Hi there! Third Gravity Falls story! Just wanna let you know that Dipper and Mabs are 15 in this story. Thanks! No flames please


It's been almost three years since me and Mabel been to Gravity Falls. Our parents decided to move their since we had liked it so much and wanted to come back. But that was a big mistake. We should've just stayed home in the first place..

After we had gotten ready, the two of us got onto the school bus. There were no seats for me and Mabel to sit together, so we had to sit in different spots. I sat beside a girl that was staring out the window while Mabel said with a girl and started to talk to her. I looked over to the girl. "Uh.. hey," I say. She turns to me. Her skin was tanned and had hazelnut eyes, her hair dirty blonde. She was wearing a black hoodie with some blue jeans and combat boots. "Hm? Oh, hi," she said. "My name's Alice. Yours?" she asked. "Dipper. Dipper Pines." She gasped. "Oh my gosh! That's cool! Like the constellation, right?" I nodded and smiled. She smiled back. "I never seen you here before." She tilts her head in confusion, waiting for an answer. "I moved her from Piedmont, California. I stayed here for the summer three years ago," I tell her. She grinned. "That's cool. I hope we're in classes." She then turned back to the window, kicking her feet up and down a little.

I didn't really get to see Alice a whole lot. I had to go to the office for a while to do something, then I got to go to my class. I got to see her on the bus, though. So that was fun. I only met her for a few hours, but I invited her over. She nodded and said yes.

When Alice walked inside, she glanced around. "Whoa! Your house is really pretty!" she said. "Heh, thanks." Then mum walked. "Hey, sweetie!" she said, then turned to Alice, then me. "Who's this? You already have a girlfriend?" I blush. "Mum! She's not my girlfriend!" Alice giggled before turning to mum. "Hello, Mrs. Pines. I'm Alice. You really have a nice house!" Mum smiled and thanked her. I turned to Alice. "My room's upstairs at the right. Go up there, I'll be a minute." She goes upstairs and I turned to mum. "If you want, I can make you and your girlfriend some cookies," mum offered. "Mum, for the last time, she's not my girlfriend! She's just an ordinary girl that happens to be my friend!" I sigh. "I'm going upstairs," I mumble and walk to the stairway.

As I go to my room, I see Alice laying on the floor with her black hoodie off, reveling a green tee. She was sleeping, or it looked like it. I chuckle and went to my bed to take something off there. In the corner of my eye, I saw something glow and disappear in Alice's tee. I turn and bent down to her. I don't want to be a pervert, so I pull her collar carefully, trying not to see her bra. But I saw something I wish I didn't. On her collarbone, was a tattoo of an eye. Bill's eye.