I reread wardrobe and got all inspired and shit

disclaimer: there is no owning here

Stiles and Lydia go to the same college. They live in dorms for the first year, throughout which Lydia buys him clothes, and steals existing items, waiting until he has worn the new ones to steal those, too.

She claims they smell of him. He has no argument against that.

They move in together in their second year, and Lydia finishes her mathematics and engineering double major right at the end of the last semester. She immediately throws herself into her masters, stealing one of his long sleeved shirts the first day, because she is nervous. Stiles kisses her goodbye at the door, bunching the fabric of his own shirt in his fist, and brushing his warm fingers against her bare hip. He goes to his History of Art class grinning.

He finishes his degree the week before Lydia is awarded her double masters, and she wears his hoodie under her graduation gown.

He proposes on their six year anniversary, and she cries into his shirt, which is surprisingly on him, that day. She splutters out a yes, and he strips her out of her slacks and blouse from work. After, she slides his shirt over her head and kisses him deeply, before pulling back to look at her ring.

Simple cut, deep green gem, and she tells him it's her favourite colour.

He knows.

They get married on a Saturday, exactly a year later. She wears a sweetheart neckline, jewel encrusted dress, which brushes her toes and hugs her waist, and he stands at the altar, speechless. His dad shows him the picture he took of him, and Lydia frames it a week later and hangs it in their apartment in Chicago.

They honeymoon in Thailand, and for most of the two weeks, she wears nothing at all. When they do surface, she wears one of his t shirts, and shorts, and the locals coo over them as they kiss sweetly.

They go home, and he goes back to work as a history professor, at the local museum. She goes to the lab and ends up coming home halfway through the day to slip one of his shirts on under her work clothes.

She tells him she is pregnant on a friday. She is wearing his oldest shirt, a soft blue plaid.

He cries.

Their daughter is born on his father's birthday, and he breathlessly names her after his mother.

Lydia falls pregnant again, and she tells him they are twins, wrapped in his hoodie, a year after Claudia decides she loves uncle Isaac.

Their sons are born a month before their nine year anniversary, three years after they got married. Claudia is fascinated by her baby brothers, and Stiles passes his wife an old t shirt in the hospital, when she is sweaty and exhausted from thirteen hours of labour.

She has never looked more beautiful.

Their children have his hair, and her eyes.

Derek and his wife announce their own son's birth a week later. Stiles and Lydia are asked to be godparents, and Lydia sobs into Derek's collarbone, wearing Stiles' Mets hat backwards.

Scott and Kira have a little girl a year and a half later, Kitty, when Kieran and Alexis are one and a half, and Claudia is nearly five. Derek's son, Nicholas, is a born wolf, and tells Allison she is pregnant on his third birthday.

She gives birth on the day that Lydia, swaddled in his massive 'dad sweater', tells him she is pregnant for the third time.

She gives birth to their second daughter on the day that his dad quits the force, and he cries into her hospital gown as she suggests calling her 'Lilijana'.

On their twentieth anniversary, Scott and Kira babysit, and they lounge around all day, her ending up in, and out, of his shirt.

Claudia gets into Standford, and Lydia wipes her tears on his new sweater.

Kieran and Alexis open a bakery. They eat there every morning before work, and Lydia kisses them on the head before work, in an old cardigan Derek bought Stiles as a joke when he got his tenure at the museum.

Lilijana works at the bakery her senior year of high school, and gets a full ride to a school in england.

Claudia marries Nicholas when they are twenty five, respectively.

Alexis is gay, and marries an african girl called Nimwe.

Kieran marries Kitty. She has two pretty babies three years later.

Lilijana doesn't marry until after she writes her book on mythology, a fiction. She gets multiple prizes, and ends up with the journalist who interviewed her for the first time ever.

Stiles' dad dies three years after Mrs McCall. He never sees his great, great grandchildren.

But Stiles and Lydia do, and they are beautiful.

They are well into their sixties, when Derek dies. Nicholas is torn apart, but he keeps it together, because he has Claudia.

Scott and Kira die a year later, victims of rogue hunters. Lydia burns the men to ashes, and collapses in his arms after. He takes her home and swathes her in his huge green sweater.

Allison and Isaac make it another decade before they go, peacefully, within a week of each other.

Stiles and Lydia die on a tuesday. He is clutching her hand in the hospital, while she battles cancer. She is wearing the first shirt of his she ever wore, his red plaid one, and he soaks it with his tears.

He goes home, and is dead by the next morning.

The doctor says it was grief.

Their children bury them in the same grave, and take their children home. They live long lives, and when they join their parents, they have no regrets.

Stiles Stilinksi and Lydia Martin fell in love on a tuesday, while she wore his clothes.

And they did all anyone could ever do, really.

They lived.

This is the first time I've made myself cry whilst writing.

Angst, but happy angst, if that's even a thing.

G x