"Fucking suits, am I right" Wheels loudly complained as Kid vid rolled him down the hall away from the boardroom. "Motherfuckers acting like they know what the kids want these days. Who the fuck do they think they are?" Hey craned his neck around to look at kid vid. "You and me man, we've been in this since day one. We know way more about the kids than those fucking suits, am I right?"

"Yeah, sure." Kid vid responded. Normally he would have tried to talk Wheels, to try to down but not today. Today had been the last chance to straighten up, to prove to the top brass that wheels could remain a part of the illustrious burger king kids club team.

It was only 5 minutes into the meeting when Wheels threw the CEO's Coffee mug into the wall.

The boss gave Kid Vid a single look. Kid Vid understood immediately.

"But like I was saying man," Wheels continued as they rolled down the hall. "The execs don't know shit. They put us back in front of the cameras and we do our thing and boom! Money in the ban... hey man you missed the elevator".

They were at the top of the stairs.

"Oh I get it Vid. Really fucking funny the first four times. Hahaha Make fun of the cripple. You're lucky we're bros man... Vid? Earth to Vid"

Kid Vid's voice was barely a whisper. "I'm so sorry."

The horrible reality hit wheels like a ton of bricks. "No... No! You son of a bitch! After all we've been through! You fucking Crony!"

Vid said nothing as he let go of the handles.

The cacophony of the fall was nowhere near as devastating as the silence when the chair, and it's rider finally stopped at the bottom, throughly broken.

The next day Kid Vid Introduced Jazz to the rest of the club.

The visor hid the tears.

Only J.D. noticed something was wrong.