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Shirou was sitting in his modest abode pondering how to attack the problem. In front of him was the cases of 3000 kan and to both sides of it was Goemon and Inuchiyo both watching him.

It occurred to Shirou that he had no idea what to do. Before, he didn't have much of a need for money since he lived a very modest lifestyle and the only major outlets for spending was on the large amounts of food that Taiga and then Saber demanded. The obvious solution was to make the 3000 kan needed to afford 8000 koku. The first thought was that he could work a job for the week. But it was unlikely he would even be able to make that 3000 kan in a week, never mind even if he did reach that goal, it was unlikely he'd be able to purchase all 8000 koku with 6000 kan because of the fluctuation of market prices.

Shirou's eye's widened as that though struck him. Of course. Market prices fluctuated. Unlike in modern times where most everything was standardized in prices because of influences of things such as a global economy, minimum wages, and consumer products. In this era though there wasn't any of that, and from village to village, each one would have various prices for goods. He could do that. Except he had no idea of the economy from village to village. He decided to pose the question to the girls.

"Ok, my idea is to sell goods from town to town in order to increase the 3000 kan we have. Do either of you have an idea of the market values of various goods of the various towns around us?"

Inuchiyo shook her head no, understandable, she was a warrior, so she wouldn't have a vast knowledge of things of that sort.

"I may know one or two people who could hwelp us out but it would take at least a dway or two in order for me to contact them." Goemon said, failing to hide the accompanying embarrassment at her stutters.

"Thank you Goemon-chan." Shirou said with a smile, "That is an option. Any other options you two can think of."

"Rescue princesses," Inuchiyo remarked, but with a light teasing tone to her voice.

"Saving people huh," Shirou rolled the words on his tongue, as he raised his hand to rub his chin. Inuchiyo rolled her eyes at him. "While it wouldn't really be good to charge for helping others, if it's something we must do, then so be it. We'll leave that one in reserve." The three returned their thoughts on the matter.

"Don't need money. Just get rice."

"What do you mean Inuchiyo-chan?" Shirou asked, stumped on her point.

"I understand," Goemon interjected. She pulled out a small map before laying it on the floor. It featured a rather detailed look at the borders between Imagawa and Owari. Goemon traced a road that crossed the border and deep into Imagawa. "Imagawa has been buying up lwarge amounts of rwice. Currently the Matsudaira Motoyasu is in residence at Okazaki Cwastle as is her's and the Imagawa fworces. Along this road the rice shipments are supposed to bwe traveling. We can capture the rice we need there."

"Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You're saying we should steal the rice instead of buying it." Goemon gave Shirou an 'are you stupid' look. "But that's wrong." Shirou glanced over to Inuchiyo hoping that this wasn't what she meant.

"Not wrong. At worst it is dishonorable." She said, denying Shirou's hope. "Market not reliable. Charging to help wrong. Stealing from the enemy ok."

"As she said. Your mission is to get 8000 koku worth of rwice. This option satisfwies that while awlso damaging the Imagwawa as well as further proving your worth." Goemon's explanation was concise, outlining all the benefits for Shirou.

He understood that this method would be the best for him, highlighting his skills in combat, ability to come up with a battle plan and show his initiative, all good things that would further prove his worth to Nobuna. So he would do so. He had already thrown away his wish to be an Ally of Justice by choosing to save Sakura. Relieving himself of a few hanger-on's of that wish would be fine.

"Are you sure Goemon-chan, Inuchiyo-chan?" The two girls both nodded yes to his question. "Very well, we'll make plans tonight and leave tomorrow morning.

According to Goemon's information, the shipment they were raiding was made of three wagons carrying 20,000 koku in total. Shirou, Goemon, Inuchiyo and the small band of men under Goemon's command stealthily made their way through the Imagawan forests until they came to their planned for ambush area. The road turned at this point and the forest made it so that anyone approaching from the opposite direction of the wagons would be unable to see the attack. Goemon reported a total manpower of sixteen guards. Two were Samurai, outfitted in their armor and riding horses at the rear of the formation. The remaining fourteen men were simple footman wearing a plain iron breastplate along with an iron jingasa, a style of conical helmet. Each wagon had a driver and a guard armed with a short sword and arquebus. The eight remaining marched in columns of four one on each side of the wagons, each man carrying a spear. The ambush plan was to be fast, archers and Shirou firing at the drivers and their gun-bearing guards. They would then rush the remaining soldiers, quickly kill them and turn the wagons around.

