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Loki's thoughts were interrupted by the unmistakable sounds of his mother's shoes on the floors outside the room as she searched for him. This moment brought an overwhelming sense of pride to his chest knowing it could only mean one thing.

He turned around to welcome his mother, only to be met with a stone cold face. What little joy he had was instantly sucked out of his body. His mother should be over the moon, and the look on her face could only mean one thing…that something was wrong.

Frigga could see her son's face turn to one of instant panic, and how she wished she could comfort the terror she knew he must be feeling. There was absolutely nothing she could do at that moment and it made her feel useless. Closing the large gap between the two, she explained to Loki what she knew was a parent's worst fear.

Asta was okay, but the child would not survive the night. Something had happened and there was nothing they could do as their son slowly faded from the world.

Loki had to sit down, the news too devastating for him to handle and for once in his life he cried. He had a son, a son he loved so much, even though he hadn't met him yet and his son was not going to live. It was heart wrenching, and it was beyond himself.

His mother did her best trying to comfort him, but she found it very hard to handle the news herself. Frigga had lost many children before they adopted Loki, and it opened old wounds for her. To see her son go through that with his first child killed her.

"You need to go to her, and let her know everything will be okay." His mother said running her fingers through his hair. He only nodded his head, it was hard to leave his mother's side and go be strong for someone else, but his wife needed him.

The walk through the hallways was the most painful walk he ever had in his life. Nothing would ever compare to the moment when he found the birthing room as he held his breath before pushing the door open.

Asta was alone, and appeared to be lying naked in bed. Their child was clearly clutched to her chest, but from the door way he couldn't see his son. The only thing he could see was the way her arms were cradled around him. Other than that, the only thing he could register was the cries of his wife.

She kept repeating how sorry she was, and how it was her fault. Loki didn't blame her, and he couldn't ever blame her. The pain they were both experiencing was the same, and it was much easier to blame themselves then to accept that things like this just sometimes happened.

He wanted to be strong for her but it was impossible for him not to cry. He nearly lost his mind when he climbed in the bed beside her and saw his son for the first time. He had thought that his worst fear would be that his child would come out blue, but looking down at his son that was clearly a son of a frost giant he realized there was things much worse in life then having an ice giant for a son. His son's skin should have been a light blue, much lighter than his skin but it was slowly turning into an odd grey color.

Even if his son was clearly a frost giant, it was instant love and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His love for his child ran much deeper than he expected, and he could finally understand how his parents felt for him. It was over whelming.

Loki and Asta had managed to fall asleep in their grief. There wasn't much else they could do, they were both beyond exhausted. The sun from the late morning stirred him from his sleep, and he had half a mind to never wake up again dreading the wave of feelings that followed him in to alertness.

His wife was still asleep, her head tucked into the crook of his neck, and her arms still wrapped around their blue son. The idea of the color blue made his head start spinning. The last time he saw his son, his skin was a sickly grey, not the light blue he was looking at. Without thinking he reached out his hand and for the first time touched the tiny infant, feeling not only the warmth of his skin but startling him awake.

The child jumped, not expecting the new touch and opened his red eyes to peer around before settling back down again exhaling a large breath of air. This was indeed not normal for a child who he was told would not make it to morning.

The sudden feeling of hope exploded in his chest and in an instant he was up from the bed and running out the door to grab a healer. He needed to hear the words himself; he didn't trust his own eyes.

The healer he had found had been with another client and was less than impressed with the young prince. Scowling the woman followed him back to the room, she had seen the child the night before and she knew that there was no hope for the little boy. Sometimes parents saw light in the darkest places, even if there wasn't really anything there.

Pressing her lips together she walked over to Asta who was still asleep her arms wrapped tightly around her son. The healer had thought that the young mother had spent way too much time with a corpse and that she was slipping into madness. She knew after all who her husband was.

Humoring Loki the healer leaned over Asta. She roughly scooped the child out of the young mother's arms startling her awake and the child who screamed loudly. The healer was instantly shocked, the child hadn't made a peep when birthed and looked grey. Now the child screamed loudly holding its little arms above his head waving them angrily.

Asta had lost her mind at the sound, and lunged forward to protect her child. The room was filled with chaos in the matter of seconds. The healer had tried to escape the fury of the young mother while Loki had tied to peel Asta off. Then somewhere between uncurling Asta's fingers from the woman's hair, and trying to dodge her angry slaps Frigga entered the room.

They finally managed to rush both the healer and the child out of the room. Leaving Asta to scream at slap furiously at her husband. Loki's face quickly became numb and he was well aware that she had split his lip. But the more she slapped him the weaker she became and as quickly as the anger burned up in her body she fell in a heap of mixed emotion on the floor.

Loki grabbed one of the many blankets from the bed, and swung it around her shoulders to shield her nakedness from the world. He cringed seeing that the sheets were indeed bloodied, and her legs weren't much better. It was almost as if they had forgotten about her.

