Homeward Bound III: Running with the Wolves

Disclaimer: The following characters (Sassy, Shadow, Chance, Delilah and the Family) are property of Walt Disney's Homeward Bound Franchise. Other characters, were thought up by me.

I recommend playing this first watch?v=owDUwIQpsGM (It's a good intro music I found on youtube)

It makes it feel like you are watching a movie, if it's not the same for you, you can simply skip this part :)

Note: All italicized letters means it is being narrated by Chance


"Oh, Hello there, some of you might know me, some probably won't. Some people remember me from that incredible journey past the mountains. No? , probably the part in the city, you know, where I met the one? "

"Well, in any case, Hi!, my name is Chance, and that was my, (ahem) I mean, our story, me and my friends Shadow, Sassy and my wife Delilah. It's been a year since that faithful day where me and my friends got lost in the big city, ever since that time I have had this crazy feeling that this adventure thing isn't done with me yet, anyways , I'm glad that happened, otherwise I would never have met Delilah and we wouldn't have these."