Shirou hardened his heart as the wagons approached. He would have to kill his opponents, or at least injure them to incapacitation. He was well rested and thinking clearly, so it would be easier to go for the latter.

The wagons approached the turn. The samurai were alert but the foot soldiers weren't. Shirou nodded to the men next to him before letting fly his arrow. The others followed. His arrow struck the driver in the chest, it was close to being fatal, and would be if it wasn't treated. It didn't matter as another shot dug into the driver's neck, a strike that would kill the man soon if not immediately. The other shots mostly hit their intended targets. Only a couple missed and those were shots meant for drivers. All the gun carrying guards had been killed in the initial volley.

Shirou and the rest rushed out of the trees as the foot soldiers clamored to form a coherent line with spears set. The Samurai charged in response to an enemy making themselves visible, yelling battle cries on their horses. Inuchiyo engaged one of them and Shirou the other.

His circuits already flicked on and running from tracing a bow and arrow, Shirou proceeded to trace again, this time the married swords Kanshou and Bakuya. Shirou shifted out of the way and deflected the charging samurai's naginata with Kanshou's black edge. Shirou turned about to see the samurai turning his horse around and gripping his naginata to charge again. He did so, naginata held high in order to slash Shirou in half. Shirou ducked the blow and managed to stab Bakuya into the horse's side before it once again passed him, the horses' momentum pulling the white sword out of his grip as it crashed behind him.

The samurai came up from the horses' fall with a roll, somehow maintaining his grip on the naginata. Shirou faced the man, Kanshou remaining in his right hand. A pause passed between the two, allowing Shirou a good look at the man. He was middle aged with a groomed mustache and side burns peeking out from underneath his helm. His armor was a mix of black and red made in the traditional style of overlapping plates.

The advantage was in the samurai's favor at the moment. Kanshou and it fellow blade Bakuya were both piandaos, Chinese short swords designed for slashing movements. The naginata gave the samurai a much greater range then Shirou and so his first difficulty would be getting within the naginata's reach. Not only that, but if the man decided to use the katana on his hip, he would still have the advantage in reach.

Before Shirou could make his move, the samurai announced himself. "Coward! I am Tanaka Ichigo! Now you face me on the field of honorable combat. Tell me your name so that I may know who's life I take today."

"I am Emiya Shirou," He responded before charging. A head on charge would be foolish and Tanaka knew that by the expression on his face. However a head on charge was not what Shirou meant to do. Shirou moved toward Tanaka only enough for him to believe that he was Shirou's target. Once that was accomplished and Tanaka had taken a stance ready to skewer him Shirou immediately shifted his direction to skirt Tanaka's reach and retrieve Bakuya still lodged in the horse's corpse.

Tanaka's attempted strike at realizing this was easily dodged and Shirou grabbed Bakuya's comfortable hilt before spinning about with both blades presented at the ready.

No word were exchanged as Tanaka took the initiative this time and attacked with a loud battle cry, his naginata coming in a great sweeping strike. Shirou backed out its reach before making to move forward. Tanaka was skilled enough with the Japanese polearm that he managed to reverse the weapon's movement and strike as Shirou moved forward.

Kanshou and Bakuya were snapped up to block the returning blade. Normally, Tanaka's strike would be able to push Shirou back with the great power behind the naginata. But Kanshou and Bakuya were both Noble Phantasms, C- rank at that, exponentially better simple steel and wood that made up Tanaka's mundane naginata. As a result, the impact rocked Shirou but in return the naginata was cut and splintered at the two impact points from the twin blades, rendering the polearm useless.

Shirou regained his balance quickly enough, but Tanaka wasn't able to recover from his surprise as fast. Shirou took advanatage and darted in to score a strike on the man's chest. Bakuya made a show of its exquisite quality again as it dug into Tanaka's chest with only his instinct born from years of training and the quality armor of the Tanaka family preventing the strike from being debilitating or fatal.

He hopped backwards, while dropping the polearm and drawing his katana in one fluid movement. He looked as if he was to say something but Shirou didn't let him, reinforcing both his arms and striking with both Kanshou and Bakuya. Tanaka was careful to block Shirou's strikes by deflecting the black and white swords rather then head on blocks. The destruction of the naginata had made its mark on him.

