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After the wizard war harry and his friend were hanging out by the bridge just talking about wizard things when they seen something coming out of the forbidden forest. They thought nothing of it in tell they seen a kv-1 coming out after them.

U.S.S.R commanders point of view:

"I wonder where we are comrades for this does not look like Leningrad."

U.S.S.R corporal:

I don't know sir! "But this place looks ripe for the taking"

U.S.S.R commander: "I think your right comrade"

Now back to the wizards

Draco "who are they and what are they shouting?"

All U.S.S.R troops "сдать все ваши земли принадлежат нам"

Crab "what did they say"?

U.S.S.R. solider "руки вверх или я буду стрелять"

Draco "do you speak ENGLISH?"

U.S.S.R solider "yes I do now hands up or i will shoot!"

Draco "did you just threaten me?! Do you know who I am!"

U.S.S.R solider "no and I don't care"

Draco goes to draw his wand and is gunned down by three U.S.S.R troops. Just as that happened crab and goyle drew there wands and killed the closest solider but where soon after hit by a shell by a kv-1s 122mm u-11 cannon. when harry and his friends seen what happen they turned and ran for the front gate and just as luck would have it the first teacher they ran in to literally was professor McGonagall.

McGonagall " why are you running and what was that sound?'

harry "Draco crab and goyle where just killed!"

professor McGonagall "so?"

Hermione "what do you mean so they may have been a bunch of ass's but they were still people and now they're dead!"

McGonagall "so what happened?"

Harry "I think we are under attack!"

End of chapter 1

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