This is the last chapter...for now. I'm going to take a break from it and hopefully come up with a good grand finale. I'll tack that on when I get to it but this is the ending for now.

The situation I found myself in seemed to have kindled the very flame our ancestors carried. I had never thought I would ever witness or experience a moment like this with Tori Vega, but now that I was here, I looked forward to it. I wanted it more than I wanted anything before. She took the lead and straddled my waist but I pulled her down to kiss her hard before she could do anything. Just because I was on the bottom didn't mean I would be submissive. She moaned at the contact of our tongues sliding together. Her tongue retreated so that she could pull away to kiss under my jaw and then nip once at my neck as if she was proceeding with a small amount of caution. It only served to rile me more now that I yearned for anything she could give me. Her next bite was soft, almost teasing, but I still gasped at the sensations she caused, my body arching into hers for more contact.

I marveled at the strong effect she had on me. It was more than anything Beck had to offer and lit a flame in me that burned with raw passion. I briefly wondered if it was just the cause of the unexplained yet strong attraction our ancestors passed to us or not, but I quickly didn't care when her dexterous fingers unbuttoned my shirt to slip it off and then dragged down my stomach to tug at my jeans. Shit, our clothes were way easier to remove now than in the past, making this go so much faster. I tore off her shirt and threw it aside, sitting up to grip behind her neck so I could lock her in a fervent kiss. Her lips on mine were intoxicating and I couldn't get enough of her. She nipped at my bottom lip and then locked eyes with me before slowly beginning to grind into me. A rush of heat pulsed through me, straight down, adding to my arousal. I wanted her now and I couldn't wait anymore.

"Damn, Tori," I moaned after she released my lip. I pushed her on her back and practically ripped off her pants. I pressed my body to hers and attacked her neck. My tongue trailed over her beautifully tan skin and then replaced it with my teeth. She tensed under me, expecting a harsh bite but I just nipped. My hands slipped behind her to unclasp her bra. Her newly exposed flesh attracted my hands and then my hungry mouth once my trail of kisses and bites fell lower. Her hands buried in my hair as I worked to pleasure her. My hips pressed to hers and then my hand slipped between us to brush against her once. She was wet, but not nearly as much as I wanted her to be, so I handled her a little more roughly. My tongue swirled over her sensitive flesh and she cried out, her hips bucking into me. I rocked into her in return, craving the contact. I straddled her strong thigh so that I could press my own into her and use hers for more friction. She directed me away from her chest with both hands on my cheeks.

"If you keep doing that I won't last much longer and I want us to…come together," she admitted, her already flushed face burning more with her bashfulness. I smirked in response and thrust into her. She clenched her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut, erasing the shy expression she wore. I could feel how much more aroused she was now, how her body was strained with excitement.

"Ok, I'll slow down, but I'm not making any promises," I mumbled, sliding my hands over her taut, flat stomach. She locked her legs on mine and rolled us over so that she was leaning over me now. Her hands rid me of my bra and then showed me just how crazy I was driving her moments ago. My head fell back and I writhed in pleasure at the feel of her hot mouth on me. A breathy moan escaped my lips and my hands glided down her back. Her fingers drew circles lower and lower until she hooked them into my panties, ugh, underwear. She slid them down and tossed them aside, finally exposing my whole nude form. Her eyes roamed over me and then she smiled appreciatively. Her fingers skimmed my thigh hesitantly and I trembled in anticipation.

"Touch me, Tori. Please. Do whatever comes naturally, but just do it," I pleaded and assured her so that we could continue. Her approaching nerves receded as she stroked me once, taking me by surprise. My breath hitched and my heart skipped a beat. She passed over again, her other hand gripping my hip to steady me. I groaned in frustration but forced my body to stop from arching in order to get more from her. She licked her lips and then took my hands from their locked grip on the blankets to place them on her waist. I understood what she wanted and slipped off her underwear. As soon as they were removed I gripped her ass and forced her hips down onto my own, rising to meet her. She cried out and began a steady rhythm with my hands guiding her. Her body was elegant and graceful in her pleasure. She rubbed against me a couple more times before I felt her hand drag up my thigh. It flitted over my inner thigh and my hips rose in need of her touch. She went right for the most sensitive part of me.

"Tori!" I gasped, my grip on her tightening. She smirked and then leaned down to bite and suck at my stomach, sides, and hip bones. Her tongue dipped into my navel and then up in a straight line to my collarbone. She licked her lips and then melded them with mine just as her fingers stopped their teasing to enter me. My heart skid to a stop and then started up at a much faster pace. I was gasping for air as she pumped into me, hitting that special spot which she found relatively quickly. I whimpered under her, completely at her mercy. I began to writhe when I felt my release building. Her fingers treated every thrust like it was the last time she would get to do this, which, if I had my way, would not be the case. Her intense dark eyes locked with mine and a sexy smile etched onto her face. She watched me as I wrestled down the mounting arousal she caused, trying to hold out longer. I gripped her wrist to stop her from entering me once more. I craved that climax but I made her wait. She gazed at me in confusion but I just tossed her on her back and bit at her neck.

