Chapter 2

Just after Hermione finished telling Professor McGonagall what happened, Snape appeared.

"What is going on here?" Snape asked.

"The students think we are under attack." McGonagall replied.

"Well are we?" Snape questioned.

" I don't know. Why don't we go find out" McGonagall decided.

"What a fine idea." Snape agreeded.

Outside Hogwarts near hagrid's house, Hagrid was wondering what the noise was. Just as he turned a corner, a man appeared holding a gun. The man pointed the gun at him.

"Watch where your pointing that" Hagrid growled. Hagrid ripped the gun out of his hand.

"Give me my gun back you over grown waste of space." said the U.S.S.R troop.

"Why where you pointing this at me?" Hagrid asked.

"This land now belongs to the U.S.S.R." The U.S.S.R troop stated.

Hagrid went to pick up the soldier, when a shell from a 85mm zis-3 took half his head off.

Back at Hogwarts Snape and McGonagall were crossing the bridge. Just as they got across the bridge they saw 100 soldiers and 5 tanks coming up the hill.

Snape "McGonagall run back to the school and get those living armors going!"

McGonagall "Right professor."

Snape ran in front of a kv-2 and started to cast a spell at it and yelled "stop".

Inside the school, professor McGonagall summoned the armor to life and the armor moved to stop the invading force's. all of the sudden, a voice could be heard crying for help. McGonagall ran out to see snape being crushed by a kv-2. A few seconds later snape vanished under the tacks. Just then, the kv-2 stopped and aimed up at the bell tower and fired. The shaking could be felt all throughout the school and panic set in. Just as the armor caught up to McGonagall, a kv-1 opened up on the bridge with heavy machine gun fire taking out McGonagall and all of the armor.

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