Unfortunately for Tanaka, Shirou was moving at inhuman speeds due to his reinforcement. Tanaka was also not as skilled with the katana as he was the naginata, so it was only a matter of time before Shirou's fierce attack got through his defenses.

Kanshou sped by Tanaka's a moment too late defense and scored a deep cut along his left arm, causing Tanaka to flinch and let in Bakuya to get a more decisive cut on Tanaka's right arm by severing the muscles. The katana dropped and Shirou followed up by striking Tanaka upside the head with the flat of Kanshou, knocking him out.

Shirou quickly moved to the man's backside and struck the man on his arms, severing the muscles and rendering them useless. Tanaka looked up at Shirou hateful fire burning in his eyes. "Kill me. I am useless now. Kill me Shirou Emiya and let me retain my honor.

Shirou watched the man crumple to the ground, blood coming out of his various wounds. He had gone for the last move when he had seen the chance. He hadn't killed today, not technically, the wagon driver wasn't his fault, and that was good. Shirou was a protector, not a killer he believed. Those thoughts would do for now.

Inuchiyo, Goemon and the small band had finished their fights, the other samurai dead and the rest of the soldiers joining him. . Those still living had been moved to the side of the road and the dead on the other side. Shirou joined Goemon and Inuchiyo at the head of the wagons before they all set off.

He gave the two girls sitting next to him a smile before saying. "All done. Let's head home." Whatever response the two had was lost as Shirou began to scream out in pain, clutching his left arm and then blacking out.

Shirou awoke to find himself back in his small abode wrapped in a warm futon with a towel on his head. With his awakening so did the feeling of pain resonating in his body. Being burned and stabbed, it was a familiar pain, one that he associated with Archer's arm. Except the only problem being that he shouldn't be feeling pain. The work Rin had done to him by sharing her Magic Crest prevented the pain unless he wished to access the abilities latent in Archer's arm. If it wasn't stopping the pain anymore, then it must be gone. However, Shirou would manage. He had before Rin had helped him, and he would do so now. He sat up, ignoring the pain in his body and suppressing it through the Shroud. Luckily that was still there and hadn't been removed. If it had, he probably wouldn't be alive any more.

The sound of a shoji sliding open alerted him to someone entering the room. It was Goemon, a worried look evident on her covered face. The sight of him sitting up caused her to rush forward and look him over closely. "Are you ok? You just screamed and collapsed we dwidn't know what to dwo. Inuchiyo didn't you didn't have anwy obvious wounds. It was really scary."

Shirou patted her on the head, bringing her ministrations to a stop. "It's nothing but an old wound. You don't need to worry about it. More importantly, did we get the rice shipment back?"

"If you say so. The shwipment was delivered and Nobuna has it. Inuchwiyo handled that while I took care of you."

"Ah. I should go see her then," Shirou said, attempting to get up. Unfortunately he moved Archer's arm to brace himself, sending waves of pain up the arm. Instinctively he grabbed it with his own hand while wincing despite his resolution to ignore it. Goemon didn't miss his actions however, pushing him back down gently onto the futon and pulling the blanket over him.

"You don't know how to take cware of ywourself. Inuchiyo will take care of rice shwipment so you get your rest. Nene will be making dinner lwater and we'll wake you thwen. Now, rest, dwon't strain yourself." Goemon told him, the look in her eyes brooking no denial.

"Alright Goemon-chan."

Goemon left shortly after that, trusting him to follow her instructions. Shirou spent the next few hours focusing on dulling the pain in his arm and triggering the shock from movement a few times in order to grow used to it. It wasn't easy, but it was coming along. He'd need to find an actual weapon to use now. He'd also need to practice his own magecraft more now. Without the protection from Rin's crest it would be harder for him to access his own circuits when Archer's circuits were always open and ready to be used.

Dinner wasn't a lively affair, rather solemn actually. Goemon's comments on how his collapse had scared both her weren't too inaccurate. Inuchiyo had taken to watching him like a hawk, making sure that he had no continual problems. Goemon was by his side, his silent ninja, and ready to assist him. Nene was rather exuberant, and if Shirou had any more experience in determining people's emotions, he would have called her over-exuberant. Shirou himself was careful in his movement obviously favoring his right but making attempts to use his left.

