I walked in and shut the door behind me. Rock was leaning with his back facing me against a table inspecting something. He didn't seem to notice me enter the room, so I stealthily approached him from behind. When I was right behind him I leaned over him, blowing hot air on his neck, and grabbed his ass.

I have never heard anything yelp as loud as he did, and I thought Cole was a pussy when it came to jumpscares! He turned around and met me face to face. "Boss!" Rock shouted as he panted heavily with a hand over his heart. "God of Death be damned, you nearly gave me a heart attack."

I shrugged as I crossed my arms. "That was the point." I said as I shifted my weight to the right side. "You needed me for something."

"Yes, of course." He gestured to the table behind him. "Please, take a look." I stepped up next to him and looked at what he was looking at earlier. They were PCP tablets, but instead of the heart or smiley face it had a crescent moon on it. "Brand new street drug they're calling Lunar Kiss. Its scientific name is something overly complicated, but simplified to PCP."

"Its a hallucinogen." I said as I picked up a tablet. It was lighter than PCP, and looked like it held one hell of a trip.

Rock nodded. "Right, and it hasn't been released yet. Which is why we have this." He waved over Big Beefy, who was hiding in the shadows at the far end of the room, who put a big courier's bag on the table. "Thank you, Rex."

Big Beefy nodded. "No problem."

Rock grabbed the bag and opened it, revealing a whole bunch of little plastic bags filled with the drug. "We intercepted a dead drop."

I smiled widely. "And now we got a whole lot of drugs to sell." I looked Rock in the eyes and grabbed him by the shoulders. "You're one lucky bastard, and thank Hell you are!" I let go of him and grabbed the courier's bag from off the table. Grabbing one of the plastic bags, I counted forty tablets. I put the bag down and started counting the others. "Alright, there are nearly a hundred bags in here, each holding forty tablets. If we start selling bags with five tablets in them and at one hundred bits each..." I did some math in my head. "Carry the awesome and we got fucking epic! We're making eighty k off this batch here. We track this drop back to its supplier and we can get a constant stream of drugs."

I clapped my hands together. "It's fucking genius!" I was about to cheer but stopped at one fatal flaw in my plan. "Who delivers the drugs?"

Rock nodded. "Well, I was thinking that we get the Omegas-"

I shook my head and stopped him. "No, that's not what I meant." Rock and Big Beefy looked at me with confused looks. "You said this was a dead drop. That means no meeting, just a point of drop off and a time of pick up." I pulled up a chair and sat down.

Rock smirked. "But that's where you're wrong." Before I could say anything, he continued. "We intercepted the dead drop. Meaning we watched as the guy dropped the bag off. I grabbed the bag while Rex over there did the bagging and tagging."

I looked over to Big Beefy, who reached behind him and pulled a cream colored pony who was tied to a chair out of the shadows. He backhanded the pony and woke it from it's unconscious state. As the pony looked up, it revealed that it had a cloth gag in it's mouth and black duct tape across its eyes. "Time to wake up." Big Beefy said as the pony tried to struggle against it's binds.

"Don't try to escape." Rock said as he went back to examining the drugs he had in front of him. He waved for me to walk up to the pony. I walked up in front of the pony and removed the gag from its mouth.

"All of you! Dead!" He shouted. "My boss will have your heads for this! Your houses, burned to the ground! Your loved ones, hung from a tree!" I punched the pony in the face. That made him angrier. "You'll pay for that! You all will! By the time were done, the Armanio family is going to be another failed mafia! You'll all become a distant memory!"

I decided that we had enough of this guy and shoved the gag back in his mouth. "That's enough of that." I said calmly as he choked on the gag. I turned to Big Beefy. "You know how to handle yourself in a fight?"

"Of course, Boss." He nodded.

"Good, we'll need strength in numbers and skill for when we find his boss." I grabbed the duct tape and ripped it off the pony's eyes. His orange eyes matched his orange hair. The pony looked around the room as his eyes adjusted to the light. I grabbed him by the jaw and made him look at me. "Your eyes say you're scared, but you shout as if you know what you're doing." I realized that I still looked like Alexi. "How rude of me! In a disguise and haven't even introduced myself!" I changed the disguise to look like a brown wolf from a web-comic that Cole introduced me to. Two something, fucked if I could remember.

My left eye was crimson red while my other one was slate grey. "My name is not important, but you will address me as the Black Dragon." I leaned forward and got in his face. "And now that I'm not impersonating someone, we can talk face to facade."

"Fuhsod?" Big Beefy asked, obviously not knowing the word.

I rolled my eyes. "It means a front, a fake outward appearance in this case."

"Its Prench." Rock said out loud. Everyone that was in the room looked at him. "Learned the language during grade school."

"Jesus, what languages don't you know?" I asked as I grabbed a Lunar Kiss tablet from off the table.

"Nagan." There was complete silence. "The language is hard to speak unless you can hiss your S's like a snake."

I turned back to the pony. "Now, I'm gonna remove the gag, and you're going to answer a few questions. Comprende?"

I took the gag out of the pony's mouth and he nodded. "Yes, yes, comprende."

"Who do you work for?" I asked as I examined the Lunar Kiss tablet.

"The East Side Cartel, biggest cartel this side of Equestria." He stated quickly.

I nodded slowly. "Cool. Now, who are the Armanio family?"

"A mafia, based here in Ponyville. They control the major trafficking and drug routes all across Equestria through this town." This is too easy, he's giving me all the Intel I need. Something's up.

"Why are you telling me all this so easily?" Rock and Big Beefy looked at me, questioning looks on their faces.

The Pony smirked. "Cause you'll all be in jail in a matter of minutes."

In the other room, the front door was knocked off its hinges by something heavier than a battering ram. "Secure the house!" I heard someone bark loudly.

I pointed to Big Beefy and then pointed to the door. "Rex! The door!" He nodded and did as told as I shoved the gag in the pony's mouth. I ran a hand over his head and scanned for any tracking spells, there were three. One alarm spell was also present, sending a signal I could easily trace. I did a trace on the fly and came back with three different locations. Turning to Rock, I tossed him the tablet I was holding. "Get these somewhere safe!" I walked up to the table and inscribed a rune on it. After that was done, I carved a message into it. "Indigo Juliet, Priority One Eight Seven." I said out loud as I wrote the message. "Amor o Drag√£o Negro." I chuckled as I wrote the last part.

I looked up at Big Beefy. "We're not getting out of this scott free, so let's make sure assault of an officer is one of the charges."

Author Note: Short Chapter, nothing really big here. Other chapters will start getting much longer as they happen. The song from the filler chapter? I'll have that recorded, edited, and posted on youtube by Halloween... probably. Don't count that as a promise.