*Hey there. As I've been reading a lot of the fics people write, I notice most pairings are either Ruby and Weiss, Blake and Yang, or Jaune and Pyrrah. Reading about these bored me after a while. So I'm gonna do a little story including my favorite pairing, Ruby and Jaune. I hope you all like it. If it's well received, I may do another chapter.*

*This story is going to go back to the very beginning, around episode 2 or so. Sorry if this bugs anyone.*

So, I defend a small dust shop owner, defeat a notorious criminal, and I get rewarded by being allowed to skip 2 years and enter Beacon Academy, the school of my dreams. But if this is a reward, why do I feel so miserable? These were the thoughts of one Ruby Rose.

Small in stature, only around 5 ft. 6 in. tall, and possessing the most striking silver eyes ever, this was Ruby. Wearing a black one piece dress with red frills and a red-stringed corset, as well as black stockings, black and red-laced combat boots, and wearing a rose-red cape, this young girl looked like she belonged in a snowy forest somewhere, rather than on an airship.

Now, the reason for her discomfort? A certain young, blonde man in a black hoodie and simple armor had just thrown up all over her beautiful boots. And she had just gotten these as a present from her father for her acceptance to Beacon! Normally, letting things go was Ruby's style. It took a lot to anger or perturb her. But throwing up all over her new boots? This was horrible.

"Hey sis! I got you a towel and some water. Let's clean these babies up! I don't want my baby sister looking bad for her first day of Beacon!" Arriving with a bucket of water and a towel was Ruby's half sister, Yang Xiao Long. Leaning down, while still trying to maintain her distance from the vomit, she gently began to help her sister wash her boots.

Now, despite being sisters, Yang and Ruby had different names. This was due to Ruby's father having married Yang's mother, Ruby having had a different one. This also explained the difference in their looks. While Ruby had red hair so dark one could almost confuse it for black, Yang had bright and curly golden locks. Inherited from her mother of course. As was her western style of dress and last name.

After wiping the last of the puke off of Ruby's shoe, the two proceeded to the nearest window to 'Oooh' and 'Aaah' at all of the sights they could before the ship touched down at Beacon Academy.

Getting off the ship was, in and of itself, a chore. Due to all of the students rushing to get off, the traffic was quite heavy, and Ruby was immediately lost in the crowd. After a while, the crowd dissipated and Ruby and Yang managed to reunite.

"Geez, what is with these people! The could have killed you!"

"Calm down Yang. I'm fine. And it's no worse than what Vomit Boy did to me on the ship. Just, deactivate Ember Celica and chill out Yang."

Finally relaxing, Yang and Ruby had started towards the Academy's entrance when a few of the students had piqued Ruby's interest. Or rather, their weapons had.

"Oooh. Oooh! That girl had a collapsible staff! And that's a fire sword! Ohhhh!" Yup, Ruby was, without a doubt, the biggest weapon otaku in all of Vale. After all, she had designed and built a weapon so complex and vicious that even Grim became wary when it was pulled out.

"Whoa whoa! Calm down there little sis. They're just weapons." Said the older one, as she grabbed her sister during her little "chibi fangirl" moment.

"Just weapons? Just weapons?! Yang, they're a part of us. They're an extension of who we are. A huntress is only at her best with a good weapon."

"Why can't you just be happy with your own weapon?"

Unfurling the six and a half foot long, bright-red and black scythe from it's gun form, Ruby hugged Crescent Rose close to her. "But I am happy with Crescent Rose. I just like seeing new weapons. It's like meeting new people, but better."

And to Ruby, it was better. Few friends to even speak of back at her old school, Signal Academy. And none to speak of yet at Beacon. With her sorely lacking social skills, holding a conversation that didn't include weapons at one point or another was nearly impossible for her with a stranger.

*After a small string of events, including Yang ditching Ruby, Ruby falling on some crabby girls luggage, said crabby girl waving a phial of (poorly sealed) dust around in her face, causing a small explosion of fire, a-and I think some ice?, and getting on her bad side, we find our heroine downcast and lying in the middle of the road.*

"Welcome to Beacon, huh? What a great start to my new school life." Lying on your back in the middle of a street after having annoyed quite possibly one of the richest girls in Vale is definitely not a good way to start your first year at school.

As Ruby was contemplating dying Yang's hair black again (consequences be damned this time!) for ditching her, a shadow eclipsed her head. Opening her eyes, she saw a hand above her. Following the arm to it's owner, she found a young man. Bright blonde hair, and electric blue eyes that seemed to be carved from sapphire.

"Need a hand? Oh, I'm Jaune, by the way."

Feeling a faint blush come up from having been seen in such at such an embarrassing time, Ruby accepted the young mans hand. "Ruby." she introduced herself.

*Giggle* "Aren't you the guy who threw up on the ship?"

"Listen. All I'm saying is that motion sickness is a much more common problem than people let on. It seriously hinders my ability to travel." For the past few minutes, the boy, Jaune as he introduced himself, was talking about his motion sickness and how much of an issue it is.

"Okay okay, I'm sorry. But Vomit Boy was the first thing that came to mind."

"Well, what if I called you Crater Face?" countered Jaune.

"Hey, that explosion was an accident. It wasn't even my fault." Ruby was complaining. And it wasn't her fault either. The ghostly-white heiress hadn't even taken the proper precautions and sealed her dust the right way.

"Well, the name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it!"

Ruby felt, after listening to him for so long, that she deserved the chance to tease him. So she responded, with a small grin, cutely raised eyebrow, and with a short, concise "Do they?"

"W-well, they will! Or at least, I hope they will. I-I mean, my mom always said that- err, nevermind."

After that, the conversation kinda got a bit awkward. It seemed to Ruby that Jaune didn't quite have any social skills either. Carrying on a conversation was getting a bit awkward. But Ruby felt she had the perfect topic for students at Beacon. Pulling Crescent Rose out from the sheathe on her back and allowing it to unfold in all of it's mechanical sniper rifle/scythe glory, she planted it, business end, down into the concrete.

"Sooo~ I got this thing."

"H-holy- Whoa! I-is that a-a scythe?" At this point, Jaune had become noticeably freaked out. Then again, anyone facing this monster of a weapon would have a similar reaction.

"Yup! It's also a fully customizable, high impact sniper rifle!"

"A wha-?"

"It's also a gun"


This made Ruby giggle a bit. She found it interesting that this boy, who had come to a school for huntsmen and huntressess, didn't even seem to know what a sniper rifle was. Or maybe he did, and was just caught off guard. Either way, Ruby found herself enjoying his company. I suppose this means I've made a friend here at Beacon. No thanks to my good-for-nothing older sister. I swear, to ditch me! Her cute, younger sister! She is so owing me a plate full of chocolate chip cookies.

"So uh, Ruby?"

"Yes Jaune?" she said with a hint of amusement in her voice. After they'd already spoken about so much, she wondered where else he could take this conversation. What she didn't expect, was his response.

"Where are we supposed to be going?"

". . . . ." " . . . . ."

Ohhhh boy, here we go. Now we've done it. But I guess this isn't too bad. I suppose hanging around Jaune was fun.

*Author's Note*

*Well, here ya go. My little story. Sorry if it's a bit slow for some of you. I've never written Romance before. But again, if enough people want me to, I'd be more than glad to continue the story. But if RubyxJaune isn't something you like, please don't leave comments bashing it. To each their own, right? Anyhow, I look foreword to constructive criticism.*