When Shirou announced that he would be going to see Nobuna, Inuchiyo had insisted that she go with him and Shirou understood well enough that she meant to watch over him and ensure he didn't have any trouble. Arriving at the mansion that was Nobuna's home he was directed to find her in her room. Inuchiyo waited respectfully at the foot of the stairs while he took them up. He took a second to admire the Nobuna's room. He wanted to call it more of a study or workshop then to call it a bedroom. Various knick knacks were littered around, furs littering the ground, a raised bed rather than futon in the back and other sorts of things, each with a different origin. Nobuna herself was dressed her usual casual clothing, and sitting next to a globe, spinning it and staring at it wistfully.

Shirou bowed respectfully when she noticed him. "I've come to give my apologies for not being able to see you earlier."

She cocked her head at him, pondering his statement. "Earlier…? Oh yes. There was no trouble."

Silence reigned for a bit, Shirou wondering how he should keep up the conversation. His plan to save Nobuna would require him to be friends with her, except Shirou didn't really know how to begin that process. She answered for him.

"Monkey… You're from the future right?"

Shirou rose from his bow before answering. "Yea."

"Hm…" Nobuna said nodding to herself, "What's it like in the future?"

"Well, it's very different." Shirou rubbed his chin in thought, his statement made to start his thoughts.

"Of course it would be different you idiot monkey," She said as he gathered his thoughts.

He waved his hands in a placating manner. "Sorry, sorry, it's just that I don't know where to start. There's planes that people use to fly around, horses and wagons have been replaced by cars and other automated vehicles, people have flown to the moon and landed on it. There is just so much stuff to talk about I don't know what you would enjoy specifically."

"Dearuka… Well that would be expected I guess."

"Well, what if I told you about the foreigners. The barbarians as you called them?" Judging from her choice in decorations, Shirou assumed that Nobuna enjoyed hearing about other places.

Nobuna paused in her spinning of the globe, "Really? You know of such things?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"While I may not have finished my schooling yet, there was a lot of teaching on places beyond Japan, let me show you," He gestured to the globe to illustrate his point.

Nobuna removed her hand from the globe, letting him continue. Shirou spun it a few times, getting that strange feeling when one turns a globe, before lightly brushing its surface to slow it down. His finger stopped the globe once it landed on an old representation of Japan. "This here is us. Japan. Across from us is Korea and down to the south is China, well rather in this time period China would be known as Ming, I don't recall what Korea was called." He said as he dragged his finger to indicate the two other countries.

A light touch spun the globe until it was stopped on Europe. "This area is known as Europe, and is where those you call barbarians come from. In modern times they are known as westerners. I believe in this time period, the Europe is in a period of exploration and because of that, various ships from these countries, Spain and Portugal…"

Nobuna watched in amazement, and a light red blush across her cheeks as she watched Shirou speak. It was amazing really, what was basic knowledge to him to her was something new and fantastic. This was really a momentous thing for her, before she didn't really have someone to speak to about the subject of the barbarians. Her friends would listen to her and nod along to what she said, believing her because she said it, while her detractors and those neutral to her would call her a fool when she spoke of such subjects. The one person she could actually converse with was a dear friend, more of a mentor, who was gone now. But now she had another person that she could talk to. Shirou, he didn't call her a fool, he didn't just go along with what she said, he knew, literally understood what she was talking about.

"On the other hand, the rest of the countries, or those that have the capability, like England here, or France, in addition to Spain and Portugal, sent exploration ships going west rather than east. This big are in the middle, which is actually wrongly drawn on this globe, is called the Americas, with a North America and South America respectively." Nobuna noticed that her thoughts had caused her to miss what Shirou had just said, as he had seemed to move onto a new subject, which was just as interesting as the last.

"You know the barbarians will invade, correct?" She interrupted, a bit hesitant because she enjoyed what he was speaking about, but eager to have her suspicions confirmed.

A frown crossed Shirou's face as he considered her question. He would have to tread carefully, or end up revealing key portions of history. Her fears of invasion from without and the takeover of Japan because of the splintered state of the various Daimyos during the period were well founded, but about a couple hundred years early. "Ah… Well the answer to that is yes. But the by the time it happened, Japan was unified, and there were few problems."