Her moan echoed back to me like music. I soothed the red skin with my tongue and repeated the process on her shoulder, down the middle of her chest, over her stomach, and then onto her inner thigh. I sucked on the skin, reveling in the sounds that spilled from her mouth. I sat up to run my eyes over her body and the only thought I had was that she was beautiful in every way. I kissed her stomach and then my mouth moved to lick at her, causing her to buck and cry out frantically. I forced her hips down and continued, my tongue delving into her most intimate area. I could feel her body humming in pleasure under my fingers. Once I had her at the edge I replaced my mouth with my fingers and thrust two into her. She bit her lip to cut off the scream she had been about to let loose. Her hands had been clawing at the sheets under her but they moved to guide my mouth to hers. Our tongues danced as her hands left my face to grip my hip with one hand and returned to enter me with the other, two fingers sliding in agonizingly slow.

She pulled out just as slow to sink back in. It was torture but in the most blissful of ways. I found my hips rocking into her hand as she continued to pump in and out. I was back at the edge in no time with the help of her gentle touch. I shuddered against her when the pleasure peaked sharply. My own thrusts grew quick in speed and my breathing raced. She panted and closed her eyes, her hips rolling into my hand. With our bodies rocking and rubbing against one another and our hands working relentlessly we both hit our orgasm together, just as she wanted. I could feel her muscles tighten and trap my fingers within her. She moaned my name reverently in my ear, making me groan. Her nails dug into my hip as she rode through her climax. I cried out and repeated her name over and over again along with curses when I came. I felt like tearing the sheets under my death grip on them, my arm shaking from trying to brace myself. I gripped her fingers inside me, holding them there until it passed and I was left a shuddering mess.

I collapsed against her, taking a moment to catch my breath before I could slip out of her, sliding with ease from her climax. She did the same, dragging a deep moan from me at the loss. She stroked my thigh lovingly and then dropped her hand to the bed wearily. Her other hand rested on the small of my back, massaging into my relaxed muscles every once in a while. I caressed her side lovingly and then melted against her. We listened to our hearts find a steady beat and our heavy breaths level out before attempting to move. I slid off her to lay halfway on her. She wouldn't let me go far but I didn't mind. For the first time I was worn out, satisfied, and sweaty yet happy to be. I wrapped Tori's equally sweaty and satisfied body in my arms and curled against her. Not a word was said. She simply pulled the sheets over us and kissed my forehead then laid down again. I fell asleep with a genuine smile on my lips. Morning light didn't wake me up as I had thought it would. Instead, her sweet voice drew me from sleep.

"Jade, wake up," she called to me. I opened my eyes to see her smiling down at me. I ran a hand through her soft hair and then held the back of her head to bring her into a gentle kiss.

"Love you," I mumbled, bringing her forehead to mine. I closed my eyes and grinned when she smiled her bright smile that I've come to actually love to see.

"Love you too," she whispered. The memory of the sensual moment between us would forever mark this moment with clarity in my mind. I let her go and she pulled away to slide out of bed. I watched in admiration as the muscles of her slim body flexed when she got dressed. I eventually climbed out of bed and got dressed too. It helped that she caught me staring and shot me a look that was meant to snap me out of my daze.

"Sorry, it's just so hard to look away from you," I said with a shrug. She rolled her eyes as she walked over, buttoned my shirt for me, kissed me, and then moved to open her door. We each took turns in the bathroom to freshen up then I followed her down the stairs to see her father sitting at the table, facing us. His hands were clasped together and his chin rested on them. A faint knowing smile pulled at the side of his mouth.

"You're lucky your mom and Trina went to visit your aunt. I would hate to hear Trina complain that Jade was allowed in your room yet she couldn't have a boy over," he spoke up casually. Tori blushed and shuffled her feet.

"You heard…" she choked out softly. It was hard to hear her, and she was standing right next to me, but he nodded and leaned back in his chair. If I wasn't mistaken he seemed a little uncomfortable, but what parent wouldn't be after hearing that?

"I'm not mad or anything. I just didn't think I would be hearing my daughter with her…girlfriend, as soon as I walked in from a long day at work. I actually could have lived without hearing it at all," he remarked, his face trying to smile but was clearly failing as it turned into a grimace. Tori hid her face in her hands. I rubbed her back, trying to comfort her.

"I'm so sorry, dad. We were waiting for you and…I just…I wasn't thinking-well, obviously, or I wouldn't have-oh geez, I'm sorry," she stumbled, giving her father a pleading expression. He chuckled and stood to walk over to us.

"It's ok Tori, I understand. I would be surprised if you hadn't given in," he admitted with a shrug. Well that was odd.

