Hey everyone! I know I should be working on another multi-chapter I had planned but I've been playing the new Assassin's Creed game and it's so addicting! I love being a pirate. Anyway, this kept circling my thoughts due to that so I decided to get it done so I can move on. I figured it's more of a crossover because I use some of the characters from the game later on as well as use terminology from the game. Hope it turns out well. This will be a multi-chapter too, so have fun with that. Enjoy!

I couldn't believe I agreed to hang out with her. I still couldn't come to terms with it. Why had I finally given in? All this time, that need to get to know her, be close to her, touch her…It was inexcusable! Yet, I gave in. I was perfectly happy with Beck. Or was I? He made me happy and everyone knew we were inseparable but we still didn't last. He was everything I thought I needed up until Victoria Vega waltzed into Hollywood Arts. Suddenly, it felt like my very being wanted nothing more than to be with her. She was like a magnet dragging me in. I hated the way she was able to just command me with little more than her smooth voice and bright smile. To combat this strange attraction for her I did everything in my power to keep her well away from me. It seemed she just didn't learn. She kept coming back no matter how much I hurt her which in turn began to wear on me too. Every time I hurt her I felt hurt, so much so that I didn't realize when I finally gave in. Slowly I went from spending all my free time with Beck, to spending all my time subtly finding ways to at least be in her presence. I used harsh and acidic words to avoid any suspicion but I had a distinct feeling that she knew what I was doing. The weird thing was, she didn't seem to mind, and if I was being honest, I didn't either.

In fact, she took the rare moments when I let her in to try and get closer to me. I was aware of it but couldn't bring myself to stop the impending slide towards wanting what she offered. Before I knew it I was agreeing to a hangout, just us two, at lunch today. She beamed happily and said her farewell in a way that reminded me of sunshine caressing a dying flowerbed, giving it life. God, that was so sappy. She was making me feel things I never felt before and it was driving me nuts yet comforting me at the same time. I groaned at the direction my thoughts had taken when I remembered that she agreed to come over so that we could plan where to go. I rolled over on my bed to rest on my back. I pressed my hands over my eyes with just enough pressure to make them ache but not cause pain. When I removed them I was staring at my dark blue, almost black, ceiling; fake constellations hanging over me from a replica of the sky at night. I loved staring at the sky at night. I sighed and held my phone up to my face so that I could check the time. She should be here soon. I got up and headed downstairs to wait for her. Not more than five minutes later I heard a car pull up outside, on time. I pushed off the couch to get the door before she had a chance to knock. It swung open to her surprised expression and raised fist, ready to knock.

"Oh, um, hey," she stuttered out, her fist uncurling to wave uncertainly. I had to withhold the smile I wanted to let loose at her cute stutter. Ugh, I had to stop that. What was this feeling and why the hell did it have to bother me? I'd dealt with it for the whole year that I'd known her but it had never been as strong as it was now.

"Hey yourself, Vega. You coming in or are you going to stand there like an idiot?" I responded, crossing my arms. She rushed to comply and I walked away so that she could enter. She shut the door behind her and followed me with hesitant steps. This was the first time she was in my house, I realized. She was getting closer and I didn't care that she was. This was dangerous territory I was treading but I just couldn't stop and it didn't help that she encouraged me without even knowing. Or did she feel the same way? I hastily pushed that out of my thoughts. I clenched my teeth in slight frustration that I even thought of that at all. I fell onto the leather couch and looked at Vega who was standing awkwardly nearby. When she met my eyes she smiled shyly, her expression like a happy dog that wanted to jump on someone in greeting but knew not to. I sighed and gestured for her to take a seat, patting the cushion next to me and giving her the permission she was looking for.

"What are you waiting for?" I questioned her with a frown. Her smile grew, which made me roll my eyes, and then she moved to sit where I indicated. Her movements froze though as she gave me a wary look. I raised a brow at her questioningly. When she didn't explain herself right away I became agitated.

"What?" I snapped at her. Her fingers began fidgeting when she answered with a question.

"You didn't ask me to sit here so you could shove me off, did you?" she asked me. I hated the fact that I was hurt she would think that, but it was something to expect from me. I did treat her bad, but I never wanted to. I had to. It was necessary. I found I didn't like to cause her any form of pain anymore but it was the only way to keep distance between us. I was scared of what would happen if I let her in. She didn't know this though so I just rolled my eyes and raised my hands.

"I won't do anything," I reassured her. She shot me another reproachful glance before taking the seat, a good amount of space between us. I let my hands drop, unintentionally landing my right hand on her left which she rested between us. The contact alone was a rush, sending electricity through me. I heard her gasp and pull away while I remained paralyzed. What the hell was that? It felt almost…addicting. I wanted to touch her again. I flicked my eyes to her only for them to be caught in Vega's intense browns.