He hoped that his answer was sufficient, and it was true, there hadn't been an actual war or violent action taken when Japan was forced out of its period of seclusion by a group of American warships lead by Commodore Matthew Perry.

"Monkey, what do you think of me?" Her question took him by surprise. Was what he said unsatisfactory? She continued before he could reply, "Whenever I talk about the barbarians, nobody believes me. They call me a fool for my obsessions, but you, Monkey, you understand that. So, what do you think of me?"

Or it could be that she was looking for some sense of understanding or approval from one who could share with her in her joys. Many great people who had a major influence on the world, whether as leaders or as scientists or philosophers were comparatively different from their peers and because of that tended to be called idiots. That is Nobuna's position. Her dreams and ambitions are so big, that others can't understand her and so call her fool.

"You're no fool Nobuna-sama. It is simply that you are too smart for the rest of them. I know that you are no fool, you write your name into the annals of history as one of the most powerful daimyos of the period. I swear to you, I will be at your side until you have reached your dreams." Shirou's promise occurred to him to be similar to an oath of service.

"I will be your… knight." He finished, using the English word for knight, rather than saying samurai. Despite being Japanese and swearing to Nobuna, it seemed more correct to consider himself a knight. It was probably the influence from Saber.

"Knight…" Nobuna said in a whisper with a minor blush to her cheeks. She had heard the word before, from her teacher about the barbarians. Knights were like Samurai, being sworn warriors for a lord. But knights, at least from her learning had a distinctly more romantic appeal to them, rescuing damsels in distress, protecting the weak and fighting for noble and honorable ideals such as generosity, compassion, loyalty and integrity. Her face took on a dreamy look as she recalled those tales. She recalled the manner in which she had first met Shirou, him playing the part of a knight coming to the aid of a young damsel. "Very well then. It's only fitting that you have a title to go with your new position."

"New position?" Shirou asked.

"I guess no one has told you yet. As a reward for going above and beyond my expectations with retrieving the rice, you are being given the position as one of my generals. So to go along with your new position, you will be known as my knight. Nobuna's Knight." Nobuna said, her previous dreamy look gone and replaced with her stern commanding face.

"Ah… thank you." Shirou was genuinely surprised at the promotion, but he felt it was for the best if he took it in stride.

Unfortunately, Nobuna didn't hold that same belief. "Hmmph, if you don't appreciate I can just demote you down being my sandal bearer. Both Goemon and Inuchiyo would probably appreciate an equivalent award if you're not so accepting."

"No its fine Nobuna-sama, I will gladly take my place as your knight. I am very thankful that I can serve you in such a way. I do have to ask though, will I still have access to the kitchens?" Shirou answered at the look in her eyes. She had been looking at him with a prideful glare, not to indifferent from those Rin would sometimes give him.

"You really like to cook don't you? Fine, I don't know why you would think you wouldn't be able anyway. You're an idiot monkey sometimes you know?"

"He he," Shirou chuckled while scratching the back of his head, "I've been called an idiot a lot. I kind of expect it now to be honest."

"Only an idiot would say something like that. I'm tired so I'm going to bed. Go home, unless you want to perve on me changing." She said that with doom being prophesized on her face if he did do something perverted.

"Alright alright, I'm going then. I'll see you tomorrow then Nobuna-sama." She waved him off as he made for the stairs.

"Goodnight monkey," He heard her say as he reached the bottom.

"Goodnight to you to as well Nobuna-sama."


Kan: A Japanese unit of mass that refers to 1000. The money that Shirou receives, Yoshiharu in the anime and light novel, is called koban. The usage of kan refers to the amount of koban received.

Koku: A reference to an amount of rice that is generally meant to mean enough rice to feed someone for a year.

Goemon's speech, the 'w': In the light novel translation I've read this is how her speech impediment is presented. Goemon herself has a limit of about thirty characters she can say without incurring the impediment.

Jingasa: A style of hat, similar to the typical conical hat. In Japanese it is considered a "war hat" and was typically worn by the ashigaru.

Piandao: A style of chinese short sword, similar in design to a sabre or shamshir.

Dearuka: A phrase Nobuna uses. It has a variety of meanings mostly based off of the context. Generally it means "I see."

Ming: During the period China would've been known as Ming because in the Sengoku Era, China was under the Ming dynasty.