"What?" I questioned him with a raised brow. Did he or did he not approve of his daughter with me was all I wanted to know.

"You really are your ancestor's descendants if you can't keep your hands off each other," he explained. I laughed and took Tori's hand in mine to intertwine our fingers.

"Too true," I commented, thinking back to Blackheart's thoughts when it concerned Vega. Tori looked at her father and smiled hesitantly, knowing what he said to be true.

"Oh, I guess so," she agreed. He turned away to make his way back and forth with his hands behind his back.

"Ok, now that we're past that I want to talk about joining the Assassins," I spoke up, watching him pace like he was making plans for something very serious. For all I knew he could be. He stopped and looked up at me.

"Of course, Jade. How could I say no? We need you in order to repeat history. We can't let the Templars gain too many followers. We were so close to achieving our goal in the past but couldn't quite make it. I think we can this time," he said with a nod, confidence strong in his voice.

"Why do you say that?" Tori wondered.

"Because unlike before, you two are now armed with information. You have been imprinted with the vast knowledge of your ancestors. All you need to do is sharpen those tools with training. Where years of teaching you the skills would have set us back, now we can move forward at a quicker pace with some techniques to refine your skills. That, and you also know much more than new recruits. I believe we can do this," he explained happily. I could see what he meant and agreed with him.

"I think we can too," Tori said with a smile. I smirked at her father and held out my hand.

"So, no hard feelings about me being a Templar?" I joked. He laughed and gripped my hand to shake it once.

"I never have, Jade. I was only caught by surprise when you came into the picture because you showed up sooner than expected. As I said, I hoped you would take advantage of Abstergo even though it's run by our enemy. They made a grave error in letting you tap into the kind of information you now have. It's their mistake, one we will take advantage of. Because of this I knew you would turn out just like the ones before you. I trust you would change sides for Tori, and you did. I'm happy to have you. You're a strong member to join our cause," he further explained. I didn't know if it was the pride in his voice or the simple reason that I felt like I finally belonged somewhere that I did what I did. I let Tori's hand go to hug her father. He patted my back and I pulled away quickly to step back. Tori beamed next to me and reconnected our hands.

"So, what's our first line of action?" she asked him curiously. I was grateful for the change in topic she provided.

"First, we'll have to wait for your mother, sister, and aunt to return," he answered.

"Wait, our aunt is coming too?" she inquired.

"Yes, your mother and Trina had gone out to get her in the first place. I was steadily gathering our members to plan this a while ago now so once they get back we can move forward while we wait to hear from the others," he confirmed. Tori looked like she was lost in thought so I stepped in with my own questions.

"Does the others include Andre, Robbie, Cat, and Beck's family too?" I tested. He smiled conspiratorially and leaned closer.

"Between us, our families have been friends for a long, long, long time, but I think you knew that," he teased. I shook my head at his answer but smirked. There was a reason behind our little group. Our parents made sure we stuck together.

"And you kept all this from us because…" I prompted.

"Initiation isn't until you're eighteen. We decided that it was the best choice to keep you from worrying over it, you can handle it better when you're older, and to keep secrecy," he listed.

"Do you think they know?" I questioned Tori. She shrugged.

"If they don't know they'll know now," she replied.

"Exactly why I should inform them to bring your friends along. Maybe they can get a crash course at Abstergo too," he pondered, wandering back to his seat where his phone sat on the table.

"Won't that give the Templars more information on us?" I asked him. He nodded but didn't seem perturbed by what I pointed out.

"They may learn something but it's a small price compared with the memories it will help to unlock. Plus, we could always hack their system and destroy the data," he answered. He picked up his phone and began making calls while Tori and I excused ourselves to the living room.

"Here we go again," I stated, kicking back on her couch with my feet on the small table in front of us. She nodded and leaned against me.

"Except this time we're ready," she responded. Her flare of determination stoked a fire of determination in me too.

"We can do this together," I told her, taking her hand in mine. She glanced down at our joined hands and then met my eyes. She nodded once and then kissed my cheekbone, exactly where the scar would have been. I held her close to me, vowing to never let her go. Over the many years that our ancestors had fought, and it was finally our turn. Blackheart and Vega gave us a legacy that we had to continue. Just as they did, I had fallen for the daughter of my enemy. My own father tossed me aside. I joined my lover to further her cause without hesitation. My father would now have to be stopped in order to halt his corruption from spreading, and because he was my father, I wanted to be the one to do it. The Templar order will be destroyed now or we'll have to continue on to fight through the years just as it had always been. I had a good feeling that this time, it would go in our favor now that we had the upper hand. I was now a member of the Assassin's Creed. We'll stop at nothing to defeat our Templar enemies. A new generation of battle has begun and we're ready to step up to claim that legacy.

-Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember. Nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember. Everything is permitted. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted-