She was average height for a woman of Asgard, but to Loki that meant she was quite a lot shorter than he. Her hair was a strawberry blonde, which she would always decorate with shining white jewels. It was something to do with the small far away off city she was from, but this hadn't stopped the whispers and mummers throughout the castle.

"Who does she think she is wearing Jewels fit for a queen?"

"What a waste of a beauty on Loki."

Yes that was right; the silent diamond studded woman was married to him. Loki didn't know much about her except that she would always allow him use of her body, and her name. Other than that she wouldn't speak. She was a ghost of a woman, and everyone could see it.

They had been married less than three months when people had started to notice that the young woman was starting to become shell of her former self. Loki had seen this the moment she was forced into marriage with him. But he couldn't blame her; he knew she was in love with another.

He had secretly been watching when she met the young man (who's name he had now forgotten) and told him that her duty was now to her husband and they couldn't be anything anymore. The man was of course angry, and Loki had almost destroyed him in a rage. She was his, and no one would lay a hand on his things.

Loki was very well aware that he had no idea how to take care of his wife. He couldn't make her happy if he tried, and he often did things to her that would upset her. She didn't see the humor in his pranks, and if they involved any type of rodent or bug she would run away in fear.

He had played a few pranks on her, but it only seemed to make a bigger divide between the two. Dealing with the outcomes of his pranks was too much of a hassle, so he stopped. He discovered his pranks were no longer fun if he had to share a room with that person. There was something nice about sleeping beside a warm body, but if that warm body wouldn't let you touch them it oddly made the nights much colder.

Nothing seemed to make her happy, and it was slowly eating away at Loki. Loki was a particular man, and keeping his belongings in perfect condition was a large part of his personality. He still owned a lot of his childhood belongings, where as his brother Thor couldn't seem to keep anything. As much as he hated it, his wife's happiness was part of her and if she didn't have any then she was broken. Loki hated broken things. If he wanted an emotionless doll, he would have gotten one.

Loki had noticed that she liked to sit in one particular room in the palace. He was of course familiar with this room because it once belonged to his mother. He had many memories of sitting on the carpet toys scattered about as she watched the brothers play from a large chair.

She had given the room to his wife and Thor's in hopes that they would use it for their own children. Thor's wife was hardly interested in children, instead she was always gazing at stars and Asta hadn't been a wife long enough.

At first Loki had thought that she had wanted a child (and this was the only reason he knew that she was willing to give him her body) but quickly discovered that she was not sitting in the room imagining children. Her eyes were always drawn to a hanging tapestry on the wall.

The tapestry was simple and the only interesting thing about it was it was a family portrait done when he was in his early teens. Loki hadn't been the only one to take notice, but just about everyone in the family had seen her obsession with it. No one quite understood her obsession with it until one day Loki had decided it bothered him enough to ask.

He had quietly walked into the room, sitting down on the couch beside her. Her dress took up enough room to keep him quite a distance from her, but he wouldn't dare sit so intimately close to her. Her eyes flickered over to him for a split second, before turning back to the tapestry.

He could hardly take his eyes off her, she was indeed beautiful and the stones woven in her hair bounced the soft light from the fire place. He was happy it was late, because if there was any sun her hair would have caused him to gawk more. He had never seen her put the stones in her hair, but he had herd the maids mention that she wouldn't allow them to help her.

"Tell me, what has captivated your interest." She could have easily ignored him and it was something that he had expected from her. She never had much interest in talking to anyone, let alone him.

"Nothing." She said, straightening her spine. He wasn't stupid, he knew she didn't want to talk to him and she didn't want to talk about her small obsession with the tapestry.

"Nothing wouldn't have you sitting here for days gandering at it." He murmured, it was childish to challenge her on the subject but he was hoping that her anger would get the better of her and she would admit to him her fascination.

"I hate it. Who ever made that tapestry had no idea what they were doing." She huffed, her eyes angrily peering up at the tapestry. He truly had no idea what she was talking about, there were many things Loki didn't have and an eye for and the female arts was one of them.

"And how may I ask, would you know that?" A look of sadness suddenly crossed her face, and as quickly as it appeared she corrected it. It wasn't quick enough for Loki to miss, and he quickly understood the meaning behind it. She used to make such things before she was married and she missed them.