His mind was reeling with the thought of infection and gently he tugged her off the ground. She didn't fight him, instead she followed his lead. He had thought she was shell in their early stages of marriage, but nothing then compared to her now.

Loki filled up the tub, using his hand to test the temperature before helping her in. She let out a sigh of relief not knowing the pain and stress her body was under. She leaned her head back and rested it on the rim of the tub. Tears ran down her face as she stared off into nothing, her mind spinning with millions of thoughts.

He wanted to say something to her, but his mother had always taught him that silence was golden. He would rather say nothing to her; then say something stupid. Letting out a deep sigh he leaned forward pressing his lips to her temple. He just wanted her to know that they were in this together, and silently stood up so he could get her a night gown.

He took this moment to fully collect his thoughts, which was extremely hard from him considering what was happening. He tried to tell himself that regardless of what was going on, he was making the right choice to bring the healer into the room. If there was any chance that his son could live he was going to take it.

He didn't know if he had taken a long time thinking, or if it was just an act of the universe itself. But his mother walked into the room a large smile on her face, in her arms a large bundle of blankets she hadn't left with.

There wasn't a sound from the creature in her arms but she was gently bouncing him as if the child were crying. If he were in a normal state of mind, he would have taken the smile from his mother as good news. But today his stomach twisted and turned just to hear the words.

"Have you held him yet?" His mother asked, he shook his head allowing his mother to slip his son into his awaiting arms. It was the first child he ever held so the terror of holding him and dropping him was etched into the way he stiffly held him.

"The healer said she's never seen anything like it. She said that he's perfectly fine, like nothing ever happened." A large weight was lifted off his shoulders, and his mother watched as his stiff shoulders slouched down. He could have cried knowing his son was safe, but he was too exhausted to.

Frigga sat down on the bed beside Loki who was clearly absorbed with his son. His skin could have been green and he would have felt the same as he did at that moment. He would die for his son.

"I think Asta saved him. I think that when she held him, she unknowingly taught his lungs how to breathe and his heart to beat." Loki agreed with his mother, there was no other explanation besides a miracle and he didn't believe in such things.

"He looks just like you, when you were a babe." She said running two fingers down the child's soft blue skin. They never talked about him as an infant, and he wasn't going to start now. Giving his mother a soft nod he stood up from the bed and brought his son into the bathroom to his wife.

Loki had never pictured himself a father, but it was easy for him to fall into the title. So when they discovered that Asta was with another child Loki was indeed ecstatic. Although Asta didn't know, Loki had secretly planned many children. He was not content with just one or two.

His son, Olin, indeed looked very much like him. Like himself his son showed early signs of being a magic user. The same spell had been casted on the child as Loki. Olin had figured out a way to cast, and uncast the spell. But even though Olin had chosen a mixture of appearing human and frost giant Loki found he didn't mind much. He would kill anyone who had a problem with it, and he had discovered that Asta was much the same. He had once snuck around a corner to hear her soft threats to a maid who had spoken poorly about their son. So no one in the right mind would speak about the small frost giant seen playing in the halls. They all feared the wrath of both parents.

It was late in the afternoon when Loki had snuck off to his wife and child. It wasn't hard for him to find them at all since Asta practically lived in the red room. His other family members seemed to frequent there too in hopes that they could find the mischievous child and mother.

Like most days Asta was sitting on the ground in front of the fireplace with her bulging belly. Toys scatted around her and a small black haired child grabbing at her dress grinning wildly as he tried to sneak kisses onto his mother's lips. Asta had taught him this game, and it was one of the very few both parents loved to play with their son.

"Careful. Be careful." Asta warned shifting the toddler off her belly as he tried to climb closer to her. A look of shock crossed the boy's face and he looked to his mother as if he were in trouble.

"Sowry, Mama. Sowry." He muttered settling down where she had placed him on her stomach. The game was instantly forgotten as he found something more interesting to play with, the cluster of diamonds sewn in his mother's hair.

Asta had only had to tell Olin once that tugging on her jewelry hurt, so when it did catch his eye he would use his little fingers to gently turn the gems so they would catch the light. His curiosity with the way light bounced off them never seemed to end.

Asta turned her head so he could get a better grasp and caught a glimpse of Loki standing in the doorway watching.

"I think there is someone here." Asta said softly, the child turned his body around in excitement to see who it was. A squeal of excitement, followed by a 'Dada' echoed through the room as the small child trotted over to his father.

In one swift motion Loki slid his hands under Olin's armpits and lifted him high above his head giving the child a playful shake. Olin loved this game, and insisted all the males in the family play it. His uncle being the most fun, because Thor liked to toss the small child into the air. Every time it sent Asta into a panicked frenzy.

Loki's arms quickly grew tired of their game so he placed his son back on the floor. Olin wasted no time running back to his mother. Olin wasn't done playing with his toys, and Loki was more than happy to watch his son play. Settling himself behind his wife, Loki pulled her into his chest and rested his hands on her belly as they both watched their son play, and dreamed of another healthy child.

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