"So," I began, stopping to clear my throat. Jade West did not get this nervous, yet here I was, anxious in a way I had never been anxious before. I was always confident. I knew what I wanted. I was never unsure. But now I was. It was unnerving.

"Have you heard of that new entertainment corporation that just opened in downtown LA?" Vega suddenly inquired, words hasty and wavering.

"Yeah, Abstergo Entertainment. I've heard of it, but what about it?" I replied, slightly uninterested yet curious why she brought it up. My father had been bragging about it recently so naturally I wanted to see why it was so great.

"Wouldn't it be cool to see?" she went on, tilting her head and smiling in interest. When I just looked at her with a quirked brow she sighed in exasperation. Our earlier 'moment' seemed behind us now that a new topic was brought up. I always tried to get those moments out of the way when they happened, which was more and more often, unfortunately.

"They've taken gaming and entertainment to the next level! It's amazing what their machines can do! You sign up with them and they assign you an Animus machine. You're very genes are then synced with it, unlocking the secrets of your ancestors. You can live their life and see what they did, what they achieved. It's so cool!" she explained excitedly. I couldn't hold back the smile that appeared at just how psyched she was to go. I never took Vega for a gamer or having any interest in history, since she sucked at it, but she looked more than invested in the idea. I couldn't refuse her.

"So you're saying we should try it out?" I simplified.

"Yep," she said with an enthusiastic nod.

"You think we'll find anything interesting?" I wondered, looking away to stare into space. The prospect of seeing and living in a time way before mine was a concept that was quickly appealing to me. Unlike Vega, I was a history geek. A secret history geek, actually.

"I do," she confirmed, a big smile on her face. She looked so ready to go that I was willing to follow her lead.

"Ok then, figure out directions and we'll go," I told her. She cheered and jumped from her seat before pulling out her phone and getting to work without any further delay.

"Got it yet?" I asked her after a few minutes passed.

"Hold on, I'm looking for a price. This place shouldn't be too expensive, right?" she mumbled in return. It was then that I thought of cost. How could I be so stupid?

"If it's higher than fifty bucks a piece you can forget it, Vega," I warned her. She just waved me away and focused on the screen of her Pear Phone. I grumbled but stayed quiet. Her features began to grow more and more irritated the longer she searched, prompting me to question her.

"Having trouble?" I inquired.

"I can't find a price to get in!" she whined, her tone frustrated. She fell next to me on the couch with a huff.

"Relax. Let's just go over and see what they say," I suggested comfortingly, laying my hand on hers without a second thought. She looked at my hand and then at me, a blush staining her cheeks. I looked into her eyes for a few seconds and then hurriedly pulled away.

"Ok, let's go," she practically whispered. We left and climbed in my car to follow the directions Vega read out loud until we were parked in a huge lot, a grand white building with several expansive windows, was a short walk away. Tori and I exited my car and walked across the parking lot to stand outside the sliding doors. I whistled as my eyes trailed over the building. A warm soft hand in mine alerted me to Vega standing very close to me. Her grip tightened once and then she began walking forward, leading the way silently. I followed without complaint, hoping that this decision wouldn't make her question me because I was already questioning myself. The door opened as soon as we got close enough. A man in a fine pressed suit approached us as we walked in.

"Good afternoon ladies. Welcome to Abstergo. How may I help you?" he greeted with a smile and a bow. I smirked in amusement at his formality and looked at Vega to see what she thought. She was just smiling her happy smile. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Yes, um, this is our first time here. How would we…" she began but he just laughed and nodded in understanding.

"Here, my name is Daniels and I'll be your guide. Come along," he replied, briefly pointing to his badge, and then gestured for us to follow him with a wave of his hand. Vega moved to do so but I stopped her.

"Wait, how much is this going to cost us?" I demanded, defenses up for some reason. I had this small nagging feeling in the back of my mind.

"Oh, this won't cost you a thing. In fact, we pay you for your services. You see, with each person that passes through here we gain new knowledge, facts, and history. This in turn gets transferred to our data base where new history can be extracted. We get paid for every new discovery we make so really you're helping us. This building is only six months old so we are constantly on the lookout for new faces to expand that knowledge," he explained. That nagging feeling grew slightly at his words. Why did I feel so distrustful? It actually sounded pretty awesome. My hand gripped Vega's and she returned it. I flicked my eyes to her, seeing her head tilted slightly, eyes narrowed, and brows creased. She looked to me, and seeing an identical expression on my face, cleared her features to replace it with a strained smile.

