book about such an interesting creature. And Naruto wasn't one to ignore folklore either. Having a giant kitsuine sealed within their bodies tended to make one question the if such things were fictional. He made a mental note to ask Tenten where he could buy a copy of this "Guide to Jiang Shi" book for himself.

He set the book back down and then laid down in the bed, going to sleep.

Amused at Naruto's enjoyment of the book she had left him as well as the intentional irony as far as the subject matter of its contents as she peeked through a crack in the door, Tenten spun on her heel and look at Kin standing behind her.

"Out like a light. Keep him here as long as possible. And remember Kin...I get him first." she said.

Kin nodded, but shot her mistress a displeased look at having to wait her turn.

"I'll leave the three wise monkey inhibition release active...see how long it'll take things to hit rock-bottom with just about everyone else in this village and drive him into our arms for comfort." Tenten laughed.

Kin smiled and licked her lips at the idea, her mistress was indeed a cleaver manipulator.

"And what about you, Mistress?" Kin asked.

"Think I'll show why the Scarecrow needed a brain, my sweet Kin." Tenten said, transforming into her panda-masked ANBU disguise.

Kin outright scowled at that "And I don't get to help kill him?"

Tenten sighed and tussled the top of her good servant's head "I know you want to help see to Kakashi's just punishment, I know. But Naruto's a tricky one and needs to be watched...especially if that inhibition release gets stronger and he ends up overly paranoid and tries making a brake for it. When I get back, we'll go out to eat, then we can have some...dessert..." the more powerful of the two said, eyeing the door to Naruto's room and licking her lips at the last part.

Kin smiled "Well...all right...but I do have a very bad sweet tooth problem."

Tenten laughed "Good girl."

With that, the Jiang Shi left her home and took to the rooftops, heading for Kakashi Hatake's place of residence to check there first.

Hatake Kakashi stood in front of the memorial stone in silence. For the last hour he'd been staring at the stone. His mind on the murders and how it would effect his students. His students always reminded him of his own team under the Yondaime. Naruto had reminded him of Obito with his cheerful outlook and determination, Sakura of Rin always trying to play peacekeeper, and Sasuke of himself, the aloof genius.

"I should have figured I'd find you here." a voice behind him said.

Turning towards the voice Kakashi single exposed eye widened as he saw an ANBU operative said, walking up behind him.

"Shouldn't you be searching for that killer?" he asked.

Tenten put her hands on her hips "Shouldn't you, Kakashi-san?" she asked, walking up to stand next to him.

"True...I'll get right on that..." he said before whipping a kunai out of his sleeve with a quick slight of hand and slashed at the young kunoichi next to him. Tenten backspringed backwards a few feet and looked at Kakashi, who stood in a ready stance as he pulled his headband up.

"I was an ANBU commander myself, so they call me "Kakashi-senpai"," the man explained, lifting up his headband and glaring with his narrowed, mismatched eyes while pointing the kunai at her "you're an imposter, and I'm guessing that murderer that's been roaming around recently!"

Tenten clapped a slow, mocking applause "Bravo, bravo, very clever, what brilliant deduction skills...of course, you won't be able to actually tell anyone that information." she said, grinning as she dispelled her ANBU guise, in it's place, Tenten adopted the form of a tall young woman in the late teens with waist-length black hair with shoulder-length bangs framing the sides of her face, a short nose, and cyan eyes wearing a purple dudou on her chest supported with eight straps that met on her back, forming a spider pattern. A pair long, baggy, off-white colored trousers and purple tights, and long, fingerless gloves and tae kwon do foot wraps on her bare feet.

"Won't I?" Kakashi asked.

Tenten laughed, "Of course'll be much too busy struggling for your life for any such thing." Tenten said with a wicked smile.

"We'll see about that, won't we?" Kakashi said, assuming a battle stance. Tenten assumed a stance of her own, with one foot on the ground and the other raised up.

"You look like you're in good shape Kakashi." Tenten mocked, her voice more sultry in her new form. "You'll need to be against me."

After a long tense moment, Kakashi launched several shuriken at his opponent, who in turn rolled to the side and avoided them effortlessly and darted towards the Sharingan user.