He took her silence as conformation and brushed it off. He figured playing the stupid card would appease her. She didn't need to know that he had her figured out. He pushed himself off the couch reaching a hand out for her.

"Come. Dinner should be ready." He said, helping her off the couch. She didn't give him more than a soft nod, and slipped her hand under his elbow, allowing him to escort her to the dining hall. There they would spend another awkward night with his family chatting about mindless daily events. Tonight it wouldn't matter that he sat beside her in silence, because his mind was spinning with ideas.

His wife unaware of his mischief carried on the following days like she usually did. A normal wife would have responsibility, but since his mother firmly believed that Asta was still adjusting had yet to give her any. So Asta spent her time walking the halls, in their garden, and glaring at the hanging tapestry.

Loki found it hard not to smile when his plan was complete. It was an odd sensation for him to do something kind for anyone else. He wanted to wait in what his family called the Red room but he had things to do.

There was a brief moment when he had almost forgotten about his actions, he was tired and standing in a hall pointing servants in the right direction. A few of them had been confused, and he had to redirect them more than once. Slowly his frustration and anger was building in his chest. It continued to build until he heard a few of the servants curtsy 'my lady'.

They were of course talking about his wife, because the only other lady around these halls was Jane and Jane would never come to speak with him. For a brief second Loki looked up at her confused. She had never sought him out, and it was something out of the norm for her.

Before he could think of a rhyme or reason, she gently thanked him, kissed him on the cheek and left. It had left not only him stunned but few servants that had watched the scene unfold. In moments the news would be all around the castle not that he cared, because he figured out the reasoning behind his wife's actions.

Loki had bought her all the things she needed to make as many tapestries as she wanted. He hadn't known it would mean so much to her, he was only hoping that she would stop glaring at the one above the fire place.

The transformation was a strange thing to watch; slowly his wife seemed less of a shell. Normally she spent an hour or two in bed later than him, but now she was usually out the door before he was. She of course spent all of her time in the Red Room, but the entire family had noticed that she was much more content.

Thor had even made a snide comment that Loki had finally been pleasuring his wife. Thor had thought the joke funny, but was quickly stoned faced when Loki had told him; that he should try it with his own wife. Then maybe she would stop looking for other gods in the stars.

Loki had left his wife alone, and continued on with his job. As frustrating as it was, his current job was setting up a birthday party for his mother. It had taken him weeks upon weeks to prepare as they came to a close he could feel that he was starting to lose his patients. So on the day of his mother's party he felt as if he was going to explode.

He was about doing the final running rounds when he noticed that his wife was nowhere to be seen. She had been so caught up in making her tapestry that she had forgotten to keep an eye on the time. He was annoyed that something else was added to his list of things today and swiftly made his way thought the large halls to find her.

She was already dressed and he was very thankful for that. Her dress much like her hair was decorated in jewels. She reminded him of a star, always glittering and shining. She was hovering over a large tapestry that was about a quarter finished. She was so invested into her craft that she didn't hear her husband come in and jumped when he placed a hand on her lower back. He could have just called out to her, but he wanted and needed to see what she was making.

"You startled me." She said softly, placing her needle in the spot she was working on. A silence hung between the two as he studied her work. Even though it wasn't finished he could clearly figure out what it was going to be.

She had already finished a figure that was clearly her and beside her, holding her hand was him. She was currently working on his right leg, adding in tiny details of his armor. Then in his other hand was a figure that would clearly be his mothers, who would then be holding onto Odin, then Odin Thor, and Thor and Jane.

The amount of detail she went into was phenomenal and he could now see why she hated the one above the fire place. Nothing could compare to what she had made. With a boggled mind he reached forward running his hand over the detailing on her face.

Unlike her real life persona, her stitched counterpart looked happy and how he wished he could make her happy. If her smile was anything as beautiful as the one on her tapestry he wanted to see it all the time.

Asta reached her hand out for his, pulling it away from her art and to her own face. He was stunned to watch her kiss his open palm and look at him with her doe eyes. She had never been this intimate with him, and it would be a moment that he would remember for the rest of his life.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. We will be happy one day." She whispered, she had to rapidly blink the tears away from her eyes. Yes one day they would be okay, but today wasn't going to be that day. She was still heart broken, but one day they would love each other, and care for each other but it would take time to grow.

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