"Sounds exciting. My dad mentioned this place when I asked about our family tree. I always wanted to know about my ancestors," Vega shared. That piqued my interests. My own father never hesitated to share with me the success of the West family. We held a strong corporation of our own and commanded many other smaller businesses but I have yet to find out what exactly happened behind the scenes. He wouldn't tell me, claiming that I should wait until I finally turned eighteen in a couple months. That, or I had to find out on my own. I didn't care so I never thought about it again until now. Now I could possibly find out. Suddenly, I felt like I needed to know.

"Yeah, I was curious about my ancestors too," I joined in. Our guide smiled and began walking again. We both followed this time.

"Good, then you've come to the right place. Let's start by finding you a room and beginning the first syncing process. It takes the machine a few minutes to accurately connect you to the system. First, let me grab something for you two before we head out," he continued to explain. We followed him to a huge desk where he stopped to chat with the person sitting behind it. She briefly glanced at us with a smile before returning to him. He picked up two flat screen devices that looked like Pear Pads then waved for us to follow him once more. We did, tagging along behind him as he led us through the immaculate building, past trees, over a small bridge with a small pond under it, and across into a clear elevator that actually traveled up through a huge freakin' fish tank.

"You'll need these to get around," he told us, handing us each the devices he picked up.

"What is it?" Vega asked, turning it around in her hands.

"It's a communicator. It's almost like a passport and guidance system all in one. Watch, while in the elevator, select the wireless symbol at the top to open the menu which will have a list of the elevator floors," he lectured.

"You mean…" I began, not believing the extent of the technology used here. He nodded.

"Yep, everything here is synced with those communicators. From here you can access almost everything. Select the Sample Seventeen Studio on the second floor," he suggested. Vega did so and soon we were on our way.

"Amazing," she gasped in awe.

"You're telling me. Geez these things cost a hundred bucks if we lose it," I grumbled next to her as I messed with the intelligent device in my hands to scan various documents it contained. I had found a welcome page where there was a short yet detailed explanation of what was offered here as well as a passport to the many areas. I skimmed it until the elevator stopped and we were on the move again. We followed the guide to the back of the expansive room, passing some strange chairs and monitors along the way. Some people sat at them, eyes closed, visors on. I could only guess they were currently transported back in time. The building was a mass of glass, steel, and screens but was also filled to the brim with other forms of leisure like a highly technical house. There were couches and chairs everywhere along with magazines and food vendors. It was inviting yet oddly so. We made it to a series of rooms lining the back where our guide opened the door to one. Inside was a room with two hybrid contraptions that were between a bed and a chair. They were hooked to two different monitors sitting on a table nearby and to each other.

"How come these are different than the other ones?" Vega asked curiously, hiking a thumb over her shoulder at the few desks we passed. The guide shut the door and then moved to stand next to the machines.

"Oh, well, I thought you would like to enter together so I brought you to the rooms that allow that. I could set you up separately if you want…" he trailed off, shrugging and then taking a step back towards the door, but both Vega and I stopped him with unified negatives. We looked at each other in surprised embarrassment and then looked away. Our guide only smiled knowingly and then gestured for us to take a seat. I didn't like that smile but couldn't pinpoint why. I sat down with Vega following suit. Our hands disconnected as we did. The machine seemed to support my body naturally, like it matched every curve. It was strangely comfortable even though it looked completely uncomfortable when I first saw it.

"Ok, so I want you to relax, clear your minds, and close your eyes. I'm going to start it up. Don't be alarmed by the weightlessness. You may feel lost at first but there's no need to panic, your subconscious is just trying to branch out and make a connection. You should regain your body as soon as the process is complete. Then you can begin to interact with your surroundings," he began to explain. We both nodded as he leaned over a monitor to start up the machine, I guessed. He came back to show us how to sit properly. Our head had to be back so that the visor could slide over our eyes and our arms had to be placed on the indented arm rests provided. When he was done explaining he stood between us but far back enough to look at both of us with a slight turn of his head to his left and right.

"Just keep in mind that you're jumping into a random spot in history so not everything will come to you at once. You will each be an ancestor with her own traits, background, and knowledge. Use it well as soon as you can tap into it. Otherwise, act how you feel is necessary. The machine is programmed to alert you if you should stray too far off course or if you encounter danger so stay alert for that," he continued informatively.

"Wait, wait, wait, you mean, we're going to literally act out what our ancestors had done?" I questioned him incredulously. This can't be. I thought it was just watching it like a movie but it's more like an impromptu acting challenge on steroids or something. What did I get myself into? Vega copied my unbelieving expression except she was effectively speechless.

"Why yes, you will be doing just that," the guide confirmed.

"But, how do we get back out?" Vega asked, slightly uncomfortable with the idea of getting stuck, no doubt.

"Just concentrate and the machine should pick up on what you're trying to do. It will also safely eject your consciousness if it detects that you need a break. Your progress will be saved automatically so that you can pick up where you were when you return," he answered. I grinned, excited to get started despite the uncertainty still bugging me.

"Let's get this started then," I told him, glancing at Vega with my signature smirk before closing my eyes to begin the relaxing process. Tori met my gaze before I could with a smile of her own yet I could tell that whatever was nagging me seemed to be worse for her. She complied easily enough though despite that. That was something I admired about Vega. She might be scared but she had the guts to do whatever she was afraid of anyway. If she didn't, well, that would be when the rest of us had to hear her whine that she was being a weenie. That's why I had to push her off a building that one time she had to be a stunt double. It had to be done for the sake of the rest of us and her.

"Yeah. Let's go," she agreed, her tone defying her nerves.

"Ok then. Sit back, relax, and I'll get you started. Just remember to take a break. You can easily get carried away if you aren't careful. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy," the guide's voice rang out. There was a few minutes of silence and darkness with the exception of the lights overhead bleeding through my eyelids. My body began to tingle and then I felt light as a feather. I would have felt queasy, but before I could, I was suddenly seeing a wave of pixels flowing past my vision after a flash of white light. The blues and greens twisted and turned like ocean waves and I watched them, content. I couldn't yet move and began to wonder when I could. As soon as the thought passed through my mind I felt the weight of my body once more. I stumbled a little but managed to catch myself in time, seeing the clear floor below me light up with a splash of pixels with every step I took. Something fell over my eyes when I stumbled so I reached up to push it out of my way. My fingers ran over the fabric and then grabbed it so I could take it off my head. I held some kind of elaborately decorated ship captain's hat in my gloved hand. It was a deep royal blue accented with gold and a large red feather pluming from the side.

I grinned and replaced it back on my head. Well, at least whoever I was had a good rank aboard a ship. I glanced down to see I was wearing a matching long coat, similarly decorated. A long sleeved shirt covered by a vest layered under it along with black pants that also marked me as a captain with its quality. My boots were a thick black leather, far more sturdy than my own. A belt around my hip held a pistol on one side and a sword with a broad yet elegant blade on the other. My grin seemed to widen. I was going to have fun here. I was definitely guaranteed to have some fun with these. They were far more deadly than scissors. I stood proudly, straight and tall, the movement causing something within my vest to press against me. I pulled open my coat just enough to slide my hand inside. Strapped just so, streamlined with my torso, was something familiarly hard and cool to the touch. I hooked my finger into the holes at the top of the object as if it were a natural thing to do and pulled out a pair of scissors. My eyes widened at the intricate design covering the thin blades from the smoothly rounded handle to the tip of the blades.

While closed it looked almost like a dagger, elegant and precise. I opened the blades with a satisfactory sound of metal sliding across metal to see just how sharp they were. The tip of the blade looked more than lethal. While it wasn't a shiny silver it was still beautiful. I laughed to myself and then replaced them. It looked like a fascination with scissors ran in the family. I fixed my coat and yanked on the brim of my hat so that it covered my face a little more. My smirk slipped onto my face just as the swirling pixels began to take on shapes. It took me some time to realize that I was standing inside a dim room. After the room was fully detailed around me the motion of the rolling waves under my feet alerted me to being on board a ship. My ship hopefully. A sense of being at peace and serenity filled me, a feeling I attributed to my ancestor. She was in her element here. I took a step towards a chair that was almost a throne. I plopped into it and kicked my feet up, folding my arms behind my head. My hat slid over my face and I began to relax just as the door swung open. I shot up with a scowl, fixing my gaze on the person who disturbed me.

"Captain, we were successful in another capture," the man announced. I assumed him to be part of my crew and addressed him accordingly. Man, I was enjoying myself. I briefly wondered how Vega was doing but brushed off the thought in order to focus. I was an actress and now was my chance to prove it. I had to improvise since my ancestral memories hadn't kicked in yet.

"Good. I'll be out shortly to see how much of a haul we obtained this time," I responded. He nodded and bowed out, leaving me with an indescribably excited feeling. It felt like it stemmed from something deeper than the entertainment I was currently receiving. My hands seemed to flex anxiously on their own. I curled them into fists, took a deep breath, and then exited out the door, taking a small flight of steep stairs up to the deck.

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