I stacked up against the door and prepared to breach it. "You got my back?" I asked my partner, who stacked up on the other side of the door.

"Yeah, you put in a new mag?" Cole asked as I decided it would be a good time to check how many flashbangs I had.

"Give me a sec… Alright, I have two flashes left." I replied as I put a new mag into my AK-47 that had the Dia de los Muertos skin equipped.

"Can we have Taco Bell after this?" Cole asked as he reloaded his Ruslan MK3 with the extended mag.

"Really? Taco Bell?"

"Yeah, I'm hungry and I have a taste for tacos."

"Cause we're in Mexico?"


"Yeah, sure, I'll get you Taco Bell after this. Let's just breach and clear." I shot the lock off the door and he kicked down the door. As soon as we entered the room, the game went into cutscene. "Really? The mission's already over?"

Cole put down his controller and turned towards me. "Taco Bell time!"

I rolled my eyes and put down my gold plated controller. "Yeah yeah, I'll get you some Taco Bell." I sighed and he did that purring thing that foxes do. I really don't feel like eating Tacos. "Come on, we're taking the Impala."

Cole kicked his paws up on the coffee table and interlocked his hands behind his head. "Get me some Mexican Pizzas while you're there."

I turned to him and nudged his leg. "Dude, you're coming with me. This is going to be the last Taco Bell visit for a while."

He closed his eyes and let a smile spread across his snout. "We got another job? Where are we robbing?"

"You remember last month when we were playing Halo?" Cole looked over at me and nodded. "When you said you were getting tired of America?"

He took his feet off the table and stood up. "We're going to Brazil?"

I rolled my eyes. So fascinated with Brazil, and the only sights he want to see there are buff guys in Speedos. "No fuckboy, we're going somewhere that isn't in this realm."

His ears flattened against the side of his head and he made that sad sounding sound that only his kind can make. "Are you taking me back home? Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry if I did. I can ma-"

I wrapped my hand around his snout and shut him up. "Shut up, we're not going to Xing Xai, we're going somewhere different." I let go of his snout and let my hand fall to my side. "It's some place called Equus. Population, right around one billion of eight sentient species. Fourty percent of the planet is covered by land. Last to note, there are Five governments and one of them is ruled by the mortal form of the sun and moon that revolve around the planet. All Intel provided by the contractee."

Cole sat back down and kicked his paws back up on the coffee table. "The mortal form?"

I shrugged. "I use it lightly since the only way they can die is nearly impossible."

"Is it going to be needed later on the job?" Cole pulled his phone out of his pocket.

I pulled my phone out as well and unlocked it. "When I asked, they said probably." I sent Cole a recording of the Skype call. "File sent."

"File received. When you say they..." He put his phone away.

"I mean they as in they had a genderless voice. Do a once over with the recording while we go to Taco Bell." I grabbed him by the collar of his Yukata and pulled him to his feet, knowing he wouldn't get up any other way.

"Why do I have to come?" He whined as we made our way upstairs.

"Cause, you wanted Taco Bell. Now what are you? A man or a mouse?!"

"Neither, I'm a Fox." He said as we reached the top of the stairs. He then did a 360 so I can re-verify that he was indeed a Kitsune.

"You're a fox-man, so you're still a man." I patted him on the shoulder and led him towards the door. "Now stop being a little bitch and change." I covered my eyes with my forearm while he used his magic to go to his human form. After the light resided, I got a good look at him. A six foot one inch tall African-American guy stood in front of me wearing a blue hoodie, a pair of jeans, and a pair of navy blue Air Force Jordans. "Good, let's go get some tacos."

"What about you?" Cole asked as he put the hood of his jacket up.

"What about me?" I asked as I grabbed my custom made hoodie off the coat rack.

"Just look at yourself!" I did as he said and took a look at myself.

Still a few inches taller than Cole. Still the same sexy body. Still the same... where'd my shirt and shoes go? "It's fine. Its not like we're going in!" I put my hoodie on and zipped it up.

"Dude, you look like you're ready to sit at the couch and play video games all day!" Technically you're right.

I chuckled. "Its fine!"

We stepped out of the portal and took in our surroundings. "Clear, we're in the middle of a forest." I lowered my AR-15 a bit and took a knee. Cole came up from behind me and slowly did a 360 with his MP9s in his hands.

"Clear enough." He murmured under his breath. Taking a kneel next to me, he checked his mags for whatever reason. "Lets just get through today."

I sighed heavily. "Are you still mad about that incident at Taco Bell?"

He turned to me and looked about ready to punch me. "YOU STARTED A SHOOTOUT WITH SOME BLOODS!" He screamed in my face.

I laid my AR on my knee and held up my hands defensively. "Cause they were interrogating my best friend! They were begging to get shot!"

"Not only that, but we're banned from that Taco Bell as well!" He put his MP9s in their holsters and pulled his sword out of its sheath, which was hanging off the left side of his hip. "Let's just get to Checkpoint Alpha."

I slung my AR on my shoulder and pulled a map out of my hoodie's pocket. "Alright... uh... Checkpoint Alpha." My finger floated around the map as I looked for our marker. "Alpha... Alpha... Alpha... Alpha!" I found the place our location was being broadcasted. "Oh, we're already here. Let's go to Bravo now." Looking south-east of our position, Checkpoint Bravo was marked with a crudely done red circle and a giant B next to it.

I stood and Cole put a hand on my shoulder. "Shh... Did you hear that?" Listening closely, I heard rustling in the bushes to our six o'clock. I brought my rifle back up to my shoulder and did a 180 in a flash of movement. By the time I had done that, Cole had put away his sword and drawn his MP9s again.

"Don't shoot!" Someone shouted from within the bushes.

"Hands up, turn around, and come out slowly." I order as me and Cole separated. He took left while I took right.

Slowly, a pair of black paws rose out of the bush. "Please, don't shoot." They requested.

"Come on, get out of the bush and out in the open." I ordered, acting like I was slowly losing a temper I didn't have. Rule #1 of Demanding Things: Sound intimidating, otherwise they're gonna think you're a pushover. I chuckled at that thought.

The arms and body that the paws were attached to came out of the bush shortly after I made my demand. Still couldn't tell if it was a he or a she, but they were wearing a brown vest with a white undershirt and a pair of skinny jeans. From the side, I could tell that it was some sort of dog but anthro like Cole. Except for the fact that Cole is a Fox and not a dog.

Closing the gap between us, I grabbed them by the shoulder and threw them down on the ground in the clearing. Just then did I find out they were a she and the only evidenced had was the giant pair of breasts on her chest. If I was guessing correctly, I'd say she was an E cup. I put my foot between the giant chest pillows, held my rifle in one hand, and drew Sally with the other. "Now what do we have here?" I put on a cocky smile as I pointed my pistol at her neck.

Her eyes were filled with fear and the look on her face did not contradict the statement her eyes made. "P-Please, don't hurt me! I was in the clearing when y-your portal opened!" I saw tears well up in her eyes. "P-Please don't kill me."

Not taking my eyes or aim off of her, I signaled for Cole to come over to us. "What do you think KT?"

Cole re-bolstered his guns and knelt next to her. He then grabbed her by the snout and started to examine her face. After he examined her he let go of her snout and sighed. "Well, there's not much I can say about her. Eyes are an easy color, green has always been your favorite. Her teeth looks bleached so she's from some form of civilization. The clothes look designer, nice little insignia over the right breast, so she's worth something. All in all, pretty mouth, big breasts, and civilized means she'll make a nice toy for you to play with."

The tears in her eyes no longer held their ground and started rolling down the sides of her face. "P-Please no. P-Please don't r-rape me."

I removed my foot from her chest and bolstered Sally. "Alright Cole, I think she's had enough."

The man in question stood and offered the woman a hand. "Sorry about that, we were waiting for an ambush to pop on us. We didn't intentionally mean to harm."

The woman pushed his hand away from her and backed away from us. "Y-You mean..."

I knelt down and lowered my voice. "Yep, it was all a facade just in case you were sent here to kill us."

She looked at us with the most dumbfounded look on her face. "Who the fuck are you guys?" She asked in a near whisper.

I pointed to Cole. "That's my friend and business partner Cole."

He gave her a soft smile and a small wave. "Hello. Again, we're really sorry about scaring you like that."

Then I pointed to myself. "And my name's Gurren." I held out my hand again, hoping she would accept it. She looked at my hand and then to me. I smiled warmly and gestured with my hand. "Will it help if I told you that you're gonna make money?"

She smirked and accepted my hand. "The name's Revy."