Leaping away, Kakashi started making handsigns for an offensive jutsu, but Tenten was not about to have any of that.

While in mid-air, Tenten assaulted the Jonin with a flurry of kicks. Kakashi managed to block them, but damn, even blocking them hurt. Each kick felt like Kakashi was getting hit by a steel construction beam. Whoever this girl was, she was powerful, perhaps on par with Tsunade. The cycloptic jonin also noticed waves of purple energy that followed each kick, meaning that the kick were more than likely chakra enhanced.

After the short but intense exchange, Kakashi and the killer landed on the ground twenty feet apart. "Well you certainly live up to your reputation Kakashi. I almost feel bad about having to do away with such a durable punching bag…almost." Tenten said.

Quickly shaking his arms and hands to get the numbness to go away, Kakashi drew a Kunai from his pouch.

Tenten let out a maniacal sounding laugh. "This is a joke right? You think a mere kunai's gonna help you against me? Especially when I can do THIS!" With that, Tenten did what appeared to be a buzzsaw kick, but as she did so, several kunai flew out of her pant leg and flew towards Kakashi like missiles.

"What the?!" Kakashi barely avoided the kunai barrage by jumped to the side, but suddenly, the cycloptic jonin felt one of his arms snagged by something. The light of the moon revealed that his arm was wrapped in thin ninja wire.

"Going somewhere Kakashi?" Tenten said, the wore connected to her fingers like a spider's web. "Why don't you come a little closer?" With that, Tenten pulled the wire, and thus pulled Kakashi towards her like a rag doll. As Kakashi flew towards her, Tenten jumped at him and once again attacked with a flurry of kicks. This time however, Kakashi was not so lucky in blocking them. His training was the only thing that saved him from having his bones shattered.

With an axe-like kick, Tenten sent Kakashi crashing to the ground. Even in the dark, it was possible to see his mask turning red around the mouth area, more than likely from coughing up blood.

"Tell me Kakashi, does it hurt?" Tenten said, standing over the injured jonin. All Tenten received were a couple of coughs. "What was that? I didn't quite catch that. Maybe I should repeat my question." Before she did, Tenten stomped Kakashi several times. "I said DOES IT HURT?! Because it should. The pain I've inflicted on you so far is nothing compared to what he's endured."

"He?" Kakashi asked, coughing some more and wondering what the strange girl was talking about.

"Oh? You don't know? Not surprising Kakashi, considering you and a good majority of the cattle that inhabits this village are so far up the Uchiha's ass." Tenten snarled as she soccer kicked Kakashi in the ribs. She was rewarded with the sweet sound and feeling of ribs cracking.

"Who are you?" Kakashi said, despite the pain he was in.

Tenten gave him an evil smirk. "I suppose you could say that I'm living karma. After all, karma's a bitch and so am I. But since you're literally dying to know, I suppose there's no harm in telling you." Tenten bent down and effortlessly picked Kakashi up by the throat with one hand and brought him up to her face. As she did so, her face got blurry and started to change. The skin tanned slightly, the eyes changed from cyan to chocolate brown and her facial features shifted until she resembled.

Kakashi's eyes widened as he was face to face with Tenten Xiayu from Might Guy's team.

Before Kakashi could say anything, Tenten's face shifted back to the face of the girl he had been facing. He then felt her squeezing his neck tightly. "Well now that you know who I am, I can't have you telling the world, now can I?"

Kakashi tried to escape Tenten's grip, but it was not to be. She had a vice-grip on his neck.

"It's funny Kakashi, this all could have been avoided if you just paid more attention to him." Tenten said as she used her other hand to grip the jonin's neck. "But don't worry, he'll be in very good hands. Namely MINE!"

A sickening snap later, Kakashi Hatake was no more.

Pulling out a storage scroll, Tenten sealed the corpse, reminding herself to feed her children later. She then walked over to the Memorial Stone. With a chakra enhanced kick, the young Jiang-shi shattered the stone. "Soon, this miserable village and then the world will share the same fate." With that, Tenten vanished into the night, but as she did, the sound of evil insane laughter echoed in the air. It was the kind of laughter that promised no mercy what so ever and it also promised that the worst had yet to come.