Commodore Matthew Perry: The event refered to here is the the forcible opening of Japan to trade by the aforementioned man.

So an issue I've realized that may come out of this story is that I may end up with a rehash of canon. I don't want that. But some things are rather set in stone because Shirou hasn't had a chance to make that big of an influence on the Ambition-verse. Some things will be different and some will be the same.

Moving past that, a few things. I tried to write an at least acceptable action scene, the battle between Tanaka and Shirou. Let me know your opinion on it. I've also tried to work on dialogue. Most of that effort went into the Nobuna-Shirou scene reminiscent of the Nobuna-Yoshiharu scene from the anime. Let me know your opinion on that too. After doing some reading of the light novel, I decided to integrate some things that give more feeling to the characters, like Goemon's speech.

Also its been a long time since I've read Fate, well 'played'. I've never been big on visual novels, and my first time playing Fate was rather excruciating. If I'm going to read something I'm going to read a book or something, if I'm going to play a game I'll play something like CoD or SC2. So as a result I don't remember much in detail from the book, nor do I have an in depth knowledge of the Nasuverse. What I do know comes from my (poor) memory, the Type-Moon wiki, fanfictions or regular wikipedia.

Any comments, ideas, opinions, fact checking, etc. are always welcome, whether it be in a review or through a pm.

Now, review responses.

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nxkris: Shirou's magecraft and his growing abilities and interactions with Archer's arm are something I have a plan for. Aoi Tohsaka, I had no idea that Rin's mother's name was Aoi. I just put a name in and lo and behold, that name is canon. I'm leaning toward the Ambition-verse being different from regular Nasuverse. Doesn't mean there won't be familiar names.

korrd: Shirou's kyuudo was an interesting write. I'm glad you liked it. Canon-Nasuverse characters are probably going to remain in the realm of omakes. Probably. Maybe.

Dp11: Archer's arm is working differently. Partly because plot relevance, and partly because of my understanding on how that stuff works.

SixthRanger: 'Monkey King' sounds... un-Shirou. He gets the monkey title because he takes Yoshiharu's place who takes Hideyoshi's place. But Shirou's always struck me as being more of a knight then a king.

SteelyBlur: I get that it can appear a bit slow. But that's why this is fanfiction. I don't have an editor looking over my shoulder telling me to cut 2/3 of what I write. That's not a good excuse. I'd say its more of a things move at their own pace. A lot of events in Ambition of Oda Nobuna occur because people other then Yoshiharu do something. Most of it is really Yoshiharu being an add-on to whatever event is going on. Well until the end where he takes a more central part of the plot.

Misteltainn: My opinion is that HF normal Shirou may have thrown away his ideals but that ideal is something that he grew up with for most his life. Saving people is a natural instinct to him, so it just happens. Of course because he threw away that ideal also means that whatever new ideal he holds is more prone to change.

Stiama: What I remember, well the ending this Shirou takes, Shirou is gone. Vanished, and its heavily implied he's dead. But that's what I remember and so that's what happened in this story. Fanfiction AU woo! Like I said, my Nasu knowledge isn't very firsthand so some things are down to interpretations by me. Archer's arm is one of those, and its role it plot relevant.

EvG: Another reviewer suggested Chef of Nobuna and I have read it now. Loved it. Can't wait for the next issue. So I'll probably be stealing a few things from it.

pltrgst: I've tried incorporating some of that. But other things I don't have the relevant understanding to use. Kansai dialect? My understanding is that its similar to a country dialect in America. Old Japanese speech, lolwut? I don't know Japanese so I wouldn't know how to distinguish between dialects, region or time-period specific.

aznxa21: My understanding is that Shirou has access to Archer's blueprints of the various swords he's seen in his lifetime and can utilize Archer's skill of tracing. But that is Archer's ability, not his and it is partially deadly to him. One ending of Heaven's Feel route was that Shirou overuses UBW and ends up killing himself, or something like that.

blackmamuth: I hope I answered your thoughts on canon rehashing earlier. My opinion on Nobuna giving him the rice task was more to see how he works under a complicated situation, making more out of something.

anon156: Its an omake so... eh. For Rin, she comes from another universe thats at least a few years past the normal ending of UBW route. So character changes can be acceptable. Shirou is going to change in this story so again, differences in character are understandable. But again, its an omake.

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