I was talking with Cat from the Reiss Steam group, and she is making fan art of her favorite Snowy/Melting Vale scene in exchange for me directing her to a new art program. ANYWAYS, this gave me an idea. Melting Vale has the same cover art as Snowy Vale, and I want to change that, so I'm hosting a Valentines competition. I know some of you are amazing artists, so I'm asking for all of you as a favor to make your favorite scene in Snowy/Melting Vale real in art form and my favorite I'm going to either make the Snowy Vale Cover, or the Melting Vale cover. You're welcome to make it your own and stylize it as you wish! Any skill level will be so appreciated! You can PM me the picture, or maybe find an alternative route, but I'll need to figure out. This competition will last until march sometime. Also any other art, say from Autumn Vale or so forth would be incredible! Thanks so much all of you!